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5 Best Luxury Christmas Wrapping Papers Reviewed

The Hallmark Foil is one of the best wrapping papers, available in 3 designs and covering 60 square feet. A close second is the Wrapaholic wrapping paper covered with shrink film for added protection and featuring 4 Christmas designs. 

Best Luxury Christmas Wrapping Paper

Christmas is a time of snow-covered streets, cute lights in neighborhoods, and a feeling of warmth amidst the cold weather. And adding to the merriment is the tradition of gift-giving. Young or old, everyone loves receiving gifts in beautifully wrapped boxes with a golden bow. 

Although you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, I say you can judge a gift by its wrapping paper. Here are 5 options you can use this Christmas. 

Top Luxury Christmas Wrapping Paper

1. Hallmark Foil - Best With Grid Lines

If you have a lot of Christmas gifts to pack but don't have time to make your own custom wrapping paper, go with this Hallmark foil wrapping paper due to its large size. Many consumers regard it as the best wrapping paper because this 3-pack holiday gift wrapping paper measures 60 square feet.

Every individual role is 8 feet long and 30 inches wide, measuring 20 square feet. Moreover, these wrapping papers are available in 3 unique designs - broken branches with rose gold patterns, metallic gold snowflakes, and shiny silver depicting Evergreen trees.

Using this wrapping paper set will cover most of your gift wrap needs this holiday season, especially considering there are grid lines on the back of the paper. These lines on the back of the metallic paper help in straight-line cutting for immaculately wrapping gifts this Christmas, winter solstice, Hanukkah, birthdays, graduations, etc.

Most importantly, the high-quality wrapping paper is made from organic materials derived from well-managed forests. Hence, it's eco-friendly and perfect for kids, seniors, parents, or coworkers to wrap gifts together.

Another reason why it's better than a different wrapping paper is the built-in card tag. If you have ready-made gift cards at home, attach a band of wrapping paper of a different color around the box. Then tie a ribbon and add decorative elements like a bell before placing the card behind the band.

Size: 60 sq. ft. | Number of Rolls/sheets: 3 | Number of Designs: 3 | Special Features: grid lines, eco-friendly

2. Wrapaholic - Best With Foil-Accented Holiday Icons

Part of the experience of giving or receiving the perfect gift is the holiday wrapping paper people use. Beautiful wrapping paper, like the metallic sheets from Wrapaholic, will add to the feeling of getting a gift during the holiday season, thanks to the unique designs on each roll.

This high-quality paper is sought after for its metallic shine, "From Santa" lettering, Santa Claus images, and silver snowflakes. You will also find a Christmas script and Christmas hats featuring the "ho ho ho" design. Overall, there are 4 designs available, each having winter and foil-accented holiday elements.

Best of all is the high-quality construction of this wrapping paper, as it's thick and doesn't rip or tear easily. I love that manufacturers have added a shrink film to these wrapping papers, protecting them from dust or scratches. As a result, they are ideal for wrapping gift boxes of various sizes to uphold the beautiful nature of the package.

And like my first option, this wrapping paper also has grid lines on the reverse side for straight-line cutting. Every roll of wrapping measures 305 cm in length and 76 cm in width, resulting in a total coverage of 25 square feet per roll.

People looking to unleash their creative side can even use it for decorating their Christmas trees this winter.

Size: 25 sq. ft. | Number of Rolls/sheets: 4 | Number of Designs: 4 | Special Features: shrink film

3. Papyrus - Best With Jewel Tone Snowflakes

Most wrapping paper online stores or websites, like Amazon, have many options, but few stand out, like the Papyrus roll, considering the striking snowflake design. The set includes 3 rolls of wrapping paper, each with holographic silver or jewel-toned snowflakes.

The jewel tone roll measures 30 inches x 8 feet, while the silver metallic roll is around 30 inches x 9 feet. Moreover, due to the brushed foil and holographic finishes, the silver flakes of various designs form the perfect gift wrap.

You can use this wrapping paper for holiday and Christmas gifts or to set the Christmas table and create unique holiday displays. Particularly pleasing is the premium quality of this wrapping paper, which you won't find in any container store. The beautiful paper is packaged in continuous rolls, so it doesn't have creases and covers presents in a clean, crisp wrap.

Plus, the durable design reduces the chances of tearing from the corners. Homeowners can get more creative by designing fancy folds, pockets, and contrasting patterns, which you can pair with gift tags, labels, bows, and ribbons from Papyrus.

Size: 20 sq. ft. | Number of Rolls/sheets: 3 | Number of Designs: 3 | Special Features: shimmering designs

4. Lomimos - Best With Laser Film Coating

The holiday season would be incomplete without Santa and his reindeer, so Lomimos uses reindeer designs on its wrapping paper to generate interest among people of all ages. Each wrapping paper measures 29.92 x 144.09 inches and is covered in a thick laser film, preventing this kraft paper from deforming or breaking.

But despite the added durability, the paper is lightweight and is easy to gift wrap. You can use it to wrap multiple items simultaneously or cut the wrapping paper to the desired size to fit the gift. The objective is to keep wreaths and greenery fresh in everyone's collective memory as the essence of Christmas, lending more value to your kind gesture.

Each wrapping paper is printed with multiple snowflakes in keeping with the festival theme. I love the inclusion of Christmas balls, Christmas trees, and the elk element designs. Plus, the shiny and beautiful appearance of the wrapping paper helps illuminate the presents to create a unique holiday atmosphere.

You will notice that these wrapping papers are mostly white, as it helps match the laser effect for adding elegant and lovely color to the presents. And what makes it the best wrapping paper for many people is the grid lines on the back for smooth cutting.

Apart from Christmas presents, you can use them to cover books for a freelance writer friend or decorate photo frames for the festive season. There is also no unpleasant smell after you spread the sheets and the gifts are wrapped, making it ideal for kids or adults.

Size: 30 sq. ft. | Number of Rolls/sheets: 4 | Number of Designs: 2 | Special Features: laser film protection

5. Whaline - Best With Gold Elastic String

When you are looking for an option offering more than the usual two sheets or five sheets of wrapping paper, opt for Whaline, which comes with 12 sheets. Along with the wrapping paper, the manufacturers have added gold elastic strings in 2 rolls. 

As a result, you can use this good-quality wrapping paper for most art projects and holiday gift-wrapping needs. You will notice that the wrapping paper features navy blue as the background color, allowing gold foil elements like stars, snowflakes, and Xmas trees to pop on the surface.

There are 6 designs, perfect for artwork or unique gift wrap ideas. Moreover, each piece of wrapping paper measures 50 x 70 cm, so it's ideal for wrapping large gifts during the holidays. But if needed, you can cut the paper easily into smaller sizes and finish the gift wrap with the 16.4 feet string.

I especially like the durability offered by this holiday gift wrap set, as the paper is hard to tear. Thanks to the clear and easy prints, it's also reusable, allowing you to fold and cut the paper for any family occasion.

You can use it to cover the table or create artistic impressions for a wedding, baby shower, birthday, winter holiday, etc.

Size: 3.77 sq. ft. | Number of Rolls/sheets: 12 | Number of Designs: 6 | Special Features: patterned gold foil elements

Comparing Luxury Christmas Wrapping Papers Available

Luxury Christmas Wrapping PapersSizeNumber of rolls/sheetsNumber of designsSpecial features
Hallmark Foil60 sq. ft.33grid lines, eco-friendly
Wrapaholic25 sq. ft.44shrink film
Papyrus20 sq. ft.33shimmering designs
Lomimos30 sq. ft.42laser film protection
Whaline3.77 sq. ft.126patterned gold foil elements

Luxury Christmas Wrapping Paper Buying Guide

Here are 3 factors you must consider to choose the right gift-wrapping paper this holiday season.

1. Style

The most important factor before deciding on the right wrapping paper for the big day is its appearance. Depending on the occasion, you can pick a suitable gift wrap from a reliable company like Rifle Paper Co. For instance, you can opt for funky papers for a kid's birthday paper but something more traditional, with Santa Claus and reindeer, during Christmas.

2. Grid Lines

Make sure your choice of wrapping paper has grid lines on the back, which makes it easy to cut the paper into the right size and required number of pieces. Thanks to the grid lines, you can measure how much paper you need, thereby saving time and money.

3. Size And Paper Weight

Although wrapping paper is available in both sheets and rolls, choosing the right-sized paper is essential based on the size of the gift. Sheets are usually smaller and ideal for wrapping small gifts, while rolls are larger.

Also, check the GSM rating of the wrapping paper because a higher GSM (Grams per Square Meter) value means the paper is heavier and of a higher quality. Any wrapping paper with a GSM value between 80 and 120 is considered good quality.

Is Christmas wrapping paper bad for the environment?

If you use wrapping paper from a reputable organization, like Rifle Paper Co or Whaline, the organic and safe materials used in the construction make it reusable. But there are cheap variants that are challenging to recycle since they are made of mixed materials. 

Such Christmas wrapping papers go straight to landfills and mix with the soil, which may harm the environment. 

How much Christmas wrapping paper is wasted?

It's estimated that Americans spend $12.7 billion on wrapping paper every year, while 4.6 million pounds of wrapping paper is manufactured every year. Out of these, 2.3 million pounds of wrapping paper is wasted and sent to landfills. To put this in context, Americans throw away enough wrapping paper to encircle the earth nine times

What is Christmas wrapping paper made from?

The best wrapping paper brands use recyclable Kraft paper to make their products, ensuring the papers have sufficient thickness and can be manufactured in multiple colors. A major benefit of Kraft paper is it's more durable and much less pliable than tissue paper. Hence, you can use thicker wrapping paper to gift wrap most presents without tearing or breaking. 


Christmas is incomplete without the fun of gift-giving, and the best way to surprise your loved ones is by wrapping the gifts in beautiful paper. Remember when you were kids and all your brothers and sisters would run down to the Christmas tree, eager to tear off the wrapping paper? 

This simple addition adds to the suspense and heightens the excitement before people get to the actual gift. So, it's crucial to put some thought into the wrapping paper you are using and whether it complements the mood of the holiday season. 

So, let me know what wrapping paper you used and how it helped spread the cheer this Christmas and holiday season!