Gas Leaks | What To Do If You Smell Gas 101

Gas Leaks What To Do If You Smell Gas

A common problem that keeps people on their toes is a gas leak. 

Be it natural gas or carbon monoxide; it’s hard to detect a gas leak until it’s too late. By then, the colorless gas might have spread to different parts of the apartment, rendering your living quarters unsafe. Moreover, prolonged exposure to gas leaks leads to health issues, causing long-term side effects. 

So, how will you deal with this fatal emergency? We’ll answer all this and more in today’s guide as we look at the symptoms and signs of gas leaks. Additionally, we’ll discuss the do’s and don’ts before talking about preventive measures to reduce the chances of future mishaps. 

Let’s be practical; there’s no sure-shot way to prevent gas leaks, but you can protect your family with regular maintenance and safety measures. Without further ado, let’s begin. 

Do’s And Don’ts 

  1. Open Doors And Windows 

Once you smell gas, open all doors and windows, allowing fresh air to filter through. Having said that, if you’re unsure about the extent of the leak, don’t take risks. You must evacuate the property immediately and never try to find out the source of the leak. 

  1. Call For Help

Call 911 or other emergency services, informing them about the problem. Do not use your mobile inside the house but leave the premises and then make the phone call. Wait patiently for professional help to arrive and inform your neighbors so that they can take the necessary precautions. 

  1. Go To The Hospital 

If you’re feeling unwell, contact the hospital and tell them about the natural gas or carbon monoxide poisoning. Similarly, look after your pets and take them to the vet in case they are ill. 

  1. Turn Off Gas Supply 

If possible, try to remove electrical appliances and other objects, making sure there are no flammable products near the gas line. You may also turn off the main gas supply line, situated near the meter, preventing further leakage. 

To do so, call the emergency number, and they will guide you accordingly. If the officer asks you to wait, do as instructed and remain outside. 

  1. Don’t Switch Appliances On/Off

Don’t try to turn off electrical appliances that are running. This may ignite a flame; it would be best to exercise caution and wait for the emergency response team. 

What To Do If You Smell Gas?

What To Do If You Smell Gas 2

Common Signs Of A Gas Leak 

To avert disaster during a gas leak, you need to be proactive. Meaning, it’s important to know the tell-tale signs to take the necessary safety measures. 

The most common way to detect a gas leak is to trust your senses, namely sight, smell, and hearing. But there are other ways as well which may not be known to many people. 

Read the following section as we highlight effective ways for you to detect a gas leak. 

  1. Smell 

Natural gas smells like sulfur or rotten eggs, which is easy to pick up. Additionally, you may feel nauseous, lightheaded, or dizzy, accompanied by headaches. All these are signs that there’s gas leaking. 

  1. Sound 

If you hear a hissing sound while inspecting the gas pipe, you can bet your bottom dollar that there’s a leak. Hence, check the pipeline to ensure that all the connections are secure before calling a professional to sort the issue. 

  1. Sight 

Another way to ascertain a gas leak is by spotting a dust cloud near the pipeline. You should immediately call for help without wasting time in this case.

  1. Other Hints 

Apart from the points mentioned above, you can also detect a gas leak if your pet gets anxious or behaves differently. Furthermore, plants kept near a leaking pipeline will die or turn brown. 

The important thing is to be vigilant and respond quickly without getting flustered. We’ll discuss how to do this in our next section. 

How To Tackle A Gas Leak? 

We’ve discussed detecting a leak, and in this section, we’ll tell you how to manage the situation. There are certain do’s and don’ts that could help avert a serious accident which we’ve discussed below. 

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What To Do After A Leak? 

Now, we’ll tell you how to return to your daily life after the officials have repaired the gas leak. 

  1. Wait For Inspection

Once you receive the message that the emergency service has repaired the leak, don’t rush back home. Wait for the health officials to provide a clean sheet on the premises, before going back in.  

  1. Clear The Air 

After a gas leak, going home isn’t as simple as opening the door and turning on the TV. You need to clear out the air, so it’s essential to contact a reliable service. Given the gravity of the situation, professional servicemen respond quickly and remove the contaminated air to keep your family safe. 

  1. Install Gas Detectors 

It’s vital to install a carbon monoxide alarm for protection against future leaks. The alarm goes off immediately, notifying you about any damaged pipe or loose connection. This saves valuable time, ensuring that you can quickly address the problem without relying solely on your senses. 

  1. Visit A Doctor 

Moreover, you need to consult a doctor and get a health checkup, ascertaining any lingering side effects from the leak. In large doses, carbon monoxide can be lethal, but it gives rise to health issues even in small amounts. 

Be it depression, mood swings, or respiratory problems; you need to get proper treatment to stay healthy. It would also help to take your pet to the vet and treat any ailments caused by the gas leak. 

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Preventive Measures 

Rather than running helter-skelter to evacuate your home during a gas leak, wouldn’t it be easier to prevent a leak in the first place? By following the steps mentioned below, you can stay safe at all times. 

  1. Gathering Information 

Like reading this guide, you need to gather all the relevant information to stay updated on gas leaks. Your family must be aware of the necessary steps they need to follow during a crisis. If they don’t know, you need to educate and inform them about the do’s and don’ts. 

Furthermore, they must know how to detect a leak, which includes being aware of the signs and symptoms for quick response. 

  1. Regular Maintenance 

Maintenance of your gas pipeline is essential, and it would be best to contact a certified inspection service for finding leaks. While most people opt for annual inspections, you can also contact the service for quarterly maintenance. 

They also will guide you regarding future inspections and quote the cost for each service. 

What To Do If You Smell Gas 5

  1. Ventilation 

Another way to reduce the chances of gas spreading during a leak is to ensure that the apartment has adequate ventilation. Therefore, all appliances should be unobstructed to prevent gas build-up in these areas. 

  1. Installing Detectors

We’ve already spoken about the importance of carbon monoxide detectors, which you should install on every floor and bedroom of your home. These detectors look like smoke alarms and are quick to pick up on carbon monoxide components in the air. 

  1. Fire Extinguisher 

It would be best if you had a fire extinguisher close by in case the gas leak causes a fire. Natural gas is extremely flammable, and even something as innocuous as making a phone call could spark a flame. 

  1. Safe Storage 

Lastly, flammable products like paint cans, cleaning agents, and chemicals should be kept in secure storage, far away from gas lines. 


That’s all there is to know about gas leaks; hopefully, you can handle the situation. 

It’s important to stay calm and trust your senses. You can print a copy of the do’s and don’ts or conduct safety drills as a family. Plus, it would help to have the emergency helpline numbers on the speed dial. 

Until next time, bye!

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