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Learn How to Keep Wreaths and Greenery Fresh This Season

To maintain the freshness of holiday wreaths and greenery by storing them in a cool, sun-free spot in breathable containers. Avoid stacking or crushing the greenery to preserve its structure and extend the life of your holiday décor. 

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Are you tired of spending money on fresh wreaths and greenery every holiday season, only to have them dry out and wither away after a week? 

It's a frustrating and all-too-common problem, but fear not! With a few expert tips and tricks, you can keep wreaths and greenery fresh looking, and vibrant all season long. So put down that wilted wreath and keep reading to learn the secrets of the pros. 

How to Keep Wreaths and Greenery Fresh 

Keep Wreaths and Greenery Fresh: Tips and Tricks

First off, always start with fresh greenery. The freshest greenery can be found at a farmers market or even in your own backyard if you live in a cold climate. Look for greenery with firm, pliable stems and vibrant colors to ensure that it's fresh and healthy. 

Now, before using the greenery to create wreaths or garlands, make sure to soak it in water overnight or for a few hours to hydrate it properly. Think of it as giving your greenery a good ol' hydrating spa treatment. And if you want to be extra kind, gently crush the cut ends of the stems to help the greenery absorb even more water. Voila! Your greenery is now feeling fresh and rejuvenated. 

To keep your live greenery looking its best, it's important to keep it away from direct sunlight and heat sources like fireplaces or heating vents. Direct sunlight and heat can cause premature drying, which can make your greenery look dull and lifeless. It's like a sunburn for your greenery, and nobody likes a sunburn. So keep your greenery happy and healthy in a cool, shaded spot. 

One of the best ways to keep your greenery fresh is by using a moisture sealant spray like Wilt-Pruf. This anti-transpirant spray helps to retain moisture in the foliage and keeps your greenery looking crisp and vibrant. For outdoor displays, it's essential to mist the greenery regularly with a misting or spray bottle to help it stay hydrated. You can also use an anti-desiccant spray to prevent your greenery from drying out. 

Lastly, don't forget to use pine, cedar, other evergreens, and even berries to create beautiful arrangements for your holiday décor. Hang your fresh wreaths and garlands indoors or outdoors to add a festive touch to your home or office. 

How to Properly Store Fresh Holiday Greenery

How to Properly Store Fresh Holiday Greenery

Now that you know how to keep your wreaths and greenery fresh during the holiday season, it's important to talk about how to store them properly. After all, you don't want to go through all that effort just to have your greenery wilt and dry out a few days later. 

Finding the Perfect Storage Spot

Step one: Find a top-secret hiding spot. I'm talking about a location that is cool, dark, and perfect for keeping your greenery fresh for longer. This will help slow the drying process and keep the greenery fresh. Think of it as your very own Greenery Fort Knox! 

Bonus points if your hiding spot is pet-proof! We all know how much our furry friends love to munch on anything that resembles a tasty snack. But not this time! Keep your fresh Christmas greenery safe and sound from any four-legged intruders by finding a spot that is off-limits to your pets. 

Use Breathable Containers for Storage

Step two: Find a storage container with breathing holes - just like how we need fresh air, your greenery needs it too! Don't let your plants suffocate in a sealed container. By using a storage container with ventilation, your evergreen cuttings, spruce stems, and holly berries can thrive in a cool and fresh environment. 

Proper storage is the first step to ensuring that your fresh garlands, live wreaths, and cedar boughs last the entire season, both for indoor and outdoor decorations. So don't just hang your fresh greens anywhere - find the perfect spot with as much water, cool temperatures, and daily misting as possible. 

Don't Stack or Crush The Holiday Greenery

Step three: Don't flatten your holiday greenery like a pancake - give it the love and care it deserves! Your fresh garlands, evergreen boughs, and juniper sprigs are not just decorations. They are living plants that need to maintain their shape and structure. 

To prevent your fresh greenery from wilting and losing its shape, avoid stacking or crushing it. By giving your fresh greenery room to breathe and space to maintain its shape, you can ensure that your Christmas décor looks fresh and beautiful throughout the season. 

Additional Tips and Tricks

Additional Tips and Tricks

1. Use Fresh Elements

Consider using natural decorations like pinecones, magnolia leaves, cedar branches, or even fruit, like berries, to decorate your wreaths and garlands. These can add texture and perfume to your decorations while also helping to keep the greenery fresh. 

2. Repurpose The Greenery

After the holiday season is over, you can repurpose the greenery by using it in floral arrangements or as a natural decoration for your home. Just be sure to remove any dead or wilted leaves before using them. 

3. Add a Few Drops of Essential Oils

Adding essential oils like peppermint or eucalyptus to the greenery can help keep it smelling fresh and fragrant. 

4. Hang Greenery Upside Down

Hanging live greenery upside down can help them last longer by allowing the moisture to be distributed more evenly. 

5. Consider Using Artificial Greenery

If you want the look of fresh greenery without maintenance, consider using a mix of fresh and artificial greenery. This can give your decorations a more natural look while also making them easier to care for. 

6. Use a Bleach Solution

Mix a small amount of bleach with water and dip the ends of the greenery into the solution before attaching them to the wreath or garland. This will help kill any bacteria that can cause the greenery to wilt or decay. 

7. Avoid Using Wire

Using wire to attach greenery to wreaths or garlands can damage the stems and cause them to dry out more quickly. 

8. Use Floral Foam

If you're creating a wreath or centerpiece with fresh flowers, use floral foam to keep the flowers hydrated. Soak the foam in water for at least 30 minutes before use and keep it moist throughout the season. 

9. Add Aspirin

Crush a few aspirin tablets and mix them with water, then dip the ends of the greenery into the solution before attaching them to the wreath or fresh garland. The salicylic acid in aspirin can help keep the greenery fresh. 

What are some natural ways to preserve fresh-cut greens and wreaths without using chemicals?

Natural ways to preserve fresh greens include soaking them in water, misting them regularly, using anti-transpirant sprays or anti-desiccant, and keeping them away from direct sunlight and heat sources. 

What are some ways to repurpose wreaths and greenery after the holiday season is over?

After the Christmas and holiday season is over, wreaths and greenery can be repurposed as a decorative touch for the front door, porch, ribbon, garden, fireplace mantel, or as part of floral arrangements. They can also be used for floristry. 

How long can wreaths and greenery typically last when properly cared for?

The lifespan of wreaths and greenery depends on the specific type of plant and how well they are cared for. Typically, with proper care, they can last for several weeks outdoors and up to a month or more indoors.

Can wreaths and fresh greenery be stored for future use? If so, what is the best way to store them?

Yes, wreaths and fresh greenery can be stored for future use. It's best to store them in a cool, dry place, wrapped in paper, or stored in a container to prevent moisture loss. 

What are some common mistakes people make when trying to keep wreaths and greenery fresh?

Common mistakes people make when trying to keep wreaths and greenery fresh include exposing them to too much sunlight or heat, not watering or misting them regularly, and not properly pruning or trimming the plant stem and leaves. 

What types of greenery are best for wreaths and garlands?

Fir, cedrus, pine, and magnolia are popular choices for wreaths and garlands due to their durability and fragrance. Buxus, Tsuga, and other evergreens can also be used to add texture and variety to your holiday décor. 


There's nothing quite like the sight and smell of fresh wreaths and greenery to set the festive mood. And with these tips and tricks, you can make sure your decorations stay fresh and lively throughout the entire season. 

Go ahead and add a few drops of essential oils, avoid using wire, mist regularly, and use a water-resistant sealant, among other tips. These simple but effective strategies will ensure your wreaths and greenery stay fresh, vibrant, and fragrant all season long. From the warm and cozy scent of peppermint to the refreshing aroma of eucalyptus, your decorations will bring joy and happiness to all who enter your home. 

So, don't hesitate to give these tips a try and see the difference for yourself.