8 Best Gold Wall Clock to Feature in Your Living Room

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Just like a blank canvas, waiting for a splash of color, your living room walls can also be given a whimsical touch by mounting an attractive wall clock.

How often do we consider a wall clock to be fun, stylish as well as functional? Even though we look up at the clock several times a day, little do we notice how it personalizes the interiors of our home. While it complements the decor with elegance, it also adds color to even the dullest of walls.

Each model comes with a different design, material, and purpose. Depending on the size of your living room and its overall presentation, you can opt for the style statement that will suit your needs. The gold wall clock is a well-placed feature that enhances the visual appeal and quality of your living room.

We’ve curated some of the best gold wall clocks that are available, for adding a sense of elegance and charm to your living room. In the following guide, we’ve given an unbiased review for all the designs that will grab the attention of your guests.

Best Gold Wall Clock

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Stilnovo G133719 Gold Urchin Wall Clock

The design of this clock is inspired by mid-century modern style. The overall design of the clock resembles a sea urchin. It comes with many metal spokes that are radiating from the center of the clock. It runs accurately, with the precise, slow quartz movement. Therefore, it doesn’t produce any ticking sound.

When you place this wall clock in your living room, you’ll be showered with plenty of compliments for its stylish design. And, it runs on 1AA battery, which is not included in this set.

Stilnovo G133719GOLD Urchin Clock - Gold,
  • Metal construction
  • Available in black or Gold finish
  • Mid century modern inspired design
  • High quality quartz movement


You’ll get the option to choose between two colors- black and gold. And we have opted for the gold color, the first thing that stands out in this clock is its unique design. It complements our contemporary style home decor perfectly well. The color of this wall clock is such that you can place it with any wall decoration.

The diameter of this clock is around 19.3 inches, making it suitable for small to large size living room. We wanted to avoid getting a plastic frame wall clock, so we were looking at metal options. This is one of the best metal clocks that I have found for our crisp white living room. It has a sturdy built and is made of quality materials which ensure durability.

However, it’s a lightweight clock weighing around 1.65 pounds, so you won’t face any challenges while mounting it on your wall. You need to get a 1AA battery to operate this clock.

  • Stylish and modern design
  • Overall size is suitable for medium to large size living rooms
  • Slow quartz movement 
  • Durability is questionable
  • Small dial
  • Design might not be preferred for a traditional style home 

2. RuiyiF Gold Farmhouse Wall Clock

This is an oversized wall clock with a diameter of 24 inches. It has low energy consumption, and it runs on a single AA battery. The design is pretty modern, and the straight lines indicate 12,3,6 and 9 o’clock. The silent sweep movement ensures that it operates without causing any disturbance to the surrounding environment. This clock has a high demand for its vintage, retro metal finish.

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We received this product within 7-8 days after placing an order for it. And since the time we got this wall clock mounted on our living room wall, it has been the center of attraction for many events at home. The design is such that it doesn’t disturb the overall decor of our house. It comes with a complete metal construction. And the hour and minute hands are artistically crafted.

This clock is slightly on the heavier side, weighing about 4.4 pounds but, you’ll be receiving three pins, and a metal screw which makes it easier to mount it on the wall. The size and structure of this clock make it a piece of exquisite decor. The tastefully designed rim adds glamour to the overall structure of this clock.

This wall clock has added a slight vintage touch to the living room, making it an integral part of our home decor. Thanks to the silent quartz movement, you won’t hear any ticking sound, which can otherwise be disturbing.

  • Easy maintenance
  • Big size makes it suitable for big living rooms
  • Sophisticated design makes it perfect for both traditional and modern homes 
  • Not easy to read
  • Might not complement the walls of small living rooms with a lot of decorations

3. Haoun Modern Wall Clock

The Haoun modern clock has a conventional design, and the structure is best suited for living room walls. It doesn’t have any time markers, and the overall diamete is about 20 inches. It runs on a single AA battery and comes with a few screws to mount it on the wall. It looks like a heavy piece, but it weighs just about 1.65 pounds. This wall clock has easy maintenance, and it’s best for those who prefer antique and unique items.

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The metal casing of this wall clock comes with a modern design which is quite appealing. This antique handmade wall clock was perfect for our yellow-tinted living room walls. Therefore, we can say the design and metal finish will adorn modern homes. There is no maintenance required for this product, and you’ll have to change the battery maybe twice a year.

This is a quality product, and we find it easy to read the time from different angles. It has an excellent quality quartz movement which displays accurate time. The dial is pretty small, but the overall diameter of the clock is 20-inches, making it an ideal fit for your living room wall. It makes a slight sound, which is barely noticeable.

Overall, the stylish design is the main highlight of this piece. It has been built to satisfy the customer’s preference for a modern design wall clock.

  • Ideal for medium-to-large sized living rooms
  • Sturdy design
  • Made of quality materials
  • Easy maintenance 
  • Dial is tiny for a living room wall clock 

4. Kpin 13-inch Wall Clock

The classic design of the Kpin wall clock makes it suitable for living room decoration. It has a long hour and minute hands, which is covered by a clear lens that guarantees a good view from all directions. It is an analog clock with numerical time markers and a large display. It has an overall diameter of 20-inches, which is an ideal fit for small-to-medium sized living rooms.

The clock hands are made of aluminum, and it has been crafted with environment-friendly materials. It weighs approximately 1.57 pounds and is known for the conventional design and structure.

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We wanted a wall clock with a simple yet classic design, and this elegant clock was the perfect fit for our requirements. It has a white plastic display that is easy on the eyes with a gold-colored metal frame. It comes with numerical time markers that make it easy to read the time. But, we can hear a weak ticking sound, especially at night when the house is quiet but it’s not very ominous.

The minimalist design of this clock makes it perfect for our traditional home decor, but we believe that it will complement modern homes too. This clock works on a single AA battery that you need to purchase separately. Plus, it comes with a one year warranty, and you also get a hassle-free 30-days return policy, which are some of the attractive perks we received with this clock.

  • Clear glass face
  • Metal frame well protects the front glass panel
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Minimalist design 
  • It produces a faint ticking sound
  • Not suitable for large living rooms 

5. Foyou Decorative Wall Clock

This 12-inch wall clock features a minimalist and modern design. It comes with a white clock face and a gold metal frame. The numerals are also colored with a  gold hue and it has bold time markers. It weighs about 2.99 pounds, and you also have another option of the same design with roman numbers. The silent sweep movement ensures that you’ll not be disturbed with a ticking sound.

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For the contemporary decor of our living room, we wanted a simple wall clock to complement the light-colored walls. This piece has been one of the best wall clocks in our home. It requires very less maintenance as we need to wipe the glass surface at least once a month. It has three solid gold pointers that add a sense of elegance to the white background.

The second-hand works with a silent sweeping movement, and there is no ticking sound. We had to get an AA battery for this clock, however, avoid using a rechargeable battery to prevent damaging the clock movement. The gold color numerical time markers give a classy finish to the crystal white clock face. Our living room is about 600 sq feet, and this wall clock is quite suitable for our space.

However, if you have a bigger living room, then we don’t advise you to opt for this wall clock. And it might get difficult to read the time if you mount it on a brightly lit wall, as the glass starts reflecting the light.

  • Simple design which goes perfectly with any home decor
  • Made with quality materials
  • Second hand has a silent sweeping movement 
  • Dial is quite small, making it less suitable for large living rooms 

6. Wilnara Decorative Wall Clock

This metal frame wall clock can also be kept on a table in your living room, and it comes with a sturdy bracket. The inner frame is made of ABS material, making this a durable product. It’s around 8-inches in diameter and weighs approximately 3.31 pounds. The clock face is enclosed in a glass casing, so you need to wipe the glass to avoid dust or grime collection.

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The two-mode features of using this clock are the reason we got this piece. And I must say, this is one of the best wall clocks in our home. We received a sturdy bracket along with the clock that made it convenient to place the clock on the table. You need to place the bracket in the two holes at the back of the clock. It made things way easier before we decided to mount it on the wall.

The installation was pretty simple, it was a complete hassle-free task. However, we’re ordering for the same model to place it on the bedroom side table. The gold color frame and stick time markers make it a beautiful clock. This is a well-built wall clock, and it will last you for years to come, which makes it worth the dollars.

It doesn’t produce any ticking sound, so you’ll not be disturbed while studying or sleeping in the living room. It’s also quite simple to maintain, as we occasionally dust the glass case with a dry cloth, and nothing more is required. It runs on a single AA battery that we had to buy separately.

  • It has unlimited free consultation service
  • Hassle-free 3-month refund policy
  • Contemporary design
  • Has a silent sweeping movement 
  • Not an ideal size for large living rooms 

7. FortuneVin Decorative Wall Clock

The company FortuneVin is known for making some stylish and fun wall clocks. This clock comes with a circumference of about 12-inches, and it has a superior quality metal frame. The small details on the clock face make this product stand out from the other wall clocks on this list. The materials that have been used for this product are safe and environment-friendly.

It weighs around 2.2 pounds and has an easy installation process. Also, the silent quartz movement helps to eliminate ticking sounds.

FortuneVin Wall Clock Non-ticking Number Quartz Wall Clock...
  • FortuneVin Silent non-ticking mechanism wall clock.
  • Precise quartz movements to guarantee accurate time.
  • Easy to Install, simply hang the clock in the desired...
  • This clock is perfect for your living room, kitchen,...


This contemporary wall clock comes with a beautiful design in the borders of the clock face. The neutral color that is used for decorating this piece helps to enhance the overall decor of our living room. It’s made from quality materials, and it comes with a sturdy, aluminum frame which accentuates the curves of this round dial.

It’s approximately 12-inches in diameter and it is lightweight, which makes it easily mountable on the walls. This clock has a high-quality hand movement which displays accurate time as it works with precision. We find the stick time markers to be little challenging to read, especially when the living room is flooded with light. The size of this analog clock is suitable for small to medium-sized living rooms.

We have faced no issues with the maintenance part because all you need is to dust the glass frequently, and no other effort is required. And it runs on a AA battery, so we had to purchase that separately. Also, you will have to change the battery once a year.

  • Made of quality materials
  • Durable product
  • Stylish and contemporary design
  • Doesn’t produce any ticking sound
  • You might face difficulty in reading the time when the living room is well lit

8. Insun Round Wall Clock

This wall clock has a 12-inch diameter with white stick time markers. It’s made of aluminum and has an ABS glass cover. The dial has an attractive blue color, and the hour, second, and minute hands are the same as the golden aluminum frame. It has a silent non-ticking mechanism, and it shows accurate time. The clock operates with a single AA battery which needs to be replaced every six months.

Insun 12inch Round Silent Non Ticking Quartz Wall Clocks...
  • Material: Aluminum alloy housing,metal clock hands and ABS...
  • Silent non-ticking mechanism with precise sweeping movement...
  • The large arab numbers obn the dial face are easy to read....
  • Back nail slot offers easy installation.


For our small living room, we wanted a wall clock with a size of not more than 12-inches. And, this piece by Insun fits in perfectly with the other wall decor and art pieces on our living room wall. The color of this wall clock has been a conversation starter, many a time. The stick time markers are embossed in a lighter shade against the blue background, which makes it easier to read the time even from a distance.

It comes with a carbon battery, so we didn’t have to purchase one for the first six months. The back nail slot made it easier for us to hang the clock on the wall. You can find this model in different colors of clock face, but with the same golden frame. However, this unique shade of blue will stand out in every style of home decor. We have faced no issues in terms of inaccurate time being displayed, and the precise sweeping movement works pretty well.

  • Color combination of the blue background with gold-colored- frame and time markers
  • Silent quartz movement
  • Comes with a decorative look
  • Durable product 
  • Might not complement dark wall colors
  • Only suitable for small and middle-sized living rooms 

Best Gold Wall Clock Buyer’s Guide

Selecting a wall clock for the living room can get a little tricky, as this creative interior decoration piece adds to the overall decor of your home. It serves a dual purpose by grabbing the attention of your guests and creating an impression of your personality. The following section will discuss the different factors that you need to consider when choosing a wall clock.

1. Size

The size of the wall clock should coordinate with the living room size. Your wall clock should match the proportions of your wall. If you place a big clock in a small living room, it can make the place look clumsy. Similarly, if your walls have decorative pieces on them, a large wall clock can make your space look overdone.

2. Theme and decoration

Wall clocks come in different themes like the modern, antique, designer, etc. However, the theme of the wall clock should complement the furniture in your living room. For instance, if your living room has minimal decorations, a modern wall clock will be a perfect fit. On the other hand, an antique clock will match a house with countryside decorations and cozy furniture.

3. Color

You can find wall clocks in a variety of colors. The gold-monochrome colors set a classic tone in the living room. Try to select a contrasting shade of wall clock as compared to the color of your walls. For a light-colored wall, you can opt for a dark shade as they blend perfectly with one another. This also gives your living room an appealing and unique look.

4. Material

The wall clock material should also match the interiors and your taste. You can find a variety of options, as it comes in wood, brass, high-quality plastic, metal, etc. However, you should check the warranty of the frame, battery life, and other essential factors. Ensure that you opt for a durable material as we usually don’t purchase a wall clock frequently.

A wall clock is a timeless and valuable piece, which requires you to look into the details to pick the right one for your home.

5. Number display

The number display is another essential feature of a wall clock. You can get the ones with regular numbers, stick markers, roman numerals, or with no numbers at all. Overall, it should be the perfect timepiece for your living room with the right look and visibility. 


Now that we’ve come to the end of our guide, it’s time for you to pick a design that has good functionality as well as aesthetics. However, you should weigh out the pros and cons carefully to find the right one that will complement the decor of your living room. We hope this list of the best gold wall clocks has been helpful for you.

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