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7 Best Christmas Tree Toppers Of 2023 Reviewed

The Kurt S. Adler Christmas tree topper is a five-point star tree topper made of acrylic material with intricate designs and decorated with glitter. Similarly, the FUNPENY tree topper is a lightweight option with ten incandescent lights, UL certification, and spare components. 

Best Christmas Tree Toppers

No Christmas tree is complete without the perfect topper, as the right topper can make your Christmas tree the focal point of your Christmas decorations. Moreover, tree toppers can supplement other decorative pieces very effectively when utilized properly. 

But since finding the most suitable tree topper isn't easy, I've decided to put together this guide on the subject to help you select the right one. 

Best Christmas Tree Toppers

1. Kurt S. Adler Star Treetop - Best Traditional Tree Topper

This eight-inch five-point treetop is often regarded as the best Christmas tree topper because it is made of acrylic material and features a traditional design. It goes with all types of décor and can easily be attached to any Christmas tree, including birch and elm.

Apart from the five-point design, the tree topper has a gold color and is decorated with glitter. This adds to its charm and makes it the perfect addition to your tree decorations. Also, the glitter does not come off easily and can last for a considerable period.

Similarly, this star-topper is quite sturdy and won't get damaged easily, so you can get multiple uses out of it. It also features highly detailed cut-out designs and has a gold-glittered coil for its base. 

The openings in the designs are large enough to support tiny Christmas lights, which is another advantage of using the Kurt Adler topper. And the spiral base of the topper keeps it raised above the tree to create a 3D effect. 

I also liked the size of the topper since it makes it easy to handle and install it.

Color: Gold | Material: Acrylic | Style: Classic | Size: 8 inches

2. FUNPENY Christmas Tree Topper - Best Pre-Lit Christmas Tree Topper

Another impressive option is the Christmas tree topper from FUNPENY, which has tiny lights that instantly grab your attention. It is constructed using metal wire and plastic and contains ten white incandescent lights that light up the topper from within.

The topper features vine and heart patterns that look great in any room space. On the exterior of the topper, silver glitter has been applied, enhancing its appearance. Plus, despite its sturdy construction, the FUNPENY Christmas tree topper is a lightweight option.  

It is perfect for use in all locations, including bars, restaurants, offices, hotels, and more. And its unique design with a silver glitter finish makes it ideal for holiday decorations. 

What I liked most about this Christmas tree topper is that you get everything required for installing the topper inside the package. This includes some spare incandescent lights, an extra fuse, and a 27.5-inch lead wire. 

Speaking of lights, these have a UL-certified plug, which means they have been tested to meet safety standards. Installation is also easy as you just need to plug in the lights and turn them on, while this 11-inch topper is perfect for different tree sizes. 

Color: Silver | Material: Metal | Style: Modern | Size: 11 inches

3. Aneco Christmas Tree Topper - Best Option For Artificial Christmas Trees

I bring you the Aneco Christmas tree topper, another traditional option for different types of Christmas décor. This topper is in the shape of a five-pointed star, a classic design you can't go wrong with.

The standout feature of this star Christmas tree topper is that it is made of hard, shatterproof plastic that helps it last longer. Thus, you can use it multiple times over the years without spending on replacements. 

Also, the Aneco Christmas tree topper is a lightweight option, and unlike heavier tree toppers, it can be easily attached to your tree without falling off. But it is also available in multiple sizes, ranging from mini to giant options, so finding the most suitable one is relatively easy.

For easy installation, the star-shaped tree topper has a hole in its base from where it can be attached to your Christmas tree. Plus, there are four different colors to choose from, including gold, purple, red, and rose gold. 

Each variant has glitter applied on top, which makes the topper sparkle and helps it blend well with other decorative items, like tinsel. Most importantly, the Aneco star Christmas tree topper is among the most affordable options currently available. 

Color: Gold | Material: Plastic | Style: Classic | Size: 6 inches

4. Ornativity Star Tree Topper - Best Option With Classic Design

If you're looking for Christmas decorations, Ornativity has an amazing selection of items, such as this star Christmas tree topper which is another extremely lightweight option. It has a secure holder that makes attaching it to your tree easy and hassle-free.

This Christmas tree topper is made of plastic and is 8 inches in size, which is ideal for most users. It can be used on trees of different sizes and will provide the same results as more costly options at a much lower price. 

As for its appearance, the topper has a red finish with glitter applied on top which is perfect for all types of holiday décor. One thing that stands out in the case of this topper is that the glitter does not fall off and spread everywhere, unlike other options. This helps avoid messy situations and adds to the overall user experience.

You can also use this Christmas ornament with other décor pieces on the tree. The classic design looks fantastic, and the sturdy construction allows you to get multiple uses out of it. It goes with almost all types of decorations and is an affordable option for those looking for a basic, no-frills tree topper.  

Color: Red | Material: Plastic | Style: Traditional | Size: 8 inches

5. DG-Direct Christmas Tree Topper - Best Topper With Rotating Lights

Available in a universal size that fits all sizes of Christmas trees, the 3D hollow sparkling Christmas tree topper from DG-Direct is another outstanding option. Made of polyvinyl chloride, this tree topper is one of the most durable Christmas ornaments I've come across. And the PVC used for its construction is of the highest quality. 

It also comes with a 9.2 ft plug wire that allows you to connect it to a power outlet easily. In addition, there is a built-in magic ball LED projector that projects rotation patterns in the room. The direction and the distance of the projection can be easily adjusted. And you can get a larger projection by increasing the distance and even use it as a disco light.

This projector lamp is placed inside the star-shaped topper, which is covered with flashing powder to create different effects. Similarly, the exterior of the topper is covered with glitter that adds to its appearance and provides it with an eye-catching appearance.

Besides that, the DG-Direct Christmas tree topper comes in a beautiful box and is perfect for gifting. And since it even works well in sunlight, the topper can even be used in hotels, concerts, shopping centers, and other places. 

Color: Gold | Material: Polyvinyl chloride | Style: Modern | Size: 9 inches

6. Philips Christmas Tree Topper - Best Option With Energy-Efficient Lights

Best known for its range of lighting fixtures and electronic devices, the Philips brand also manufactures fantastic Christmas decorations like this tree topper. This is made of ten highly energy-efficient LED light bulbs that are great for the Christmas and holiday season and help you enjoy greater energy savings. 

These lights have three color effects, including a steady warm white, steady on multi, and alternating, which can be easily controlled using the provided control box. There is also a 24-inch long cord for easily connecting the UL-certified lights to the power outlet. 

The LED bulbs help create a warm and cozy environment suitable for the Yule season. For installation, this Christmas tree topper has a coil attachment at its base, making it very easy to attach.

There is also a metallic gold string that helps add to the beauty of the bicolored lights of the topper. As for the size, the Philips Christmas tree topper measures 11.5 inches from top to bottom, making it a good choice for trees that reach close to the ceiling.

However, the best thing about this topper is that it comes with a replaceable fuse that prevents it from getting overloaded and ensures maximum safety. 

Color: Gold | Material: Iron | Style: Modern | Size: 11.5 inches

7. Brightown Christmas Tree Topper - Most Sustainable Option

The Brightown tree topper is among the unique Christmas tree toppers currently available, with its ten replaceable light bulbs and rattan framework. Thanks to this construction, this topper makes for a charming décor piece while adding to the vibrance of any room, thanks to its inbuilt lights. 

These lights help create various patterns and designs on the walls in the room and can supplement other Christmas tree lights. The high-quality workmanship and premium design make the topper well-suited for all types of locations, and it can be used in living rooms, porches, patios, gardens, parks, etc.  

Additionally, you can use this Christmas tree topper on occasions besides Christmas, such as Halloween, birthdays, Thanksgiving, and New Year. 

The rattan topper also comes with spare parts for easy installation. You get two spare fuses and four bulbs, and even an illustrated user manual that makes it easy to replace damaged or malfunctioning bulbs. 

There is also a UL-certified plug with a built-in fuse that helps ensure complete protection while using the rattan tree topper. And while the construction is quite sturdy, the topper is not very heavy, unlike toppers made from synthetic materials.

Lastly, its natural fiber construction makes it a great pick for those looking for a sustainable option. 

Color: Rattan star | Material: Rattan | Style: Classic | Size: 9 inches

Comparison Of The Top Christmas Tree Toppers

Top Christmas Tree ToppersColorMaterialStyleSize
Kurt S. Adler Star TreetopGoldAcrylicClassic8 inches
FUNPENY Christmas Tree TopperSilverMetalModern11 inches
Aneco Christmas Tree TopperGoldPlasticClassic6 inches
Ornativity Star Tree TopperRedPlasticTraditional8 inches
DG-Direct Christmas Tree TopperGoldPolyvinyl ChlorideModern9 inches
Philips Christmas Tree TopperGoldIronModern11.5 inches
Brightown Christmas Tree TopperRattan starRattanClassic9 inches

Buying Guide

When searching for the best Christmas tree toppers, knowing about the top options isn't enough. You also need to pay attention to certain factors, such as personal requirements, the topper dimension, shape, weight, type of tree, etc. In this buyer's guide, I've mentioned some of the most important factors worth considering.

1. Type

Several types of Christmas tree toppers are available on the market, with stars, figurines, and bouquets being the most common. Star-shaped ones may have beads, sequins, or glitter or be lit with electrical lights.

Then, there are tree toppers in the shape of figurines. These may be available as an angel, a snowflake, a gnome, a snowman, or any other Christmas symbol. You can even find a Santa Claus tree topper, Santa hat tree topper, snowflake topper, reindeer topper, etc.

A bouquet tree topper is usually made of artificial berries, flowers, and leaves and may have a bow or ribbon. This type of topper may also be available in pre-lit options.

2. Weight

Christmas tree toppers can be constructed using PVC, resin, natural fibers, textile, wood, plastic, or metals like steel and iron. Depending on their construction, they may be lightweight or slightly heavy. And their weight often determines the type of tree and decorative style they are compatible with as well as how easy they are to install.

Installing lightweight Christmas tree toppers is considerably easier than heavier ones, especially if you have a real tree instead of an artificial one. Another factor that can affect the weight of a topper is whether it has lights or not. Pre-lit toppers tend to be heavier than regular ones.

3. Ease Of Installation And Use

The ease of installation and use of a Christmas tree topper is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing an option. Brands that make an extra effort to make the installation process simple and user-friendly offer spare components and instruction manuals. They also mention ways by which you can contact them in case you need assistance.

4. Safety Certifications

If you're planning to get a Christmas tree topper with electric lights, it is important to check whether the topper has any safety certifications. Reputed brands generally offer pre-lit Christmas tree toppers with UL certifications that have been tested to ensure they are safe to use.

5. Budget

How much you are willing to spend on a Christmas tree topper is another thing you need to think about. The reason is that tree toppers are available at several different price points, ranging from extremely cheap to very costly.

But going with a costly option does not mean you are sure to get a better-quality tree topper. The best way to decide is to check customer reviews and ratings before deciding on an option within your budget.

How long do Christmas tree toppers last?

How long will your Christmas tree topper last depends on its quality and storage. Good-quality tree toppers can last multiple years, especially if stored properly after use. On the other hand, inferior-quality ones may not offer more than a single year of use. 

Is a classic topper better than a modern one?

A retro style or vintage topper generally uses a classic star design and may not include electric lights. However, it is easier to install, is much safer than electric ones, and tends to be lightweight and more affordable. Also, it works well with almost all types of trees and decor styles and is great if you experience nostalgia for the Christmases gone by.

Can you use a Christmas tree topper for other occasions? 

Many people use their Christmas decorations, including tree toppers, on other occasions, such as birthdays and New Year. Tree toppers with a classic design are especially well-suited for this purpose, though modern ones with electric lights and other features can also be used. 

How to store your Christmas tree topper so it lasts longer?

Your Christmas tree topper can easily get damaged by moisture, so it is important to store it in a dry place. You can also use desiccants in the container of the tree topper to ensure it is moisture-free. Additionally, keep the topper away from direct sunlight. 

What are some tips for installing a Christmas tree topper?

Always consider the weight of the tree-topper when attaching it to the tree, and do not attach very heavy toppers at the top. Additionally, make sure that fragile toppers, such as those made from glass, are out of reach of children. For pre-lit tree toppers, check that the wires are not damaged or loose and no bulb is not burnt out. 


These were some of the best Christmas tree toppers currently available offline on stores like Pottery Barn and online stores like Amazon (company) and Etsy. While both pre-lit or electric options and traditional ones are good, it is important to consider your requirements when selecting between them. 

If you're finding it challenging to pick a Christmas tree topper, I recommend going with the Kurt S. Adler traditional Christmas tree topper. Its traditional five-point star design and acrylic build look great everywhere. Another option worth trying out is the FUNPENY Christmas tree topper with ten incandescent lights and UL certification if you're looking for a pre-lit option.