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7 Best Artificial Christmas Trees of 2023

The artificial Christmas tree from the Best Choice Products takes the crown in terms of durability, longevity, and affordability. Christmas trees from the National Tree Company and PREXTEX are also excellent because they are unlit, so you can decorate them the way you want. 

Best Artificial Christmas Trees

Some traditions, like putting up an artificial Christmas tree, are difficult to break. Nevertheless, an artificial tree eliminates the inconvenience associated with a live Christmas tree, from fallen needles to sparse branches. Not to forget, the allergies that accompany real Christmas trees. 

Instead of hunting for a perfect centerpiece every festive season, opting for artificial trees will be the best, this will allow you more time to spend with family, and hunting for great gifts. Continue reading to learn about the 7 best artificial Christmas trees on the market. 

Best Artificial Christmas Trees

1. Best Choice Products Premium Spruce Artificial Holiday Christmas Tree – Best for Both Home And Office Decor

This traditional spruce tree from Best Choice Products earned the title of the best artificial Christmas tree because of its robustness. 

What lends to its strength and robustness are the PVC metals used in the construction. Because PVC metals are well-known for their corrosion and chemical-resistant properties, I placed the tree outside, and it withstood the natural elements well. 

Quite similar to a real Christmas tree, this Premium Spruce tree comes equipped with a metal stand, which is foldable. Further enhancing the durability are the metal-hinged branches and flame-retardant branch tips. Rest assured, this classic-style Christmas tree is built to last many seasons. 

Assembling the tree was hardly a half-an-hour task, thanks to the detailed instructions. Though relatively easy to assemble, pushing and fluffing the branches for a semi-realistic appearance takes a lot of time. 

On the flip side, disassembling the tree is no more than a 5-minute chore. Once disassembled, you can store it in your garage or garden shed, as it doesn’t require much space. 

Easy assembly and disassembly coupled with a lightweight design makes this Christmas tree portable. While I bought the 7.5ft tree with about 1,350 tips, you can go for a 6ft tree with approximately 800 tips or a 9ft tree with more than 2,000 tips.  

A streamlined alternative to a real Christmas tree, this classic-style tree comes un-lit, which gives me the freedom to use any electric light, ornaments, garland, Santa or other decoration items every season. 

All in all, this artificial Christmas tree makes for an excellent pick in a big room with a high ceiling. 

Tree Type: Spruce | Material: PVC Metal | Tip Count: 1,346 | Base Type: Stand

2. National Tree Company Artificial Full Christmas Tree – Best For Tight Spaces

Standing tall at 6.5ft, this Artificial Full Christmas Tree from National Tree Company deserves praise for its realistic look. 

Molded from real tree branches, the tips are crush-resistant and appear life-like. In fact, one of my neighbors mistook it for a real Christmas tree until she touched the tips and realized it was an artificial tree. 

But the needles are also fire-resistant and hypoallergenic. Assembling this minimalistic tree wasn’t much of a task– I was able to set it up in less than 10 minutes. The lightweight design, in addition to hinged branches pre-attached to the pole, makes assembly a breeze. Though easy to set up, pulling the tips apart and peeling the branches will require 30 to 45 minutes. 

A sturdy stand is added to support the weight of the pole and the hinged branches, which can be folded for easy storage. 

As it is free of any décor or lighting, users can decorate the tree as they want. Every year, I change the décor and switch the lighting, so you can do that too. Garlands, wreaths, and Bethlehem stars, there are plenty of options in regard to decorating the tree. 

What’s more, the tree doesn’t occupy much space, thanks to its slim and sleek silhouette. Just place it in any nook and corner of your home, and it will exude festive vibes in the space. 

Disassembly was also easy, as the tree fits back in the storage box it comes in. However, the box doesn’t close fully, perhaps because of the fluffy branches. 

Tree Type: Fir | Material: PVC Metal | Tip Count: 1,838 | Base Type: Stand

3. PREXTEX Premium Christmas Tree – Best For Hanging Ornaments

Another one of the fir Christmas trees that I bought at the suggestion of my close friend is this Premium tree from PREXTEX. 

Featuring realistic Canadian fir, this artificial tree looks no less than a real Christmas tree. Setting up this tree is a relatively easy task, thanks to its easy-to-follow instructions. With the PREXTEX Premium Christmas Tree, creating the illusion of a real Christmas tree isn’t difficult. All you have to do is fluff the fir needles, and they will look as authentic as the needles of a real tree. 

Besides the hinged branches, a sturdy metal base is added to the tree to ensure it’s well-supported. 

Because of the high-quality pine needles and sturdy metal base, this slim artificial Christmas tree is safe for use both indoors and outdoors. It withstands heavy snow and the harsh rays of the sun well, unlike other artificial Christmas trees. 

Those who prefer decorating Christmas trees in their own way will like it because it is unlit and undecorated. From adding a light bulb to Christmas ball ornaments, you can unleash your creativity to customize it as you want. 

This faux Christmas tree is only 2 ft. wide and 4 ft. tall, which makes it ideal for compact spaces, but it may not be the right choice for large spaces. If a 4 ft tall Christmas tree is too small for your medium-sized room or patio, you can order the 6 ft option. 

Disassembling the tree is also easy-peasy– defluff the realistic needles, take off the tree, and pull apart the stand. Thereafter, put it back in the box and store it anywhere you want. 

Tree Type: Fir | Material: Metal | Tip Count: 320 | Base Type: Stand

4. Balsam Hill Premium Artificial Christmas Tree – Best Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree With Candescent Lights

All those who wish to skip the hassle of untangling the intertwined Christmas lights would find the Balsam Hill Premium Artificial Christmas Tree ideal for their needs.

Wondering why? That’s because it comes pre-lit, saving you from the hassle of spending time ordering lights and installing them.

This Fraser fir faux tree, unlike other artificial Christmas trees, features candescent LED lights instead of the incandescent light bulb, which casts a soft, warm glow that matches every décor. Upon turning the light on, it instantly changed the atmosphere of my dining space into a festive one.

Noteworthily, the light-emitting diode or LED lamp illuminates the space without burning out, which is why I included this artificial Christmas tree in my list.

From assembling the stand to attaching the hinged branches, this pre-lit tree is easy to assemble. A pair of gloves is also supplied with the package, which makes unfluffing the branches an easy task.

Besides extra fuses and bulbs, a storage bag is supplied with this fake tree for off-season storage.

Where other fake Christmas trees damage the floor, this artificial Christmas tree won’t, as the stand features scratch-proof rubber feet. Hypoallergenic individuals will like this tree because it doesn’t trigger allergies. Unlike other fake trees, its hinged branches are free from tree-related allergens and crafted from flame-retardant materials.

This tree with pre-strung lights is equipped with a foot pedal that allows users to switch on and off the light without bending. Aside from 7 ft, this artificial Christmas tree is available in 4.5 ft., 5.5 ft., 6 ft., 6.5 ft., and 7.5 ft.

Tree Type: Spruce | Material: Polyvinyl Chloride | Tip Count: 2,366 | Base Type: Stand

5. SHareconn Pre-Lit Premium Artificial Hinged Christmas Tree – Best Lighting Modes

If bright white lights aren’t your priority and you’re looking for artificial Christmas trees with multiple lighting options, this premium hinged tree from SHareconn will fit the bill.

Of course, its pre-lit design with 330 warm and multicolored lights made me pick this artificial Christmas tree. As the tree allows users to switch between 8 lighting modes, you get plenty of freedom to customize the atmosphere of your space.

What’s more, the spruce-styled branch tips create a lush, natural appearance while offering plenty of room to hang clear lights, string lights, and other ornaments for celebrating Christmas and the holiday season.

Like most pre-lit trees, assembling the tree won’t consume much of your energy or your time. Arrange the study metal base, attach the 3 hinged sections, and unfluff the branches to achieve the classic Christmas tree shape.

Likewise, disassembling the tree is fairly straightforward– simply take off the hinged sections and dismantle the base. Once done, you can put it in the storage box and store it in any corner.

One thing I’d like to bring to your attention is that the base isn’t as stable as I thought. Because it’s slightly wobbly, placing it in one corner instead of the center will be the best bet.

In its construction, environmentally-friendly PVC material is used, so its durability is top-notch. Not just that, but it also lends the tree fire-resistant and compression-resistant properties, meaning it will last for plenty of holiday seasons.

Nevertheless, if you don’t mind spending a tad bit, the SHareconn Pre-Lit Premium Artificial Hinged Christmas Tree is well worth the money.

Tree Type: Spruce | Material: Polyvinyl Chloride | Tip Count: 1,018 | Base Type: Stand

6. Puleo International Pre-Lit Aspen Fir Artificial Christmas Tree – Slim Pencil-Shaped Tree With A Generous Warranty

Whether you’re looking for an artificial Christmas tree for your small patio or balcony, the Puleo International Pre-Lit Aspen Fir Artificial Christmas tree would be an excellent pick. I recommend this for small spaces because of its slim and space-saving design.

At 54” in diameter, this pencil-shaped artificial Christmas tree fits into tight spaces really well. Yet, this artificial Christmas tree makes for a perfect statement piece, as it stands tall at 6.5 ft. Or if you prefer a shorter version, I suggest you go for its 4.5 ft counterpart, as it has a slightly low profile. 

What makes it among the best Christmas trees is the high-quality materials used in its construction. Where the majority of artificial Christmas trees are made of only PVC metal, the brand goes a step further and uses polyethylene, a common plastic, too, in crafting the branches.

As for the tree stand, it’s made from sturdy metal, so it scores high both on aesthetics and durability.

Setting up this artificial Christmas tree won’t be time-intensive labor. As soon as you arrange the metal frame, you’ll have to add the hinged branches, and that’s it.

Because the tree comes pre-attached with light bulbs, it eliminates the hassle of adorning it with lights or other ornaments. That means this artificial Christmas tree is ready for use right after assembly.

Not to forget, this artificial Christmas tree is backed by a generous warranty of 5 years on the tree and 2 years on the lights. Budget shoppers may not find this tree suitable because it comes with a steep price tag.

Tree Type: Fir | Material: Polyethylene, Polyvinyl Chloride | Tip Count: 903 | Base Type: Stand

7. Vickerman Flocked Utica Fir Artificial Christmas Tree – Best Flocked Faux Christmas Tree

With Vickerman Flocked Utica Fir Artificial Christmas Tree, it’s easy to make your home a winter wonderland even if you live in places with warm climates.

Of course, I picked this faux snow artificial Christmas tree because it was adorned with frosted branches, appearing as if the snow had fallen upon it freshly. Because of its aesthetics, it doubles as an accent piece, lending sophistication to your holiday décor.

Thankfully, the Vickerman Flocked Artificial Christmas Tree wasn’t as difficult to assemble as I thought it would be. This is due to the fact that there wasn’t any wire to connect, unlike other artificial Christmas trees.

After I assembled the metal stand, I attached the snow-white branches to it, and the tree stood upright within 15 minutes. Obviously, the tree is highly durable, as the heavy snow branches are supported by a metal base.

Further enhancing the aesthetics of this faux tree are dura-lit clear lights, beautifully flocked on the tips of hinged branches. In this regard, what caught my attention is that they are dura-lit lights, which function even when 2 or more bulbs cease to function.

Despite its pre-lit design, I hung a few ornaments, namely a wreath, glass balls, candy canes, tinsels, and baubles, and the tree held them well. So, if you want to hang ornaments, head to a retail store or holiday aisle like Walmart, The Home Depot, or Amazon (company) and purchase the ones you like and put them up on the tree.

While I purchased the 7.5’ height artificial Christmas tree, you can opt for a 9’ tree or a 4.5’ tree as per your needs.

Tree Type: Fir | Material: Polyvinyl Chloride | Tip Count: 1,650 | Base Type: Stand

Comparing The Best Christmas Trees Found That Are Artificial

Top Christmas Trees (Artificial)Tree TypeMaterialTip CountBase Type
Best Choice Products Premium SpruceSprucePVC Metal1,346Stand
National Tree Company Artificial Christmas TreeFirPVC Metal1,838Stand
PREXTEX Premium Christmas TreeFirMetal320Stand
Balsam Hill Premium Artificial Christmas TreeSprucePolyvinyl Chloride2,366Stand
Shareconn Pre-Lit Premium Hinged Christmas TreeSprucePolyvinyl Chloride1,018Stand
Puleo International Pre-Lit Aspen Christmas TreeFirPolyethylene, Polyvinyl Chloride903Stand
Vickerman Flocked Utica Fir Christmas TreeFirPolyvinyl Chloride1,650Stand

Buying Guide

Knowing the 7 best artificial Christmas trees is only half the information acquired. There are quite many factors that a shopper needs to consider when picking an artificial Christmas tree for their space.

That said, here’s a quick rundown of the factors you must look for in an artificial Christmas tree before buying it.

1. Size

The bigger the Christmas tree, the more beautiful your Christmas décor will look. However, you cannot go for a tree as large as The National Christmas Tree (United States) to celebrate the festive season.

What I mean to say is that size is an important factor when it comes to choosing an artificial Christmas tree. Ideally, your tree should neither be too short nor too long because, either way, it will break the look of your Christmas décor.

Whichever tree you opt for, make sure there’s a difference of at least 6 inches between the ceiling and the top of the tree.

2. Tree Type

Over the past few years, artificial Christmas trees have evolved to a great extent. That means there’s no shortage of variety when choosing the tree type.

Blue spruce, Vermont white spruce, Picea glauca, Abies balsamea or a balsam fir, conifer cone, Abies procera or the noble fir, Carolina pine, and Douglas fir– artificial Christmas trees are available in an array of types.

While all the tree types are evergreen, the difference lies in the design.

Spruce trees are cone-shaped and have sharper needles, whereas pine trees feature upward-facing branches and are sparse. Fir trees, on the other hand, come with soft and flat needles and are slightly denser than others.

3. Pre-Lit Or Unlit

Artificial Christmas trees are available in both unlit and pre-lit designs.

Unlit Christmas trees give homeowners the freedom to decorate them as they want. From multicolored lights to Christmas ornaments, you can use anything you deem suitable.

Meanwhile, pre-lit Christmas trees, as the name suggests, come equipped with lights. Some may feature clear lights, while others may be outfitted with multicolor lights. Lighting can be turned on/off or switched to various modes using a button on either the remote control or the foot pedal.

In comparison to unlit Christmas trees, you need not spend a lot of time decorating the pre-lit artificial trees. So, if you can spare enough time to decorate your artificial tree, an unlit artificial Christmas tree will be the best bet. Otherwise, go for a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree.

4. Setup

Typically, artificial Christmas trees come in 3 sections which need to be locked into each other for the tree to stand upright.

In regards to set up, the weight is important because a heavy tree won’t be assembled with ease. That means assembling heavy artificial trees would be a 2-person task.

Besides, you need to factor in the time you’ll have to spend opening the branches to make them appear full. In some trees, the process is easy, whereas making the branches consumes a lot of time in others.

Do Wayfair, Target Corporation, and Charlie Brown offer artificial Christmas trees?

Yes, Wayfair, Target Corporation, and Charlie Brown offer artificial Christmas trees. However, the only caveat is that their artificial Christmas trees are expensive compared to Amazon. 

Are artificial Christmas trees toxic?

Yes, almost all artificial Christmas trees are toxic because they are made of PVC and other toxic plastics. Exposure to such chemicals can lead to adverse health effects, so I suggest keeping your brand-new artificial Christmas tree outdoors for a few days after unpacking. This way, the chemicals will be aired out, and the tree will be safe for use indoors. 

Are pre-lit artificial Christmas trees worth it?

Yes, pre-lit Christmas trees are worth every penny in the sense that they save your money that would have been otherwise spent on buying lights. Besides, they save a lot of time that is consumed in adding lighting to the tree. 


Christmas trees, a symbol of eternal life, are an integral part of Christmas festivities.

Though real and artificial Christmas trees cost more or less the same, the latter is more cost-effective because they last for a good number of years. On top of that, they are low maintenance, so it’s a win-win situation!

Of all the trees I reviewed, the Best Choice Products Premium Spruce Artificial Holiday Christmas Tree is my top pick because of its flame-retardant branch tips, lightweight design, and affordable price tag.

A close second is the artificial Christmas tree from the National Tree Company because of its easy installation and sturdy stand. For everything else, refer to the buyer’s guide and FAQs to plan the perfect Christmas with the best artificial tree.