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About Us

About Homesthetics

Launched in 2012 on the random chosen date of 20 October, our website was meant to be the public database of four architecture students and one civil engineer, it was meant to inspire us and educate us and the ones around us as much as possible with both school and taste in real life.

Our work:

Our staff tries to hand pick the most interesting articles from different point of views and different aspects, you can find on our site uncommon artists or the biggest contemporary architects, we select the things that we consider inspiring, we collect the data and serve your daily dose of inspiration and imagination always fresh. In order to stay in touch we suggest you to sign up for our emails, like on Facebook and follow on Twitter and Pinterest, even subscribe on our small database on YouTube.

Our goal:

To create an active community in the future where everyone can help each other from pieces of advice to a professional service that only an architect or a designer can deliver and where everyone’s opinion matters.