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5 Best Vacuum Cleaners for Mattress That Promote Healthy Sleeping

You may be aware of the interesting fact that we spend one-third of our life sleeping. But have you ever thought of it from a different perspective i.e. we spend one-third of our lives on mattresses? This sounds outrageous but it is the truth for all of us who live in these modern times.

Best Vacuum Cleaners for Mattress

Given the amount of time we spend on mattresses, we don’t take care of their tidiness the way they should be taken care of. Covered by bedspreads, mattresses only get our attention when they exceed their service life and start ripping apart. Being a responsible homeowner who wants to keep their household healthy and thriving, this is not how one should handle mattresses.

To keep your bedrooms free of allergens and irritants, you need to take care of your mattresses just the way you maintain a proper cleaning routine for the furniture and upholstery. And this is where vacuum cleaners for mattresses come into the equation. These are vacuum apparatus specially designed to treat mattresses and other similar materials.

In this piece, we are going to review 5 of the best mattress vacuum cleaners available in the market right now.

Listed below are the 5 best vacuum cleaners for mattresses from our list:

  • Dyson V7 Vacuum. Dyson V7 is a handheld vacuum featuring a robust digital motor, delivering 30 minutes of powerful fade-free suction. Dyson V7 stands out with its 2-tier radial cyclone assembly and HEPA filtration, capturing even the smallest dust particles efficiently. This vacuum is also compatible with dusting brushes for versatile use on various surfaces, from mattresses to keyboards or tapestries.
  • Raycop Mattress Vacuum. Raycop Lite Vacuum excels in removing allergens and dust from mattresses with its scientifically calibrated UV light and vibrating pads. Its built-in HEPA filters secure the tiniest of particles, providing a clean sleeping environment. However, it is a non-cordless machine which might restrict movement during cleaning tasks.
  • Housmile Mattress Vacuum Cleaner. The Housmile Mattress Vacuum Cleaner brings advanced cleaning features, such as an upgraded UV light, an activated carbon filter, and a HEPA filtration system. It's designed with a lightweight body for long-duration cleaning comfort and a dust collector for efficient debris capture. Despite these perks, its effectiveness decreases with pet hair.
  • Dascooni Mattress & Bed Vacuum Cleaner. The Dascooni Vacuum Cleaner offers innovative cleaning features like high-frequency vibration, cyclone suction, and UV lamp technology. This vacuum cleaner's unique attributes include a pulsating pad system for loosening deeply embedded dust, and a 300w motor for rapid cleanup. However, its operation can be slightly noisy.
  • Flyingqin Handheld Vacuum Cleaner. The Flyingqin Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is a versatile cleaning solution, due to its user-friendly, portable design and impressive cleaning performance. Its cordless feature adds convenience, but the cleaner tends to be quite noisy during operation.

Here is the list of the 5 best vacuum cleaners for mattresses that you can use to quickly and effectively clean your mattress of dirt, debris, and allergens.

1. Dyson V7 Vacuum - Best for Versatile Cleaning

  • Features powerful digital motor
  • Up to 30 minutes of fade-free suction
  • Can be used beyond mattresses

We are starting our list with the Dyson V7 which is undoubtedly one of the best handheld vacuum cleaners for mattresses. This ergonomically designed vacuum features a robust digital motor that offers 30 minutes of powerful fade-free suction. But it’s not the power of the suction that makes Dyson stand apart.  

It’s the 2-tier radial cyclone arrangement and holistic HEPA filtration that gives the Dyson V7 an edge over many compact vacuum cleaners available in the market right now. There are 15 cyclones circularly arranged in two layers to ensure maximum airflow with optimal capturing of fine dust particles.

To reinforce the mechanism of the 2-tier cyclone assembly, Dyson has fitted a post-motor HEPA filter that can capture particles as small as 0.3 microns. The state-of-the-art HEPA filter is the reason why the Dyson V7 handheld vacuum cleaner can round up all the dust mites invisibly lurking on your mattress. To keep this vacuuming and filtration in isolation, the entire machine body is completely sealed. Rest assured, the air leaving the vacuum is free of any contaminants and may be cleaner than the room atmosphere you are breathing in.   

To make its handheld vacuum product more versatile, Dyson has also made it compatible to work with a dusting brush. So, besides the mattress, you can use a Dyson V7 handheld vacuum to clean other small and tricky plan surfaces. Whether it’s the difficult task of getting rid of the dust from in between the keys of a keyboard or dusting a tapestry, you can take on these challenging cleaning tasks with a Dyson V7 vacuum cleaner fitted with a dusting brush.

Additionally, the ergonomic handle and light body also ensure that you can conveniently use it without repeatedly changing hands.

Dimensions: 12.45" x 5.17" x 8.11" | Weight: 3.77 lbs | Type: Handheld | Power Source: Battery-Powered | Voltage: | Wattage: 21.6V | Filter Type: N/A | Controller Type: Cloth | Hand Control

2. Raycop Mattress Vacuum - Best for Allergen Removal

  • Features a calibrated UV sanitizer
  • Features additional pulsating pad
  • Comes with HEPA filters that trap the tiniest of particles

Raycop Lite Vacuum for Mattress is one of the most technologically sound products among the handheld vacuum cleaners available in the market right now. It is also fitted with a UV lamp to exterminate dust mites, bed bugs, and other microorganisms then and there. However, the difference is the UV wavelength in the Raycop Mattress Vacuum Cleaner is calibrated and tested with lab-grade SOPs to authenticate its bug and bacteria-killing capability.

The results show that even the tiniest of microorganisms like E-coli and Staphylococcus can’t survive under the UV action of a Raycop vacuum cleaner. From bacteria to dust mites, all troubling organisms perish within a few seconds of exposure.

Sometimes dust and with it dust mites are baked in the fine threads of mattress cover or upholstery. Even the high-pressure suction often misses out on this strongly embedded dust and accompanying organisms. Raycop has gotten around this shortcoming in its Lite handheld vacuum cleaner, which is fitted with pulsating pads. These pads vibrate at the frequency of 4,600-5,000 hertz while the suction is on to loosen and stir all those strongly-latched dust particles.

As a result, you get three times better removal of allergens and dust in comparison to other vacuums with the same suction power.  Like any premium quality vacuum cleaner for mattresses, Raycop Handheld Vacuum is also fitted with HEPA filters that trap the tiniest of particles including pet dander, pollen, and even smoke particles.

The weight of these handheld vacuum cleaners can be slightly on the heavy side. However, you won’t feel this extra weight on your hand because Raycop Handheld Filter works like an iron i.e. you press and move it against the mattress/upholstery surfaces.

Dimensions: 11" x 14" x 6" | Weight: 4 lbs | Type: Handheld | Power Source: Corded Electric | Voltage: 120V (AC) | Wattage: 330W | Filter Type: Cartridge | Controller Type: Push Button

3. Housmile Mattress Vacuum Cleaner - Best for Quiet Operation

  • UV light technology kills up to 99.97% of bacteria
  • State-of-the-art HEPA filter
  • Quiet motor system

The Housmile Mattress Vacuum Cleaner sets new standards in mattress and bedding surface cleaning, ensuring that you enjoy a comfortable and hygienic sleeping environment. With advanced features such as an upgraded UV light, a HEPA filtration system, and an activated carbon filter, this vacuum cleaner delivers a superior cleaning performance.

The Housmile Mattress Vacuum Cleaner has a number of features that set it apart from competitors.

First and foremost, its lightweight construction ensures that you can clean for extended durations without experiencing discomfort. This is crucial, as mattress vacuuming can be a lengthy task, and a cumbersome vacuum can strain your arms or cause fatigue.

Featuring a generously sized dust collector, the vacuum cleaner is particularly advantageous for those suffering from allergies, as it minimizes post-vacuuming allergens in the sleeping environment and reduces the frequency of having to empty the dust container.

Ease of use is another area where this vacuum cleaner excels, offering a power switch for quick startup, as well as an indicator light and rotating brush switch for effortless control. Its intuitive design means you can efficiently clean your mattress with minimal setup time.

An essential feature of the vacuum cleaner is its rotating brush, which guarantees a comprehensive cleaning without causing damage to your mattress and bedding materials. The brilliant dual-brush system combines a hard brush for dust removal with a soft brush for preserving fabric quality, making it suitable for delicate surfaces.

In addition, the Housmile Mattress Vacuum Cleaner harnesses UV light technology, delivering an extra layer of protection against harmful germs and bacteria. The UV light generates intense beams that effectively exterminate up to 99.97% of bacteria on your mattress. Furthermore, the UV tube ensures the maintenance of a high operating temperature (149F) for optimal pollutant removal.

Featuring a cutting-edge HEPA filter, the vacuum cleaner meets both US MERV19 and EU H14 standards, capturing an impressive 99.99% of dust particles as minute as 0.1 microns. This extraordinary filtration performance promotes a clean, healthy sleep environment, significantly reducing the risk of allergy or respiratory issues.

Lastly, the Housmile Mattress Vacuum Cleaner incorporates a quiet motor system, allowing you to clean in a peaceful and tranquil ambiance.

While the Housmile Mattress Vacuum Cleaner has many impressive features, there are a couple of aspects that could be improved. The sensitivity of the vacuum cleaner's buttons has been reported to cause minor inconveniences during operation. Also, some users have found the vacuum cleaner to be less effective in removing pet hair as compared to other debris and allergens.

Dimensions: 14" x 11" x 7" | Weight: 4.5 lbs | Type: Handheld | Power Source: Battery-Powered | Voltage: 120V | Wattage: 350W | Filter Type: Cartridge | Controller Type: Push Button

4. Dascooni Mattress & Bed Vacuum Cleaner

  • High-frequency vibration allows for the effective dislodging of dirt and dust
  • Sterilizes mattresses with its 253.7nm purple light UV lamp
  • Powered by a 300-watt motor

Introducing the Dascooni Mattress & Bed Vacuum Cleaner, a top-of-the-line product designed to ensure a pristine and healthy sleeping environment. This vacuum cleaner stands out with its pulsating pad system, high-frequency vibration, cyclone suction, and UV lamp technology, making it a formidable tool for removing dust, allergens, and bacteria from your mattress and bed linens.

The Dascooni Mattress & Bed Vacuum Cleaner comes with several innovative features to make mattress cleaning highly efficient and hassle-free. The high-frequency vibration (which operates at 12,800 times/min) works wonders in agitating and dislodging embedded dirt and dust, allowing the powerful 12kPa cyclone suction to easily remove them. This ensures a thorough cleaning process without any residues.

In addition to its cleaning power, the 253.7nm purple light UV lamp takes it a step further by sterilizing mattresses and eliminating bacteria, thus promoting a healthier sleep environment. The pulsation pad aids in this process by lifting dust to the surface for a smoother cleaning experience. Moreover, the high-filtration HEPA system captures minute particles, dander, hair, and larger debris, contributing to a pollution-free atmosphere around your bed.

The Dascooni vacuum cleaner is powered by a 300w motor, which enables a swift cleaning process. Its spacious 600ml washable dust box accommodates an ample amount of dust and debris before requiring emptying, providing users with a clean and refreshed mattress to sleep on.

Despite its remarkable performance and array of impressive features, the Dascooni Mattress & Bed Vacuum Cleaner has a minor shortcoming — the motor tends to be slightly noisy. However, given the numerous advantages that this luxury vacuum cleaner offers, this small drawback can be disregarded.

Dimensions: 8" x 7" x 6" | Weight: 3.69 lbs | Type: Handheld | Power Source: Corded Electric | Voltage: 110V | Wattage: 300W | Filter Type: Disk | Controller Type: Push Button

5. Flyingqin Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

  • User-friendly design
  • With a suction power of up to 100.12 picometers
  • Portable and easy to store

Introducing the Flyingqin Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, a versatile and portable cleaning solution designed to cater to a range of surfaces, including mattresses and beddings. This vacuum cleaner, with its user-friendly operation and unique features, simplifies the cleaning experience while maintaining a comfortable home environment.

One of the standout aspects of the Flyingqin Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is its user-friendly design. The cordless nature of the device combined with its ergonomically curved handle allows for easy maneuverability and control during operation. This functionality enables you to effortlessly reach tight spaces and awkward corners. Furthermore, the vacuum cleaner includes a translucent dust box and side exhaust vents, allowing for efficient monitoring of dirt collection and overall maintenance.

Another remarkable feature of the Flyingqin Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is its impressive performance. With a suction power of up to 100.12 picometers, the vacuum cleaner effectively eliminates dirt, dust, and debris from a variety of surfaces, ensuring a clean and refreshed living space.

The portability of the Flyingqin Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is yet another positive aspect. The device weighs a mere 3.69 pounds and measures 11 inches x 15 inches x 7 inches, making it the perfect size for easy storage and transportation. Its cordless design further enhances its usability across various areas of your home without the hindrance of a power outlet.

Based on user feedback, it's worth noting that the Flyingqin Handheld Vacuum Cleaner can be relatively noisy when in use. While this may not be particularly bothersome to some users, it's essential to be aware of it if you require a more tranquil cleaning experience or have sensitive hearing.

Dimensions: 11" x 15" x 7" | Weight: 3.69 lbs | Type: Handheld | Power Source: Corded Electric | Voltage: 110V | Wattage: 330W | Filter Type: N/A | Controller Type: Push Button

What is the Best Vacuum Cleaner for Mattresses?

This section presents a detailed comparison of vacuum cleaners specifically designed for mattresses. The table below provides an insightful evaluation of critical attributes including Dimensions, Weight, Type, Power Source, Voltage, Wattage, Filter Type, and Controller Type.

ProductDimensionsWeightTypePower SourceVoltageWattageFilter TypeController Type
Dyson V712.45" x 5.17" x 8.11"3.77 lbsHandheldBattery-Powered21.6VN/AClothHand Control
Raycop Vacuum Cleaner11" x 14" x 6"4 lbsHandheldCorded Electric120V (AC)330WCartridgePush Button
Housmile Vacuum Cleaner14" x 11" x 7"4.5 lbsHandheldBattery-Powered120V350WCartridgePush Button
Dascooni Vacuum Cleaner8" x 7" x 6"3.69 lbsHandheldCorded Electric110V300WDiskPush Button
Flyingqin Vacuum Cleaner11" x 15" x 7"3.69 lbsHandheldCorded Electric110V330WN/APush Button

Buying Guide for the Best Mattress Vacuum Cleaner 

But before we delve into this discussion, it is important to shed some light on the reasons why homeowners should invest in a quality vacuum cleaner for mattresses.

These are the three major reasons why you should have a vacuum cleaner for mattresses in your home.

1. Get Your Mattress and Bedroom Dust-free

Like regular vacuum cleaners are used on the floors to get rid of dirt and dust, mattress vacuum cleaners are used to remove fine particles of dust that trap in the lining of the mattress over a long period of time. You might be thinking that you can do this by using the regular vacuum cleaner without ‘wasting’ money on a separate vacuum cleaner.

You are right in thinking along these lines but here’s the thing: a regular floor vacuum cleaner can’t get all the dust out of the mattress because its suction pump is not designed to remove the finest dust particles. On the other hand, vacuum cleaners designed for mattresses are fitted with a mechanism that can agitate and suck all the fine dust particles and even microorganisms that are responsible for allergies.

If anyone in your home suffers from asthma and even an apparently cleaned interior doesn’t help in easing their condition, then you need to look at the condition of the mattress they are sleeping on. There is a strong chance that the invisible dust from the mattresses is responsible for aggravating their condition.

2. Get Rid of Dust Mites and Bed Bugs

As mentioned earlier, mattresses are one of the most overlooked fixtures in the house. This is the reason why they often become a breeding ground for insects, particularly bed bugs and dust mites; this is due to the same invisible dust that causes dust allergies and asthma aggravation.

According to some rough estimates, an unvacuumed mattress is the host of over 2 million dust mites along with all their feces and shedding.  Though dust mites don’t bite, their excretions and shedding are the reason to cause allergic reactions.

On the other hand, we all know how much trouble bed bugs can cause. Their silent stings are potent enough to mess up your nighttime sleep routine. The dark and warmth of mattresses prove to be the best haven for bed bugs.  Mattress vacuum cleaners can’t help in taking out the bed bug problem from roots but they can be of great assistance to your fumigation efforts.

3. Get Rid of Bad Odors

Do you get frustrated by a persistent musty odor lingering in your bedroom even when there are no apparent signs that point to the source of that smell? This usually happens when bacteria and other allergens beget the mold in the mattress lining. If you devise a routine to vacuum your mattress once in a while, then you can prevent these stranger odors from permeating your room.

Although we have reviewed the best vacuum cleaners for mattresses that are available right now, one must still have a general idea of buying the right option for his/her mattress vacuuming needs. These are the five elements that you should factor in while looking for a vacuum, particularly for mattresses, bedding, and upholstery.

    • Filters

Filters ensure that a vacuum cleaner can keep the smallest irritants trapped. In other words, filters are responsible for the clean air emission from the vacuum. For that matter, a good vacuum cleaner should always be fitted with a filter that can capture all the microscopic mites, dander, and other similar elements.

HEPA is now the go-to filtration system for mattress vacuum cleaners. They can capture 97-99% of those organisms that go on to cause allergies. However, there is a downside to the use of HEPA filters. They are disposable and need to be replaced after a year or two.

If you don’t approve of this ongoing replacement work, then vacuums with washable filters are also available in the market (we have also reviewed some). These filters are expensive but their reusability extends their service life to an extent where their higher costs are worth it.

    • UV Light Sanitization

If you have noticed, the UV sanitization system is a recurrent feature in many modern vacuum cleaners. It is a chemical-free way to exterminate mites and bugs. In many vacuums, they are coupled with heat treatment to get rid of larvae and eggs as well.

In households with people having sensitive respiratory systems, a mattress vacuum cleaner with UV sanitization will be useful.  And even if that’s not the case, prefer UV vacuum cleaners over non-UV because of their more holistic cleaning activity.

    • Suction Power

In conventional large vacuum cleaners, the power of suction is all that matters. However, handheld vacuums for mattresses have a layered and multifaceted cleaning mechanism. Besides UV sanitization, the vibration pads and dual inlet suction also factor in a lot in determining the efficiency of a mattress vacuum cleaner.

For that matter, a mattress vacuum cleaner even with low suction power but other features can work better on mattresses than the regular high suction models. In short, suction is an important characteristic of a mattress vacuum cleaner but not as decisive as it is in regular large vacuum machines.

    • Extensions

Hoses and nozzle attachments at the vacuum inlet ensure a diversified cleaning activity. Handheld vacuum cleaners often don’t come with a set of attachments because they are particularly designed for mattresses and quilts.  However, there are some (we have also reviewed one) where you can get this cleaning versatility.

So, it is simple. If you want to use your vacuum not just on mattresses, then go for a model that comes with a package of hoses and nozzles.

    • Cordless or Wired

It is another important characteristic to factor in while buying a mattress vacuum cleaner. Cordless ones are easier to use but you have to put up with their lower suction power and shorter vacuuming span. Similarly, if you are going for a wired one then it will give you more powerful suction and extended vacuuming cycle but at the cost of convenience, that's a trade-off you will have to take even with the best mattress vacuum cleaners.

So, while choosing between cordless and wired vacuum cleaners, make a trade-off that suits your particular cleaning settings and budget.

Do mattress vacuum cleaners also work on pillows, upholstery, and other soft furnishings?

Yes, most mattress vacuum cleaners can also be used on pillows, upholstery, sofas, and other soft furnishings due to their lightweight and versatile design.

Are cordless vacuum cleaners for mattresses effective?

Yes, cordless vacuum cleaners can effectively clean mattresses. However, be aware of the battery life, suction power, and charging time, as these factors vary among models.

How important is the UV sanitization system in a mattress vacuum cleaner?

UV sanitization system is essential for killing bacteria, viruses, and mites, providing thorough sterilization. Opting for a vacuum with this feature ensures a cleaner and safer sleeping environment.

How often should I use a vacuum cleaner on my mattress?

For optimal cleanliness and hygiene, vacuum your mattress every 1 to 3 months. People with allergies or asthma might need to clean their mattresses more frequently.

Can vacuum cleaners for mattresses handle pet hair?

Yes, many mattress vacuum cleaners can effectively remove pet hair with strong suction power and specialized attachments.

How do I maintain my mattress vacuum cleaner?

Regularly empty and clean the dust bin, replace or clean filters as needed, and check the vacuum for any blockages or debris. For models with UV sanitization systems or other features, consult the user manual for maintenance guidelines.