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The 101 Most Beautiful DIY Projects of All Time

Bikram K. Singh / March 22, 2016

No one can complain of dearth of DIY ideas, for the web is littered with all kinds of DIY project ideas. Instead of helping, the abundance of project ideas is causing confusion, so we have decided to pull DIY geeks out of the state of utter desperation by providing a list of 101 awesome DIYRead more

27 Easy Beautiful DIY Projects And Crafts You Should Try

Codreanu Andreea / March 17, 2015

We have brought you yet again a series of 27 Easy Beautiful DIY Projects And Crafts to get your creativity started this spring. We at Homesthetics love anything involving DIY projects and we aim to encourage more and more of you, our readers, to give them a chance and explore the wonderful world of crafts.ExpressingRead more