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19 Christmas Tree Paper Decorations for Delicate Look

An opulently festooned Christmas tree is a combination of a range of decorative elements. With a plushy glimmering skirt on the base to a protruding finial on the top, an earnestly-designed fir tree is a centerpiece of your Christmastide decorations.

19 Christmas Tree Paper Decorations for Delicate Look

While baubles, balls, and finials are considered essential ornamental items for a Christmas tree, origami decorations are the ones that give any fir crown a complete makeover of a celebrated Christmas tree. Paper decorations can bring out the nuance and thoughtfulness to the Nativity celebrations.

Making paper decoration in the house during Christmastide holidays can be a really fun activity. However, it can become pretty bothersome if no one in the house is an expert in origami folding and finessing. In such cases, there are strong chances that you may end up wasting a lot of stationery supply and your valuable holiday time.

With the spate of independent artists on e-commerce websites like Amazon, it has now become pretty easy to get intricately designed origami decorations for Christmas trees. These origami decorations are not just crafted with fine hands, but many of them also feature some interesting themes and cultural references. And on top of that, their reasonable prices make DIY paper decorations look more taxing.

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of 19 ready-made origami Christmas Tree Paper Decorations available in the market for the upcoming Christmas decorations. It is important to mention here that these products are not numbered in preferential order. It is just done for better readability.

Christmas Tree Paper Decorations

  • Made of Christmas patterned paper
  • 12-cm wide (from one corner to the other)
  • Comes with golden hoop

Star-shape decorations are a must for a Christmas tree. Whether it’s the topper or baubles or accent lights, stars always represent the true zest of winter celebrations. This is the reason why stars are also quite popular in origami decorations as well.

No products found.

The item from which we are starting off our list is a set of 3 origami stars. Each star is folded from different color papers that are patterned with figures associated with Christmas (frills, snowflakes, polka dots, etc).  They are large enough that even a string of three stars can accentuate a tall fir.

The stars come with a golden hoop so you can easily hang them on the tree. These beautifully folded stars can also be used as a little Christmas gift and a stocking stuffing. 


  • Pure origami folding ensures stability of the paper
  • An inexpensive yet thoughtful décor item
  • Great for gifts and stocking stuffing


  • A small number of stars

  • 24 pieces of paper snowflake in three different sizes
  • Arranged to give spectroscopic display
  • Handmade   

Spectroscopy is a time-tested technique to create a depth perception in an image, or in other words to make it look 3D. Get Orange has used the same principle in its origami snowflake ornaments. This product is a set of 4 garlands each containing a “3D” paper snowflake. Actually, each garland thread has six paper snowflakes that are arranged to look spectroscopic or 3D.

Get Orange 24PCS 3D Stereoscopic Snowflake Christmas Hanging...
  • Set of 4 garlands,Each of the 6 snowflakes,6 pieces...
  • Total hand-made craft and Perfect for your birthday parties,...

So, you get 24 carefully handcrafted paper snowflakes in total. These spectroscopic snowflakes are great hanging accents. Hang them on the tree or have you entire lounge lined with these dangling 3D snowflakes. The good thing about this Get Orange Origami product is it can be used for non-Christmas decorations as well.

Give your walls, mantles, tree and windows the makeover of winter with these well-designed paper snowflakes.  


  • The 3D portrayal makes them look more than just a paper décor
  • Can be used for accenting all year round
  • A cost-effective Christmas paper decoration


  • Very delicate, can easily go out of shape and get tangled
  • A better hanging string could be used

  • Harry Potter-themed Kusudama balls
  • Comes with ribbon hoops
  • Only made from old, already torn books

As mentioned earlier, paper decorations are a great way to add more nuance and thought to your Christmas décor. And the origami item we are going to review here is a perfect example of it. This origami is actually a Kusudama Ball that is a Japanese technique of arranging several pyramidal units of paper into a large sphere.

Here, the Kusudama balls are made of superbly aged torn papers of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Moreover, you can get them with hanging ribbons that make it perfect Harry Potter artifact e.g. silver and green ribbons for Slytherin House, scarlet and gold for Gryffindor.

What makes these vintage harry potter-themed Kusudama balls more alluring is their handmade construction. An artist based in North Carolina crafts each and every piece with her own hands. Apart from a Christmas tree décor, you can also use them as fan pulls and general decoration item. 


  • A great option for geeky Christmas décor
  • An ideal gift for Harry Potter buffs
  • Not limited to Christmas décor


  • Can easily warp
  • A price is bit high


  • A set of six Froebel stars (16-pointed, 3-dimensional)
  • Handmade
  • Comes in a transparent box

Froebelian is considered one of the most complex and intricate techniques of paper folding. Even online tutorials are not enough in helping you to perfect the folding of Froebel stars. But there is no need to waste any time and resources in folding those unique 3D stars when you can easily get them online.

No products found.

StarCraft Moravian Froebel Stars is a set of six hand-folded 3D stars. Each start has a width of three inches and an astonishing number of vertexes (16!). All the six stars are already attached with threads so you can hang them on trees and mantles as you receive your order.

It is worth mentioning that the stars are not folded from a plain paper. StarCraft has added more nuance to these paper decorations by using music notes and hymnals. This doesn’t just give stars a unique combination of black and white. They also look whimsical and well-matched for Christmas celebrations. 

You can buy them here.


  • Detailed 3D design, ideal for Christmas accenting
  • Makes a great gift box
  • Suitable for whimsical Christmas decorations


  • Extreme care is required while hanging
  • Quite expensive with the shipping cost

  • 3-inch wide and tall
  • Handmade
  • Made from white and golden paper
  • For year-round decorations

Luna Bazaar is one of the most well-known sellers of paper decorations on Amazon. It has introduced a range of delicate origami ornaments for this Christmas. And we are going to review a couple of them here. The first Luna Bazaar ornament on our list is beautifully folded heart-shaped paper decoration.

Luna Bazaar Jordon Design Origami Ornament (3.25-Inch, Gold...
  • One ornament. 3.5-inch diameter x 3.25 inches high.
  • BEAUTIFUL DESIGNS inspired by the Japanese craft of origami.

Both plain and block-printed papers are used to fold these delicate origami items. Moreover, each piece is beautifully threaded and fix with a small golden orb on the top. The thread is also already there for easy installment. Apart from using them on your Christmas trees and fireplace mantels, you can stuff them in Christmas stocking as well. Or better yet, get a bunch of them to make an impressive Christmas present. 


  • Ideal for tree decoration
  • Can be used as stocking stuffers
  • A great Christmas present


  • One piece may slightly vary in design from the other
  • Limited number of colors

  • 4.75-inch wide paper snowflakes
  • Handmade and of plan white paper
  • Comes in boxed packaging

Pizzelle snowflakes are some of the most recurring designs of Christmas. They are printed on every other Christmas item. However, getting the perfect shape of a Pizzelle snowflake with paper folding is no mean task. But if you love them and want to make them part of your Christmas décor, then Luna Bazaar is here to help you.

Cultural Intrigue Luna Bazaar Mini Pizzelle Snowflake...
  • PAPER ORNAMENTS: One mini pizzelle snowflake ornament...
  • SMALL SNOWFLAKE ORNAMENTS: Made of intricately folded...

The seasoned craftsman at Luna Bazaar has beautifully crafted 4.75-inch Pizzelle snowflakes from plain white paper. The flakes are then topped with a small golden orb and threaded in a string. The carefully planned size of these 3D paper snowflakes makes them ideal for both tree decoration and general accenting: you can use them on tabletop centerpieces or to line the kitchen ceiling.

And even when Christmastide is over, keep them hanging and they will seamlessly become a part of your extended winter décor.  


  • Each Pizzelle is separately boxed, ideal as a Christmas gift
  • Perfect for general winter decoration as well
  • Sturdy enough to be used as stock stuffing


  • Prone to fading
  • Lightweight but a bit heavy on pocket

  • An origami piece of 3.25-inch diameter
  • Entirely made through handcrafting
  • Tasseled

As said before, Luna Bazaar satisfactorily caters to people looking for Christmas tree paper decorations. This Luna Bazaar item is a rich embodiment of Japanese and Far Eastern aesthetics in a folded paper. It is actually a spherical paper that is partially folded at regular intervals like a hand fan. These folds are passed through a silver ring, which holds them in their place. 

Luna Bazaar Mini Pizzelle Snowflake Origami Ornament...
  • 3.25-inch diameter.
  • BEAUTIFUL DESIGNS inspired by the Japanese craft of origami.

And not just that, this carefully folded paper is then garnished with a golden bead on top and a beautifully designed hooked tassel at the bottom.  These design details make this origami item a standalone ornament as well. Hang them in a balcony or above your bedroom to create a stylish Japanese ambiance. Besides a using it as a décor item, you can also give it as a valuable Christmas gift. 


  • Garlanded with a golden bead and a tassel
  • Equally good as an individual ornamental piece
  • Make a great Christmas gift


  • Vulnerable to dust and dirt stains
  • Not suitable for small Christmas trees


  • 4-inch tall and 2.5-inch wide origami
  • Handmade of plain and block-printed paper
  • Tasseled

This Luna Bazaar origami item is another illustration of how the Japanese folding technique can beget marvelous decoration pieces from simple papers. Here, the paper is folded to make the shape of a flower with pointed petals. But if it looks like a flower from one angle, it appears as a large pendant from the other.

Luna Bazaar Vanja Design Tasseled Origami Ornament (4-Inch,...
  • One ornament. 2.5-inch diameter x 4 inches high.
  • BEAUTIFUL DESIGNS inspired by the Japanese craft of origami.

In this Christmas origami, two silver rings are used to keep the folds and overall figure in shape. Moreover, the golden bead on top and an earring-like tassel at the bottom are used just like the above-reviewed Luna Bazaar origami.  These shape-shifting origami pieces are made of either plain or blocked-printed paper. 


  • Different looks from different angles
  • Tassels and beads guarantee elegant finish
  • A best Christmas gift


  • Very delicate, susceptible to warping
  • Prone to fading

  • 3-inch wide and 4.75-inch tall
  • Tasseled finishing
  • Made from plan and block-printed papers

Many people overlook one important design element in Christmas tree paper decorations i.e. rawness. A paper decoration looks more true to its nature when it has some rough edges and creases. Luna Bazaar has taken care of this subtle feature of an origami decoration in this item.

Luna Bazaar Mini Pizzelle Snowflake Origami Ornament...
  • One ornament. 3-inch diameter x 4.75 inches high.
  • BEAUTIFUL DESIGNS inspired by the Japanese craft of origami.

It is another tasseled origami with a pendant shape that you can hang in any part of the house, and not just on trees. Moreover, the use of golden tassel along with a golden orb on the top makes them an elegant option for a Christmas gift.

We would strongly recommend this origami piece if you are really interested in keeping your Christmas decorations rustic and true to what handmade decoration items feel like. 


  • Gives the impression of real DIY origami decorations
  • Tasseled finishing makes them ideal as a Christmas gift
  • Can be used as general accenting item as well


  • Easily deformed
  • A bit heavy on the pocket

If you are looking for a single item that can take of the ‘origami’ part of your Xmas décor, then this package by CASA DECRO is the answer to your quest. It is an assorted and extensive 26-feet long thread with 116 origami pieces in total. From hand fan to pearled snowflakes, you get all winter-related origami shapes on these strings in different sizes (from 1 to 16-inch).

Decor365 Winter Wonderland Snowflake Party Decorations...
  • 👍【This Value Package Includes】– 2pcs. snowflake...
  • 👍【Perfect for Theme Decor】 – these beautiful...

Apart from including a large number of origami ornaments in so much variety, CASA DECRO has also made sure that you can use this paper decoration thread on more than one occasion. All these shapes are folded from a honeycomb tissue paper that is relatively resistant to twisting and warping.

Whether it’s your Christmas décor or a Frozen-themed birthday party, these paper decorations will come in handy.  


  • A complete paper decoration package for Christmas décor
  • Equally good for party decoration all year round
  • Makes a great Christmas gift
  • Comes with 100% product guarantee


  • Very hard to keep them untangled
  • Prone to stains and blots

This is another complete package of paper decorations for your Christmas décor .The package includes 2 lanterns, 5 honeycomb balls, 3 pom-pom flowers and 2 cutout fans. All these artifacts come in a single piece of string that you can hang on any mantle in the house. And if you don’t want to use them just one place, cut the thread and garland multiple spots. A part of it can be used on the tree and the other to hang on the dining table.

White Party Decoration Kit Hanging Tissue Pom Poms Flowers...
  • Package included: 2 pcs white paper lanterns(1pc 11.8...
  • Unique Design: the white honeycomb balls and whaite pompom...

Apart from decorating the interior, you can also use them outdoors (given the weather allows it). The tough paper from which these origami items are carved out are stable enough to withstand moderate outdoor conditions.

Its well thought out packaging also makes them a great gift. The 5-star rating on Amazon indicates that it is going to be one of the hottest paper origami items of this winter. 


  • Includes enough pieces to accent more than one space
  • Relatively tough material, can be used outdoors
  • Also suitable for non-Christmas decorations
  • Makes an ideal Christmas gift


  • Vulnerable to staining and blotting
  • Setting them up is hectic

  • 12 pieces of 15-inch snowflakes
  • Made of notched tissue
  • Features crystallized appearance

If you are opting for a theme of White Christmas during the upcoming season, then we would strongly suggest this origami decoration item by Fun Express. It is actually a pack of one dozen large snowflakes made by carefully folding notched tissue papers. When folded, these notches give an astonishing look to these paper flakes.  Moreover, the folds are made in a way to give them a wavy appearance.

This string of large snowflakes is ideal to festoon large spaces. Whether it’s a lounge ceiling or staircase, you can wrap them in winter white through these origami ornaments. If you are ordering one for yourself then top up your order because they make a great Christmas gift. Its reasonable price tag won’t strain your budget.

With 4.1-star customer rating on Amazon, it is evident that users approve of its utility. 


  • Large enough to accent any space
  • Ideal for White Christmas decoration theme
  • Makes a wonderful Christmas gift
  • Equally good for general winter decorations (parties, birthdays)


  • Vulnerable to stains and blots
  • Not suitable for outdoor decoration
  • A bit heavy on the pocket

  • 24-inch wide star lanterns with 6-inch capacity
  • Packaged flat for easy, risk-free shipping
  • Made of notched paper cutouts

Having starry nights in your lounge during Christmastide? Seems like a plan. You can execute this wonderful idea without a hassle and in a more cost-effective manner by using origami ornaments for that. Thanks to Happy Sales that has introduced Star-shaped paper lanterns that you can hang with the ceiling to create that majestic night ambiance.

Happy Sales HSSL-FMWHTA Frozen Moon Paper Star Lantern...
  • Happy Sales frozen moon paper Star lantern white
  • Paper Star lamp ships flat for easy assembly

These five-pointed stars bear the notches in the shape of small stars and crescents. When a bulb inside comes to life, the light sieves from these small stars and crescent-shaped notches to create a wonderful atmosphere. The papers are folded so immaculately that when the stars are light up, they give the feel of a tainted glass.

It is worth mentioning that a single star is large enough to be used as a standalone centerpiece, 24 inches from one corner to the other. Happy Sales are also offering a 12-inch power cord with on/off switch with this origami wonder, but you have to buy it separately.

These wonderfully crafted star-shaped paper lanterns are available on Amazon. 


  • Ideal to do rustic and whimsical lighting
  • A cost-effective accenting option
  • Can be used as Christmas gifts


  • Bulb is not included
  • Prone to fading

  • 4 string of snowflakes (12 pieces each)
  • Carved out of high-quality glittery cardboard
  • 3D design

When market is already spilling over with generic paper snowflakes decorations, it is really difficult for any manufacturer to make a mark with any similar product. And Pinkblume has succeeded in achieving this mean feat with its paper snowflake pack.

Winter Wonderland Snowflakes Garland Party Decorations Kit...
  • ❄PACKAGE CONTAINS-These white winter christmas snowflake...
  • ❄HIGH-QUALITY-These winter decorative bunting banners are...

Pinkblume Snowflake pack is a set of 4 strings each containing 12 pieces of intricately designed paper flakes in three different sizes. What makes these origami snowflakes stand apart among other paper flakes is the layer of features that Pinkblume has added into them. They are not just cut out from high-quality paper, but also contain glitter and shaped in a spectroscopic manner to create a 3D appearance. For that reason, these snowflakes look as if they are made of some solid material and not thin paper.

Beside Christmas décor, you can also use them to decorate any party or celebration with a winter theme.  


  • One of the best paper snowflakes on the block
  • Can be used as a standalone accenting item
  • Equally good for non-Christmas decorations as well
  • Make a great winter gift


  • Very delicate, vulnerable to warping
  • A bit expensive

  • A 6.25-inch tall and 3.25-inch wide ornament
  • Made of plain and blocked-printed papers (completely handcrafted)
  • Weighs 2.4 ounces

Carving paper decorations in unique designs are the USP of Luna Bazaar and that we can also witness in this intricately arranged origami piece. Luna Bazaar Carraway Origami Ornament also features different shapes from different viewpoints. One person might see as some unique bell and someone else may perceive it as a beautifully bundled set of leafs.

Luna Bazaar Carraway Design Origami Ornament (6.25-Inch,...
  • One ornament. 3.75-inch diameter x 6.25 inches high.
  • BEAUTIFUL DESIGNS inspired by the Japanese craft of origami.

Like other ornaments of Luna Bazaar, this one also features two silver rings to hold the folds and overall structure together. Similarly, a small golden orb on the top makes it more attractive. These origami ornaments are folded from white and golden plain and block-printed papers. This intricately designed paper decoration is available on Amazon. 


  • Makes a great Christmas gift
  • Can be used for general accenting as well
  • A cost-effective paper decoration option


  • Vulnerable to warping and stains
  • Limited color availability

  • X-Men-themed Kusudama balls
  • Comes with ribbon hoops
  • Only made from old, already torn comic books

Paper decorations are a great way to add context and to integrate your favorite pop culture references into Christmas decorations. We have already discussed one intricately designed origami piece for Harry Potter fans.  Here, we are going to review another Kusudama ball from the same artist, but for Marvel Comic fans (particularly of X-Men).

The artist has ingeniously used old worn X-men comic books to design those Japanese-style paper decorations. The comic pages are neatly folded in pyramids and then carefully arranged to make a sphere. The spheres are arranged with ribbon hoops so you can easily hang them on Christmas trees or mantles.

Even if you are not a comic fan, go for these origami items because of their vibrant presence. The colorful images on the pages from which these Kusudama balls are folded give them an animated look.

Support artisan work and give your décor a definite theme with these beautifully crafted Kusudama balls. 


  • Fits well with nerdy geeky Christmas décor
  • A perfect gift for Logan fans
  • Can be used all year round


  • Vulnerable to warping
  • A bit heavy on the pocket

  • A 2.75-inch glass globe with cutout paper rolls
  • An artisan-made decoration item
  • Comes with a ribbon hoop (19 colors to choose from)

Are any Tolkien Fans there? We are pretty sure there will be many and for them we are going to review one exclusive paper tree ornament for this Christmas. The same North Carolina-based artist that creates beautiful Kusudama balls from Harry Potter books and comics, she has also crafted one paper decoration for the Lord of the Rings buffs as well.

Lord of the Rings Book Glass Christmas Tree Ornament
  • Handmade.
  • Made with pages from damaged LOTR books that were headed to...

But it is not a Kusudama ball. The Lord of the Ring Paper décor is actually a small glass globe that is filled with well-aged cutouts from some of the earliest editions of the books. These cutouts are carefully rolled to keep some of the text visible so that avid readers can easily identify the trivia enclosed in the glass globe.  

The globe is then sealed with a glued silver ringed cap. Ribbons in more than a dozen colors are available so you can easily complement these paper-glass items with the rest of the décor. It is important to mention here that you don’t need to be a fan of the books to get them. The combination of glass casing and vintage paper rolls make them equally good as general decoration pieces. 


  • A great addition to a geeky Christmas decoration
  • Can be used as general decoration items
  • A great Christmas gift for both fans and nonfans


  • The price is bit too much
  • Not suitable for outdoor use

  • A 2.75-inch glass globe with cutout rolls of music notes
  • An artisan-made item
  • Comes with a ribbon band and year charm

In decoration items, the combination of glass and paper seems a bit odd. But if they are combined with creativity, it is possible to come up with some attractive decoration pieces. For instance, the above-reviewed the Lord of the Rings Christmas decoration is a perfect combo of glass and paper. And this product also has the similar make.

This is another paper tree decoration enclosed in a glass bauble. And here the cutout pieces are from a music book. The glass globes are capped and attached with colorful ribbons. If you are looking something unique for your Christmas celebrations, then we will definitely suggest you this artisan-made item. 


  • Great for unconventional Christmas decorations
  • Make a valuable gift
  • Used to accent any part of the house (besides trees)
  • Can complement different décor themes all year round


  • Shorter shelf life
  • Some buyers may find it a bit pricier

  • A 4.5-inch tall and 3-inch wide ornament
  • Made of plain white and gold papers (completely handcrafted)
  • Weighs 1.28 ounces

We are concluding this list with another Luna Bazaar origami decoration piece. It is yet another design marvel from the seasoned craftsmen of the Bazaar. If you are a fan of European Renaissance aesthetics, then you will definitely love this origami ornament.

Luna Bazaar Fitzgerald Design Origami Ornament (4.5-Inch,...
  • One ornament. 3-inch diameter x 4.5 inches high.
  • BEAUTIFUL DESIGNS inspired by the Japanese craft of origami.

Its beautifully designed bell shape looks like an artifact from any old cathedral. If you want to give a perspective to your Christmas décor, then a string of these paper decorations will come in really handy. Apart from hanging them on the Christmas tree, you can also use them to accentuate the fireplace mantle or balusters.    

These intricate decoration pieces are carved out of plain white and golden papers. You can find some Luna Bazaar options in blocked-printing as well. 


  • Ideal for Renaissance-themed Christmas decorations
  • Can be used as stocking stuffer
  • Suitable for non-Christmas decorations as well


  • Available in only two-color combination
  • Vulnerable to stains

Short Buying Guide for Paper Christmas Decorations

We have covered you for your origami requirements of the upcoming Christmastide with those 19 high-quality products. However, it is still better to have a general idea of purchasing the right paper decorations. For that matter, we are going to share some important point here.

Type of Paper

You will find most of the origami decorations made of simple plain paper or tissue paper. While plain ones can be folded with more immaculateness, tissues are relatively resistant to warping. If you are going to use origami ornaments around children or outdoors, then we would suggest you go with the latter type of paper.

Having said that, origami decorations generally have shorter shelf life due to their delicate nature. So, in many cases, it may not matter if they are made of plain or tissue papers.

Color/Print of Paper

As you have noticed, the majority of products we have discussed here are carved out of simple white paper. And the reason is pretty simple i.e. to give snowy, wintery feel to your Christmastide décor. Nonetheless, colorful options are also available (we have also discussed a few) that can help you to create a certain decoration theme.

Some origami pieces are also carved out of printed papers (e.g. Harry Potter, X-Men paper decorations, etc). If you want to keep your Christmas decorations trendy, then you can go with these printed origami pieces pertaining different references.

Shape of the Ornaments

All of us would be in agreement that snowflakes are the most popular shape among paper decorations for Christmas. They look closer to the real ones and makes great hanging decoration.  On the other hand, some delicately and uniquely designed origami pieces (the most of Luna Bazaar items) are also available. Pom-pom balls, flowers, and hand fans are also some of the popular choices.

If you are looking for heavy accenting, then we would recommend you to go for origami strings with lots of snowflakes pieces. For tree decoration and centerpieces, all the other options can come in handy.


Origami ornaments are generally low-priced than Christmas decorations made from other materials. However, some artisan works can be expensive but they are worth it since each and every piece is conceived by an artist himself/herself. We would suggest you to go with artisan work. By doing so, you won’t just support the community, but will also bring in some bonafide Christmas decorations.

We hope that this extensive review-based discussion about a range of paper decorations will help you in settling on the origami elements of this year’s winter decorations.

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