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Bissell Crosswave 1785A vs. 2306A | Two Greats Upright Vacuums Compared

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In the past, cleaning floors was a tedious process with many steps, you couldn’t just vacuum your rugs and carpets and then, you could lean back and call it a day. You needed all the hauling out with a bucket and mop to really clean every surface and hard floors in your home. Unless you have been living under a rock, things have changed quite a lot, and you’re about to find out how.

Bissell Crosswave 1785A vs. 2306A

The Bissell Crosswave Series| Upright Vacuums Compared

For more than a decade, Bissell has been able to retain its name as the leading cleaning appliance brand in the industry. The biggest reason why no one seems to overtake them in terms of market share is that they offer different varieties of both wet and dry cleaning products that promise to give you a clean floor irrespective of flooring type.

We decided to dig a little deeper and found that two particular products had the highest demand in the market, which is why we started formulated points for a Bissell Crosswave 1785A vs. 2306A matchup. Both of these products are incredibly similar and promise to get rid of all kinds of stuck-on stains or debris from your beloved floors.

BISSELL Crosswave All in One Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop...
  • Vacuums And washes your floors at the same time; surface...
  • Multi Surface Machine Cleans Both Sealed Hard Floors And...
  • Dual Action Multi Surface Brush Roll Uses An Innovative...
  • Two Tank System Keeps Cleaning Solution And Dirty Water...

Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro All in One Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner...
  • Buy Bissell, save pets; Bissell donates up to 10 dollars to...
  • Vacuums and washes your floors at the same time. Power cord...
  • Pet pro 2306A features a multi surface pet brush roll and...
  • Pet pro 2306A includes specialized pet cleaning solution to...

If you’re expecting comprehensive analysis and an upright vacuums compared article, then you’ve stumbled onto the perfect article. With this Bissell Crosswave 1785A vs. 2306A comparison, you’ll be able to determine which one is the best choice for cleaning.

Let’s begin with the obvious.

1. Cleaning Ability

When you’re searching for the best dry-wet vacuum, the most obvious and important component you need to consider is their individual cleaning ability. Experts found both the 2306A and the 1785A to be very effective and safe to use. They delivered perfectly over rugs, carpets, laminated floors, linoleum, and pressed wood among so many more. Both the products easily washed hardwood floors and vacuumed up any loose debris simultaneously. We could actually see their unique brush design and advanced cleaning system work, so this claim was not falsely advertised.

There was, however, a slight difference between the two products even though they both promised the same ‘professional-grade clean’. The 2306A had brushes that rotated at speeds of about 3000 RPM while the 1785A was significantly higher – standing at 3500 RPM.

After having both upright vacuums compared, we were able to conclude that you wouldn’t ever need any separate cleaning tool for both carpeted and hard floors. Both these products are very similar; however, in this Bissell Crosswave 1785A vs. 2306A comparison, the 1785A seems to be the better offering due to its faster-moving brushes.

2. Functionality

Another name given to the Crosswave 2306A is ‘Pet Pro’. This name points to the fact that the Crosswave 2306A has been built to handle all the specific issues that arise because of pet ownership. The 2306A boasts a ‘Multi-Surface Pet Brush Roll,’ which has been manufactured with both nylon and microfiber. This particular feature is an important one because it promises to clean all the surfaces of your home so effectively that it would suck out all the pet hair that was entangled to the bristles of your carpet. The 1785A also has this unique feature; however, it wasn’t very effective in untangling pet hair trapped within carpeted floors.

Another very useful feature we came across was the very creatively designed dual tank system. This tank has two sides – one which stores the clean water mixed with a formula, while the other stores the dirty water. This feature makes sure that you aren’t utilizing dirty water to clean your home, as was the case with the old-fashioned mop and bucket. Both the products had this feature, and both of them seemed to pull off exactly what they were intended for.

Unless you are particularly concerned about getting pet hair and dander out of your carpets, this Bissell Crosswave 1785A vs. 2306A comparison for functionality has ended in a draw.

3. Extra Features

Both the 2306A and the 1785A have an incredible feature, which is particularly helpful over multiple surfaces. These products have a handle with a button that works as an on-demand trigger whenever you are about to switch to another flooring type. It’s perfectly normal for different members of the family preferring different types of flooring for their own rooms, but believe us – switching cleaning methods on a vacuum has never been this easy. For example, if you were to press the ‘Hard Floor’ button, then both these vacuums will dispense the cleaning solution and water mix to make sure you get a truly optimal clean floor.

Since this is an ‘upright vacuums compared’ kind of an article, we need to talk about a clear winner, right? So let’s talk about the other extras of the previously mentioned ‘Pet Pro’ feature in the 2306A. With this product, you will also get a pet hair strainer, which is very convenient for those pesky pet hair that are very difficult to pull out. Shedding will never be an issue if you have this product at home!

The 2306A also comes with a special feature known as the ‘Febreze Freshness Spring & Renewal’ formula. This formula takes a step further and makes sure that your living room doesn’t have any lingering pet odors.

So which of these products are you potentially more likely to be thankful for? The 2306A, of course!

User – Friendly Designs

It is very clear that both of these products have pioneering designs that have been made with the consumer in mind. Both products are so well thought of that they consist of integrated carrying handles while the handles themselves have smart-touch controls. While these products are very user-friendly, they live up to their reputation in terms of maintenance needs. Both products have an Easy-Clean Storage Tray with a removable brush roll and brush window. All you need to do is give your choice of product these straightforward brushes, and you’re done.

There is no doubt about the fact that the portability and unique designs of these dry-wet vacuums are extremely similar. Both have convenient handles, smart controls, dual tank designs, and an overall user-friendly system.

Bissell Crosswave 1785A vs. 2306A Verdict

We believe you’ve already picked the winner for yourself, but an official verdict is still due. Either way, Bissell has proven that it has the most capable cleaning products in the market, and both of them will ensure that you have the cleanest possible floors beneath your feet.

After we had both these upright vacuums compared, we were thinking what you are thinking now. The Crosswave 2306A was the clear winner. While this product has been specifically designed to cater to households that have pets, this very bonus feature helped it secure first place. The Multi-Surface Pet Formula with Febreze and the Pet Hair Strainer sealed the win for this product, and here we are announcing the best dry-wet vacuum cleaner known to man.

If, however, you have set a budget for yourself and do not own pets, then you’ll find that the 1785A can get the job done at a lower price. The features for pets shouldn’t really make any difference for you.

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