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15 Best Christmas Tree Lights for Joyful Holidays

The Prextex Multi-color lights stand out as the best incandescent option with their warm hues. Another good option is the Minetom incandescent lights due to their warm white glow. For an LED option, the Sanjicha lights are the best option due to their smart features. 

Best Christmas Tree Lights

It’s the most magical time of the year. And surely you would want to get some magical lights to add to the Christmas cheer. But are you tired of the Christmas lights research? 

If you are confused about which Christmas electric light to wrap your Christmas tree with, say goodbye to the confusion. Here is a list of the 15 best Christmas lights in 2023. 

Top 15 Christmas Tree Lights

1. Prextex Multi-Color Christmas Lights - Best Incandescent Bulbs

What can be better than a lush Christmas tree wrapped in strings of multi-color Christmas lights? And the Prextex Multi-Color Christmas lights promise to do just that. The string is 20 feet of 100 incandescent bulbs. Having a green wire, the Christmas lights will blend in seamlessly with the greenery and lushness of your Christmas tree. 

The warm and incandescent hues of the string lights make them an excellent option for a warm and cozy Christmas. Additionally, these Christmas string lights are waterproof, so you can use them as both indoor and outdoor lights. 

Moreover, you also get two extra bulbs and two replacement fuses along with the string lights, which makes any necessary repairs very quick and easy. You can be assured that these string lights will emit their warm glow for a very long time. 

However, keep in mind that incandescent lights do not last as long as LED lights and consume more energy simultaneously. But if you are willing to look past that, these traditional incandescent lights will not disappoint you. 

Bulb Type: Incandescent | Bulb Count: 100 | Wire Length: 20 ft.

2. Minetom Clear Christmas String Lights - Best Warm-Hued Lights

Coming with another option for incandescent light bulbs, the Minetom Christmas string lights consist of a string of 100 transparent mini-lights. The mini-lights are of a warm white color and come with eye protection. Even the wire is green in color so that the lights will blend in seamlessly with the shrubbery of your Christmas tree. 

Each of the lights is illuminated individually and does not affect the illumination of the other. This means that turning off one light will not affect the others. The lights are also reasonably durable and are meant to last for 2,500 hours. Even more, the lights are waterproof so you can use them as indoor as well as outdoor lights. 

Additionally, you get 1 extra fuse and 2 spare bulbs to enable easy repairs and fixes. The two-prong connector plug on one side and the openly connected plug on the other side allow for 5 additional strands to be connected. 

However, just like the previous option, these incandescent lights are not as energy efficient as LED Christmas lights. 

Bulb Type: Incandescent | Bulb Count: 100 | Wire Length: 26.5 ft.

3. Holiday Joy Clear Christmas Lights - Best Outdoor Christmas Lights

The Holiday Joy Christmas lights are also traditional incandescent lights. There are 300 mini-lights on the green-colored wire! These lights also feature individual illumination, meaning even if one light is turned off or stops working, the other lights are not affected. 

Being waterproof, these Christmas lights can be put on for both indoor and outdoor use. Additionally, the package also included extra bulbs and fuses to ensure quick and easy repairs. 

Being incandescent lights, however, you can’t expect them to last a long time. We did notice that they are not very durable. Also, they consume more energy than LED lights. 

Bulb Type: Incandescent | Bulb Count: 300 | Wire Length: 31 ft.

4. Sanjicha LED Christmas Lights - Best Value For Money

Coming to the first LED option on this list, the Sanjicha LED string lights are super-bright warm, and white lights. These LED bulbs have 8 different modes to fit different moods and occasions: Sequential, Combination, Chasing/Flash,  In Waves, Slow glow, Slow fade, Twinkle/Flash, and Steady on. 

Additionally, this is a combo of 2 string lights, each having 100 LED bulbs and measuring 33 feet. So, all in all, this is a pretty good deal. The package also included 2 plug adaptors to make the lighting process easy. 

Compared to other Christmas lights, these white LED Christmas lights consume less energy and are more durable. 

However, the string lights don’t keep Steady mode as the default option or the first option. So, as soon as you switch it on, you are met with flashing lights and have to click the button seven times to read the steady mode. That can be pretty tedious. 

Bulb Type: LED | Bulb Count: 200 (100 each) | Wire Length: 66 ft. (33 ft.)

5. Hopolon Clear Incandescent Christmas Lights - Best For Outdoor Use

The Hopolon clear Christmas lights are another string of incandescent bulbs of warm white color. The green wires are pretty thick and have a strong insulated copper core. This pack also has 2 sets of string lights, with each having 50 bulbs. 

Additionally, the pack comes with 4 spare fuses and 4 spare bulbs to enable easy and quick repairs. The lights also support individual illumination, meaning even if one bulb stops working, the other bulbs are not affected and continue to gleam. Even more, the wires and bulbs are all waterproof, making the lights safe for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Moreover, these Christmas lights can be connected end-to-end and can be extended to a longer connection. Each string is made with a male and a female plug, so you can connect up to 10 strands end-to-end to reach an expansive length of 130 feet. 

Thus, these old-fashioned warm incandescent lights are a good option as Christmas lights. As you might have expected, being incandescent bulbs, they don’t last as long as LED lights and consume more energy. 

Bulb Type: Incandescent | Bulb Count: 100 (50 each) | Wire Length: 26 ft. (13 ft. each)

6. Hishiny Clear Incandescent Christmas Lights - Best Price

Another incandescent option, the Hishiny clear Christmas lights, have 100 lights on a 21 feet long string. Having been tested against United States standards and being waterproof, these lights are good for both indoor and outdoor use. 

The wire is white in color and not green like the other lights on this list. This means the wire will show up against the green background of your Christmas tree. But you can use it seamlessly against white walls and backgrounds. 

The warm incandescent glow of these lights looks exactly like fairy lights and will give your Christmas tree the best festive cheer. Additionally, the pack also comes with 2 flasher bulbs and 2 extra bulbs to help out with the maintenance of the light strands. 

However, the bulbs do not support individual illumination, meaning if one bulb stops working, the others are also affected. Moreover, being incandescent bulbs, these lights are not very long-lasting. 

Bulb Type: Incandescent | Bulb Count: 100 | Wire Length: 21 ft.

7. Albelt LED Warm White Christmas Lights - Best Lighting Modes Technology

The Albelt LED Christmas lights consist of 200 white LED bulbs on 82 feet long black wire. The lights have 8 different light modes to suit your every festive mood: Combination, In waves, Slow Glow, Sequential, Chasing/Flash, Twinkle/Flash, Slow fade, and Steady on. 

Having a 29V low voltage plug and meeting the US standards for safety, these lights are good for both indoor and outdoor displays. Although they are not as bright as incandescent lights, they consume less power and will last longer. 

However, there is no memory function on these lights. You will need to set the desired mode every time you switch on the lights. Also, you cannot connect all the strands to each other. 

Bulb Type: LED | Bulb Count: 200 | Wire Length: 82 ft.

8. GONK Color Changing LED Christmas Lights - Best Multi-Colored Lights

Are you bored of the same old warm white-colored Christmas lights? Well then, the Gonk multi-colored LED Christmas lights are a good option for you. These color-changing string lights have 16 different color modes for you to explore. It has many shades of red, orange, blue, green, and pink. 

Additionally, the lights have 4 dynamic twinkling and flashing modes, including Automatic, Fade, Flashing, and Smooth. These will allow you to set the exact festive mood you want. Although the manufacturer says they are best for indoor use, you can use them outdoors as well. Just keep the junction box away from water.  

These lights also have a timer function, using which you can set 3 different time modes: 4 hours on/20 hours off, 6 hours on/18 hours off, and 8 hours on/16 hours off. This will help you set the lights according to your preference and save energy in the process. 

Moreover, you get a remote control with these lights, meaning you won’t have to bend down under the pesky branches of your Christmas tree to change the light mode every time. You can just use the handy remote control. 

Bulb Type: LED | Bulb Count: 200 | Wire Length: 66 ft.

9. Pabipabi Multi-Color Christmas Tree Lights - Best Hexagonal Lights

The Pabipabi multi-color Christmas lights are uniquely different from the other Christmas tree lights on this list since each light is hexagonal. Each light bead has 13 faces, which makes them appear brighter and shinier. Moreover, even if one bulb dies or stops working, the other bulbs are not affected. 

The lights also have 9 different lighting modes: Chasing/flash, Combination, Sequential, In waves, Twinkle/flash,  Slow-Glo, Slow fade, Steady on, and Off. So, you can enjoy the multitude of colors of these lights in different variations. 

Additionally, the waterproof and sturdy design makes the lights suitable for both indoor and outdoor decorations. The 185 inches long cable makes it very easy for the lights to be used outside in case your home does not have an outdoor electrical box. 

Bulb Type: LED | Bulb Count: 200 | Wire Length: 66 ft.

10. Brightown Incandescent Clear Christmas Tree Lights - Best Warm Color

The Brightown Christmas tree lights come with eye protection and warm white light on a white wire, which will show up against a green tree background. However, you can try to hide the wire or just use it against a white background for a camouflage look. 

The 5 light strings can be connected to each other end-to-end to meet your holiday decorating needs. Additionally, the Christmas tree lights come with 1 spare fuse and 2 spare bulbs for easy replacements and repairs. 

The waterproof and durable design of these lights makes them suitable for both your indoor tree and your outside decor needs. 

Moreover, each light is individually illuminated, meaning even if one light stops working or dies, the other bulbs will not be affected and will continue to glow. The manufacturer claims the average life of these lights to be 2,500 hours. So, they are pretty durable despite being incandescent lights. 

Bulb Type: Incandescent | Bulb Count: 100 | Wire Length: 26.5 ft.

11. Decute Multi-Color LED Christmas Tree Lights - Best Color Combinations

These Decute LED Christmas lights have many different color combinations for you to try. You can try either a warm white look or a multi-color look. You can also try out a combination of the two! 

You will also enjoy 11 different twinkle modes for the varieties of colors available- Combination, C2 Flash, C2 Steady on, Mixture color 1 Steady on, Mixture color 2 Steady on, Slo-glo, Breathing, C1 Flash, C1 Steady on, Slow fade, and In wave. In case you don’t want to read all that, just know you will have a lot of fun exploring the different modes. 

With the memory function, you won’t have to set the preferred mode every time. 

Moreover, you can quickly flip the modes using the handy remote control. You can also use the remote to dim the lights and set the timer function. So, the lights will automatically turn off whenever you want, saving you a lot of energy. 

Additionally, both the remote and the lights are waterproof and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 

Bulb Type: LED | Bulb Count: 300 | Wire Length: 108 ft.

12. TW Shine Incandescent Christmas Tree Lights - Best For Safety

These TW Shine Christmas lights consist of 100 incandescent mini-lights on a 20 feet green wire. Each set of lights has a male and a female plug, which means you can connect up to 6 separate sets. The traditional incandescent glow of these bulbs makes them a perfect decoration for your Christmas tree. 

Each light is waterproof, with a built-in 3A fuse, and passes UL-certified tests. Hence, the lights are safe for both indoor and outdoor decorations. With a lifetime of 2,500 hours, you can use these lights anywhere around your house for a long time. Additionally, the lights support individual illumination.  

Moreover, the lights also come with 1 spare fuse and 4 spare incandescent bulbs. This will enable quick and easy repairs and replacements. However, the lights are not very durable. You will find yourself using the spare bulbs more quickly than expected. 

Bulb Type: Incandescent | Bulb Count: 100 | Wire Length: 20 ft.

13. Dirnun Multi-Color Incandescent Christmas Tree Lights - Best Flashing Mode

The Dirnun multi-color incandescent Christmas lights consist of 100 multi-colored incandescent bulbs on a 21 feet long green wire. The lights also come with 2 flasher bulbs and 2 spare bulbs. You can replace any of the regular bulbs with a flasher bulb and get flashing mode. 

Each Christmas light has an end-to-end connector, so it can support up to 5 sets connected to each other. This will help cover any and all of your Christmas decoration needs. Additionally, these lights are also waterproof and weather-durable, so you can use them both indoors and outdoors. 

However, these lights tend to get hot very quickly. So, if that is something that bothers you, you cannot keep them on for a long time. 

Bulb Type: Incandescent | Bulb Count: 100 | Wire Length: 21 ft.

14. Yeguo LED Christmas Tree Lights - Best Smart LED Lights

The Yeguo LED Christmas lights are of a cool white color, with 200 LED bulbs on a 66 feet wire. The 9.8 feet long lead wire will allow you to lighten your Christmas tree even if the switchboard is far away. And the green color of the wire will help the lights to blend in seamlessly with the shrubbery of the tree. 

You get one round button on the plug, using which you can access many different functions. You get 8 different lighting display modes by short pressing the round button. Long press the button for three seconds to activate the timer mode: 6 hours on and 18 hours off. 

Additionally, the wires and the vibrant lights are waterproof, so you can use the lights around the house. But keep in mind that the transformer box is not waterproof, so keep it away from water. Just put a plastic bag around it to protect it from water in case you want to decorate the outdoors using these lights. 

However, these lights cannot be connected end-to-end with other strands. So, if your Christmas tree is too dense, you might want to get another set of lights. 

Bulb Type: LED | Bulb Count: 200 | Wire Length: 66 ft.

15. Meknow Multi-Color LED Christmas Tree Lights - Best Ring Lights

With the Meknow multi-color Christmas lights, you can easily decorate your Christmas tree with the 10 light strings. All of the strings are attached to one ring, which you can easily place on top of your tree. This means no more tangling of lights or obscure light designs. The lights will all fall right into place once you untie the cables. 


Keep the cable around to tie the lights before putting them away for the next holiday season.

To make usage easy, the lights also come with 8 different lighting modes, an intelligent memory function, and a timer function. You can control all these functions using the button on the plug. 

Additionally, the lights are waterproof and heat-resistant, meaning you can use them around the year, both indoors and outdoors. And the 16.4 feet lead wire means you can use the lights even if you don’t have an outside electrical box. 

Bulb Type: LED | Bulb Count: 400 total | Wire Length: 10 strings of 9.84 ft.

Quick Comparisons Of The Top Christmas Tree Lights

Buying Guide For Best Christmas Tree Lights

Buying Christmas lights can be difficult, with all the choices, colors, and features available. Should you go for traditional incandescent lights or durable LED bulbs? Should you go for the extra features or the simple lights?

No need to fret. Here is a handy buyer’s guide to help you know which pointers to look for when buying the best Christmas tree lights for this Christmas and holiday season.

1. Light Type- Incandescent or LED

Incandescent lights are the traditional Christmas tree lights. They have much warmer tones than LEDs, representing the warm white glow we all associate with Christmas. But that’s about the only benefit you get with incandescent bulbs.

LEDs, which stand for Light-Emitting Diode, are much more energy efficient, using up to 80-90% less energy compared to incandescent bulbs. And even though LEDs cost more than incandescent lights, they also last a lot longer. Additionally, incandescent lights tend to get hot very quickly. LEDs remain normal to touch even after continuous usage.

So, if you are okay with the high electricity bill as long as you are getting the nostalgic Christmas glow we are all familiar with, then incandescent bulbs are the way to go. If you want energy conservation and something more long-lasting, LEDs are the best option for you.

If you can’t decide between either, you can get warm incandescent lights for your Christmas tree indoors and get energy-efficient LED lights for decorating outdoors.

2. Length

The length of the Christmas lights is an important technical aspect you need to keep in mind. Know the length of your Christmas tree and figure out how much wire you would require to cover it entirely. If you have some old Christmas tree lights lying around, you can use those as a reference.

The length requirements change entirely if you want to decorate your house as well. If you want to decorate your bedroom with twinkly lights, you might only require about 10 feet. But if you want to decorate your entire house, you might require 100s of feet of starlights.

Another important thing people tend to forget: the power source! If the power source is too away from your tree, you will require a long lead wire to light up your tree. The same goes for lighting your house.

You can either make an educated guess about the required length or just use a measuring tape to make the exact measurements.

3. Number Of Lights

The number of lights depends on the area you are trying to illuminate. If it is a dark outdoor space, you will require more lights to brighten the area successfully.

Even if it’s just the Christmas tree you are lighting up, you need to figure out how many lights would work best, depending on the density or size of the Christmas tree.

Different types of string lights have a varied number of lights present on them, so make a smart choice while purchasing Christmas lights this year.

4. Weather Resistance

As you might have noticed, all of the Christmas lights on this list are waterproof. This is an important point if you are going to use your lights for outdoor decorations. And it’s not just rain water you need to protect your lights from. Your Christmas lights should be able to withstand all the elements of the atmosphere.

To know how weather-resistant your lights actually are, you should know how to read the protection rating. The rating is usually written as “IPXX,” where the IP code stands for ‘Ingress Protection.’ This shows that the lights can withstand dust and other particulate matter. The ‘XX’ numbers show how well the lights can resist water and snow.

If you intend to use the lights outdoors, we recommend at least IP44 for the lights to function safely and smoothly. If, for some reason, you require a completely waterproof set, go for IP65 instead.

You can also get professional-grade Christmas lights featuring one-piece bulbs and sockets. These help prevent dust, moisture, and other matter from getting inside your lights.

5. Outdoor Rating

If you specifically need lights for outdoor decorations (roof, patio, garden, lawn, porch, etc.), look for UL-certified, UL-listed, professional-grade, or commercial-grade Christmas lights. These ensure that your lights have undergone waterproofing and are dust-resistant. So, you can easily use these lights outdoors without any fear of failure.

6. Bulb Shape And Size

Generally, Christmas lights are available in many different bulb shapes and sizes. The choice mainly comes down to your personal preferences and needs. Fairy lights are the smallest size you can get, while C9 Christmas lights are the largest.

The best option for Christmas trees is T1.75 string lights, which measure 5.5 millimeters in diameter and 44.45 millimeters long. If you intend to decorate the outside of your house or the roofline, go for large bulbs to illuminate the space properly.

For bushes, trees, and branches, you can use mini lights or fairy lights.

7. Extra Features

Many of the Christmas lights on this list do more than just glow. Yes, they twinkle, they fade, and they flash. Apart from these different lighting modes, you can generally get two types of lights: warm white light and multi-colored. Additionally, the memory function will make the lights remember what mode you set them to, and you won’t have to set it again and again.

You can also access the timer function, which helps you to save energy and money. Just set the lights to turn off after a while automatically. That will help you save a ton of money.

Moreover, some lights also come with remote controls, so you won’t have to go through the branches or unplug the lights every time you wish to turn them off. Many lights also offer end-to-end connection, so you can connect different sets together to get more lights.

Talking about technology, many Christmas lights today are loaded with smart features like a mobile app. Some even function using solar power. So, you can actually mix a little bit of modern technology with the old Christmas traditions.

When should I put up my Christmas lights?

After Thanksgiving comes and goes, and you are munching on the leftover turkey, you might be wondering if that is the right time to put up your Christmas tree and lights. The short answer is: yes. 

The long answer is also yes. But it’s not wrong to wait a week or two. The point is, you can put up your Christmas lights whenever you feel like it. They are there to provide you with warmth and cheer, and you can put them up whenever you want. 

How can I hang outdoor Christmas lights?

The method of hanging your outdoor Christmas lights depends on the place you are installing them. If it is just fences, tree branches, porches, or railings, you can just wrap the lights around a few times. You can use some zip ties to fix the lights in place. 

If you want to attach lights to your roofline or other such locations, you can use special clips known as gutter clips or shingle clips. These clips will help the lights to get firmly attached to your roofline, although the process might be tedious. You can just leave the clips in place when you take your lights down. That way, you won’t have to place the clips again the next holiday season.  

Just make sure you have an accessible power source to power the lights. You can use an extension cord if your wire length is too short. 

Are Christmas lights safe enough to use?

Christmas lights are generally pretty safe to use as long as you are following the instructions that come along with them. In case you intend to connect different strands of lights end-to-end, you need to exercise some caution. Don’t attach two different brands of lights together, as their current and voltage requirements might be different. 

Also, check how many strands you can attach together. This way, you won’t be over-exerting your Christmas lights. 

Additionally, check for the protection ratings on the tags so you know whether the lights are safe to be used outdoors. 

How do I start decorating the outside of my house?

You don’t need to have a design degree to decorate the outside of your house successfully. All you need is a plan. Go outside and take a photo of your house. Print it out and decide which lights should go where. Try to incorporate the structure of your house into the design to decorate it uniquely.

You can use a marker to make your work easier. After the planning is done, you now have a blueprint ready!

Get some ladders, call a friend to help, and get to business. Decorate your house that way, make any necessary changes, and you are good to go. 

When should I take my Christmas lights down?

There is no right answer to this question. Some people tend to follow Christian tradition and take the lights down by January 5th or 6th. This is because that is the final day of the 12 days of Christmas and is also known as the Three Kings’ Day or the Day of Epiphany. 

Some people also take down their Christmas lights just before the new year begins. This is because of the stereotype that you should not carry anything from the previous year into the new year. So, they take their lights down on New Year’s Eve. 

Additionally, you can just disregard all these dates and take down the Christmas lights whenever you want. What matters is your convenience and needs. 

How do I light up my Christmas tree?

There are many different methods to light your Christmas tree. You can experiment and explore to find your own unique style. Or, you can follow a few methods to light your tree. One popular method is to decorate your tree from bottom to top, going in and out the branches as you move up. This method will place the lights deep inside the tree and create a warm inner look. 

You can also just follow the traditional method of going around the tree and moving from bottom to up. This is the most popular and time-tested method. So, you certainly won’t be disappointed with the results. 


After lighting up all the lights, the Prextex Multi-color lights stand out on the top of the list with their traditional incandescent glow and individual illumination. They are affordable and will remind you of the nostalgic Christmas warm light.

Another good incandescent option is the Minetom Christmas lights because of their characteristic warm hue and color. If you want an LED option, the Sanjicha LED Christmas lights are the best option for energy efficiency and different lighting modes.

So, now that we have come to the end of this list, I hope the lights you choose brighten up your holiday season. Have a very Merry Christmas!

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