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5 Best Stocking Holders For 2023 | Reviews + Guide

The FINMOR stocking holder is constructed using high-quality metal that provides it with durability and a low-profile design that takes up very little space. Another option, the Iconikal stocking holder, comes with reinforced hooks and can be easily customized by painting. 

Best Stocking Holder

Hanging stockings on Christmas Eve is one of the oldest Christmas traditions alive today. 

But while finding the perfect stockings to hang is easy, putting them up can be a bit complicated. That's where stocking holders come in, which allow you to easily hang your stockings from the mantel or other surfaces. 

In this guide, I've reviewed the best Christmas stocking holders currently available. So, let's take a look! 

5 Best Stocking Holders

1. FINMOR Stocking Holder - Best Mantel Stocking Holder

This is one of the best stocking holders available and comes in a pack of four pieces. It is made of high-quality metal that does not bend and is durable enough to support all sorts of Christmas decorations.

The metal stocking holder has a subtle finish that matches your mantel and has a smooth surface that makes it easy to attach other decorations. Aside from Christmas ornaments and decorations, this stocking holder can even support your shopping bag.

It has a low-profile design that takes minimal space and allows you to display your stockings and other items easily. Also, the holder is easy to clip on and compatible with mantles of several different shapes and sizes.

Color: Nickel | Material: Metal | Mounting Type: Desk mount | Maximum Recommended Load: 10 pounds

2. Iconikal Stocking Holder - Most Customizable Option

Another excellent metal stocking holder worth checking out is this one from Iconikal, which is shaped like a snowflake. It is constructed using thick, high-quality metal and has reinforced hooks, making it quite sturdy. Thus, it is easy to attach to any mantel, bookcase, or shelf for hanging normal-sized stockings.

In addition, I like the design of this stocking holder, which allows it to be used for art projects besides decorative purposes. The holder looks great in almost any room and can help enhance its appearance. You can also paint and customize it as required to create the perfect décor for the holiday season. 

As for its holding capacity, it can hold up to a maximum of two pounds, which means you can place lightweight items inside it easily. 

Color: Chrome | Material: Metal | Mounting Type: Desk mount | Maximum Recommended Load: 2 pounds

3. Komotu Christmas Stocking Holder - Best For Large Stockings

If you're looking for an elaborately designed Christmas stocking holder with sturdy construction that will last long, this product from Komotu might be a great choice. Constructed using zinc alloy, this stocking holder is a durable option that is also resistant to rust and corrosion.

It can be used to hang different Christmas decorations, including stockings, balls, lanterns, etc. In fact, you can even use it for other occasions, like Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween, and New Year's Day.

What I liked most about this stocking holder is that it has a rotatable disc at the top, which makes adjustments easy. Also, protective pads at the bottom prevent the holder from slipping off the mantel and other surfaces. At the same time, these pads help protect the mantel surface.

Color: Silver | Material: Metal | Mounting Type: Desk mount | Maximum Recommended Load: 10 pounds

4. ORIENTAL CHERRY Stocking Holder - Best Free-Standing Stocking Holder

The next item I'll be reviewing is the ORIENTAL CHERRY Christmas stocking holder, a free-standing holder that does not need to be attached to your fireplace mantel. It comes with multicolored lights and artificial green vines, perfect for spreading holiday cheer.

You can easily change the lights from a solid color to blinking ones, and the holder is battery-operated. It also features large letters spelling out the word joy at the top, which I found to be a nice touch. And there are five hooks arranged on the holder, making it great for hanging family stockings.

Another noteworthy feature of this stocking holder is that it is very easy to assemble and disassemble. This means you do not need to waste time putting it together for the Christmas and holiday season.

Color: Black | Material: Metal | Mounting Type: Desk mount | Maximum Recommended Load: 10 pounds

5. CM Stocking Holder - Best Holder For Christmas Trees

The CM stocking holder is also a great pick for the Christmas season, featuring a unique design that incorporates rubber bumpers and hard metal construction. There are four pieces in this stocking holder set, making it quite affordable.

But what makes this stocking holder special is that you can even use it on your Christmas tree and for regular everyday use. The rubber bumpers on this tree stocking holder prevent it from slipping when attached to a hard, flat surface, keeping stockings and other decorations intact.

Additionally, it has an amazing design that goes well with different types of décor and makes it a great gift. I would also like to point out that the hard metal construction of this stocking holder makes it an incredibly durable option.

Color: Silver | Material: Metal | Mounting Type: Desk mount | Maximum Recommended Load: 10 pounds

Quick Comparisons Of Top Stocking Holders

Top Stocking HoldersColorMaterialMounting TypeMaximum Recommended Load
FINMOR Stocking HolderNickelMetalDesk mount10 lb.
Iconikal Stocking HolderChromeMetalDesk mount2 lb.
Komotu Christmas Stocking HolderSilverMetalDesk mount10 lb.
ORIENTAL CHERRY Stocking HolderBlackMetalDesk mount10 lb.
CM Stocking HolderSilverMetalDesk mount10 lb.

Stocking Holder Buyer's Guide

Now you know about the best Christmas stocking holders worth considering, it is time to look at the factors that should be considered when choosing between them. 

1. Quality

The quality of a stocking holder will depend on the materials used to manufacture it, and high-quality options will be made of premium materials. They will be more durable and last longer while also looking good. To know about the quality, go through customer reviews of the products before making a decision. 

2. Installation Type

Another factor to consider is how the stocking holder will be installed. The most common type of stocking holder is installed on the holiday mantel, though you can also find free-standing ones. Just ensure that the stocking holder you pick is stable and does not fall down easily once installed.

3. Brand

Going with a reputed brand may make it easier to find high-quality stocking holders that will provide a better experience than those from a relatively unknown brand. However, this is not always true, and you can find some excellent options from lesser-known brands with proper research. 

4. Budget

Your budget will determine which stocking holder to select, as both costly and affordable stocking holders are available on the market. The price will generally depend on the material, design, additional features, etc. 

How much weight can stocking holders hold?

The weight holding capacity of different stocking holders can vary significantly. Some holders can hold just two pounds or even less weight, while others can hold more than ten pounds. Generally, this is mentioned on the product page of the stocking holder.

Are free-standing stocking holders better than mantel holders?

Both free-standing stocking holders and mantel ones are good options and serve different purposes. Free-standing stocking holders are best for situations where you do not have a fireplace mantel or similar place for putting up your stockings. However, mantle stocking holders are more traditional and have a classic appearance. 

What can you hang in a stocking holder?

A stocking holder can be used to hang Christmas figurines, such as those of Santa Claus, reindeer, snowmen, etc. You can even hang a garland, wreath, or similar items from such holders. 

How long do stocking holders last?

When stored properly, stocking holders can last for quite a few years, and you can use the same holder multiple times. However, this will also depend on their build quality, and better-quality stocking holders will last longer.

Can you put a stocking holder on your Christmas tree? 

Some stocking holders can be attached to Christmas trees, but this is not true for all types of holders. You can find out whether this is possible by checking the product page and the customer reviews of the holder. 


These stylish stocking holders are some of the best you can consider for the holiday season this year. They are impressive options available on the Amazon online store that will deliver a great experience and even help enhance your Christmas decoration.

Before concluding this guide, I would like to share my favorites from the list. The FINMOR Christmas stocking holder has a low-profile design, durable construction, and is easy to install, making it a great choice. Another outstanding option is the Iconikal stocking holder, made from thick metal and featuring reinforced hooks that are incredibly durable and can also be customized.

Choose a star stocking holder from my guide and experience the joy of opening gifts on Christmas morning!