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41 Beautifully Inspiring Laundry Room Cabinets Ideas to Consider

Bogdan Profir / June 1, 2017

In the building process of home, most of us envision its looks, the overall design, the charming living room, bedrooms and the rustic backyard. No one argues that those are the truly relevant ones but one should never overlook the  the apparently unimportant, secondary spaces. Your living quality can be improved big time by the sizeRead more

43 Insanely Cool Basement Bar Ideas for Your Home

Bogdan Profir / May 21, 2017

Have you ever wanted to have a place in your home that you’d feel passionate about, a place with which you would identify yourself ? I bet the answer is yes. Most of us want something that can make us feel comfortable and welcome and you don’t get that from decorating it the way everybody elseRead more

31 Super Useful DIY Desk Decor Ideas to Follow

Anton Giuroiu / May 14, 2017

A colorful, positive ambiance can greatly influence one`s day, it can construct that strong feeling or belonging that makes one feel comfortable, at home. The right ambiance ought to be pursued in any endeavor yet at home and at work the two are of paramount importance reason for which the following article follows super cute diyRead more

111 Insanely Creative Cool Things to Draw Today

Bogdan Profir / May 11, 2017

There are many hobbies one can take up to fill up spare time, some go fishing or hiking whilst others embrace the arts, in the form of singing, dancing, writing or randomly building awesome wooden plane models. One of the most accessible and creative act is drawing though, unlike playing an instrument or skying which presume aRead more

43 Super Cool Bar Top Ideas to Realize

Bogdan Profir / May 7, 2017

Most of us want our home to be special right? Some invest time in gardening, others build a pond, a cinema or a game room. Provided you have the space available and want to turn your home into an even more welcoming environment, you have to decide what is the best choice for you. IfRead more

49 Inspiring Sculptural False Ceiling Designs to Pursue

Anton Giuroiu / April 30, 2017

In contemporaneity the grid ceiling, dropped ceiling, T-bar ceiling, suspended ceiling is everywhere, they`re false ceiling designs meant to add sense of modernity, an opportunity to particularize space with shape and light. False ceilings are in certain cases necessary to complete and sculpt space and, like everything, they have advantages and disadvantages. The following article attemptsRead more

39 Swift and Insanely Fun DIY Tent for Kids

Anton Giuroiu / April 27, 2017

Fulfilling fantasies in childhood, living them and constructing them with ordinary items is probably one of the most extraordinary accomplishments of a child, they get to construct the extraordinary, the surreal; blanket and pillows will form castles and fortresses to rightfully protect luxuriant tea parties with dolls, unicorns and imaginary friends. A tent for a childRead more