Author: Anna Vaughn

glue-gun on the black background
Man wearing red safety gloves removing wall tails in the kitchen
Resort Private pool has weekly check maintenance test, Salt Meter Level, to make sure water is clean and can swim
Handyman cutting plywood on hand held worm drive circular saw
woodcutter man in the forest - the woodcutter serie
Electric power construction worker tools flat pictograms set in black and yellow abstract isolated vector illustration
contractor uses a circular saw to cut trim molding Miter Saw on a construction site with a worker in background
Installation of mouldings on the wall of the fragment of molding, top view of carpenter brad using nail gun
work to mow the grass trimmer. process of mowing tall grass with a trimmer. selective focus on uncut Tawa and scatter particles of cut grass. evening lights make their way through the fog. copy space
Gauge Finish Nailer man nailed slats custom house building contractor up a wall section for luxury custom house
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