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10 Best Outdoor Cat Houses of 2023 | Reviews + Guide

Best Outdoor Cat Houses

Have you become friends with a cat in the neighborhood that has taken a liking to you and just does not leave your garden? Has the cat unofficially made you her pet human and eagerly waits for you to spend some time with it?

Does it make you feel bad when you look at the lovely feline waiting for you out there in the cold or hot weather? You should probably do something about that, shouldn’t you?

If you are planning to keep that stray cat as a pet, it is important to make sure that you place a shelter for it so that it can live comfortably and safely outside your home.

A lot of rescue centers and general cat lovers place these shelters in their yards, under porches or other places where cats can be safe.

If you are looking to provide the same kind of a cozy space to a stray cat that you care about, we have created a list of perfect products that you can use. In this guide, we will take a look at some of the best outdoor cat houses of 2023, which you can get for your feline beauty.

Best Outdoor Cat Houses 

Bear in mind that not all cat houses are made the same. You will figure this out when you go out to buy one for placing in your yard. Each product that we have reviewed offers its own features, advantages and drawbacks.

In case you are worried about which one to consider, we have you covered. We are not just giving you a list of the best outdoor cat houses available on the market, we are also going to give you a detailed review of all of them. Finally, we have also included a comprehensive buying guide so that you can narrow down your options from the list and get the one you feel will be the best for your cat’s needs.

1. K&H Outdoor Kitty House – Best Outdoor Cat House for Covered Spaces

K&H Pet Products Outdoor Heated Kitty House Cat Shelter...
  • PROTECTION: Our cozy cat heated house measures 19" x 22" x...
  • WEATHER RESISTANT: Keep all cats of any shape and size...

Our top pick for the best outdoor cat house also happens to be the most popular product out there. With over 4,000 reviews and counting, there is a reason why this is the most widely purchased product in the category. An amazing cat house for use outdoors, this comes with both heated and unheated versions that you can choose from. 

This product features a front door and a back door, which is important for a cat if it ever needs to escape from its house. We do not really realize it but the outside world can be a lot harsher than we think for cats. There are so many predators out there that pose a real threat to cats. Just to name some of them: dogs, snakes, coyotes, raccoons, squirrels (yes, they do pose a threat) and of course, other cats. The extra exit will give your feline friend the necessary room to escape in case an invader comes around the corner.

According to the manufacturer, the outdoor cat house is water-resistant and that is an important quality, especially for the rainy months. This is thanks to the material of construction used. K&H uses high quality 600 denier nylon for manufacturing these houses, along with a solid vinyl backing.

However, one thing you should know is that this product is water-resistant but not 100% waterproof. This means it is an outdoor cat house that is more suitable for covered areas rather than being completely out in the open air.

An excellent quality about this cat house is that it comes with an insulated roof and walls. This keeps the space within the cat house pretty cozy against the cold winds of the winter months. Oh, and you will not need any tools to set it up. Its assembling is very easy.

From a lot of the reviews we have seen about the product, customers have reported that being exposed to snow and rain, this outdoor cat house can become completely soaked in water.

Customers have also mentioned that putting this cat house up was easy. The only thing you need to remember is that this cat house is lightweight. If there is a very strong wind, it can blow the cat house away without a problem. It is also capable of accommodating two medium-sized adult cats.

A well-made outdoor cat house, this product is cozy and safe for cats because of the two exits. The insulation will keep your cat warm throughout the cold season without a problem, but just remember to keep it in a covered area to protect it from strong winds.

  • Can fit two medium adult cats easily
  • Has two exits to provide better safety for cats
  • Affordable
  • Easy to set up 
  • Lightweight and can be blown over due to strong winds
  • Only effective if used in a covered space 

2. CozyCatFurniture Cedar Cat House– Best Weatherproof Cat House

CozyCatFurniture, Outdoor Cat House with Lounging Deck and...
  • 1/2" THICK THERMAL-PLY INSULATION: It is placed inside the...

When it comes to being weatherproof, CozyCatFurniture has to be the most effective outdoor cat house on our list. This is the only product by all the manufacturers out there that we have seen to be a truly waterproof cat house. 

It is a wooden cat house made from good quality cedar wood. This is the perfect choice of wood when it comes to making something that will last a very long time for use in the outdoor environment. This wooden cat house actually looks like a miniature human house, so you can give the cat the feeling of being in the house without being inside your home. 

Thermal ply is a great insulation material and that is what the manufacturer used to give this outdoor cat house excellent weatherproofing. It is not just going to keep your cat warm in the cold winter months; it will also help your cat remain cool inside the house when the hot summer months arrive. That makes it the perfect all-round cat house. 

All of the customers who have bought this product have been very happy with the performance, since it is pretty much unmatchable in being able to provide a comfortable space for your feline companion, no matter what the conditions are outside. 

The only issue you might have is with assembling it because that process really does need you to put in some effort. After all, that is the case with all the best things in the world, right? One thing you won’t have to worry about is any complications because the process of setting this cat house up is straightforward. Give it half an hour and you will have a perfectly assembled cat house ready for the feline residents.

You can customize this cat house to add an additional exit for the cat in case it needs to escape from any predators that want to harm it. You can even have the elevation of the house a little taller for added security.

If there is one major issue you will face with this great outdoor cat house, it is the price. This is a cedar wood cat house and that means it will not be cheap to come by. A lot of people might not be able to afford it. If you are looking for something that is truly incredible for your feline companion and you are willing to spend the money on it, nothing gets better than this product.

In fact, the only reason why this is not our top choice for the best outdoor cat house is because of the price because everything else about it is just perfect.

  • Best weatherproof cat house
  • Made with long lasting and high quality wood
  • You can easily customize the product
  • Elevated floor for added protection
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Smaller in size  – can fit a regular-sized cat
  • Pretty expensive for a cat house
  • The porch could have been a little longer for cats 

3. The Kitty Tube Gen 3 – Best Cat House for Several Cats

The Kitty Tube Pillow - Outdoor Insulated Cat House - New...
  • New Gen 4 Design The Kitty Tube – Outdoor insulated cat...
  • The newly designed Gen 4 features: 15% thicker floor...

If you are the inadvertent owner of not just one but several stray cats that have decided to make you their pet human, you will need to get a bigger cat house to comfortably accommodate them all. This is where the third entry on the list comes in. 

The Kitty Tube Gen 3 is a distinctive looking outdoor cat house, which comes with a removable lid on top and spacious interior. The removable lid makes it easier for you to be able to just check in on what the conditions are inside the cat house. It also allows you to clean it without making a lot of effort. 

You can rely on this cat house to accommodate three medium or two large cats without any problems. This cat house has just one exit, which is also small. This might come as a worrying sign for you since a predator can easily trap a car inside the house and harm it. The manufacturer begs to differ. 

They are absolutely sure that the design of the cat house and the entry/exit to it is in such a way that it provides easy passage for cats, but it does not allow predators to come in. This is actually a good shelter for your cats if they want to give birth to their litter and keep them safe. 

Another reason why this is such a great cat house for giving birth to kittens is the fact that it is properly insulated from the walls to the floor. This keeps the warmth inside the cat house without letting the wind in. The shell is made from environmentally-friendly materials and the product comes with the guarantee to last a lifetime without cracking or fading.

The manufacturer claims that the cat house is water-resistant, but some customers have reported that the cat house does let water in and that can be a little problematic if the weather is exceptionally wet outside.

  • Very easy to maintain and clean
  • A spacious cat house 
  • Has just one exit
  • Not entirely waterproof as the manufacturer claims 

4. Petsfit Weatherproof Cat Shelter – Cutest Looking Outdoor Cat House

Petsfit Large Outdoor Cat House Waterproof, Outside Feral...
  • Spacious Space: Outer dimension: 29.5" L X 19"W X 29"H,...
  • Sturdy to Use: 100% made of Finnish spruce panels, thicker...

Made using natural cedar wood, the Petsfit cat house model is a weatherproof model, which has an asphalt rood. It is a waterproof cat house, which you can use for the cat out in the open without any need for additional cover. The paint used for the cat house is water-based, so you do not need to worry about any harmful toxins affecting the health of the cat. 

The dimensions are a little misleading when you look at the packaging of this outdoor cat house, but that does not mean it is not spacious. This outdoor cat house can easily accommodate two adult cats comfortably. There are two exits in this cat house to allow the cat to escape in case any intruder tries to harm it. The back door comes with a plastic flap, so nobody can enter through the exit behind the cat. 

One of the best features of this cat house, especially in terms of security is that it is elevated. This also means that in the case of rain, the cat house will protect your cat from the cold and damp floor as long as they are inside. 

The cat house is a very cute addition to this list since the wooden and asphalt construction with the finish looks absolutely stunning. The materials do not just make a good weatherproof house – it also makes a good looking cat house. The shelter even comes with its own flower box, which you can decorate with flowers if you really want to take advantage of its adorable aesthetics. 

While looking at the cat house might make you think that this will be a difficult product to assemble, it is actually pretty easy. The instructions are clear so you can expect to set it up in an hour and a half or maybe less.

Customers have complained that there is no varnish on the wooden surfaces and that it is not entirely waterproof. They also do not like the fact that the product does not come with an insulation. This is the reason it is a better idea to keep it at least partially covered.

If you are getting one of these and you want it to last you a very long time, you might want to consider covering it with a coat or two of varnish yourself.

  • Very easy to assemble
  • Elevated floor
  • Sturdy product
  • Spacious enough for two to three adult cats
  • Two exits to allow your cat to escape 
  • Not varnished
  • Not insulated
  • Not waterproof 

5. K&H Multi-Kitty A-Frame – Best Outdoor Cat House for Easy Assembling

K&H Pet Products Multi-Kitty A-Frame Outdoor Cat House...
  • MULTIPLE CATS: Our cozy cat heated house measures 35" x...
  • WEATHER RESISTANT: Keep all cats of any shape and size warm,...

K&H is a reliable manufacturer of outdoor cat houses, which is why another one of their products has made it to the list of the best outdoor cat houses. The A-frame Multi-Kitty Outdoor cat house comes with both a heated and a non heated model in a single color option to choose from, but it is the cutest chocolate color.

The house has two exits, which make it pretty useful for your cats in case they need a quick escape from any predators that might try to hurt them. If there is no second exit for your cats, it can become a pretty messy situation for your cats.

Like the other K&H entry on the list, this cat house is very easy for you to assemble and you can do it without the use of tools. One good thing about this cat house, which gives it an upper hand over its smaller counterpart is that it has sturdy construction. This means it will not blow away in case of any strong winds.

The house can accommodate two adult cats, but if any more cats try to fit in, that can become a bit uncomfortable for them.

The manufacturer claims that this is a waterproof cat house, but that is not the case. A lot of customers who use this for their cats have complained that this is just water-resistant but not entirely waterproof, as it is claimed. If it is placed in an uncovered area, the cat house can become soaked during the rainy season.

The fact that it is not elevated means that the water from the ground can also creep up and make it a very uncomfortable space for cats if it is raining pretty hard. This is a good cat house, but you should keep it in a partially covered area to give your cats protection from the elements.

  • Two exits to provide your cat a safe exit
  • Spacious enough for two large cats
  • Does not need any tools for assembly – easy to set up 
  • Not waterproof
  • It does not have an elevated flooring 

6. Petmate Kitty Kat Condo – Best Cat House for Large Cats

Petmate Booda Clean Step Cat Litter Box Dome (Made in the...
  • KEEP LITTER IN THE BOX, NOT ON THE FLOOR: Unique, patented,...
  • MINIMIZE ODOR: A charcoal filter minimizes unwanted odors to...

Cats come in different sizes. For a bigger cat, you need to make sure you have a cat house that is going to give it proper space to enjoy safety and comfort. The Petmate Kitty Kat Condo really is like a condo for the cat world. Made of a nonporous plastic material, it is waterproof, easy to clean and provides a very safe space for large cats. 

Made in an igloo-like shape, this cat house has a carpeted floor, which provides an extra bit of insulation for large cats. It is a very cozy cat house because of the carpet inside, but that carpet can be a bit annoying for cleaning. The carpet is permanently fixed to the cat house floor, so you can never take it out. 

There is only one exit door in this cat house, but it is pretty large. Customers have reported that raccoons can get into the cat house. If you are certain that there are predators that can harm your cat, you should really reconsider getting one of these because it can become a death trap for your feline. 

The design of the cat house diverts the rain away from the entry, but customers have still complained about water being able to make its way inside through the exit. The material itself is waterproof, so you can keep it in an uncovered space, but it is better to move it to a covered area during heavy rains. 

This is definitely one of the roomiest cat houses out there and it can easily fit overly large cats. It also gives them more than enough room to be comfortable within the space and not just fit inside. 

  • Solid construction
  • Spacious enough for a very large cat 
  • Carpet is very difficult to clean if it becomes wet
  • Has only one exit 

7. Petsfit Triangle Wooden Cat House – Best Outdoor Cat House Look

Petsfit Cat House for Outdoor Indoor Cats Weatherproof,...
  • Keep your feline friends warm and cozy with our ideal...
  • Protect your furry friends with our waterproof house design!...

Another entry on the list made by Petsfit, the Petsfit Triangle Wooden Cat House is simply the best when it comes to how good a cat house looks. The wooden cat house is made of cedar wood, which means you can rely on it to last you long. The roof is also covered in asphalt in order to make it a water-resistant cat house. 

The cat house features two exits, which allow the cat to escape in case it is ever attacked by predators. The construction of the cat house is very easy and straightforward. It is also sturdy, so you can stop worrying about anything happening to your cat during strong windy weather. 

One thing you might absolutely hate about it is the fact that there is no insulation.  You will also need to unscrew the top whenever the time comes to clean it from the inside. A large cat will have difficulty staying in it, but it is spacious enough for a medium-sized cat. 

The fact that it sits completely flat on the floor can be very bad in case you live in an area that experiences a lot of rainy weather. If you want it to last longer, you should take steps to elevate it yourself. 

  • Has two exits for easy escape
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Not insulated
  • Lies flat on the ground without insulation 

8. Petsfit 2-Story Outdoor Weatherproof Cat House

Petsfit Outdoor Cat House Weatherproof, Waterproof Cat...
  • Ideal cat feeding station on the upper level, keeping dogs...
  • The providing ONLY-OUT emergency exit would prevent cats...

For those of you who love cats a lot and you want to make a proper home for them, this product by Petsfit might be the right thing for you. A complete cat house with two floors, this weatherproof cat house provides a luxurious space for cats.

There are two versions of this cat house – one with stairs and one with a scratching pad. Both of these options are great for cats. Made from cedar wood like most of their products, the roof has an asphalt covering to make it water-resistant. There are two exits in the lower story, which allows the cat to escape in case any predator comes to attack it.

The two stories might make you think this is a spacious cat house, but it isn’t. Spacious enough for just a medium cat, this is a cat house which you should get if you have just one cat.

Its water-resistance ability is not great either. If the rains are heavy, the water definitely will find a way to come in. some customers found this house difficult to assemble because of its complex structure.

The fact that it is made of wood means you can paint it whatever color you want. You can even give it the same color as your own house so that it looks like a miniature home made just for your cat.

  • Two exits so that your cat can easily escape
  • Looks fancy if you paint it to match the color of your house 
  • Not insulated
  • Difficult to assemble 

9. K&H Thermo-Kitty Wooden Home – Budget-Friendly Outdoor Cat House

K&H Pet Products Thermo Birchwood Manor Kitty Home Unheated...
  • Constructed of real Birchwood that is UV protected and...
  • Includes a FREE K&H Manufacturing Amazin' Kitty Pad

The best affordable cat house on the list, the Thermo Kitty Home by K&H is a decent outdoor cat house. Made with birch wood, it has two exits to allow your cat to escape in case a dog comes around looking for a fight. The outdoor cat house has a heated and unheated version for you to choose from. The unheated version is not bad at all considering the fact that it comes with plush cushion flooring, which still provides some insulation. 

This is a wooden house, which is large enough for a medium cat. Customers have reported that the outdoor cat house is not the best when it is left completely uncovered because rain and snow can damage it. It is not an insulated outdoor cat house and it sits flat on the ground. If you put it in an open space, you can expect the rainwater to damage the wood overtime. 

Cleaning the house from the inside means you have to make an effort to unscrew the top, so you may face a challenge there. The house’s assembling is easy, according to customers. 

  • Comes with a plush pad
  • Easy to assemble
  • Has two exits that offer easy escape to cats 
  • Not elevated
  • Not waterproof
  • Not insulated 

10. ecoFLEX Albany Cat House – Best for Easy Cleaning

ecoFLEX Albany Outdoor Feral Cat House, Multicolor
  • Made with ecoFLEX, the Albany will never fade, warp,...
  • Two entry/exit points that outdoor cats need

The last entry on the list of the best outdoor cat houses of 2023 is the ecoFLEX Albany Outdoor Feral Cat House. Made using nontoxic and recycled plastic materials, this is an eco-friendly product that is also durable. The manufacturer claims that it won’t fade, warp or crack. The 10- year warranty that comes along with the outdoor cat house has to be there for a reason if they are making such a big claim. 

A lot of the people who bought this product have reported that its construction quality is excellent. Another bonus quality about the cat house is that it is elevated off of the floor. This means it will not become damp from the ground up, if it rains. 

The house is also easy to assemble and you will not need any tools for it. This means there are no additional costs attached for installation. A few customers even reported that it took them less than 20 minutes to set this up. 

While it is a sturdy cat house that can protect your cat from harsh elements, it is a good idea to keep it in a partially covered space. The house is large enough for a medium-sized cat. A larger cat may not find it comfortable even if it is able to fit inside the cat house. 

  • Easy to clean
  • Elevated off the ground
  • Sturdy and durable product
  • Has two exits to make for easy escape
  • Very easy to assemble 
  • Not waterproof
  • Small capacity large enough for only one medium-sized cats 

Outdoor Cat Houses

  • Is the outdoor cat house predator-proof?

    One of the basic reasons why you should get an outdoor cat house is to be able to protect your cat from the dangers out there. A predator-proof outdoor cat house is one that offers your cat the chance to escape if it is attacked.

    You need to get an outdoor house that features two doors. You should only get a single door cat house if you are absolutely sure there is no danger from predators for the cat.

  • Do you want to place the outdoor cat house in a partially covered or completely uncovered area?

    Most of the outdoor cat houses out there are not very good when it comes to being completely waterproof. There are a lot of them that feature water-resistant construction, but none of them are truly able to keep the water out.

    In case of rainy weather, fabric construction cat houses will become soaked, no matter how water-resistant they are. One of the best water-resistant cat houses is the CozyCatFurniture Waterproof Insulated Cedar Outdoor Cat House for Winter and Summer, but you will really have to splurge on it.

    If you decide to buy another cat house, you can still go for it. Just make sure that you keep it in a partially covered area to offer your cat a bit of protection against snow and rain.

  • Is the outdoor car house elevated off of the ground?

    One more thing to look out for when you are considering an outdoor cat house is whether or not it is elevated off the ground. If the cat house is elevated, it will be better for the cat. It can protect both the cat and the cat house itself from the dampness in the ground. It acts as insulation from becoming cold as well. 

  • Is the outdoor cat house easy to set up?

    Nobody wants to get a product that will take them ages to assemble or if it is too complicated to assemble. You want to get an outdoor cat house that is easy to assemble and set up to save time and effort. 

  • Is it easy to maintain the outdoor cat house?

    Cleanliness is a virtue. Yes, that also applies to cats and cat houses. When you get an outdoor cat house, you should make the effort to clean it up regularly to protect your cat from any potential diseases or bugs. 

    The ease with which you can clean a cat house is one of the most important factors you need to consider when getting an outdoor cat house. Even if you are getting a cat house that takes more effort to clean, it is important that you already know about it so you can prepare yourself mentally when the time comes to clean the cat house. 

  • How much space is in the outdoor cat house?

    Knowing how much capacity an outdoor cat house has is a crucial part of the decision-making process. If you are looking for an outdoor cat house that can accommodate several stray cats, you need a larger and more spacious cat house. If you have just one cat as a pet, you do not need to spend a lot on getting a larger model. Just stick to a single-cat size outdoor shelter. 

  • Do you want a heated or unheated version of the outdoor cat house?

    There are some outdoor cat houses that come with the option of being heated or unheated. The heated ones feature an additional electrical heating pad. This comes in very handy when you want to make the cat house more comfortable, especially when the weather is very cold. 

    If you choose a heated cat house, you need to make sure you place it in a covered area that is safe. The electrical device should never come into contact with water. 

  • Best Outdoor Cat Houses Conclusion

    If your love for cats is real, it will take a little bit of effort on your part to make sure that you provide the right kind of space to them. We hope that this guide will help you to buy the perfect outdoor cat house to meet your needs and that of your feline companion. Just make sure you consider all of the options and their qualities carefully before you buy one because it’s an investment into your cats’ well-being.

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