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Why Are Car Seats So Uncomfortable? | Things You Should Know

Why Are Car Seats So Uncomfortable

Finding the best car seat cushions for long drives can be a challenging task, no doubt. 

Thousands of people across the globe suffer from unbearable back aches because of driving in cars that come with uncomfortable seats. To avoid this problem, it is crucial that you make your seats more comfortable. This will help ensure that you live a healthier life. 

Most car manufacturers compromise on the seats to cut down on costs. But you would be surprised to know that by just changing the seat alignments, half of your back problems can be solved. Apart from that, you can add the right upholstery to maximize comfort. 

Read on to know more… 

Possible Causes Behind Uncomfortable Car Seats

Possible Causes Behind Uncomfortable Car Seats

1. Car Seats Not Adjustable

You will need to fix uncomfortable car seats if you notice that the seats are not adjustable. When cars seats are not flexible, they cause significant inconvenience to children and the driver. However, there’s nothing to worry about as there are ways in which you can turn them into comfortable seats. 

If the car seat is not adjustable, making it difficult for your child to sit properly, you can put blankets and cushions for lumbar support. This will ensure proper sitting posture without any slouching. In case a car seat is not up to the mark, you will have to be extra cautious when your child is in the car. 

We suggest adjusting the driver’s mirror in a way that you can keep a constant check on your little one. That will keep them safe even when you are driving. 

And if you are unable to find a comfortable seat position, we recommend that you experiment with an ergonomic seat wedge. This option works great for most car seats and will help improve your posture as well while driving the car.

2. Overheating

Whether you have a luxury car or a normal one, you must have noticed how leather seats become super hot during summer, making them very uncomfortable to sit on. However, there are ways that can help you avoid this issue. 

The easiest thing to do is always park in the shade when possible. You can also consider using a sunshade to evade hot, uncomfortable car seats during summer. Some people even use a towel or cover to protect their skin. 

3. Bad Designs

Most cost-effective cars come with judicious space management designs; consequently, they have small and unobtrusive seats. Meaning, the seats are more likely uncomfortable to sit on. 

However, in certain cars, you will find that the car seats are designed in a way to provide extra comfort. Unlike traditional car seats, these are more padded and offer lumbar support and headrests. 

If you are planning to drive for long hours, remember that the position of the steering wheel and the comfort of the seats are very important. As such, we suggest that you give due importance to comfort and not just style. 

How To Fix Uncomfortable Car Seats?

We often get asked by our readers- “how to choose car seat cover color?” But to be honest, what you should be asking is how to make your car seats feel more comfortable. Because in the long run, that is what is going to matter more. 

And in this section, we will take you through some of the most effective ways in which you can make a car seat feel more comfortable. 

1. Choose The Right Seat Covers

To prevent car seats from feeling uncomfortable, you can get your hands on the right set of seat covers. There are plenty of options that are breathable and offer great padding to ensure proper blood circulation. These covers will help take pressure off from your lower back. 

Therefore, you will be able to sit in your car for long periods in a comfortable position. Covers are also useful for older cars as they help revamp the seats without having to replace them completely. Additionally, you can add a seat cover of the color that you prefer and give the car interiors a makeover.  

Nowadays, you have the option of customization. So, if you have specific needs in terms of the cover material or color, you can easily get one made. 

2. Fix The Seat Tilt

To enjoy a comfortable car seat, it is crucial that you make adjustments to the tilt. We suggest that you read the car seat manual to understand how to go about this. Unless the seat is properly tilted, you will likely experience leg and lower back pain. 

For most cars, you will have to adjust the tilting in a manner that your thighs can be properly extended. This will ensure that you do not feel any strain and will help you sit for long hours in the car without experiencing back ache. 

3. Adjust The Seat Height

You will also need to adjust the height of the car seats to enjoy maximum comfort. Most people, even experienced drivers, do not realize that the incorrect seat height may lead to pain in the spinal cord and make sitting for long hours uncomfortable. 

Adjusting the seat height correctly will improve the ergonomics and keep body aches at bay. If you are short, consider raising the seat to the maximum height to ensure that you get a complete view of the windshield and the road ahead. If you are still unable to see clearly, we suggest using a cushion or a wedge to raise your level. 

We often get the question- ”are car seat cushions safe?” To be honest, they are super safe but might keep sliding as the car moves. In order to deal with this problem, you can use a belt to secure the cushions to the seat. 

4. Fix The Headrest

Ideally, your car seat should be at the height of your shoulders or lower than that. Above that, there is the headrest which should support your neck and head. In most cars, the headrest is adjustable, and you can modify both its height and placement. 

We recommend that you adjust the headrest in a way that your head is placed right in the middle. For the positioning, try aligning your head in a manner that your earlobes are in line with the collar bone. After that, you will have to keep bringing the headrest forward till it touches your head. 

Be it the back seat or the front seat, if the headrests are not properly aligned, you will experience unwanted back problems. 

5. Align Your Steering Wheel

Once you are done adjusting the height and tilt of the car seats, you need to fix the alignment of the steering wheel. It is true that the steering wheel has nothing to do with the seats, but it plays a significant role in ensuring that you are comfortable while driving. 

Nowadays, in almost all cars, you will find a steering wheel that is adjustable. With a push of a lever or a button, you can easily adjust the wheel according to your requirement. To adjust the wheel properly, always ensure that its placement is such that your hand reaches it in a relaxed manner. 

Ideally, in the driving position, your hands should have a 120-degree bend. When the position is correct, you will be able to view everything present on the dashboard without having to hunch over. 

As you know (since you first started driving), the hands on the wheel should always be at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions. So, you should adjust the steering wheel in a way that you are able to maintain these positions at all costs. 

Why Are Car Seats So Uncomfortable Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are Car Seats So Uncomfortable Frequently Asked Questions ?

Can car seats lead to bucket seat syndrome?

Yes, bucket seat syndrome is very common if you sit on uncomfortable car seats for a long duration. You will experience chronic backache, shoulder pain, and a stiff neck. These symptoms crop up because of prolonged bad postures. 

The only way to get rid of this issue is to make sure that your car seats are comfortable and aligned correctly. 

How to make car seats softer?

A good way to make your car seats feel softer is to add the right set of seat covers to the mix. You can replace your old ones or put a new one over the existing set. Just be cautious and select a cover with a proper padding so that you can enjoy the maximum amount of comfort. 

Some people even opt for seat pads to make their car seats feel softer than usual. These pads are secured to the seats with the help of fasteners or straps. If you stay in a tropical region, we suggest that you opt for microfiber material which will absorb sweat easily. 

Otherwise, you can go for seat pads that are made of suede or leather. Honestly, these pads not only provide added comfort but also protect your seats from regular wear and tear. 

Apart from that, you can consider adding cushion sets to make your car seats feel cozy and comfortable. You won’t have to do much; simply place the cushions on your seats. A lot of people also opt for adding cushions to their headrests to make sure that their neck and head get the support they need. 

Headrest cushions come with adjustable straps that allow you to make the hold looser or firmer depending on your preference. 

How to choose the perfect car seat for long-distance travel?

If you plan on going for frequent long drives, make sure to choose car upholstery that provides the much-needed comfort. There are a few things that you should look out for:

  • Flexible seats
  • Adequate ventilation
  • High-quality upholstery
  • Lumbar support

Why Are Car Seats So Uncomfortable Final Words

Why Are Car Seats So Uncomfortable Final Words

That’s a wrap, friends! 

Be it a Lincoln town car or a regular small car; you might not find the seats to be as comfortable as you would like them to be. However, if you follow the suggestions that we have mentioned in this guide, you will have no trouble making the seats more ergonomic and comfortable. 

In case the suggestions do not work for you, it is always best to add new upholstery that will be a complete game-changer. With the right seat covers, cushions, and seat wedges, you can make your car feel comfortable and look more stylish than before. 

We understand that your car is close to your heart! So, do not be scared to get personalized options that reflect your tastes and preferences. 

Until next time, Adios! 

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