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30 Different Types of Buckets for Your Home

Furnishing your house with functional pieces that also look great aesthetically can be a chore. 

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The bucket is an often overlooked and underestimated addition when it comes to providing both functionality and tying a room together. But how would you go about picking what product works for you when there are so many different options and varieties. 

Buckets have come a long way from being a simple pail for mopping. They now offer a lot more in terms of build, material, function, and extra features. 

To help you along, here  is our complete guide to help you decide on the perfect bucket. Whatever the room may be, from a living room to a home office space, there is a bucket for any space that adds a flair of functionality and tasteful design. 

With that being said, let's get right into it.

30 Types Of Buckets For Your Home

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  • Materials

Depending on the material the bucket is made out of, the functionality can change. Certain materials have an advantage and work better in doing specific jobs over others.

  1. Plastic

Plastic buckets are easily the most common type of buckets in any household. Being made of plastic, they are multi-purpose and durable options, able to store a variety of materials. 

Coming in any color imaginable, this is the safe choice for a garden, bathroom, or any job you may need it for. Additionally, it is easy to match any room’s color scheme with its plethora of color options available.

On the other hand, plastic does not have as much of an aesthetic charm that other materials, such as wood or metal lend to a room. However, it is incredibly durable and will surely stand the test of time.

  1. Metals

These buckets have one of the highest durability possible. This is, of course, considering it is maintained. Being made of metal, it is prone to rusting after some time; however, drying it off after using or storing it away in a secure location can prevent rust from forming. 

Additionally, using them indoors is always a safe option. For example, using metal buckets as plant pots is a creative way to add a rustic vibe to any room. There are also certain metal materials that are less prone to rusting and decay, lengthening the lifespan.

These metal buckets have the ability to withstand odors without absorbing them, opening up the possibilities to more innovative functions. 

  1. Wood

One of the more traditional yet uncommon materials being used nowadays is wood. It is more commonly seen to be aesthetic than functional lately. As newer materials have been used to make buckets with better durability and functionality, wooden buckets have taken a back seat. 

Susceptible to breaking down due to rot and mold, it is a better idea to look for a different option if functionality is what you are looking for. However, using wooden buckets indoors is an entirely different story. Shielded from the elements and protected from this breakdown, they are a great option that match every aesthetic. 

  1. Glass

Another of the more uncommon materials to make a bucket out of is glass. As a niche material, it works well in what it is designed for, usually filled with ice for drinks. The ice does melt, so making sure the bucket is insulated is essential. 

These buckets are a beautiful but fragile item if you want to have a functional and tasteful way to display or store temperature-sensitive materials. That said, the pros of aesthetic design and functionality weighed against the fragility should be considered before picking up a glass bucket. 

  • Size

Having multiple sizes of buckets can change what they are used for. Furthermore, the size of a bucket brings different aesthetic qualities from a decorative perspective.

  1. Extra Small

Having extra small buckets is almost always used for purely aesthetic purposes as it is too small to lend any functionality for a task. A great idea for party favors or as a plant pot, these palm-sized buckets are loved by many for their adorable appearance and charm.

  1. Small 

Small buckets are an excellent choice for similarly sized small jobs. Whether it is displaying food at a party in servings, mixing different colored paints, or using simple plant pots, small buckets can be a niche yet a perfect sized tool for specific jobs. 

  1. Medium

Coming in at around ten quarts, these medium-sized buckets are usually used around the house for keeping drinks cool at a party or holding water while washing your car. The applications that these buckets can be used for are endless. The sizing makes it ideal for many household tasks, from storing items to transporting things; medium-sized buckets are the perfect middle ground choice. 

  1. Large

Should you require more space for larger jobs, the large bucket is an excellent purchase for any task, with ample space to get the job done. Usually measuring 15 quarts, these buckets are perfect for mopping or storing items away cleanly while still being easily accessible. 

  1. Extra Large

If you have any jobs involving larger volumes and the 15-quart bucket is insufficient, extra-large buckets are available. Usually a more niche purchase due to their size, it is perfect for storage and typically includes a lid to preserve the contents. Be it storage or holding materials, these 20-quart buckets can be a practical option for more oversized items and jobs you may have. 

  • Unique Features

Buckets come in many different sizes, as we have seen, but the various available features are where the variety truly shines. This variety in design lends a hand mainly to the bucket’s functionality and purpose in performing specific tasks. 

  1. Included Lid

An included lid allows an entirely new world of possibilities for a bucket’s purposes. It protects the contents from outside contamination. This makes buckets with lids the go-to choice for long-term storage or for materials that need to be protected and maintained separately. 

Additionally, having a lid gives you the option to store multiple buckets on top of each other, which is a great space saver. The easy snapping on of a cover is perfect for quick and easy storage for any household. 

One other type of bucket with a lid is tamper-proof lids. These buckets are securely sealed for transporting food or other materials that you may not want to be opened until they reach the recipient.  The lid will show if it has been opened to ensure no tampering happens en route. 

Be it tamper-proof or not, having a lid is a must if keeping the contents of a bucket safe is a priority for you.

  1. Food Safe

If you want to display food in a fun and unique way, food-safe buckets are a good idea. Be it for a potluck or buffet-style party, they can be replenished easily and lend a special touch on par with bars and restaurants. 

Being approved by the FDA is what sets this bucket apart from other regular buckets. The materials it is made of are certified to be food safe. As such, the food cannot be contaminated, and at the same time, the bucket will not be affected by the food over time. 

  1. Dual Spout

Purely designed with convenience in mind, the dual spout build allows for a more effortless pouring experience. Having two spouts on the bucket removes the constant mental reminder to align the bucket to have a clean pour. 

Of course, having a single spout bucket is still an option. But, if having a clean pour from one container to another with little thought involved is what you want, the dual spout is perfect for you.

  1. Translucent

Initially, having a translucent bucket may not be the first choice for specific tasks. Due to its see-through nature, what sets this bucket apart is being able to keep tabs on how much material is left inside. For jobs requiring measurement or simply keeping tabs on how full a bucket is, an opaque bucket is a great pickup. 

  1. Partitioned

Truly a unique design, having a partition in the middle of a bucket gives you superb usability to transport two different materials at the same time. In the context of a household, it is easy to imagine using this for mopping; one side is used for clean water and the other for soapy water.

Another use could be for displaying or storing items and plants in an appealing arrangement. Easy to see and access, with its open-top design, a bucket with partitions in it is excellent for efficient storage. 

Whatever the job or purpose, the partitioned bucket gives the functionality of two buckets in one. Saving both energy and money, picking one of these buckets up is an excellent idea for any home.

  1. Reinforced

While using any bucket, it is a common occurrence for the top of the bucket to become misshapen due to the heavier loads and uses. It is easy for standard buckets to warp or even break over time when used with a handle. Reinforced buckets handle this issue by incorporating rings to reinforce the shape around the lip of the bucket. 

This simple addition is enough to keep the bucket’s shape no matter how heavy the load or how many uses you put your bucket through. A reinforced bucket is ideal for more practical use over time or for jobs that deal with heavy materials.

  1. Nesting

Nesting buckets are simple buckets save for the tapered design that allows them to be stored within each other. It is similar to a Russian nesting doll, hence the name nesting bucket. 

Buying multiple units of this type of bucket is a good investment; they provide functionality when you need it but store away when not in use. This design can be helpful for those who may need multiple buckets for a specific task, such as a party or cleanup. When the job is done, they can be stacked into each other and stored away cleanly. 

  1. Included Wringer

One of the most useful buckets for the house setting, a bucket with a wringer built-in, is a hands-down value purchase. It can be a hassle to keep the mop from dripping soapy water onto the floor when mopping. This bucket wringer is the extra feature that will leave this inconvenience in the past. 

There are multiple designs when it comes to buckets with a wringer. One more industrial version has two buckets on top of each other with the wringer on top of the larger water bucket to collect and hold the soapy water. Both of these buckets are on wheels in order to move them around easier. 

Another design catered to the more minor household needs is a simple bucket and wringer on top to push the excess water back into the bucket. Removing the excess water and putting it back into the bucket, the wringer is efficient and saves time when mopping. 

  1. Personalized

A bucket with a simple touch of customization that sets it apart from any plain bucket has no other function than cosmetics. However, this addition adds just that much more sentimental value with that personal touch. 

Any room’s décor will benefit significantly from a simple bucket with a personal flair added to it. Customizing a bucket will make it unique for a specific purpose, such as storing different items. It can also set apart different buckets for people, like having a bucket for different children’s toys. 

  1. Included Tongs

Similar to glass buckets, these buckets are usually used for storing ice. The included tongs allow you to take the ice out easily. Where this bucket differs from the glass type is the material that the bucket is made out of. They can come in a variety of finishes and designs, not just glass. 

Purchasing one of these buckets is meant for those who want a cohesive design between their bar and ice bucket with matching tongs. Of course, you could buy tongs separately but getting the ice bucket and tongs as a set will ensure the aesthetic build is maintained throughout. These small touches will be sure to add to the overall décor of any home bar.

  1. Collapsible

For those who are limited in space for storage, the collapsible bucket is a fantastic innovation in the design of buckets. With the ability to fold fully flat, they take up little to no room. Of course, with the innovative design, it is limited in the materials that it is available in. 

Mainly composed of plastic, the durability is not as confidence-inspiring as a traditional bucket. It is susceptible to spilling the contents as the plastic walls of the buckets have no rigid structure and support. 

As a result, it is not advisable to put any materials you don’t want being spilled in these. However, it is a unique option for many general household tasks when it comes to bucket design.

  1. Cushioned Lids

One of the more practical features that a bucket could have is a cushioned lid. Not only does this allow a dual feature to the bucket, but it adds an extra furniture element to a room. Having an extra seating option available is great for entertaining guests. 

As the bucket is doubling as a seat, it is imperative that the comfort is not compromised simply to increase functionality. On the one hand, a quality cushion will give you more function out of your bucket by adding another seating option. On the other hand, the more permanent set up as a seating arrangement limits the purpose it serves as a bucket. It is thus used as a bucket solely for storage rather than transporting materials.

  • Uses

A bucket can serve many purposes with its functionality. However, there are still specific purposes that some perform better in a household simply due to their material. What’s more, some buckets are specifically designed with a particular job in mind. Both design and material are what dictate their use for a specific purpose.

  1. Mopping

One of the staple items of every house is a mop bucket for any cleanup situation. Similar to those used in industrial cleaning services by janitors and custodians, these buckets are designed specifically for mopping. 

Some of them come with special features added onto a standard bucket, such as a wringer, which easily removes water from the mop. Another notable feature is a spout to pour out dirty and soapy water easily.

These buckets are also adequately sized to carry around large volumes of soapy water. As they are meant to hold dirty materials and strong cleaning products alike, they are usually made of plastics. 

  1. Storage

Buckets in a household are a common storage choice. Due to their easy stackability, variety of sizes, and ease of access, it is easy to see why they are ideal. In fact, these buckets can come in a plethora of materials that change what you can store in them. 

More giant metallic units are ideal for more heavy-duty materials and items. For example, they are a perfect choice for garden sheds to store tools and gardening soil. On top of that, making it easier to store and transport them are handles for easier lifting. And having a lid on the bucket can allow you to stack these storage containers on top of each other.

Alternatively, plastic options or even wooden buckets are available for more delicate storage to lend an aesthetic addition to any space. Different color finishes allow them to fit in with the décor or style of any space, be it indoors or outdoors. Sizing also varies to fit in with any constraints you may have when it comes to space. 

  1. Sand Bucket

For those who have children in their homes or simply love the beach - a sand bucket is a great idea. It is simple to use for children, thanks to its plastic and light build. Of course, any bucket could technically be used at a beach as a “sand bucket,” but the lightweight nature and bright colors are what make this particular type shine. 

A day at the beach will be made much more pleasurable with a sand bucket to build a sandcastle, fill water in a moat, or collect seashells. Bright colors help them to stand out and be found easily after playing in the sand. 

  1. Car-Wash Bucket

Not to be confused with the prior mopping bucket, a car-washing bucket serves a similar purpose of cleaning. Of course, these buckets are identical in purpose; they can be differentiated in the build and features of a car-washing option that makes it easier to clean a car.

One such difference between this variant and the mopping bucket is the size. Car washing buckets are generally smaller in size for easier maneuverability around a car. You wouldn’t want to scratch your car while cleaning it after all.

An ergonomic handle is a must to help with carrying the bucket around with one hand easily. Another feature of car washing buckets is a grit guard to prevent scratches. All these features and the design of a car-washing bucket together make it ideal for washing vehicles over other types.

  1. Ice Bucket

Usually made of metal or glass, these buckets are insulated to hold ice without it melting. The ice bucket is an ideal option for parties or home bars, providing easy access to ice without having to repeatedly go to a freezer. 

They also come with special features to help store ice more efficiently so that it doesn’t melt within minutes. Of course, handles on the sides or top that fold away will help transport the ice around easily. Furthermore, a few variants come with a lid to lock in the cold air and increase the insulation, making the ice last longer. 

  1. Ash Bucket

A simple bucket with a simple task, an ash bucket is simply for convenience’s sake. For homes with a fireplace, it will remove the need to carry the ash outside for disposal repeatedly.

Positioned next to a fireplace, you can store ash and coals over time and dispose of the entire bucket when it fills up. An attached lid is a cherry on top to ensure the ash won’t spill or be spread in the air. You wouldn’t want to risk all the ash staining your furniture or floors. 

  1. Gardening

Gardening can be a demanding physical task or hobby. To help cut down on the strain, as well as increase your efficiency, gardening buckets would be a good investment. Due to its build and special features, you will be able to tend to your garden with ease. 

One unique feature of the gardening bucket is an attached adjustable strap. By wrapping the strap around your waist, it will let you carry around the bucket. As the bucket is attached, you won’t have to pause to bring your bucket around constantly.  It also frees up both hands for work instead of constantly going to and from your bucket.

Saving time and energy, as well as potential body aches, a gardening bucket has multiple advantages for home gardeners. 

Additionally, buckets can be used to store your plants. There is little to differentiate a bucket from a traditional flower or plant pot. This allows for a beautiful way to bring nature into your home. Hanging buckets holding your favorite flowers and plants will brighten any room. 

  1. Industrial Pail

In the event that you are doing some DIY work around the house or are working with industrial materials like paint or cement, industrial pails are the standard choice. Typically made of plastic or metal, these buckets allow for the safe storage and transport of the materials being used. 

A typical industrial pail is the paint bucket. Two-gallon buckets are perfectly sized to hold paint safely with a lid to store it when not in use. Small DIY paint jobs are handled with ease with these pails at your disposal.  

For larger projects, there are five-gallon-sized pails to accommodate heavy-duty materials. Be it for cement or mixing mortar, the volume of this larger bucket has ample space to help you along with any project you have. 

  1. Party Favors

Using small buckets as party favors is an excellent use for their size. Due to their easy-to-carry, palm-sized nature, using them as individual party favors is a no-brainer. Many are made of plastic due to their durability and availability in different colors and styles to match any party theme. 

Continuing from the party favor theme, they can also be used to display decorations and snacks. While these sized buckets may not have many practical uses in practical tasks, they make up for it in the potential of decorating parties and special occasions. 

Selecting A Bucket

To determine which bucket is right for you, it all comes down to the material and design. Some materials do have advantages over others in functionality. Similarly, sizing and additional features attached to the actual bucket help them perform specific jobs better. 

Plastic and metallic buckets are multi-purpose and more durable than the glass and wooden variants. Depending on the job or task you have, a specific design can change how efficiently you can get the job done. Matching the right build to a suitable material is how you should go about selecting the right bucket for your needs.

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Final Words

When having all these different materials, designs, and uses available, you can see how choosing the perfect bucket for a task can make a vast difference in your experience. It is simply a matter of combining the suitable material with the right build. 

Be it for decorating or manual work, the perfect bucket for you is somewhere out there - built just for your specific needs. All you need to do is make the right pick!