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Ideas on How to Improve Your Bedroom Over the Weekend

Sudarshan Kar / August 11, 2018

In life, almost everything good takes time to accomplish, but occasionally, you can take the shorter route, spend less amount of money and take a few hours to improve your bedroom. Your bedroom is amongst the most important rooms in the home – so it deserves to be cozy. Taking a closer look at yourRead more

Luxurious Bedrooms You Will Wish To Sleep In

Elli Winter / November 11, 2017

When we see glamorous interior designs in the magazines, we all take a deep breath and wish we had them in our homes. If you are considering the idea to decorate one room in the house in a more luxurious style, we suggest you to go for the bedroom design. The bedroom is the roomRead more

10 Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas To Consider

10 Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas To Consider
Codreanu Andreea / February 7, 2017

A bedroom space is designed to be a signal of relaxation and comfort, your own personal retreat, a space where you can unwind and allow yourself to get cozy and rest. For this reason most of us find shabby chic bedrooms attractive as the familiarity of the style fits well into any home and inducesRead more

53 Incredible Hanging Beds to Float in Peace

Anton Giuroiu / January 9, 2017

Hanging beds or suspended beds are great elements in interior design, comfortable, interestingly-floating around and practical they ought to be present in everyone`s home. Today hanging beds can be purchased from multiple online stores or crafted using numerous diy hanging bed tutorials brought forward by the crafting community but whether your buying or crafting theRead more

Keep Your Baby Close With The Culla Belly Co-Sleeper

Codreanu Andreea / January 4, 2017

Having a newborn is one of the most wonderful, exciting and frightening event of our lives, we complete or form a family, we pass on the family name, knowledge, tradition, we form the future. Dealing with an infant is something that requires practice, experience and self confidence and as many books regarding child care weRead more

Top 62 Recycled Pallet Bed Frames – DIY Pallet Collection

Codreanu Andreea / May 5, 2016

Earlier this year we have gathered a collection of the most beautiful 101 DIY pallet projects to take on, providing you with what be believe to be useful inspirational information for future DIY projects. Today we have focused our attention to recycled pallet bed frames, a topic commonly encountered and of high interest among fellow drafters. Pallet woodRead more

Get Creative With Your Kids Bedroom Decorations

Codreanu Andreea / April 25, 2016

Kids are often a forgotten segment when it comes to interior design, but every once in a while designers address this problem with some new and interesting designs focused on. Sometimes these may inspire us to also stay in touch with our own inner child , because the tendency to play never goes away .Read more

18 Teenage Bedroom Ideas Suitable For Every Girl

Marva George-Sampson / April 21, 2016

A teen’s bedroom is a place perceived as a method of getting away from the rest of the world, clearing their heads, discovering themselves and simply going into a world of their own making. Every young adult’s quarters is different, a place that is supposed to reflect who they are – personality, sense of style and a gist ofRead more

13 Tips and Tricks On How To Decorate A Small Bedroom

Codreanu Andreea / February 10, 2016

Today we have chosen the problematic topic of small bedrooms and the issues such a space can raise when it comes to its decoration. Difficult in shape and size, we are confronted with the small space topic at least once in our life and the manner we choose to approach this issue will define the wayRead more