As an architect, working with a beautiful environment is a treat, a wonderful opportunity of making a statement or, on the contrary, creating a balance between the natural and the insertion.The latter has been sought by Asante Architecture & Design which have created a small home for a chef on the coast of Norway, taking landscape and local materials into account.

The facade facing the road has been given small windows to provide intimacy whereas the sea view front has been treated with massive glazed walls.

The dark wooden clad facade manages to integrate perfectly into the rocky cliffs, the wood has been burnt in a technique meant to preserve it from rain and salt. Sea grass covers the roof for further insulation and merger with the natural that surround the cabin.


The interior design follows the classical Scandinavian design, with minimal color insertions and a minimal furniture design but with a profound sense of comfort and well being.

The fireplace clad in steel has its own designated space in the corner of the living room where the inhabitants can admire the Norwegian sea.

A powerful green-blue hue has been used for the kitchen design as a touch of color for a neutral grey background.


What do you think about this embedded small cabin? Feel free to express your ideas in the comment section below.


Codreanu Andreea