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19 Valentine’s Day Table Setting Ideas That Will Make Your Holiday Special

19 Valentines Day Table Setting Ideas That Will Make Your Holiday Special

We are just a few days away from Valentine’s Day and everyone is getting pretty much excited about it. Wandering the internet for inspiration is a must if you want to surprise your loved ones in any kind of way, so everyone seems to be getting different ideas in order to choose the one that fits their occasion the most. Do you plan to celebrate the holiday of love in a more intimate atmosphere?

Leave the restaurants behind, spend Valentine’s Day at your home.

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Preparing a meal for your significant others will make them feel special and cared for especially if you spend time to decorate your home in the festive spirit as well. In this article I’m going to give you a hand and help you with some lovely ideas that you could really use. Scroll down through the photos below and see the Valentine’s Day Table Setting Ideas That Will Make Your Holiday Special. There are so many different ways to decorate the table, see which one will work best for you!

valentine place setting black pink gold


Valentines Table Setting


25 unique valentines day decorations ideas on pinterest diy


If you are a fan of the minimalist style, then you probably don’t like cluttered tables filled with tones of decorations. Adding a vase with fresh flowers and some candles will do the trick and will set the tone for the rest of the meal.

blac gold and blush valentines day table setting






valentines day fondue placesetting


Do you want to impress your boyfriend of girlfriend? Send them a love mail by turning the napkins into art. There are so many ways to fold a napkin for Valentine’s Day, choose a unique one and see a smile on their faces.

Valentines Day Table


IMG 1913


valentines table


Red White and Pink Valentine Tablescape


Is there someone who doesn’t love roses? It’s time to put lots of them on the table but make sure you arrange them as a table runner.

french valentines day table setting pink roses 111


Leaving a love note on the table is a nice way to let know your dates how much you love them especially on this day and any other day. Don’t forget to tell them that they make your lives special and that you are glad that they are around you!

romantic valentines day table settings 5

romantic valentines day table settings 49

romantic valentines day table settings 43


valentine table centerpieces diy valentine39s day table decorations settings and centerpieces

valentines day dinner valentine day romantic dinner table setting for two 7d46a0f35e4e6fda

romantic bouquets table arrangements decoration ideas backdrops decorations to make home design simple diy setting for decoration ideas for valentines day

Let’s sum up! The key to a good-looking Valentine’s Day table is to keep to the red, pink or white color theme and add some flowers, candles and other heart-shaped decorations. Leaving a love note is a good way to add a finishing touch to it. I hope you all have a wonderful time!

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