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Flocked Vs Frosted Christmas Tree Compared – A Real Winner?

Flocked Christmas trees have artificial snow covering their branches, mimicking heavy overnight snowfall. Frosted Christmas trees also have a layer of artificial snow, but it’s much lighter to resemble freshly fallen snow. 

Flocked Vs Frosted Christmas Tree

In the world of holiday decorations, flocked and frosted trees are popular choices for creating a wintry look. Flocked trees are coated in a synthetic powder to resemble freshly fallen snow, while frosted trees have a lighter dusting of white paint or glitter. 

Flocking became famous in the 1940s and 50s after such artificial trees were introduced in Hollywood movies in the late 1930s. In this guide, I look at both flocked and frosted trees in detail. 

Flocked Vs Frosted Christmas Tree

Flocked Christmas Trees

Flocked Christmas Trees

Flocked trees are natural or artificial Christmas trees covered with a unique flocking material to give them the appearance of freshly fallen snow. The flocking material is usually a mixture of adhesives and faux snow sprayed onto the branches and tips of the tree to create a snowy, white appearance.

Pros and cons of flocked trees

Let’s check some of the pros and cons of Flocked Christmas Trees.

Frosted Christmas Trees

Frosted Christmas Trees

Frosted trees are artificial Christmas trees that have been sprayed with a light dusting of artificial snow or frost to give them a wintry appearance. These trees are often made of green PVC branches designed to imitate a real tree dusted with snow.

Unlike flocked trees covered in a thick layer of faux snow, frosted trees have a more subtle appearance.

Pros And Cons of Frosted Trees

Let’s check some of the pros and cons of Flocked Christmas trees.

Comparing Flocked and Frosted Trees

Comparing Flocked and Frosted Trees

Let’s compare the two types of trees, highlighting the similarities and differences of flocked vs frosted Christmas trees:


  1. Ambiance

Flocked and frosted trees are designed to add a wintry ambiance to a room and create a festive atmosphere.

  1. Durable Options

Drawing from experience, I can say they are both durable options that can be appropriately stored and reused year after year.

  1. Decorative

Both trees can be decorated with ornaments, white lights, and other holiday decorations to suit various decorating styles as indicated by several tests.

  1. Multiple Sizes

They both come in a range of sizes, from small tabletop trees to large, full-sized trees that can be the main attraction of a room based on my first-hand experience.


  1. Snow

Flocked trees are covered with a thick layer of faux snow that gives them a snowy appearance, while frosted trees have a light dusting of artificial snow or frost. Moreover, flocked trees can create a cozy, snowy ambiance, while frosted trees provide a subtler wintry look, which I found when I tried this product.

  1. Variety

My findings showed that flocked trees are available in natural and artificial varieties, while frosted trees are usually artificial.

  1. Maintenance

After spending time with them, I found that flocked trees can sometimes be messy and shed flocking material, while frosted trees are less likely to create a mess.

  1. Decoration

Based on my own tests, flocked trees can be more challenging to decorate due to the thick layer of flocking, while frosted trees allow for more natural greenery and branch visibility.

Which Type Of Tree Is Better?

Flocked and frosted Christmas trees both offer unique ways to decorate your home like a winter wonderland.

Flocked trees are covered in faux snow, providing the appearance of heavy snow on the branches. They can be used to create a snowy and serene setting, and are a great way to bring a touch of white Christmas into any room.

Frosted trees, on the other hand, offer a more subtle shimmer, with a light dusting of white paint or glitter. They are a good option for those who want to add a touch of holiday spirit without the mess of flocking material.

Artificial Christmas trees offer the convenience of reusability and easy storage. But a real tree will require more maintenance and care. When it comes to decorating, flocked trees are best paired with white lights and natural greenery, while frosted trees look great with silver and metallic ornaments.

Which one is more realistic looking?

Frosted trees tend to look more realistic as they imitate the look of freshly fallen snow on a tree. 

Do flocked or frosted trees shed more?

Flocked trees are known to shed more than frosted trees. 

Can you use the same decorations on both types of trees?

Yes, you can use the same decorations on flocked and frosted trees. 

Are flocked or frosted trees more expensive?

In general, flocked trees are more expensive than frosted trees due to the cost of the flocking material and the labor required to apply it. 

Which type of tree requires more maintenance?

Flocked trees require more maintenance than frosted trees. Frosted trees may also require some maintenance, but it is typically less than that of a flocked tree. 

Are there any safety concerns with flocked or frosted trees?

Flocked and frosted trees can be flammable if they come into contact with a heat source, such as a candle or fireplace. It's essential to keep the trees away from heat sources and to use safe lighting and decorations. 

Which type of tree is better for outdoor use?

Neither flocked nor frosted trees are recommended for outdoor use, as the flocking or frosting can discolor or melt in direct sunlight, water, or harsh weather conditions. 


When selecting a flocked or frosted Christmas tree, consider the décor style of your room. If you have a rustic or natural theme, a frosted tree may be a better fit, while a flocked tree may complement a more traditional or classic holiday décor..


When choosing between a flocked or frosted Christmas tree, it ultimately comes down to personal preference and the desired look for your space. Flocked trees offer a more realistic snow-covered appearance, while frosted trees provide a subtle shimmer. Both types of trees can be used to create stunning holiday décor, whether it be through garlands, wreaths, or other evergreen decorations. 

Additionally, artificial trees provide a convenient and reusable option, while real trees offer the classic pine scent and natural beauty. No matter what type of tree you choose, incorporating elements like silver, snow, and paper decorations can add a touch of holiday magic to any space. 

Remember to keep your tree well-watered and safely decorated to celebrate a happy and healthy holiday season.