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Whimsical Fairy Tale Cathedral Made of Trees That Breathe and Evolve Into Art

A Majestic Cathedral Made Of Living Breathing Trees

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From time to time a breath of fresh air in design is inhaled through green concepts, sustainable manifests and extraordinary landscape. These projects are constantly pushing boundaries, constantly redefining the word quality in matters of design, easily becoming iconic statements in their field at least for a period of time. Some last forever while some, just a few days. A cathedral made of trees is something that will surely last decades if not centuries though.

Back in 2002  this cathedral started acting up, on the plans envisioned by the visionary Mauri. Everything started with a framework that will guide the future pillars of the cathedral to a good standing whilst easily degrading and showcasing their work. Italian artist Giuliano Mauri’s epic Cattedrale Vegetale envisioned a piece of architecture that literally brakes boundaries, he envisioned a piece of architecture that does not compete with greenery in any matter but complements it and enhances it in an extraordinary manner, inviting individuals to visit it, use it as shelter and meditation point. The two groves are meant to grow into an exemplary piece of magnificent basicalas in time and we cannot wait to see it happen. The canopies will mesh together into a vaulted ceiling Gothic Catedral.

A building doesn’t have to be a dry and dead thing. Italian artist Giuliano Mauri’s epic Cattedrale Vegetale (or Tree Cathedral) is the perfect example of architecture that, instead of competing with or complementing nature, is quite literally a part of it.

This legendary piece can be found at the foot of Mount Arera in the northern Italian Region of Lombardy.

More info: giulianomauri.com (h/t: mymodernmet, BBC)

Image credits:  Virtual Sacred Space

Image credits: Michele Salmaso

Image credits: Aldo Fedele (left) | Arte Sella (right)

Image credits: Pava

Image credits: Arte Sella

Image credits: Ettore Galata Rizzardini

Image credits: Pava

Image credits: Giacomo Bianchi

Image credits: Riccardo Senia

Image credits: Pierangelo Zavatarelli

Image credits: Marco Rosato

Image credits: santino

Image credits: Il Giardino Sfumato

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