DUBBELDAM Architecture beautified the world with a simple residential project in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, envisioned for a young couple. The establishment contained two separate historic structures, the main building that measures 4,334 and one coach house of 1,640 square feet.

The coach home has been used for a long time as a rental property yet new owners sought to transform it in a new living area for their growing family thus challenging the architecture practice to design an expansive deck joint between the separate buildings; this ought to crate a whole to be enjoyed indoors and outdoors alike.

“As the spaces of the interior are joined through views and materials, the coach house and house are intimately connected in the same fashion,”

“Each is clad in a different warm tone of wood veneer fiber cement panels with aligning seams and window openings, allowing plentiful views between them.”

An open plan layout has been envisioned for the new interior, Annex House. The interior design of the establishment features a large wooden volume used to hide duct-work, storage and one bathroom, its greatest feat of strength. The exterior details the volume with wood, clear and translucent panels and it now segments the open plan layout with carefully defined spaces that provide a more intimate, private composition.

In-between the living room and kitchen a custom floor-to-ceiling volume in walnut shelters a bar and a wine fridge; a cutout now allows visual communication.


Marble tops bring texture in an airy setting.

How do you see the wooden functional room divider in this epic Toronto home?

Anton Giuroiu