White Sewn Into Endless Blue, Porto Fira Suites in Greece

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Your Facebook feed is probably full of breathtaking photos of Greece’s white jewel – the Santorini Island. Chances are you’ve probably seen quite a lot of shots taken from the Porto Fira Suites, a luxurious hotel located on a steep cliff in Caldera, Santorini.
The Porto Fira Suites have been recently refurbished by Interior Design Laboratorium, a Greek architectural studio that aimed to create a unique retreat for those who decide to enjoy themselves in one of Greek’s ultimate vacation spots.

The complex consists of 13 suites and all of them blend in the natural environment that surrounds them but they also mingle with the surrounding narratives. The ultimate goal of the renovation was to bring the resort to a bigger standard so that the silent mystique of Santorini can be truly enjoyed by their guests.

Porto Fira Suites is located in the steep cliff of the Caldera in Santorini, creating a unique retreat for those who take pleasure in enjoying the ultimate experience of luxurious relaxation. Built in the picturesque area of Kato Fira, Porto Fira Suites is composed of 13 suites that blend in perfectly with the natural environment as well as the different narratives surrounding the island.
The ultimate goal was to recreate the silent mystique energy of Santorini, while completely renovating seven suites and redesigning the exterior areas and building facade of the hotel as well as the pool area. Inspiration was drawn from the oldest part of the hotel that used to serve as a standalone house for the Saint John Theologos church located nearby.

Researching the building’s history led to the inspiration of creating a design that abides to the rules of the monasteric architecture encountered in the islands of the Aegean and its simple as well as concrete materials. The arched features referring to monastery passages and forms are the dominant element of the design project. Combining pure simplicity with heavy and strong materials, such as wood and metal that have undergone a specialized ageing process, resulted in creating different atmospheres.

Interior Design Laboratorium

Spaces with a sense of purity and orchestrated simplicity as well as the peaceful and concrete atmosphere that one can typically come across in a monastery. Each and every material that has been used serves as a part of this main idea, while the majority of the furniture, door frames and other decorative elements were custom designed in order to assure a perfectly balanced outcome that would satisfy the Interior Design Laboratorium studio standards.

The wardrobes’ perforated black doors, made of Viennese straw and sandblasted oak, are a discrete reference to the confession boxes found in catholic monasteries as well as the byzantine – like stone floors that one encounters in every suite. Handmade lights manufactured out of black rope were designed based on greek traditional chaplets.
Last but not least, carefully selected bohemian fabrics, traditional hand-woven textiles and rugs are part of the bed decoration and sofa cushions. The project was completed with the design and construction of a black pool that creates the illusion of blending into the deep Santorini waters. Its remarkable color sets an extraordinary scenery that is perfectly combined with the absolute view of the dark volcano overlooking the Porto Fira Suites.

Interior Design Laboratorium



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