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30 Small Bedroom Design Ideas You Should Consider

Nothing can be more frustrating than having a small bedroom. The space feels cramped, and there's hardly enough space to fit all your things.

30 Small Bedroom Designs Ideas

If you're looking for inspiration to spruce up your small bedroom, you've come to the right place.

We've listed 30 different small bedroom ideas to help you out! Pack up your things, and let's start maximizing every square footage of your small bedroom. 

30 Stylish Small Bedroom Design Ideas

Small Bedroom Design Ideas

You could be desperately trying to find bedroom ideas to maximize space yet fail to find practical storage solutions. 

We've all been there, and we more or less know how unbearable the feeling is! Worry no more because we've got some small bedroom ideas for your next room makeover. 

1. Use a Raised Platform for Your Bed 

Use a Raised Platform for Your Bed

via : IKEAhackers

If your room lacks valuable floor space, you can maximize your room's height instead. 

A functional layout you can use in a limited space with the help of a raised platform. It's a great idea to put storage under your bed! Not to mention, you can easily store and access your things. 

This is perfect for a tiny bedroom, such as your guest bedroom! You might even be interested in trying a floating bed design for a more modern theme.

2. Trade Your Full-Size Bed for a Sofa Bed

Trade Your Full-Size Bed for a Sofa Bed

via : IKEA UK

Every space matters in a small bedroom, and having space-saving furniture is always ideal.

Trade your bed for a sofa bed instead. This is one of the best small bedroom ideas you can apply, giving you extra floor space during the day.

During the day, you can use your room as a lounge or office space. And at night, all you have to do is lay your sofa bed flat and have a good sleep.

This is one of the best small bed ideas, especially if you have a small bedroom. 


Remember to try out the sofa bed and ensure it's comfortable enough to sleep in.

3. Let Natural Light Through

Let Natural Light Through

via : BuzzFeed

If you want to create the illusion of having a big room, don't be afraid to let natural sunlight in.

With the help of a few layout and design changes, you can make your space look bigger. This is one of the best small bedroom ideas that can help save your electricity bill. 

This lessens your need for an extra light fixture in your room and leaves more room for other accessories. 


Use a blackout curtain if you don't want light getting through your room.

4. Every Space Can Be Used as a Storage Area

Every Space Can Be Used as a Storage Area

via : Home Decor Ideas

No space is big or small to be a storage area. We always appreciate the extra space where we can tuck all our belongings away. 

Just because you have a small bedroom doesn't mean you have to sacrifice storage. Even the smallest of spaces can already make a huge difference. 

You can use hidden storage solutions to create more closet space without taking up too much square footage.

5. Window Sills Are Friends

Window Sills Are Friends

via : ArchDaily

Your window sills aren't there for nothing; they're certainly not just there to collect dust.

If your window sill is large enough, you can put a window seat to lounge on. It's a great way to catch up on your favorite books and even have a nap!

You can always use it as an extra shelving space if it's not big enough. Add a few accessories, like a candle or your favorite picture frame.

6. Use A Neutral Carpet Flooring

Use A Neutral Carpet Flooring

via : Lauren McBride

Carpets are a great way to give your small bedroom a cozy feel. The soft carpeted floor signals your body that you're about to rest and relax.

Trade in your dark carpets for a nice neutral shade. It can liven up your beautiful space and gives an illusion of having more space.


Have your room carpet cleaned regularly. This helps prevent nasty mold and smells from building up.

7. Expand Your Small Bedroom Using Mirrors

Expand Your Small Bedroom Using Mirrors

via : Pottery Barn Teen

Mirrors are a crowd favorite when making any room look big. 

This is why it shouldn't come as a surprise that putting up mirrors is highly recommended in small bedroom decorating ideas.

Make sure to know where to put them and what shape the mirrors should be. Once you've found the perfect spot, your room will feel much bigger and brighter!

8. Use a Multi-Purpose Storage Bed in a Small Space

Use a Multi-Purpose Storage Bed in a Small Space

via : Next Luxury

A good way to get enough space in your small bedroom is by using storage beds. It's one of the greatest hacks for small bedroom ideas. 

A multi-purpose bed is ideal for a smaller bedroom because of its functionality. You have a bed, storage, and even a dressing table in one. 

You don't need to sacrifice storage to lie comfortably at night.


Make sure the storage on your bed is enough to fit all your things.

9. Less Is More in a Small Space

Less Is More in a Small Space

via : Petra Yoanna

Time and time again, we've always mentioned how less is always more for small bedroom ideas. 

Fewer things in your small room translate to more space to walk around and enjoy.

Make sure to keep only the essential items in your room. Tidy up your space, and don't be afraid to declutter the things you no longer need.

10. Make Your Curtains Stand Out

Make Your Curtains Stand Out

via : Target

Just because you have a small bedroom doesn't mean it can't be fun. Liven up your wall space with the addition of fun and bold curtains.

Don't be afraid to express your personality with fun and lively curtains! It can make your vertical space look a lot bigger. 

Not only do curtains look good, but they also serve the practical purpose of blocking the light at night. 

11. Add Some Throw Blankets and Throw Pillows

Add Some Throw Blankets and Throw Pillows

via : Amber Interiors INC.

If there's one thing we love about small spaces is that it always makes us feel cozy. It sets our mood and signals our mind that it's time to finally relax.

Don't be afraid to cozy up in your small bedroom by adding a ton of blankets and pillows. This is one of the most simple small bedroom ideas you can find out there that's highly effective. 

You can even scatter cushions on the floor for that ultimate relaxing vibe!

12. Build an Effective Storage System

Build an Effective Storage System

via : IKEA

No matter how much storage system you have, if you don't know how to utilize them, it will all be for nothing.

Make sure to have an effective storage system in place, by knowing which items go where. It keeps your things organized, and you know where to find them the next time you need them.

13. Use A Loud Wall Hanging Decor

Use A Loud Wall Hanging Decor

via : BuzzFeed

One of our favorite small bedroom ideas is putting up some decorations in our petite bedroom. 

Wall hangings help draw attention towards a particular area, removing the attention from the small space. 

If you want to have a clean and put-together look, we highly recommend choosing wall hangings that go with the theme of your room. 

You can also go for natural materials to give your room a boho and chic look. 

14. Give Your Small Bedroom Some Symmetry

Give Your Small Bedroom Some Symmetry


Even with a small space, you can still create the illusion of symmetry inside your room. 

One of the best small bedroom ideas we can share is creating symmetry by utilizing your furniture. 

You can add floor lamps on either side of the bed or put built-in shelves on either side. Using a side table also does the trick! 

Creating symmetry makes your room look put together and clean.

15. Add Some Plants

Add Some Plants

via : Apartment Therapy

Consider adding some live plants inside your small bedroom. It can instantly lift your room and your spirits!

You can add small pots of your favorite succulents and flowers to your side table. 

If you don't want to put live plants, you can opt for fake plants to still achieve that natural feel.

16. Skip the Bed Frame

Skip the Bed Frame

via : Karup Design

Bed frames usually take up space in the bedroom. This is why we recommend skipping the bed frame in most small bedroom ideas.

You can keep your mattress as is, even without the frame. If it feels bare, consider creating a gallery wall or a feature wall. 

You can add more pillows on the bed, so it doesn't look too bare.

17. Don't Get a Four Poster Bed

Don't Get a Four Poster Bed

via : TurnPost

Four poster beds look visually appealing. It gives off this classic and quaint vibe, perfect for every bedroom.

Unfortunately, we don't recommend four poster beds in small bedroom ideas. It tends to make the room look cramped, which is the opposite of what we want.

This is especially true if the surrounding furniture is large and bulky!

18. Install a Pull Down Bed or Wall Bed in Your Room

Install a Pull Down Bed or Wall Bed in Your Room

via : Luciano Correa

Consider installing a pull-down/wall bed in your smaller bedroom at home. 

You can do this for your guest room to utilize the extra space when you don't have visitors around.

Check out interior design ideas for making the pull-down bed blend into the room!

19. Use Your Built-in Storage in the Room

Use Your Built-in Storage in the Room

via : Amber Interiors INC.

If your small bedroom has a built-in storage unit, use it! You no longer have to worry about needing additional store boxes or storage areas. 

Place all your belongings inside the built-in storage, and assemble them properly. 

20. Add a Floating Shelf to Your Room

Add a Floating Shelf to Your Room

via : Pottery Barn

Add a floating shelf to your accent wall, making your room much homier. We love using floating shelves because they can serve multiple purposes. 

Not only is it a good interior design idea, but it's also a good way to sneak in some extra storage in your small bedroom.

Make sure not to overdo the floating shelves in your room. Remember, you don't need to fill every inch of the space with a shelf. 

Create a Gallery Wall

via : Color & Chic

With all the wall space in the room, you're probably excited to fill it with frames and art pieces. It's your gallery of all your good memories.

However, if you want to make these memories special and create an impact, put it all on one side of your room.

An accent wall helps draw attention to that space alone. It also helps keep the room looking less cramped.

22. Skip the Big Bedside Table/Dressing Table

Skip the Big Bedside Table/Dressing Table

via : JD Williams

Bedside tables are a staple in any bedroom. It's the quintessential piece of furniture you'll find in every small bedroom idea.

You won't need a big bedside table for a small space. A small table is enough for you to put your things. 

It may not be what you envisioned for your room, but it's still useful. You can put your phone on top and even some of your favorite books.

23. Have Your Furniture Measured

Have Your Furniture Measured

via : Purl Soho

The beauty of furniture is that you can buy them in all shapes and sizes. Sticking to a general theme is a lot easier, thanks to the wide range of options you have.

Because of this, it is easy to find furniture that can match your small bedroom ideas.

Before you buy your piece of furniture, always measure it. Make sure it's the right size for the space you want to put it.

24. Don't Be Afraid of the Statement Bed

Don't Be Afraid of the Statement Bed

via : My Aashis

A big bed in a small space. Isn't that the opposite of what we want?

Don't be afraid to go big on your bed, especially if it comes with extra storage underneath. You won't need a dedicated storage area anymore with a storage bed.

You can always play around with the room layout to ensure your statement bed won't take up all the space.

25. Loft Bedroom Layout

Loft Bedroom Layout

via : Da Vinci Lifestyle

If you have adequate ceiling height, a great small bedroom idea is to transform your room into a loft space.

Consider your loft space as a 2-in-1 solution for your bedroom ideas. You can dedicate your entire floor space as a working area by creating a small office space.

Alternatively, you can also use it as a gaming area or a lounge where you can relax!

26. Stick to One Color

Stick to One Color

via : Home Designing

We know some of you are tempted to transform your room into a rainbow but stop right now. 

If you want to make your small space look bigger, we recommend sticking to only one color. Or at least one color palette.

Doing this makes your room look bright, clean, and easy on the eyes!

27. Add Shelving Units

Add Shelving Units

via : Kasie Chelanne

Never underestimate the power of having a large shelving unit in a small room. That's instant storage for you!

It's also a good way to accessorize your room because you can practically put anything. Books, plants, mirrors, frames, candles, you name it!


Always check the dimensions of the shelf you want and compare it to your bedroom wall.

28. Utilize Every Corner

Utilize Every Corner

via : Urban Outfitters

Every corner in your small room is a gold mine for extra storage room or room accessories.

Don't leave the corners of your room in the dust. Instead, utilize every corner of it with your favorite furniture.

You can push your bed to the corners to give you a bigger floor space. In the alternative, you can set up a corner table for a small office space.

29. Make Your Accessories Pop

Make Your Accessories Pop

via : Sage & Sill

Playing around with color for your bedroom ideas can transform a plain and simple room into a fun and lively one. 

We recommend adding a few accent pieces in your room that can become the center of attention.

It could be as simple as a bedside table, a floor lamp, or a table lamp!

30. Be as Extra as You Want

Be as Extra as You Want

via : Apartment Therapy

At the end of the day, your comfort is our number one priority. After all, you'll be lying on the bed and enjoying your personal space.

If you feel more comfortable with more colors, shapes, and patterns, don't be afraid to go all out!

You can unleash your creativity in designing your sleeping space the way you want.

Top Tips for Designing Small Bedrooms

We're sure you're excited and ready to start working on your small space. The different tiny bedroom ideas we've listed are enough to get you running to the home store.

But before you do, we have some helpful tips to make sure you get the most out of your room.

1. Have a Limited Color Palette

There's no right and wrong color palette for your small bedroom. But one thing's for sure, stick to a limited palette and don't be all over the place.

Having a limited color palette makes the room feel like it was professionally done. The colors are in-synch, and everything looks put together.

We recommend going with a monochromatic theme, regardless of the palette. You don't have to worry about mixing and matching the shades anymore.

2. Utilize Natural Light

Believe it or not, natural light can immediately transform your room into a model unit straight from the IKEA website.

Many overlook the importance of natural light to make the room feel much bigger and more homier.

Play around with the room and check where the natural light hits. You can utilize mirrors and paint colors to improve the room's feel.

3. Maximize Storage Space

We've said it before, and we'll say it again, storage is everything to a small bedroom.

One of the common problems we often encounter with a small space is the need for more storage options.

Luckily, there are different storage solutions out there that can create adequate storage even in smaller spaces.

You can use a storage bed to neatly tuck your things in the space underneath. You can also create a hidden wardrobe space in your room without looking messy!

4. Consider Made-To-Measure Pieces

One of the best ways to get all your furniture to fit inside your room is to have made-to-measure pieces.

Instead of buying store-bought furniture, seek help from a professional to make the furniture fit only your room.

Doing this helps odd-fitting items. More importantly, you can customize your furniture in the best way possible for your compact bedroom.

Small Bedroom Design Ideas FAQs

  • Before we leave with our parting words in this small bedroom ideas article, we’ve answered some of the FAQs we get about styling small bedrooms.

    Keep reading, and you might learn something from what we’re about to share.

  • What's the Best Color for a Small Bedroom?

    For us, neutral tones and earth colors are perfect for small bedrooms. It makes the space look bigger and brighter at the same time.

    We recommend soft shades of yellow, blue, gray, and green. But if you want to keep it simple, white walls are just as perfect.

    Dark colors are also okay, and many people like them. You can choose between colors like brown, black, and navy blue bedroom ideas. 

    Although it won’t help make your room look bigger, it will give it a cozy vibe.

  • How Should I Arrange My Small Bedroom?

    There’s no right or wrong way of fixing your small space. You can be as minimal or eccentric with the interior design.

    But one thing’s for sure, you need to learn how to prioritize the essential pieces in your bedroom: clothing and shoe cabinet, storage space, bedside table, and bed, to name a few.

    This will make the room feel organized and complete in the long run! Even with limited floor space, you at least have everything you need in one space.

  • How Can Couples Style a Small Bedroom?

    Some couples usually quarrel about how to style their small bedrooms. With all the debate going on, having a good night’s sleep in their new space seems impossible.

    One great tip we can share, which all couples already know by now, is to communicate. Sit down with your partner and talk about your bedroom ideas and plans.

    Most often than not, the two of you may have different styles and visions. There’s no need to fight about it as long as you communicate and learn to compromise.

  • Empty bedroom with modern interior. Small Bedroom Ideas Conclusion

    Small Bedroom Design Ideas Conclusion

    You don't have to suffer in silence anymore just because of your small bedroom.

    A simple room makeover can transform your small space into a big one. Just stick to the best small bedroom ideas, and you'll be on the right track.

    We hope you enjoyed this article. Let us know in the comments which of the small bedroom ideas you want to try.

    Feel free to share this article with your friends and family who might be looking for small bedroom ideas to spruce up their homes.

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