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20 Magical Alternative Christmas Trees for a Merry Christmas

Elli Winter / November 20, 2017

We are already in the middle of November, and we are all impatiently waiting for the festive December and all of its lovely holidays. Have you already started planning how to decorate your home this year? It’s good to change the decorations from time to time and bring some refreshment into your living space andRead more

19 Awesome Ways To Organize Your Home With Pegboards

Elli Winter / November 17, 2017

Are you looking for smart organizational ideas? If yes, you are at the right place. In this article you are going to have the chance to see some Awesome Ways To Organize Your Home With Pegboards. Yes, pegboards! They can be reused in the home in so many different ways, and will help you toRead more

17 Outstanding Ways To Reuse Glass Bottles

Elli Winter / November 15, 2017

I know how much you love DIY projects especially those that recycle old objects. In this article you are going to see some Outstanding Ways To Reuse Glass Bottles in some really functional and decorative ways, you are going to be surprised by the array of possibilities in which you can recycle the bottles. IfRead more

21 Amazing DIY PVC Pipes Projects That Will Blow Your Mind

Elli Winter / November 14, 2017

PVC pipes are really useful when it comes to DIY projects both for your home and yard. Have you ever tried to make something out of them? It’s pretty easy to work with PVC pipes and you won’t find it difficult to make these crafts on your own without requiring the help of anyone. ScrollRead more

20 Festive DIY Thanksgiving Crafts That You Are Going To Love

Elli Winter / November 14, 2017

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and you are all probably thinking about its celebration and the possible way of decorating the house. Every member of the family is excited about this holiday, and everyone is taking part in DIY crafts that make the home more festive. DIY projects are a great way to bondRead more

How To Repurpose A Globe In A Fun Way

Elli Winter / November 13, 2017

You probably have a globe at home which you don’t use anymore. Most kids get globes when they are at school, and later they put it somewhere away and simply don’t use it anymore. If you have a globe at home, and you are looking for some fun DIY projects, you are at the rightRead more

17 Useful Ways To Repurpose Old Windows

Elli Winter / November 10, 2017

If you have replaced your old windows with new ones, then you are probably left with the old windows wondering what to do with them and where to put them. Here, I’m going to save you from that troubles, and will show you 17 Useful Ways To Repurpose Old Windows in your home. They can be reused functionallyRead more

How To Repurpose Mason Jars In Useful Ways

Elli Winter / November 8, 2017

Have you ever tried to repurpose an item in your home? If you did, I bet that you liked it and you find it pretty interesting to find other uses to the things that you don’t use anymore. In this article I’m going to show you How To Repurpose Mason Jars In Useful Ways allRead more

16 Stunning Coffee Bean Crafts Coffee Lovers

Elli Winter / November 6, 2017

Hey there world! Are you in the mood for some DIY projects that will keep your hands busy? Not only that you will kill time, but you will also make some interesting decorations for your home. Scroll down through the photos below and see the Stunning Coffee Bean Crafts For All The Coffee Lovers. IfRead more

20 Adorable DIY Coasters That Are Easy To Make

Elli Winter / November 6, 2017

DIY projects are my favorite thing to do when fall knocks on our doors, they`re easy, they are easy to get right and they are something that nestles coziness. If you have been wondering what to do to kill the boredom when you are staying most of the time at home, here you have anRead more

63 Super Awesome DIY Paracord Projects to Realize

Sudarshan Kar / November 6, 2017

If you have never delved into the world of paracord before, then you will be completely dumbfounded by its versatility. In a way, paracords are like Lego blocks. You can construct almost anything out of it. In fact, paracord ideas will be as limitless as your creativity. In this article, we have prepared 63 incrediblyRead more