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Here’s What Happened When Our Salt Lamp Broke

Sudarshan Kar / April 29, 2018

So the other day, my little [might I add naughty as well?] cousin came home for a visit. Being the usual menacing self, he leaped across the house from table to table and chair to chair. And this time, our awesome salt lamp had to pay the price. No, he wasn’t unapologetic, he just stoodRead more

21 Remarkable Acrylic Furniture Ideas for a Spacious Home

Elli Winter / February 12, 2018

If you want to add a chic look to your interior design then the acrylic furniture is an option that you should consider for your home. It has a sleek lines and sharp edges and thus has the power to make the decor more stylish, modern and elegant while beautifully emphasizing the feeling of spaceRead more

20 Exposed Brick Walls That Will Blow Your Mind

Elli Winter / January 12, 2018

Adding a statement wall in your living area will give it character and texture, and the brick walls are just the perfect way to do so. They have a timeless beauty and represent a blend of past and present, old and new. They can help you turn the boring and dull interiors into interesting ones,Read more

20 Traditional Kilim Rugs Designs to Redefine Your Home

Elli Winter / January 11, 2018

Turkish kilims were really popular in the past, history repeats itself. More and more homeowners are enjoying their unique beauty and design, and find a way to fit them in their contemporary and modern homes. Does the kilim makes an impression on you too? Are you thinking about getting one for you living room, bedroomRead more

The Simple Guide To The Best Christmas Interiors

Elli Winter / December 18, 2017

It’s the time of the year when our homes turn from ordinary homes into magical places where everyone enjoys quality time, a place that nestles love and wishes for the New Year. We all get pretty excited for the holidays, and buy tons of decorations in order to add a festive and joyful touch toRead more

15 Smart Under-The-Stairs Designs That Will Impress You

Elli Winter / December 2, 2017

The space right under the stairs is most of the time left unused and people wonder what to do with it. Probably it ends up filled with lots of different items in an unorganized way, a great opportunity lost. Modern designers have come up with some really Smart Under-The-Stairs Designs That Will Impress You and weRead more

19 Rainbow Home Decors That Break The Monotony

Elli Winter / November 30, 2017

If you want to revitalize your home and add color to enliven the space, then the right theme for your home decor is the rainbow theme, a rainbow home. The array of colors will put you in a better mood instantly. It’s scientifically proven that colors have a big influence on the way we feel,Read more