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9 Best Christmas Laser Lights To Light Up Your Holidays

The Yinuo Christmas light projector is the best projector on this list, with its Christmas patterns and impressive coverage. The Itoeo light projector comes second with its varied smart features and holiday patterns. Another good option is the Yuegang light projector due to its easy installation and durability. 

Best Christmas Laser Lights

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. And it is time to decorate your houses with some festive cheer! Whether it’s garlands, icicle lights, or light projectors, your house deserves the best decoration. But are you confused about which light projector would work best for you? 

No need to worry! Here is a list of the 9 best Christmas light projectors you can find in 2023. All these are easily available to order on Amazon. 

Top 9 Best Christmas Laser Lights

1. Yinuo Christmas Light Projectors - Best Overall 

The Yinuo Christmas light projector is a great option for a laser lighting display this Christmas. It has 6 different patterns, including Santa Claus, Bells, Snowflakes, Christmas Trees, Pentagrams and Dots, and more. These different patterns are projected in 3 colors, namely red, green, and blue. 

These lights can cover up to 3900 square feet from a maximum distance of 33 feet without any effect on the clarity of the festive display. Additionally, being made from aluminum alloy, this light projector is durable and IP65 waterproof. So, you can use them outdoors, even during the rain and snow. 

What’s more, the projector comes with a 180° adjustable projector head, meaning all corners of your house will be lightened up by the red, green, and blue Christmas patterns. 

Moreover, these Christmas lights also come with a remote control and a built-in timer function. The signal of the RF remote can provide control through 40 feet of unobstructed distance. 

The package includes a round base and a long ground stake, which means you can use the projector both indoors and outdoors. However, the power cord provided is just 10 feet long, so you will have to use an extension cord to use it outdoors.  

Coverage: 5000 sq. ft. | IP Rating: IP65 | Colors: RGB

2. Y Yuegang Christmas Projector Lights - Best Christmas Patterns

This Y Yuegang Christmas laser light projector is compact but impactful at the same time, with the ability to cover 3800 square feet from a maximum distance of 33 feet. The projector head can rotate 300° so you can find the angle that works the best for you. The light projector displays 5 different Christmas patterns, including Christmas trees, bells, snowflakes, and Santa Claus. 

The light projector also comes with an RF remote control, using which you can change the movement speed and the timer mode of the RGB color model, i.e., red, green, and blue lights. The projector has three motor speed settings and 4 timer settings: 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, and 8 hours. You can also reset the timer function using just a button on the remote. 

Additionally, you can put the light projector to both indoor and outdoor use by using the round base, and long ground stake included with the set. However, the adapter has a waterproof rating of just IP44, so you will have to be careful while using the projector outdoors. Usually, some sort of cover will make do. 

Moreover, this Christmas laser light has a temperature-sensing system that will shut down the projector if it gets a bit too hot. So, this projector will definitely last you many holiday seasons. 

Coverage: 3800 sq. ft. | IP Rating: IP44 (adaptor) and IP65 (outer body) | Colors: RGB

3. Itoeo Christmas Laser Lights- Best Coverage 

The Itoeo Christmas laser lights also showcase 5 different Christmas-themed patterns, including a snowflake, jingling bells, a Christmas tree, and Santa Claus in red and green lights. The projector has a coverage of 3800 square feet from a maximum distance of 33 feet. It also has an adjustable projector head, so you can easily aim the Christmas holiday wall light show wherever you want. 

Like the previous projector, this one also comes with a remote control through which you can set a timer function of 2, 4, 6, and 8 hours on. This helps improve energy efficiency and save you dollars on your energy bills. 

With the included round base, long ground stake, and extension cord, you can use this light projector both indoors and outdoors. However, the power cord only measures 16.4 feet, so you will probably have to use an extension cord. 

Additionally, the light projector supports a temperature-sensing system, which automatically turns off the projector if it gets too hot. This one also has a low waterproof rating for the adapter, i.e., IP44 but a good waterproof rating for the outer body of the projector, IP65. 

Coverage: 3800 sq. ft. | IP Rating: IP44 (adaptor) and IP65 (outer body) | Colors: RGB

4. Minetom Christmas Laser Lights Projector- Best Lighting Modes

The Minetom Christmas laser lights might be more expensive than the other light projectors, but they make up for the cost in their durability. The light projector is durable and portable. Made from ABS plastic and aluminum alloy, it is quite strong. Additionally, it has a waterproof rating of IP65, so you can use it both indoors and outdoors. 

Additionally, you get 3 lighting modes: breathing, dynamic, and static mode. However, all these light patterns are showcased in red and green lights. So, you don’t get a lot of variation in colors. 

You also don’t get a remote control along with the projector, so you will have to use the buttons on the projector to control it. But it does come with mounting equipment, which will help the projector withstand any strong winter winds. 

Coverage: NA | IP Rating: IP65 | Colors: RGB

5. MHAZDZE Christmas Laser Lights- Best Light Features

The Mhazdze Christmas laser projector provides a lot of control over the color display. You can adjust the rotating speed, flash frequency, step speed, and light color according to your preferences. 

The projector head has an area coverage of 3541 square feet from a maximum distance of 41 feet, after which the patterns will start to get blurry. 

The projector also supports the timer function: 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 hours. Additionally, the projector has a waterproof rating of IP65, so you don’t have to worry about the weather elements either. 

However, the projector is quite lightweight and would not be able to withstand strong winds on its own. So, you will have to provide it with some support to continue using it outdoors. 

Coverage: 3541 sq. ft. | IP Rating: IP65 | Colors: RGB

6. Caiyue Christmas Laser Lights- Best Color Combinations

The Caiyue Christmas light projector displays red, blue, and green lasers in 7 different color combinations. You also get three different lighting modes for the three colors: moving firefly effect, moving speed control, and static mode. With these variations, you can produce some interesting light settings. 

You get an expansive coverage of 3541 square feet at a maximum distance of 40 feet before the elaborate patterns start to get blurry. 

Additionally, you can format the timer function to automatically turn off after 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 hours. With the indoor base and outdoor pile extension, you can use this light projector outdoors as well. You don’t have to worry about the weather since the projector is IP65 waterproof and cold-resistant. 

Coverage: 3541 sq. ft. | IP Rating: IP65 | Colors: RGB

7. Lunmore Christmas Laser Lights- Best For Easy Installation 

The Lunmore Christmas laser lights emit fireflies (yellow-green) and blue lights, which would act as amazing Christmas decorations. Although it does not have dedicated Christmas light patterns, the firefly effect of the yellow lights would surely add to the holiday cheer. You can also choose to turn the individual colors on or off to get only specific colors. 

It is very easy to install as well. You can install it on the wall or in the ground using the ground stake included in the package. Additionally, you also get a remote control along with the light projector, so you can easily control the colors, speed, and timer functions.

With a waterproof rating of IP65 and maximum coverage of 900 square feet, you can use this laser projector for both outdoor and indoor use. However, as you can see, the coverage is quite small. 

Coverage: 900 sq. ft. | IP Rating: IP65 | Colors: Yellow, Green, and Blue

8. Sunyao Christmas Laser Lights- Best For Durability 

The Sunyao Christmas laser projector is a classic RGB laser light projector, having both moving and static firefly options for the Christmas display. Although it doesn’t have any specific Christmas patterns, you can use the three colors to create your own unique Christmas decoration. 

Having a waterproof rating of IP65 and an 18 feet long power cord, you can easily channel your Christmas spirit using this projector both indoors and outdoors. Additionally, the projector is pretty easy to install as well. You can use the remote control included in the package to control the light displays and timer functions (2,4, and 6-hour durations).

Moreover, Sunyao provides a 12 months warranty and a 30-day return and refund policy. So, you can always return the light projector if it doesn’t meet your needs. 

However, the light projector is quite pricey for not having any Christmas-themed patterns. You can buy it for durability and high quality if you don’t necessarily need a Christmas light project. 

Coverage: NA | IP Rating: IP65 | Colors: RGB

9. LedMall 8 Patterns Christmas Laser Lights- Best For Varied Patterns 

The LedMall Christmas laser projector can create beautiful light displays in eight patterns in red, blue, and green colors. Although you can’t select any one individual pattern to play, you can choose the speed and the brightness level of the light patterns using the remote control. 

You can install the light projector both indoors and outdoors pretty easily. It is just a simple matter of screwing and unscrewing the ground stake or the round base of the projector stand. 

Additionally, the projector is quite weather-resistant. Its metallic construction can withstand any harsh winter winds or snowfall. Even more, it comes with a security kit to ensure your projector stays where you install it. 

Moreover, the coverage area is also one of the largest on this list, so this is the projector for you if you have a big house or surface to cover. So, you can easily enjoy the beautiful and twinkling RGB patterns on any surface. 

However, the projector is the most expensive on this list. The high durability and weather resistance surely hike up the price. 

Coverage: 3500 sq. ft. | IP Rating: IP65 | Colors: RGB

Quick Comparison Of The Top Laser Lights For Christmas

Top Christmas Laser LightsCoverageIP RatingColors
Yinuo Christmas Light Projectors5000 sq. ft.IP65RGB
Y Yuegang Christmas Projector Lights3800 sq. ft.IP44 (adaptor) and IP65 (outer body)RGB
Itoeo Christmas Laser Lights3800 sq. ft.IP44 (adaptor) and IP65 (outer body)RGB
Minetom Christmas Laser Lights ProjectorNAIP65RG
MHAZDZE Christmas Laser Lights3541 sq. ft.IP65RGB
Caiyue Christmas Laser Lights3541 sq. ft.IP65RGB
Lunmore Christmas Laser Lights900 sq. ft.IP65Yellow, Green, and Blue
Sunyao Christmas Laser LightsNAIP65RGB
LedMall 8 Patterns Christmas Laser Lights3500 sq. ft.IP65RGB

Buying Guide For Christmas Laser Lights

Most people opt for traditional Christmas lights to decorate their houses during the holiday season. But more and more people are starting to choose laser lights for the festive season because of how easy and convenient they are to install.

Since this is such a new trend, you might be confused as to which points to look out for when buying a laser projector. Hence, this buyer’s guide. Hopefully, you will be left more informed about which laser projector to go for. 

1. Patterns

The best advantage of using a laser projector instead of traditional string lights is that you can get many different patterns. Whether it’s a Christmas-themed or Halloween-themed image, you can get a variety of patterns with laser projectors. Some projectors only have a few twinkling or dot patterns, while others have up to 10 patterns.

2. Weather Resistance and Durability 

You will most likely be installing the laser projector outside your house, and it will most likely be during the winter season. Keeping that in mind, you should be sure about the durability of your light projector depending on the climate in your area. Will it be able to withstand the strong winter winds? What if it rains or snows? Is it dust-resistant?

Be sure to get a laser projector with a minimum waterproofing of IP65. However, if you experience harsh weather conditions in your area, you might require an even higher rating.

3. Remote Control

It’s a cold Christmas night, and you wish to turn on your laser projector to get the Christmas cheer started. Surely, the thought of walking out into the cold weather and turning on the projector manually would be too deterring. So, projectors with remote controls help save a lot of time and energy.

A remote can allow for all kinds of adjustments from the porch or even inside the house, depending on the range of the remote. So, if convenience is a top priority for you, be sure to buy a projector with an included remote control.

4. Installation Process

The whole idea behind using a laser projector instead of traditional string lights is ease and convenience. So, what’s the point if the installation is too tricky? Most laser projectors on this list use a ground stake for outdoor installation, which is pretty easy to use. All you need to do is plug in the electrical cord, which only takes seconds.

5. Extra Features

Many laser projectors on this list are laden with multiple features like speed changes, lighting modes, timer functions, etc. All these will help increase the utility and performance of your laser light projector. Speed changes and different lighting modes offer variation. The timer function will help you save time and money in the long run.

At what distance should I install a Christmas light projector?

The best distance at which you should install a Christmas light projector varies from model to model. For some projectors, it is around 15 to 20 feet, while for others, it is 30 to 40 feet. If you place the projector beyond the given range, the light displays will start to lose clarity. 

For the clearest and most defined patterns, place the projector within the given range. So, check the required distances and range before you purchase the projector. 

Do Christmas light projectors work on trees?

A Christmas light projector works best on flat surfaces. But, with proper angles and placement, you can project some patterns onto a tree. Different projectors offer different levels of success with trees. 

Try to project most of the patterns on the trunk of the tree than the individual branches since the trunk is obviously more broad and flat. Place the projector at the base of the tree and angle it upwards towards the trunk for the best results. 

What is the advantage of using a Christmas light projector?

Christmas light projectors are becoming a popular alternative to traditional string lights. This is because they are so convenient and easy to install. No need for a ladder or anything, just place the light projector at the right place on your lawn, and you are good to go.

You don’t have to plan out where each individual light strand would go or pin the light strands in place. Additionally, you can get different Christmas-themed patterns without any extra effort. 


So, which ones are the best Christmas light projectors on this list? The Yinuo Christmas light projector stands out as the best Christmas light projector with its festive patterns and impressive coverage. It is also pretty affordable for the expansive features it offers.

The Itoeo Christmas light projector is the second best on this list because of its Christmas patterns and smart features. Another good option is the Yuegang Christmas light projector due to its elaborate projector lights and easy installation process.

Hopefully, this helped you figure out how to decorate your house the best way. Have fun light projecting, and have a very Merry Christmas!