Author: Anna Vaughn

Homemade sausages in a traditional smoker smoked sausage in Smokers
smoking meat in the smokehouse
Hot smoked fresh fish.Smoked mackerel on wooden background
Fried steaming meat with red wine on a wooden table. Black background. Luxury style.
hot coal at barbecue stove for gill
Young handsome men roasting barbecue on grill in cottage countryside. Copy space.
Three type of LED lamp on black background
Man work fogging to eliminate mosquito for preventing spread dengue fever and zika virus
An old vintage car parked in a small garage next to a sign on a fence that reads "NO FIREWORKS"
Electric heater vector cartoon set icon. Vector illustration boiler on white background. Isolated cartoon set icons electric heater .
Flat climatic appliances set. Conditioners, heaters & other. Vector illustration. Collection
Smoke detector in white plastic case built into wooden ceiling made of glossy panel boards
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