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Editorial Policy and Content Integrity

At Homesthetics, we are proud to say that the content we bring to our readers is original and of high-quality. We have writers who work tirelessly to create accurate and engaging content which is free from any form of conflicts or moral concerns. And, in case you have concerns about an article that might need improvement, feel free to reach us at our official email at [email protected].

Our Pledge To Content Integrity 

When it comes to our editorial and content processes, two of the things we value the most are quality and trustworthiness. Our team is devoted to rigorous research and reviewing the present content regularly to ensure they are accurate, up-to-date, and valuable to our readers. 

In each article, you can find a byline with the name of the writer, a little bit about them as well as a link that leads to more information about the contributor. We also mention the date to identify when the article was uploaded, and it’s updated when changes are made to the content to add new information. 

At times, some of our articles will also include an additional tagline for extra information on the writer. We have internal teams that work on creating original graphics, illustrations, images, and videos by collaborating with industry experts so that the pieces represent diverse perspectives, voices, and contexts. 

Cyclical reviews are done by editors as well as members of our various boards like the Medical, Financial, Anti-Bias, and Review Boards to assure the quality, integrity, and accuracy of the content. Rest assured, none of the photos and videos are edited in a way that may come off as false or misleading to our readers. 

Our way of correcting the factual errors in articles is quite transparent, and we encourage our readers to reach out to us to point out any errors. Also, our writers, editors, and contributors have the responsibility to disclose the presence of any potential conflicts of interest. 

We would like to point out that our editorial content isn’t influenced by our advertisers. That’s why we strictly separate editorial and advertising content to avoid confusion. 

Fact Checking 

One of the ways we maintain integrity is through our team of experienced fact-checkers who act as critical reviewers. The members are chosen based on their subject matter expertise and journalistic qualities. They thoroughly go through the specified articles to verify all news and information to ensure accuracy. Any important sources are also updated by them, especially when it comes to statistics. 

Once an article has been fact-checked, it’s given the “fact check” badge, and the name of the face checker is mentioned near that of the author.

Ensuring Accuracy 

Our editorial team is committed to providing high-quality, original, and fact-based content. In case we find an error in one of the articles, we proceed to get it corrected as early as possible after a thorough review. All corrections made to an article are highlighted for transparency and contain the date when the changes were made. 

Sometimes articles that are factually correct but written in a language that’s technical or hard to understand will contain an editor’s note to help the readers. 

One thing to note is that news articles aren’t generally updated over time as they deal with distinct situations and events. However, all the other content found on our website is reviewed by our professional review board members and fact-checked. Once fact-checked and reviewed, an article is date-stamped with the last updated date for transparency.


One of the things that we don’t compromise on is adhering to strict standards of mentioning sources in an article. Currently, we rely on reputable primary sources such as expert interviews, data from professional and academic institutions, as well as government organizations that provide updated, factual information. Our reviewers and editors make sure that each data point, fact, or claim made in an article is accompanied by at least one trusted source. 

Attaching anonymous or unnamed sources is strongly discouraged and not approved as it doesn’t let us remain transparent with our readers. In a rare case, when there’s no option but to use an unnamed source, we make sure to add a note stating the reason and context behind the same. 

As an organization, Homesthetics is strictly against discrimination and values diversity in all aspects. That’s why our writers, editors, and reviewers ensure that the perspective of women, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ linked sources isn’t overlooked. We want to assure you that our content is there to serve all communities. 

Diversity And Anti-Bias 

At Homesthetics, we believe that all human beings deserve respect, representation, and opportunity, irrespective of their community and beliefs. That’s why we have set up the Anti-Bias Review Board in the hopes of representing and serving all our readers. The board consists of advocates, educators, public health specialists, researchers, journalists, and other industry professionals who have a background in diversity and inclusion. 

We also stand by our Anti-Racism Pledge, which has to be followed by the whole organization. 

The Anti-Bias Review Board is equipped with the vital task of reviewing content all across the website and providing valuable judgment about scopes for improvement in diversity and inclusivity. Moreover, the Board supports the creation of inclusive content that stands by readers of all ages, races, ethnicities, religions, abilities, gender identities, sexual orientations, and socioeconomic positions. 

If you have concerns about any issue on the website that requires the attention of the Anti-Bias Review Board, feel free to contact us on our official email id. 

Independence And Impartiality 

Homesthetics values independence, impartiality, and fairness in journalism and we ensure that no clash exists between editorial and sponsored or advertised content. Also, every member of the Homesthetics team is accountable for maintaining high standards when it comes to transparency and honesty. The content sponsored by our advertisers is strictly marked as “Sponsored Content” to avoid confusion. 

Having said that, we can ensure that all the product and service reviews on our website are unbiased. We seek to provide useful and valuable information to our readers, so all the reviews are written independently after thorough research on the product or service. 

It’s important to point out that there are affiliate links within some of our content. Homesthetics does get a commission when a reader purchases a product or service through the link, but no compensation comes from our published content or recommendations. 

Moreover, the writers and editors of Homesthetics are discouraged from giving preference to any external resource on the basis of their existing relationship with a person or company. They’re also bound to disclose potential conflicts of interest concerning relationships, finances, or anything personal that might exist with any source to ensure our unbiased stance. 

Note that our publishers, writers, and editors do get complimentary products and services for the purpose of reviewing them. And we disclose them in the published piece to remain transparent. However, the editorial staff and contributors are barred from receiving gifts or services for personal purposes. 


It’s a goal for Homesthetics to provide original, accurate, and unbiased content to all our readers. Along with strictly verified and properly attributed information, none of the articles can infringe any copyright or intellectual property rights. Any instances of plagiarism are subjected to immediate investigation for rectification and may lead to dismissal if found to be true. 

All contributors affiliated with us must comply with all applicable standards and laws as well as follow the highest journalistic practices such as: 

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