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30 Best Dirty Santa Gift Ideas Under $25 for an Epic Christmas

Best Dirty Santa Gift Ideas Under $25

Christmas isn’t just a holiday or any occasion. Christmas is an emotion of profound joy that redoubles with every wish, blessing and thoughtful gifts given and received.

It is a time for wondrous celebration, delectable feasts, and the joy of sharing with others.

However, for those on a budget, it can get a bit strained to provide for loved ones. Also, the last minute shopping rush can rob the shelves off of your preferred choice of items.

But, we believe that nobody should stay unfulfilled, go empty-handed or have to adjust to a last-minute pick-up on this beautiful and benevolent time of the year.

This is why we have compiled an extensive list of all that we think would make a useful and compassionate gift. The catch is that all of these would cost you less than $25!

So, do take a look at what we have in store for you!

Best Dirty Santa Gift Ideas Under $25

1. Throw Blanket

This lush and absolutely cozy polyester throw blanket from Home Fashion Design makes for a warm and romantic gift for the season! It is made of durable and high-quality plush velvet and is designed for giving you the utmost comfort owing to its breathable and lightweight fabric-texture. It is easy to wash and pill-resistant.

It has a beautiful lattice pattern and comes in a range of vibrant colors. It looks great in any room and makes for an elegant home decor statement!

2. Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

This sweet little lone Christmas tree comes with a Linus blanket with your favorite Peanuts characters depicted on it.

It takes away the hassles of elaborate decorations or getting expensive Christmas trees. The ornament provided with it comes wrapped in the blanket that helps to keep the tree assemblage in place. Place it anywhere without the fear of getting your tree knocked over.

This is the perfect decoration for a quiet Christmas spent indoors with that special someone.

3. Classic Board Games

Brighten up the festive evenings with some spirited board games such as the Hasbro Monopoly! This is one game that sits wonderfully well with all ages and successfully captivates all attention.

Buy, sell, dream and trade to win. Scheme your way to riches and take over the properties of your opponents to build houses and hotels on their land. And finally, bankrupt your competitors to win it all!

4. Gourmet Cookies

Grand festivities call for delicious and toothsome merry-making! Sweeten up your souls and spirits with this marvelous box of exclusive gourmet chocolate cookies by Barnett’s.

This elegant-looking ribbon-wrapped box contains 12 delectably flavored chocolate covered sandwich cookies that are each hand-dipped in premium dark chocolate and are finished off with 12 assorted toppings, packed with love and care.

Also, all of Barnett’s baked goodies are Kosher non-dairy certified that makes it safe to be consumed by lactose-intolerant recipients.

5. Personal Planner

And for all the busy bees looking to plan a productive start to the new year, we duly suggest this extremely work-efficient personal planner by Artfan. It comes with yearly and monthly goal organizing sections, a 2021-2019 calendar for the yearly overview, contact pages, and a gratitude column.

And to make things more proactive, it also includes exciting stickers that make it more convenient and easy to maintain.

This planner will help you to efficiently maintain your aims and goals while providing immense inspiration via the motivational quotes and gratitude column that you get with it.

6. Christmas Candles Gift Set

Nothing spells Christmas better than a charming candle lighting up the house with the spirit and scent of festivity. And this Christmas candle gift set from Yankee Candle is just what you need to begin your celebrations with for the season!

This amazing Christmas candle gift set contains one Balsam & Cedar candle with a beautiful Winter Wonderment stenciled snowman tumbler candle holder.

It brings in a rich fragrance of a mystical blend of aromatic cedar wood and juniper berry that warms up your Christmas with a festive forest scent.

7. Christmas Tree Ornament

Christmas celebration is incomplete without a decked Christmas tree and beautiful Christmas ornaments glittering everywhere you look. Make your celebrations even more wonderful with this set of 12 assorted Dancing Angel Christmas Tree Ornaments that are excellent for decorating anything in and around the house!

You can put these adorable painted angels up anywhere on your Christmas tree or furniture or even decorate gifts with it for your loved ones. It delivers a perfect festive touch to anything you put these on!

8. Classic Christmas Movie

If you’re home alone on a Christmas night, then that is precisely the movie that you need to watch! Spill your guts out laughing with the classic “Home Alone” starring Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern on Amazon Prime video.

It makes for a brilliant watch on a silent wintery night alone, with family or with a special somebody. This is one movie that never fails to have its effect on its viewers!

9. Cards Against Humanity

So, taking a sharp turn from the “cute and pretty,” we bring you one card game that goes against the normal rules of humanity. Intrigued much? Then get yourself a pack of Cards Against Humanity that, as the tagline goes, is supposed to be “a party game for horrible people”!

Unlike most traditional games you’ve played before, this one brings in a naughty zing in any otherwise innocent gathering with its wacky humor and absolutely mind-bending gameplay!

It includes a booklet of sensible game rules and another utterly preposterous one containing alternate rules! Each round will have a player asking a question from a Black Card which everybody else will have to answer with their funniest White Card.

10. Smart Kitchen Gadgets

For every delicious meal we enjoy, there goes in a lot of effort, hard work, and love from whoever it is that’s preparing them for us. So, this Christmas, let’s make the cooking-game hassle-free and enjoyable for all our dear ones!

The Kitchen Gizmo Snap and Strain strainer is a compact, clip-on silicone colander that helps you strain your food easily and quickly even in limited counter space. It snaps on any kind of utensil, is dishwasher safe and FDA approved.

11. Cool Coffee Mugs


This is a universally favored gift that you just cannot go wrong with! Gift this beautiful porcelain glazed blue ceramic mug from Yuletide Charms Collection by burton+BURTON that has Santa raised up cheerfully on the front!

It makes for a perfect Christmas for practically anyone and be sure that anybody would simply love it, you can find more cool coffee mugs over here.

It is dishwasher and microwave safe, and also FDA approved.

12. Stylish Photo Frame


Never let a good moment disappear down the memory lane without capturing it first! And, for achieving exactly this, we recommend these stylish picture frames from Americanflat that lets you picture-bind the most wonderful and priceless and moments of festivity!

These wooden frames have polished glass fronts that allow crystal-clear views of your pictures and help preserve your important documents. These also include wall-mounting facilities.

So, share the joy by gifting these beautiful frames to your loved ones in this festive season!

13. Teapot

And what could be better than a steaming hot cup of your favorite tea with a book by the window on a snowy and quiet evening?

Get this beautiful borosilicate glass teapot from Hiware to make a hot cuppa tea for yourself and your family and indulge in the aromatic warmth to refresh your senses!

This heat-resistant teapot is specially designed with a non-dripping spout and an ergonomic handle. The stainless steel mesh infuser sits snugly inside the pot and helps you to get the perfect flavor for loose or blooming teas. It is dishwasher and microwave safe and lead-free.

14. Cozy Christmas Socks

Christmas is literally incomplete if you do not throw in or put on a favorite pair of cheerful socks! Get this pack of 6 October Elf Christmas Socks to get your spirits high up this festive season!

These multifunctional brightly colored socks are made using polyester/spandex and coral cashmere that keeps your feet warm and cozy all day long! These are ‘one-size-fits-all’ items and make for lovely holiday gifts.

15. Movie Night Gift Basket

Looking to get a perfect date night with your carefully selected collection of movies to impress?

Make your moments special with this scrumptious Redbox Movie Night gift basket by SB SnackBox, that offers up all the essentials for a grand movie night!

It includes single packs of Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, M&Ms, Hot Tamales, Black Forest Gummy Bears and so much more along with a 1 Night DVD Rental Code Gift Card from Redbox!

16. 100 Places/ Movies/ Albums Scratch-Off Bucket Lists

Scratch-off Bucket List merchandise are a great way to have a splendid family time together! These make for really awesome gifts for books, movies, and music lovers.

Get this fabulous scratch-off bucket list poster from Gift Republic that features 100 must-listen-to albums for all and is an ideal present for the music-geek around you!

17. Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Stay hydrated and fit with the Hydracy Fruit Infuser water bottle that lets you infuse your drinking water with the essential nutrients of fruits.

Prepare a quick detox water with the beneficial extracts of herbs and fruits on the go and enjoy the fruity taste that will keep you refreshed throughout the day!

It has a leak-proof design with an insulative cover that ensures your water stays cool. It is made of FDA approved food grade and BPA-free durable East Tritan that makes safe for recurrent usage.

18. Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp

The Levoit Himalayan Sea Salt Lamp is undeniably one of the most beautiful and unique objects one could have or give as a gift. Not only do these natural pink crystal rock salt lamps make for a stunning home decor but they can supposedly also effectively rid the environment of excessive moisture and germs.

These provide a soothing glow making for an ideal nightlamp. The Levoit salt night lamps come with a safe touch dimmer. These are ETL, FCC, ROHS, and CE approved.

19. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Make a delicious and hearty breakfast for your loved ones in just 5 minutes with this Breakfast Sandwich Maker by Hamilton Beach! This maker consists of all removable parts that are dishwasher safe and has every surface layered with a durable, nonstick coating for easy cooking.

Easily make your favorite sandwiches using fresh ingredients, eggs, and cheese. Or, get innovative by using English muffins, biscuits or small bagels. It also includes a few quick, easy recipes!

20. Earth & Sea Spa Essentials

Indulge in an exotic spa experience with this beautiful and glamorous aroma candle gift set by Earth & Sea Spa Essentials.

The set contains a 100% soy wax large cream-toned candle with a clear glass bowl, 3 earth-tone tea-light candles with embossed leaves, a plush ribboned cotton bath, and a palm-sized pumice stone.

Enriched with calming sandalwood essential oil, this luxurious spa set makes a perfect combination for relaxing, refreshing and rejuvenating your senses.

21. Ginger Beer

Pump up your winter merry-making even more with the zingy hit of Fever-Tree Ginger Beer!

This popular concoction is prepared by brewing a blend of 3 kinds of ginger from Nigeria, Cochin and Ivory Coast that matures into a deep, long-lasting palatable flavor without being too sweet. It is a refreshing, smooth-textured ginger beer with a clean and sharp taste to it.

22. Xmas T-Shirt

Be the heart and soul of the celebration with this amazing Santa’s Elf T-Shirt from Ann Arbor T-Shirt Company! It looks cool on everybody and brings the spirited, festive humor into any gathering.

Every T-shirt from the brand is manufactured using top-notch materials. The company prides itself on having a brilliant team of engineers, designers, artists, and printers who ensure maximum satisfaction and comfort in each thread that it weaves around.

The products are easy to wash and maintain and are stated CFC and carcinogen-free by the State of California.

23. Bath Bomb Gift Set

Aren’t bath bombs one of the greatest inventions ever? Pamper yourself in this fabulous range of invigorating bath bombs by LifeAround2Angels that offers specially handcrafted relaxing bath bombs with 12 exotic fragrances! These are absolutely environment-friendly and cruelty-free with non-staining colors.

These also provide therapeutic and moisturizing benefits for all normal/dry skin types and are formulated with flower petals for a luxurious experience.

The set makes an ideal gift for anybody on any occasion!

24. Essential Oil Set

The Essential Oil Set from Natrogix Bliss includes 9 wonderful essential oils that provide a range of extremely therapeutic benefits. These include tea tree, rosemary, sweet orange, lemon, lemongrass, frankincense, peppermint, lavender, and eucalyptus.

Painstakingly extracted and refined to perfection, these essential oils are claimed to show its curative effects within 48 hours of use. These help calm the body and mind and energize the senses.

These can be used both externally or mixed with different recipes. You also get a free eBook with 200 custom recipes with the set.

25. Elf on the Shelf- A Christmas Tradition

This sweet and fun-filled tradition owes its existence to the children’s book of the same name written by Carol Aebersold and her daughter Chanda Bell.

And this is precisely what you get in this Elf on the Shelf package: a naughty and sprightly little boy scout elf that reports to Santa each night to let him know about who has been naughty or nice!

Engage in a lighthearted game of hide n seek with your little ones and put up the toy at different places each day to create the mystery of a spying elf! If you need a bit of information about this magical tradition, here you can find no less than 137 elf on the shelf ideas!

26. Exploding Kittens Card Game

This is an exceptionally engaging card game that deals with angry kitties, explosions, laser beams and sometimes, well, goats. It is played like the Russian roulette where you draw cards until somebody draws an exploding kitten and the rest is for you to find out!

Highly strategic, the aim is to dodge the bullet at all times!

It is a family-friendly and widely-loved game that is illustrated by the Oatmeal.

27. Crochet Santa Hat with Beard Foldaway

Bring in the cheer and joy of the season with this funny little crochet beanie Santa hat that has a weird beard foldaway! This is unisex knitted Christmas hat that makes a sweet and fun gift for friends or kids.

The ‘one-size-fits-all’ dimensions fit most adult heads ensuring a comfortable wear for all. It keeps you fashionably warm and makes you the center of attention and attraction in a crowd.

28. Crochet Christmas Tree Hat

The Kafeimali crochet Christmas Tree hat is an adorable knitted beanie cap for your little bundle of joy! It is a 100% handmade crochet merchandise that fits all babies of 3-6 months of age.

The color is a vibrant fir green with tiny colored fluff sprinkles.

It looks heart-meltingly cute on a baby-head and makes for a beautifully thoughtful gift for parents to dress their munchkins in.

29. LEGO Bricks & More Santa

A superb gift for LEGO fans and Santa fans alike, this LEGO set celebrates the season’s charm by inviting Jolly Santa with movable arms and a buildable chair on its set! It is a fantastic gift for your little ones that offers an appropriate building experience for ages 7 and up.

However, do keep smaller parts out of the reach of infants, toddlers, and pets.

30. Holy Foot Hammock

Rest those tired feet and ease up a little at your desk with this cool foot hammock from Hola-Holy! It comes with a universal fastening system that includes adjustable high tension ropes and screws in rubber clamps. These enable you to fix it under any desk.

It has a durable soft fabric that is easy to wash.

It is especially helpful for people who need who need to rest their backs at regular intervals such as pregnant women or patients recovering from injuries or post-op surgeries.



We hope you enjoyed our elaborate list of gift options under $25. We have carefully selected such items that we think would be useful, thoughtful and beneficial for most of you.

Here’s wishing everyone a splendid Christmas ahead!


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