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How to Hang Garland Around Front Door Without Nails

In order to not ruin your doors and walls to hang garlands, use adhesive hooks, ribbons, garland hangers, and twisty ties. You can also use fishing lines, zip ties, and floral wires to secure your garland in its place. 

How to Hang Garland Around Front Door Without Nails

Christmas décor is incomplete without a hanging garland around the front door. They help complete the look of the holiday season, like spring, fall, or Easter. It provides that cheery and merry feeling that makes a special occasion actually special. So, hanging a garland is one of my favorite things to do around Christmas. 

Yet, hanging a Christmas garland usually means drilling or hammering holes to put nails on the door frame, wall, or mantels. These permanent holes really ruin the look of your wall or door, and destroy its original look. Some people are also not so handy with the required tools. 

To avoid this exact problem, I have a few solutions here to help you hang a garland or a Christmas wreath without damaging your walls, doors, or mantels. 

Materials You Can Use

  • Adhesive hooks
  • Decorative ribbon
  • Garland hangers
  • Twisty ties
  • Nylon fishing line
  • Craft/Floral wire
  • Zip ties

How to Hang Garland Around Front Door

1. Using adhesive hooks

1. Using adhesive hooks

Adhesive hooks, or command hooks, are a great way to hang a Christmas garland or wreath. They come in different varieties of strength and hold up your garland without leaving any mark on the wall or door. There is no permanence of position either. You can move the hooks around to get the exact desired look.

You can use hooks for walls, doors, and staircases as well.

Hang garland on a door/wall using adhesive/command hooks

Follow the following instructions to get the perfect garland look on a wall.

  • Clean and dry the surface before applying the adhesive/command hooks
  • Apply the adhesive/command hooks at the desired positions
  • Hang garland on the hooks

Helpful Trick

Check the adhesive hook’s weight limit to make sure it can support your garland for extended periods of time.

Hang garland on a staircase using adhesive hooks

  • Clean and dry the surface of the staircase railing
  • Stick the adhesive hooks at the desired positions
  • Hang your garlands on the hooks
  • Add extra hooks in between to support the garland’s weight
  • Spread out the garland’s foliage to hide the hooks

Helpful Trick

Use clear wire or zip ties to organize your holiday garland further.

2. Using a decorative ribbon or twine

2. Using a decorative ribbon or twine

Decorative ribbons or twines add just the right amount of cheer to any holiday décor. So, they are the perfect option to help secure your garlands and wreaths.

Hang garland on a door/wall using decorative ribbons or twines

  • Tie the ribbon or twine to both ends of the garland
  • Tie the remaining ends of the ribbon or twine to a hook or any supportive place
  • Make the knot as elegant and crafty as possible to enhance the look

Hang garland on a staircase using decorative ribbons or twine

  • Wrap the garland around the staircase railing in the way you want
  • Now wrap the ribbon around it
  • Tie the ribbon or twine around the railing to secure the garland in place

Helpful Trick

Use a Christmas-themed ribbon to enhance the look of the holiday garland.

3. Using a garland hanger

3. Using a garland hanger

Hanging a garland is made so much easier by using a metallic garland hanger. Since it uses spring tension to secure the garland in place, there is no use in drilling or hammering holes. Garland hangers are available for both single and double doors.

How to hang a garland using a garland hanger

  • Mount the garland hanger and adjust it according to your door’s width
  • Loop the garland over the center and the corner of the hanger
  • Adjust and fluff the foliage of the garland to fit your doorframe

Helpful Trick

To know how much garland you need for your door, double the length of the door and add the door’s width to that.

4. Using twisty ties

4. Using twisty ties

Twisty ties are an easy and colorful way to secure your garland to your staircase railing. Give your hallways Christmas cheer using these.

How to hang a garland on a staircase using twisty ties

  • Wrap the garland around your staircase railing in the style you want
  • Place a twisty tie every two feet to secure the garland in place
  • Make sure the twisty ties are twisted enough to ensure extra support

5. Using a nylon fishing line

5. Using a nylon fishing line

Nylon fishing lines are an efficient way to tie a garland around the railing of your staircase since it helps to secure its place tightly.

Hanging garland on a staircase using a nylon fishing line

  • Start wrapping the garland around the railing from the bottom of the staircase
  • Wrap the nylon line around one end of the garland and the top of the banister
  • Tie a knot in the nylon line to make sure the garland stays in its place
  • Repeat the same method at the top of the staircase
  • Fluff the foliage of the garland to keep the nylon line out of view

Helpful Trick

Tie the center of the garland to the railing of your staircase to showcase a draping effect.

6. Using zip ties

6. Using zip ties

Using a zip tie is pretty similar to using floral wire.

Hanging garlands on a wall/door using zip ties

  • Tie loops onto the garland using zip ties
  • Hang the loop of the zip tie to existing hooks on your wall

Alternatives to garlands

Apart from a Christmas garland, you can also charm up the holiday season by hanging wreaths as well as ribbons. Christmas laser lights are also becoming extremely popular these days as Christmas and holiday décor.

You can follow the following step-by-step instructions to hang a wreath around your house this holiday season.

Hanging a wreath using adhesive hooks

  • Follow the same method as for the garland
  • Hang your wreath on the hooks in the desired position

Hanging a wreath using nylon fishing line

  • Place a hook on the inner side of your door frame, with the part with the hook facing downwards
  • Tie one end of the nylon line around the hook and make a knot to secure it in place
  • Make sure the nylon line can go over the top of the door and is long enough to hang your wreath from the desired height outside
  • Tie the other end of the nylon line tightly around the wreath
  • Now, suspend your wreath from the inside of your door

Hanging a wreath using ribbon/twine

  • Loop one end of the ribbon/twine through the center of your wreath
  • Secure the ribbon/twine in place by making a knot with the two ends
  • Find any hook in your desired location to hang the wreath using the ribbon

Helpful Trick

Bind the ribbon using an elegant knot to add a style element.

Hanging a wreath using craft/floral wire

  • Loop the craft/floral wire through the back of your wreath
  • Use the loop to hang the wreath from a hook or a peg
  • Twist the wire to secure it in place
  • Add some decorative ribbon to hide the craft wire

Hanging a wreath using an over-the-door wreath hanger

Most over-the-door wreath hangers are made to fit standard-size doors and are made using a metallic frame. Thus, they are an excellent option in case you wish to hang a heavy wreath on your front door.

  • Place your wreath hanger over your door
  • In case you have an adjustable wreath hanger, check the hanging height
  • Hang your wreath on the hanger
  • Fluff the foliage of the wreath to showcase the Christmas spirit

Helpful Trick

Use a level to ensure the wreath hanger is installed straight.

Hanging Christmas lights

Hanging Christmas lights is the best way to kickstart your holiday season. Whether you hang them from your Christmas tree or you hang them outdoors, they definitely add to the Christmas cheer. 

Hanging these lights around your staircase, on your front door, or around your Christmas tree mainly uses those same methods that any Christmas garland requires. But you need to remember to exercise safety and caution while hanging any garland since it can be very easy to hurt yourself. 

How do I determine the length of garland I need for my front door?

As already mentioned in a helpful trick above, you can determine the length of garland you need for your door easily. Just measure the length and width of your front door using a measuring tape. Now double the length and add it to the width of the door. This is the amount of garland you need to wrap around your door once. 

If you want to tie the garland around your front door more than once, adjust the length and width accordingly to get the needed length. 

Can I use suction cups to hang a wreath/garland around my front door?

Yes, you can. There are several suction cup hooks that are designed specifically to hang garlands and wreaths. Make sure to check the weight limit on the suction cup against the weight of your garland or wreath. After that, it’s pretty much the same as using an adhesive hook. 

Clean the area before attaching the suction cup. Give the cup a tug, and you are ready to attach your garland or wreath. 

How do I store the garland after the holiday season is over?

After the holiday season comes and goes, and the garland is done spreading its cheer, it is time to store it away safely. Follow these steps to store your garland securely. After all, you might require them during the next holiday season. 

  • Remove any of the added ornaments, ribbons, bells, etc. 
  • Lay the garland flat and fold it in half 
  • Gently align all the stems in the same direction 
  • Layer all of it in a large Sterilite bin 

The Sterilite bin helps to keep the bugs and the moisture away, protecting your precious garlands from getting ruined. It also helps to preserve the shape of the garland so that you can reuse it next year. 

Will the garland be secure if I use tape to hang it around my front door?

You can technically use a few pieces of scotch tape to hang a garland around your front door. But don’t expect it to stay in place for longer than a few hours. This is because the adhesive power of scotch tape is not powerful enough to secure the garland in place for a long time. 

Duct tape might be powerful enough to ensure longevity. But it will surely ruin the look of your perfect Christmas garland with its dull gray color. 

Can I reuse the materials I use to hang the garland next year?

It depends on what material you’re asking about. You can definitely store away the adhesive hooks, wreath hangers, garland hangers, and ribbons and use them for decoration next year as well. 

However, in the case of twine, floral wire, zip ties, nylon fishing line, and twisty ties, it is best to throw those away. Buy them afresh next year to make sure they perform their functions properly. 

How do I ensure that the garland hangs evenly around my front door?

You can use a leveler to ensure the garland hanger is secured in a straight line. You can also use a scale or ruler to ensure the adhesive hooks or the suction cups are attached in a straight line. Additionally, make sure the length of the garland is enough to be wrapped around your front door. All this will help ensure that the garland hangs evenly around your door. 


Who doesn’t like to add some Christmas cheer in the form of decorations? Plus, you don’t have to ruin your precious walls or doors to hang these decorations. Whether it’s a festive garland or a charming wreath, there is no need to ruin your freshly painted walls or your newly varnished doors.

Just use all these super easy methods to hang your garlands and wreaths without using nails. Save your walls and save your doors. And have a very Merry Christmas!