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21 Inexpensive DIY Ways to Keep Your Home Safe and Sound

Sudarshan Kar / April 16, 2018

While burglaries may not be the most common occurrence in your neighborhood, they do happen. For most of us, having a burglary means we lose a lot of valuables that are close to our hearts. In modern days, sure, most of our money is in the banks anyway, but, losing that new Flat Screen LCDRead more

Fascinating Column Designs That Will Маке Your Homes Classy

Elli Winter / April 6, 2018

In today’s article I’ve decided to share with you some outstanding Greek and Italian architectural feature that can be found both in our interiors and exteriors. They are really important and functional because they carry the weigh of the upper floors and the roof thus playing a crucial role in the support of the house.Read more

What is RSVP | Learn What Does RSVP Mean on an Invitation

Sudarshan Kar / March 19, 2018

You might have seen the term “RSVP” written on many invitations like a cocktail party, birthday party, wedding invitation, or other invitations for an event. Did you actually ever think what the term means? The term “RSVP” is actually an abbreviation of the French phrase “Répondez s’il vous plaît” meaning “Respond please” that has foundRead more

10 Best Bluetooth Light Bulb Speaker to Rock in 2018

10 Best Bluetooth Light Bulb Speaker to Rock in 2018
Sudarshan Kar / March 2, 2018

Bluetooth light bulb speaker is the new trend. It simply suits the 21st century perfectly. With all the chaos going around and the work pressure increasing every passing day, people would love to party on weekends, right? Now, it’s pretty hectic to arrange stuff for a party. So, here’s all-in-one light and sound packed inRead more

17 Epicly Unusual Dog Gifts for Your Furry Friend

Sudarshan Kar / February 20, 2018

Are you one to spoil your dog every chance you get? Well, you have come to the right place. And don’t worry, we will not bore you with the same old, classic gift ideas. Instead, we have something special in store for you. Read on to find out which of these unusual and amazing giftsRead more