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What Is Christmas Tree Collar & How To Use It?

Use an elegant Christmas tree collar to hide the unsightly tree stand of your Christmas tree. Available in woven, metallic, and wooden types, a tree collar can act as a protective cover and a décor item at the same time. 

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Everyone loves a lush and green Christmas tree in some beautiful corner of their house. But what about the unsightly tree stand? The base of a Christmas tree is hardly an attractive part. Stray wires, flimsy branches, and unfavorable mud are some things you might wish to hide from plain sight. 

Traditionally, Christmas tree skirts were used to cover up the base of the tree. But that look is now old and less convenient, with people now moving on to Christmas tree collars. But what exactly is a Christmas tree collar? Let’s get into the what, how, and why. 

What Is A Christmas Tree Collar?

A Christmas tree collar is basically just a protective covering that goes around the Christmas tree stand, where a tree skirt would normally go. It is designed to hide the base of your tree and be sleek and functional. It is conical in shape and goes around the base of a tree, hiding it. 

Tree collars seemed to have originated on Pinterest by the DIY-girlies, who started to cut the bottoms of galvanized metal buckets to hide the Christmas tree stand. 

It is easy to forget about the base of the tree while you are decorating your Christmas tree. If you don’t really like a traditional Christmas tree skirt, a Christmas tree collar is a great option for making the stand of your tree look streamlined and sleek. 

Different Materials Used To Make Christmas Tree Collars

Different Materials Used To Make Christmas Tree Collars

You can buy Christmas tree collars in a variety of different materials depending on your budget and preference.

1. Galvanized Tree Collars

Galvanized tree collars are of a silvery-steel color and have the classic galvanized ‘spangle’ look. This silver tree collar would look best with silver and gold tree ornaments to complete the whole metallic look.

2. Woven Tree Collars

You can also buy woven Christmas tree collars, which are mostly available in neutral colors like taupe, pale brown, yellow, and gray. A woven Christmas tree collar would provide the perfect warm and cozy look to your tree. It would blend in with the lushness and would not distract from your Christmas decorations.

Whether it's rattan, wicker, or seagrass, a woven tree collar is something that will blend in with most types of decorations. Thus, it will definitely be a part of your Christmas décor for a long time.

3. Metal Tree Collars

Another material used to make Christmas tree collars is metal. A tree collar doesn’t just have to be in a galvanized silver color. You can also buy metallic tree collars in red or gold. They will give a more rustic vibe to your Christmas tree if that is the look you are going for.

4. Hammered Tree Collars

You can also get a hammered metal tree color for a more rough and striking look. The dazzling surface would provide a twinkling effect at the bottom of your tree. Even your Christmas lights would reflect against the hammered surface to give off a shiny look. These hammered collars are available in copper, silver, and brass. So you can easily match your decorations to each color.

5. Wooden Tree Collars

A wooden tree collar is a great option for a farmhouse vibe. You can choose between lighter or darker wood and also choose amongst the painted options. Wooden tree collars are pretty unique as well since they are square instead of round.

Different Types Of Christmas Tree Collars

There are different types of Christmas tree collars available for you to choose from. Here is a brief description of each type to help you make an informed purchase.

1. Hinged Tree Collar

Hinged collars have 2 or 3 hinges in them, so you can actually open them up and wrap the tree collar around the tree stand. The hinges make a hinged tree collar very easy to install since you just have to open it up and fix it in place. They are suitable for almost all Christmas tree sizes.

Additionally, the hinged tree collar provides an opening for tree watering. This is why a hinged collar is the best option for a fresh and real tree.

2. Ring Tree Collar

A ring tree collar is a solid round piece that cannot be adjusted for size. These solid collars are more durable since they don't have any moving parts that have a chance of breaking. Since the size of this tree collar cannot be adjusted, this option is best for people who use an artificial tree or the same-sized fresh tree every year.

Obviously, if you ever decide to go for a different-sized tree, this tree collar would become useless.

3. Square Tree Collar

If you thought ring tree collars were less common, a square tree collar is even more unique. So, if you are searching for something that is unique and quirky, a square tree collar is the best option for you. Since square tree collars are usually made from wood, they would blend in very well with cozy Christmas décor.

The only drawback is that since the base of a Christmas tree is round, a square tree collar might fit a little weirdly. Arranging gifts around the square tree collar can also be a bit tricky.

4. Panel Tree Collar

Panel tree collars can be disassembled into smaller segments, This makes them very easy to store since you only require a small storage space. But you do require some assembly before you can install them on your Christmas tree.

Advantages Of Using A Christmas Tree Collar

People have been using Christmas tree skirts for years to cover up the base of the Christmas tree. But the look has now gotten old and used. It is also not very functional since kids or pet animals might trip over it. Additionally, it is very easy to mess up the look of the skirt.

This is why many people have been choosing tree collars over the traditional tree skirt. It is more convenient to use than a skirt. It also gives a better look. Whether you choose a woven or metallic tree collar, your Christmas tree is bound to look the very best.

No more unsightly tree stands or the messy look of a tree skirt. A Christmas tree collar would help provide an extremely sleek and streamlined look.

How To Choose The Right Christmas Tree Collar?

How To Choose The Right Christmas Tree Collar?

A Christmas tree collar is supposed to cover the base of your Christmas tree. So, it should cover up the base of the tree perfectly and look elegant at the same time. There are several factors you can keep in mind while looking for the perfect Christmas tree collar.

1. Size

The most important factor you need to think about is the Christmas tree collar size. Since it is supposed to hide the unsightly tree stand, there would be no point to it if it didn’t cover the tree stand completely. You will have to get the exact measurements of your tree stand to make sure the tree collar fits all the way around your tree base.

The opening in the middle of the tree collar should be wide enough to allow the Christmas tree’s base to fit inside while all the other parts of the tree collar remain firmly attached to the ground.

There is not a lot of variety available in the sizes of Christmas tree collars since most Christmas tree stands are of the same general size. A diameter of 27 inches is the most common size you will find. If your tree, however, is on the wider side, you can find even bigger options. As for the height, you can get a tree collar measuring anywhere between 9 and 12 inches in height.

It would be better if you measure the size of your tree stand beforehand since the whole point of a tree collar goes away if it doesn’t fit around the base of your tree perfectly.

Keep in mind the proportions as well. You wouldn’t want a tree collar that is so big that it distracts from the other decorations on your tree, right? On the other hand, a tree collar that disappears beneath the tree is also not desirable. So, try to get a tree collar that fits in perfectly with your tree and the rest of your Christmas decorations.


Try to get a tree collar whose width is the same as that of your Christmas tree at the halfway height. This way, you will get a perfectly proportionate look.

2. Color And Finish

A Christmas tree collar doesn’t have to just cover the base of your tree. It can also serve as a Christmas décor. Tree collars are available in a variety of colors like taupe, pale brown, red, silver, brass, etc. Try to match the color of your Christmas tree collar with the color of your Christmas décor.

This way, you will get a more cohesive and elegant look. For instance, woven tree collars look great with red or green Christmas decorations. Hammered tree collars, on the other hand, look best with rustic-looking Christmas décor.

Metal tree collars look great with more elegant and sleek decorations.

3. Durability

You also need to keep in mind the durability of the Christmas tree collars. After all, you are going to be using it every single year. Also, note that it will be stored away in some dark corner of the house for most of the year. So, there is a chance your tree collar might get ruined during its long storage.

A metal or galvanized tree collar is bound to stay in shape for a long time by virtue of its durability. Obviously, metal is hard to ruin. You just need to store it away from moisture and dust to make sure it lasts you a long time.

A woven basket, or a woven tree collar, on the other hand, is more fragile and flimsy. It has a greater chance of getting ruined by the time you take it out for Christmas.

So, you really need to weigh out the options here. The warm cozy look or the durability?

4. Storage

As talked about before, your Christmas tree collar will be stored away for most of the year. So, you need to figure out how much storage space your tree collar is going to take for around 11 months of the year.

Buying a collapsible Christmas tree collar is a great option since you easily disassemble it to store it in a small area. Additionally, tree collars that can break into small segments are easy to assemble and store.

However, if your chosen Christmas tree collar is not collapsible, you will have to make a special storage space for your tree collar. Keep Christmas ornaments and decorations inside the tree collar so it is kept safe. Also, don’t forget to keep the box the tree collar came in. That would greatly help in storing a non-collapsible tree collar.

How To Use A Christmas Tree Collar

Most Christmas tree collars are hinged, meaning you can open them from some points and wrap them around your real or artificial tree. However, if your Christmas tree collar is just one piece, you will have to install it in place at the base of your tree before you put up the rest of the tree.

To make sure the tree collar is a good fit for your Christmas tree, you need to measure the tree stand beforehand. Buy the tree collar according to the measurements you take. This way, your tree collar will fit perfectly to the tree stand.

You can also fill in some satin cloth, cotton, or any other preferred material to give a look of fullness. This will make your tree collar look even more streamlined and sleek.

Decorating Your Christmas Tree Collar

As said before, a Christmas tree collar doesn’t have to be just functional. You can decorate it to make it look more festive and match the vibe of the rest of the Christmas decorations. It ultimately depends on your personal style.

You can stick Christmas-themed stickers and ornaments on the tree collar to make it match the holiday season. You can also hang tassels and decorations from the tree collar.

Additionally, you can also fill in the inside of the tree collar with different materials to achieve a Christmas look. Whether it’s a blanket, satin cloth, gifts, a garland, velvet, Hessian fabric, or artificial grass, you can fill in the empty space with whatever you want to turn the tree collar into a fancy cover.

In the same way, try to match the color and the finish of the tree collar with the rest of your decorations. A hammered tree collar might look out of place in more warm-toned Christmas decorations. But a woven tree collar would fit right in! So, go with the vibe.

Can I use a Christmas tree collar on any type of Christmas tree?

Yes, you absolutely can. Whether it’s real trees or artificial trees, you can use a tree collar with either. It is a great option for real trees since it will stop any kids or small pets from messing with the water-filled base of the Christmas tree. 

Can I make my own Christmas tree collar?

Don’t like the traditional styles of Christmas tree collars? Well, you can make your own. Turn your plain-old tree into a beautiful one by making a tree collar on your own. Be sure to measure the size of your tree stand before you start working on the collar. 

You can make a tree collar out of wicker for a woven tree collar. You can also take a galvanized bucket and slice the bottom off to get a galvanized tree collar. You can find many other ways to DIY (Do it yourself) your own tree collar. Just start scrolling on Pinterest! 

Do Christmas tree collars hold water?

No, they don’t hold water since they are hollow inside. Just fill the tree stand you normally use with water and then wrap the tree collar around the base. 


I highly advise you to try out a tree collar this year. Ditch the ugly look or the dirty tree skirt, and go for the functional tree collar. Whether it’s collapsible or solid, a tree collar will surely improve the look of your Christmas tree and give it a more chic and sophisticated appearance. 

I mean, you get to decorate it, choose your preferred color and finish, and it is easy to store. What more could anyone want?