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52 Splendid Home Bar Ideas to Match Your Entertaining Style

If you love to party, then start right here with these home bar ideas to fully enjoy the experience.  Entertaining at home is an exciting way to show off your personal style. Whether you want to replicate the experience of having a night out on the town or create the feeling of an intimate bistro wine bar, these design tips can make you and your guests feel very special.

52 Splendid Home Bar Ideas to Match Your Entertaining Style

The entertainment of guests is not the only advantage, the other benefits to having your own home bar is the convenience, privacy and security it affords you. Whether you choose to have a glass of wine after work or a brandy after dinner, nothing compares to the comfort of knowing you can fully relax and enjoy the moment. For some the idea of having a home bar is somewhat like a dream, but making it come true is much easier than you might think.

52 Splendid Home Bar Ideas

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Location of Your Home Bar

The first step to using any of these home bar ideas is to determine how much space you want to use: a seated bar for two to eight people will need more space than a single wall wet bar. Next, consider where you want it to be located; a wet bar will need plumbing to operate efficiently. Your personal decorating style comes into play for the design of your home bar.

If you are considering a seated home bar, the best area would be one that you can use exclusively for this purpose.  Location wise, one of the most popular home bar ideas is to dedicate the basement area. This home bar style sparks images of a place to retreat from the world and indeed it can be the center of your entertaining universe. However there are many ways that your seated home bar can be designed to blend into your living room as well.

On the other hand, if seating is not part of your design, the numbers of home bar ideas are even greater. There are wonderful materials available for creating a traditional single wall wet bar with cabinets for glassware, an under mount sink with a decorative tile backsplash. A single wall home bar can be designed to fit into a small space using the corner of a room, an alcove or even a closet. For a larger expanse, you can use wall hung cabinets for glassware with refrigeration and storage units for wine, mixers and liquor bottles.

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Elements of Your Home Bar Design

Due to the demand by homeowners and apartment dwellers alike, interior designers have focused on home bar ideas that creatively extend the use of a room. For example, you can design a home bar into your kitchen decor with a wood cabinet to hold glassware, an icemaker and drawers to hold liquor bottles and utensils along with a wine refrigerator. Wood is not the only material you can use: there are many home bar ideas for designs that utilize stainless steel, marble or granite laminate as well as leather.

Designers will more than likely suggest that wherever you decide to have your home bar, it should have a theme and be designed with materials that match your personal style. Choosing a theme begins by considering how you enjoy spending your leisure time. For example, if you are a movie buff, a dramatic theme of a black wood bar topped off with a silver marble counter, black leather and chrome chairs with spot lighting would reflect a cinematic tone perfectly.

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Home Bar Design Themes

Using a particular sport as the focal point is another popular theme. For the car racing enthusiast, home bar ideas use vibrant colors such as red and black or white and blue for the walls and furniture to add contrast. A glass counter top on a stainless steel bar and racing flag check board design on bar stools enhances the feeling of excitement.

When you are incorporating your home bar design into a living room entertainment center for instance, attention to seating arrangements is important. You want to ensure that it’s accessible without being open to damage. Using a console for your home bar is convenient, however you need to keep in mind the number of stock items you want to store. Selecting from the variety of home bar ideas that are available depends a great deal on this factor. If you want to keep a vast wine collection along with many bottles of liquor, you may need to complement the console with a standalone wine storage unit.

Storage and shelving systems are the two elements of home bar ideas that receive the most attention after selecting a theme. The shelving system relates directly to the amount and type of glassware you have to store. Your glassware depends on the type of wine and liquor you will keep in stock. Champagne flutes, brandy snifters, shot and wine glasses for a party of eight along with mixing equipment can easily fill a cabinet.

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Your new entertaining feature can be realized with low costs, get creative.

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Your home bar can be nestled in the most beautiful settings, emphasize your current outdoor features.

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Lighting for Your Home Bar

While the theme is the focal point in the multitude of home bar ideas, one element that is often overlooked is lighting. Matching the lighting fixtures to your theme is key to creating the right mood for relaxation and entertaining guests. Even for a small home bar, you need enough illumination for the counter and the surrounding area to focus attention as well as make it easy for you to prepare drinks. One elegant way to accomplish this is to use recessed lighting in the ceiling, especially above the counter or the wall trims of a single wall home bar area. To add light to a seated bar you could use small frosted hanging lamps. For a more traditional style basement bar, Tiffany lamps are a popular choice to bring a touch of elegance to the area.

Hiring an interior decorator is one option you have to find the perfect way to express your personal style. There are an unlimited number of home bar ideas to use when you are ready to design an entertainment area where you and your guests will love to spend leisure time and we have selected a quite impressive gallery to surge inspiration from. Cast a glance at the gallery below.

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Penny covered home bar design offering a push, luxurious vibe to your home bar at a low cost.

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Home bar design made rustic with stinkwood, use it to transform your bar in just a few minutes.

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Dreamy Interior Designs by Ryan Street & Associates

Modern living area envisioned by Ryan Street & Associates. Simple delicate texture tailored in an airy atmosphere.

Beautiful Paneled Bar

Home wooden bar design ready to greatly enhance your parties.

50 Stunning Home Bar Designs - Style Estate -

Awe-inspiring home bar design with intricate textures.

Jauregui Architects
Extensive bar design by Jauregui Architects.

Diamond Star Ranch In Eagle, Colorado - Style Estate -

Circular home bar design in the Diamond Star Ranch In Eagle, Colorado .

Interior Design Star Daun Curry - Style Estate -

Modern living area with home bar by Star Daun Curry

50 Stunning Home Bar Designs - Style Estate -

Sumptuous home bar design surrounded by a library. Elegance at its best.

Stunning Home Bar Design via Home Bunch

All wood bar contrasting with the white and blue textiles on the chair with a subtle elegance.

via Home Bunch

Built-In Bar

Black and white built-in home bar design saving a lot of space and greatly emphasizing entertaining options.

McCaffrey Lake Cabin - Lake Point, Shaver lake, California - RMT Architects

Home bar design in the McCaffrey Lake Cabin - Lake Point, Shaver lake, California - RMT Architects

R-R Ranch -- Lodge by Miller Architects - Style Estate -

Splendid eclectic decor featuring elements of great design. R-R Ranch -- Lodge by Miller Architects

Luxury Lower Level Wet Bar

Intricate elements and decorations in a basement home bar design, multiple intricate textures contributing to a dense, unique composition.

Stunning Home Bar

Airy home bar design flooded by light.

Granite Wetbar

Granite home bar counter top in a highly luxurious living space.

via basementandbeyond.com

Creative Home Bar Space

Chick and creative home bar design idea for a small parties. Highly personal and graphic design language.

Basement Bars Design, Pictures, Remodel, Decor and Ideas

Small home bar design with extensive options.

West Hollywood Living Room Bar

Flashy Hollywood living area with an extravagant home bar design.

Stunning Home Bar

Luxury at its best.

50 Stunning Home Bar Designs - Style Estate -

Shabby chic composition on a home bar design. Simple, delicate elements.


Fabulous spatiality dressed in vintage clothes. Elegant mixture of elements shaping a great home bar design.

An easy dry bar setup.

Neat space saving home bar design featuring everything one would need in for festive entertaining.

Stunning Wet Bar

Circular elegant and luxurious home bar with expansive views.

Home bar design Contemporary House by KuDa Photography

Reclaimed wood home bar design in red with industrial bar stools. KuDa Photography.

Robert A. Cardello Architects

Attic man-cave design featuring industrial elements and intricate textures by Robert A. Cardello Architects

Gorgeous Home Bar via Instagram

Natural textures emphasizing a luxurious home bar design.

Denise Richards Home Bar

Extravagant and vibrant home bar design by Denise Richards .

Jauregui Architects, Interiors & Construction: Portfolio of Luxury Custom Homes

Industrial minimalist design in neutral tone nestled in a basement man cave. Jauregui Architects, Interiors & Construction: Portfolio of Luxury Custom Homes

Basement Renovation by Princeton Design Collaborative

White, light wood and gray are great combo. Basement Renovation by Princeton Design Collaborative

Rustic Home Bar Area

Impressive rustic home bar design ideas beautified by wooden textures.

Step inside 18 stylish spaces with at-home bars perfect for easy entertaining.

Unique mixture of elements and colors in a contemporary home bar design.

Jauregui Architects, Interiors & Construction: Portfolio of Luxury Custom Homes

Sculpted wooden home bar in an elegant décor. Jauregui Architects, Interiors & Construction: Portfolio of Luxury Custom Homes

Amazing Home Bar Designs

Mosaic and marble home bar design emphasizing a living area.


Simple wooden kitchenette featuring a home bar.

Jauregui Architects, Interiors & Construction: Portfolio of Luxury Custom Homes

Wooden texture defining a classic interior design of immense beauty - Jauregui Architects, Interiors & Construction: Portfolio of Luxury Custom Homes

Old Tahoe House by OOA Design — Style Estate

Supreme luxury in the Old Tahoe House by OOA Design

50 Stunning Home Bar Designs - Style Estate -

Elegant marble bar counter top defining the interior.

Gorgeous Home Bar via Instagram

Extensive living area in stone and wood featuring an beautiful home bar and dinning area.

Movie theater and game room with billiards and a wet bar.

Home theater and game room in neighbored by a beautiful wet bar.

50 Stunning Home Bar Designs - Style Estate -

Extensive wine cellar in the basement including an elegant bar.


Lorenzo-Castillo. An insanely luxurious home bar filled with glamour.

50 Stunning Home Bar Designs - Style Estate -

Simple bar framed in an noble wood, functioning as a great transition towards the kitchen.

Very Elegant Home Bar

Elegant home basement bar nestling luxury.

Nice Man Cave

A sober elegant man cave with an impressive bar and pool table.

Nice Home Bar Space

Eclectic compositions can easily tailor breathtaking scenarios.

via blog.styleestate.com

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