William O’Brien Jr. is an assistant professor of Architecture in Cambridge, Massachusetts but he does much more than just teach students, O’Brien has designed a very unusual plan for a vacation house, one splendid A-frame house nestled among trees.
The Allandale House is not just a regular home design. It is a shelter not only for the residents, but also for their magnificent collection of wines, unique books, natural themed art, a home for everything that transforms a house into a nest, into a shelter and while it is small, it doesn’t mean that it can’t charm you beyond belief, the sculptural shape may find refuge in any forest, any natural habitat.

If you’ve already checked the pictures, you’ll notice that something is off. The Allandale House is merely just a computer render. It hasn’t been constructed yet, but when it eventually becomes a real vacation home, it will provide a private sanctuary where its residents can retreat from their busy city lives.
The design of this home is very unique as it consists of not one, but three A-frames that form the oddly shaped exterior. Each frame has a different purpose, the tallest one houses the wine cellar, library and the garage while the central frame consists of two floors of bedrooms and bathrooms. The kitchen, dining and living rooms are located in the last frame.

The house joins three level expulsions of “inclining,” or unbalanced A-casings. The thin A-casing on the western side contains the library, wine basement and carport. The wide An edge in the focal point of the house is devoted to two stories of rooms and bathrooms. The medium An edge on the eastern side comprises of living, kitchen and feasting zones. The house means to undermine the augmenting so as to appear impediments of a triangular area and uncovering the great extent in the vertical bearing, and using the intensely calculated corners meeting the floor as minutes for thickened dividers, telescopic gaps and implicit stockpiling.

Allandale House Plans

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Fidan Jovanov