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What is the Papasan Chair & Why Is It Cool Today

Sudarshan Kar / January 20, 2018

The Papasan chair is a symbol of the 1970s. From catalogs to films to television reality shows, it has been featured just about everywhere. It has had a variety of colors to flaunt and has had variations in its design from time to time. And while it once used to be everyone’s favorite furniture toRead more

10 Simple Space Saving Bathroom Solutions

Codreanu Andreea / January 28, 2017

We often find ourselves preoccupied with issues such as storing mundane every day products we use and the option of allowing the products to lie exposed for curious eyes to see or to leave them concealed in hidden drawers.The possibilities in therm of design are numerous for your bathroom but the basic ideas stand: investRead more

30 Brilliantly Beautiful Shared Home Office Ideas For Your Household

Codreanu Andreea / January 12, 2017

In today’s ever changing society, the luxury of working from your own home office has become a common encounter, especially for the younger generation.The freedom of organizing your own time and making your own schedule is constantly encouraging young mind into this particular direction and developing the need for home office design where there wasRead more

Replace The Classical With Marvelous Rattan Furniture Ideas

Richel Ann Bolos / December 12, 2016

Furniture can be made out of a variety of materials and while iron and wood are the first options, there are other candidates in line. One particular material is often used because of its flexibility and natural lovely features- rattan. When talking about rattan, sunny beaches, white sand and hot summer days may enter one’s mind.Read more

18 Crib Canopies Perfect For Your Nursery Design

18 Crib Canopies Perfect For Your Nursery Design
Richel Ann Bolos / December 7, 2016

Parents usually want to welcome their children with the best cribs that offer comfort and protection against nasty insects. While putting up a net over the crib is ideal, going beyond and having a crib canopy is still a lovelier idea. Crib canopies, as the name implies, are roof-like crowns or structures that hold light draperies.Read more

Spend More Time in These Cozy Reading Nooks

Richel Ann Bolos / December 5, 2016

In a hectic world where everything is digital and online, having a quiet time alone with a favorite book is luxurious to say the least. There are many people who would love to add a reading nook in their homes but have little to no idea on how they would like their reading nook toRead more

15 Creative Small Beds Ideas For Small Spaces

Codreanu Andreea / October 22, 2016

When you are young the possibility of purchasing a large home is very difficult, especially in today’s economy. On the other hand, a younger body and mind can find comfort even in smaller spaces, coming up with smart, ingenious solutions meant to save up space and provide everything we might need at the same time. AsRead more

How To Decorate Your Living Room With Gorgeous Sofa Tables

Codreanu Andreea / July 31, 2016

When dealing with small spaces, each available corner needs to be put to good use and maximized. A sofa table represents that versatile piece of furniture that can play both a decorative, aesthetically pleasing role as well as a vital functional one. You can use it as a dinning table if your kitchen space doesRead more

Top 62 Recycled Pallet Bed Frames – DIY Pallet Collection

Codreanu Andreea / May 5, 2016

Earlier this year we have gathered a collection of the most beautiful 101 DIY pallet projects to take on, providing you with what be believe to be useful inspirational information for future DIY projects. Today we have focused our attention to recycled pallet bed frames, a topic commonly encountered and of high interest among fellow drafters. Pallet woodRead more

16 Beautiful And Adaptable Spool Table Designs

16 Beautiful And Adaptable Spool Table Designs
Codreanu Andreea / April 30, 2016

We at Homesthetics are all about the unconventional projects, DIY recycling and up-cycling ideas filled with personality and style that can transform an entire home through simple delicate insertions.Wooden pallets and cable spools represent an endless resource more and more sought in the DIY “industry” as creative crafters discover every day their immense potential andRead more

35 Tree Trunk Ideas For A Warm Decor

Codreanu Andreea / April 30, 2016

Wood is the perfect material to add equilibrium, coziness, warmth and elegance to any given interior design, be it modern or classical in essence. For ages it has been used as the primary base material for furniture design and even though the modern contemporary age nestles and encourages plastic, acrylic and other synthetic materials, peopleRead more

Top Ten DIY Room Dividers for Privacy in Style

Codreanu Andreea / April 24, 2016

The popularity of open floor plans has created hundreds of new ideas for DIY room dividers from how they are designed to the materials used. They have also sparked new interests in the art of creating functional living areas. Instead of using a wall, what else can be used to provide a sense of movingRead more

How to Make a Crafting Table That Organizes Everything

Bikram K. Singh / February 29, 2016

One thing every house improvement enthusiast, DIY geek or interior decorator needs is a dedicated crafting table. A craft table where they can work on the ideas they have and the ideas they have collected from the web. In addition, they need a table that does not interfere with their work-flow, to say the least,Read more