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5 Best Christmas Stockings To Consider in 2023 Reviewed

The Fesciory Christmas Stocking set surpasses others on the list because the stockings are spacious, aesthetically pleasing, and elastic. Even the Ankis Christmas Stocking set didn’t disappoint, thanks to their durability. 

Best Christmas Stockings

There’s nothing quite like stockings hung by the chimney to spruce up the holiday décor. 

But is choosing the right Christmas stocking so easy? Unless you’re looking for a run-of-the-mill Christmas stocking, picking the right pair is overwhelming. From materials to patterns, a lot goes into selecting a Christmas stocking set that matches the décor of your home. 

Luckily, I’ve researched and shortlisted the 5 best options that match just about any theme. 

Best Christmas Stockings

1. Fesciory 4 Pack Christmas Stockings - Best With Elastic Soft Fabric For Small Gifts

Sold as a pack of 4, the Fesciory Christmas Stockings are quite spacious, as they are 5” wide and 18” long. Because of their large size, I was able to fill candies, small toy cars, chocolate bars, gift cards, ties, folding wallets, and watches in them.

Besides filling gifts, these stockings make for ideal decoration pieces. In order to make Christmas magical, I hung these large stockings by the fireplace, and they hung perfectly from their hanging hooks with fine stitches that are sturdy.

Based on my first-hand experience, these stockings can be hung on the stairs and the main door of your home.

Along with spaciousness, the premium quality made me pick these Christmas stockings. Each stocking features soft acrylic fabric with a high-quality classic knit pattern. While the classic knit pattern lends beauty to the stockings, the twist-style weaving pattern exudes a warm festive feel.

On top of that, they are of ivory white color, so they blend with the rest of the Christmas or holiday décor seamlessly. However, if you’re looking for the classic red-ivory and white color combination to bring in a vintage, traditional feel, add burgundy and ivory white color stockings to the cart.

After trying out this stocking for quite some time, I assure you they are elastic, meaning they can hold small gifts in large quantities. One thing I’d like to bring to your attention is that the stockings are a bit shapeless around the toes, but the heels and the cuff are well-defined.

Weight: 1.01 lb. | Color: Ivory white | Fabric: Soft acrylic | Pattern: Classic cable knit pattern

2. Ankis Large Christmas Stockings - Best With Sturdy Hanging Hoops For Christmas Decorations

Tired of buying low-quality Christmas stockings that get deformed immediately after stuffing them with candies or other gifts? Then upgrading to the Ankis Large Christmas Stockings will be worthwhile.

Coming as a set of 4, these Christmas stockings are made of acrylic fiber, which is soft and elastic.

After getting a feel for the stockings, they did appear sturdy, thanks to their thickness. Yet their fabric made me doubt their durability, so I stuffed them with candies, chocolates, gift cards, lollipops, and toys as a test. To my surprise, these large stockings held the small gifts well.

Even when I hung them on the Christmas tree, the stockings neither got deformed nor fell down. Obviously, the stockings come with convenient hanging hooks, which is why you can hang them in various places, such as by the fireplace mantle or on the doors, walls, and stairs.

What I also like about these hanging stockings is their intricate design that adds to their beauty. Much like the previous product, each stocking features an upgraded double-sided cable knitting design for a high-end feel.

All 4 stockings come in a white-red combination, which I feel goes well with different kinds of décors.

Anyone who is in need of an extra pair can go for a 3 + 3 set, which contains 3 pairs of stockings. But these stockings are expensive, so if you can spend a tad bit, go for them without second thoughts.

Weight: 1.3 lb. | Color: Red and white | Fabric: Soft acrylic | Pattern: Classic cable knit pattern

3. Techcity Christmas Stockings - Best Personalized Christmas Stocking

Though appearing thick and burly, the Technicity Christmas stockings are quite lightweight. They weigh no more than 9.1 ounces, equivalent to 0.56 pounds.

Bearing resemblance with turtleneck sweaters, these stockings are neatly knitted with heavy yarn that lends them a hand-made charm. Though featuring a thin lining, these stockings are thick. Obviously, they won’t deform after a few usages; rather, they are made to last for a long time.

Because of the premium-quality yarn used, these stockings can hold a variety of goodies, such as cane candies, little treats, chocolates, gift cards, and so on.

Besides gifting, these stocking stuffers can be used as a décor item, thanks to the woven crochet details. They lend an understated charm and elegance to the stockings.

A hanging hoop is added to the mouth of the stockings, which means you can hang these stocking stuffers anywhere without worries. You can hang it on the mantle above the fireplace or the door, as you find convenient.

I hung these stockings with gifts for more than 15 days above the mantle on the fireplace, but they didn’t fall or deform. So, based on my observation, these stockings are sturdy enough, which means you can reuse them.

And the best part? These stockings can be personalized, as you can put a name on them.

Even in terms of variety, these personalized Christmas stockings didn’t disappoint me, as they are sold in multiple colors and packs. After giving these stockings a go, I’d say they are worth every cent.

Weight: 0.6 lb. | Color: Burgundy, Green | Fabric: Heavy yarn | Pattern: Classic cable knit pattern

4. Rapean 6 Pack Christmas Stockings - Best With 3 Different Colors

A Christmas stocking set containing ivory, green and burgundy color is difficult to come by.

So, for those looking for a stocking set that offers all the 3 colors, here’s an excellent option from Rapean. This 6-pack Christmas stocking set is 7.9” wide and 20” long, so they are large enough to stuff whatever you want.

I noticed in my testing of these stockings that they can hold small toy cars, too, along with candies and chocolates.

Besides the size, the fabric used in the construction allows users to stuff the stockings with goodies in large quantities. After a thorough inspection, I found that the brand uses high-quality soft acrylic fabric, which is well-known for its strength and durability. Also, because the fabric is wrinkle-resistant, these stockings can be tossed into the washing machine for cleaning.

On both sides of the stockings, you’ll find a classic knitted pattern that lends an understated charm to them. What I particularly like about these stockings is that they are neatly knitted. Hence, there are no loose threads coming out from here and there, as is usually the case with low-quality stockings.

A short plush material that enhances their aesthetics is towards the top of the stockings. However, you need to handle them with care, as they are prone to shedding. Also, hanging hoops are added for the user’s convenience, so they are usable as seasonal decoration items.

From hanging on the stairs to the mantle by the fireplace, these stockings can be hung virtually anywhere, thanks to the sturdy hoops.

Weight: 1.5 lb. | Color: Burgundy, Ivory, Green | Fabric: Soft acrylic | Pattern: Classic knit pattern

5. Leipple Christmas Stockings - Best With Cartoon Characters And Rich Background

In search of the best Christmas stockings that will add plenty of charm to the mantle above the fireplace? Then the Leipple Christmas Stockings decorated with cartoon characters will fit the bill, as they are similar to those available on Etsy.

Each of the 5 stockings of this set features a different cartoon character, such as a snowflake, penguin, elf, snowman, reindeer, and Santa Claus. Further enhancing the charm of these stockings is the background featuring rich patterns.

On top of that, the cuffs of these Christmas stockings are embellished with soft fleece that adds a noble and luxurious touch. Plus, they are soft-to-the-touch, so it’s safe to say that the brand hasn’t compromised on quality.

Leipple has used high-quality fleece fabric to manufacture its stockings, which is known for its durability and nice appearance. Each stocking is hand-made, which lends a special touch. Despite that, you won’t find threads coming out from the stockings.

A sturdy hanging loop is also sewn at the cuff of the stockings, so they are usable as decoration items.

The 8” opening and 18” length allow the stockings to hold many gifts. My analysis of the stockings revealed that they could hold small toys, chocolates, candies, gift cards, and other treats. Once stuffed with gifts, you can hang them on the door of your children’s room to make their Christmas morning magical.

What’s the best part about Leipple is that it backs its stocking set with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. That means you can reach out to the brand in case issues arise with the stockings.

Weight: 1.02 lb. | Color: Burgundy, Green | Fabric: High-quality fleece fabric | Pattern: Decorated with cartoon characters

Comparing Top Christmas Stockings Available

Top Christmas StockingsWeightColorFabricPattern
Fesciory 4 Pack Christmas Stockings1.01 lb.Ivory whiteSoft acrylicClassic cable knit pattern
Ankis Large Christmas Stockings1.3 lb.Red and whiteSoft acrylicClassic cable knit pattern
Techcity Christmas Stockings0.6 lb.Burgundy, greenHeavy yarnClassic cable knit pattern
Rapean 6 Pack Christmas Stockings1.5 lb.Burgundy, ivory, greenSoft acrylicClassic knit pattern
Leipple Christmas Stockings1.02 lb.Burgundy, greenHigh-quality fleece fabricDecorated with cartoon characters

Christmas Stockings Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the best Christmas stockings from among the numerous options sure is challenging. However, the task can be simplified by taking into account a few important factors. 

Considering that most people will be shopping for the first time, I’ve put together a buyer’s guide that discusses factors one must consider when making a decision. So, let’s check them out! 

1. Materials

By now, you must have understood that Christmas stockings are made from different materials

Either they are made of natural fabrics like wool or cotton, or synthetic fibers like acrylic and polyester are used in their construction. I picked soft acrylic fabric stockings because they are well-known for their longevity and durability. Hence, I suggest you do the same. 

2. Loops

Stockings with loops double up as decoration pieces, so you can hang them alongside your holiday décor to add a festive feel. Just make sure the stockings you opt for must have sturdy loops. Otherwise, they won’t last for long, and you’ll have to get another set the next Christmas season. 

3. Cost

There’s no denying that stockings are sold in various price ranges. Instead of getting lured away by cheap price tags, make sure to check how many sets are sold by the brand. 

A set containing a pair of 2 stockings within $40 won’t be a better bet than one with 4 pairs of stockings within $50. So, make sure to choose wisely. 

How to hang Christmas stockings on the fireplace mantel?

Investing in stocking hangers will allow you to hang stocking on the mantel above the fireplace. Hence, I suggest getting them if you intend to hand them on a mantel. 

What can be put in Christmas stockings?

Sweet treats, games, small comic books, toys, accessories, and small toiletry items, to name a few, are some things that can be put in Christmas stockings. However, make sure to take into account the age of your recipient. And if you’re stuffing them for your pet- be it a dog or cat, consider stuffing stockings with treats or its favorite toys. 

Are Christmas stockings washable?

Yes, most Christmas stockings are washable, even if they have embroidery on them. You can either hand wash them or toss them in the machine. But before you place them under running water, don’t forget to check their label to see if they are washable. However, in regard to embroidered stocking sets, handwashing is preferable. 


So, which Christmas stocking set have you decided to bring home for the next Christmas and holiday season from Amazon?

If you still haven’t decided, let me help you by sharing my top recommendations. Although all 5 Christmas stocking sets are my fave, the Fesciory 4-pack set ranks above the others. Besides their large size, the premium-quality textile, classic-style knit, and twisted weaving pattern have made them my go-to pick.

And for all those who don’t mind spending a tad bit on stockings, the Christmas stocking set from Ankis will be a worthy pick, thanks to their durable acrylic fiber design. Or, perhaps, you can pick the Techcity Christmas stocking if you’re hunting for a personalized Christmas stocking set.