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Learn How to Make 69 DIY Homemade Bird Feeders Today

Sudarshan Kar / February 12, 2018

Do you get winged visitors in your backyard? I do, on my balcony. Pretty birds with feathers of brilliant colors are always a sight to behold. You can make friends with these unrestrained children of nature. And the best way to extend a hand of friendship, is by food. Birds love food grains and birdRead more

23 Epic Homemade DIY Guinea Pig Cage Designs to Build

23 Epic Homemade DIY Guinea Pig Cage Designs to Build
Sudarshan Kar / February 7, 2018

Guinea pigs might be cute and cuddly, but housing them is no easy feat. Sure, you can keep them locked away in a cage with the occasional outing time, but that is no way to treat a pet. Regular Guinea pig cages can not only prove to be too small, but have other potentially adverseRead more

20 Remarkable DIY Outdoor Furniture On A Budget

Elli Winter / February 2, 2018

I know it’s winter time, it’s freezing cold and we are all hibernating in our homes but we are all looking forward to spring and the nice weather when we can enjoy ourselves outside more. It’s the perfect time to get ready for the sun, so you may start thinking about making some functional furnitureRead more

49 FREE DIY Router Table Plans For an Epic Home Workshop

Sudarshan Kar / February 2, 2018

Every woodworker needs a router. Without one, it isn’t easy to do a lot of finishing work, like cutting the angles of the wood, shaping and molding and other things that are required to give your woodwork a neat finish. But, even though a router is usually used by hand, having it installed on aRead more

20 Ideas on How to Reinvent Your Terracotta Pots With Color

Elli Winter / January 31, 2018

Finding unique and fun flower pots can be really hard and even when you find them they may cost you a fortune. So, why don’t you get down to work to give the boring terracotta pots an interesting look on your own according to your preferences and style? There are so many different designs thatRead more

20 Re-purposed DIY Musical Instruments Projects to Pursue

Elli Winter / January 23, 2018

How many times have you seen furniture that is made of re-purposed musical instruments and wished you had them in your home? Don’t you think it’s time to show off your skills and make some outstanding DIY project that will make a statement in your living area and will fascinate everyone? If you don’t haveRead more

20 Wonderful DIY Home Decorations That Look Really Expensive

Elli Winter / January 15, 2018

We are all impressed when we see some amazingly good decorated homes and we all immediately think that these by default translates into a huge expense. That’s not always the case. There are some fabulous home decorations that you can make on your own, decorations with extraordinary aesthetic values, craftable with little to no-money, epicRead more

72 DIY Greenhouse Plans to Build Easily in Your Own Garden

Sudarshan Kar / January 11, 2018

There is a certain charm about eating homegrown fruits and vegetables. Not only are they healthier than the options available in your local market, they can be flavorful too, especially when grown under the right conditions. Now, extreme climatic conditions can destroy the growth of your fruits and veggies. And to get the best outRead more