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6 Best Copper/Rose Gold Wall Clocks Today

When was the last time you thought of buying a clock, or you even admired one for its designs?

Best CopperRose Gold Wall Clocks

A clock is something that every person owns, but we usually never consider them to be a décor item. It can be stylish, fun, and super functional. When you have a beautiful clock, it’s a great way to complement your décor, to add some color, and to bring a sense of quaint touch to any room. 

Most of the wall clocks these days have varied aspects like color, design, or purpose. Wall clocks have been part of our homes since many decades altogether, and they’re the silent contributors to the personality of your space. It doesn’t just help us to tell the time, but they also act as a reminder to value time.

They tend to merge effortlessly with every style of décor. You can choose a wall clock with a formal style to add a sense of elegance and charm to your living room, while an exciting, brightly colored clock for the kitchen or kids room. And a contemporary design will compliment any space in your office or home.

Best Copper/Rose Gold Wall Clocks

Without further ado, let’s read through the best rose/copper wall clocks!

1. Umbra Ribbon Modern 12-inch Wall Clock

Umbra Ribbon Modern 12-inch Wall Clock, Silent Non Ticking...
  • MODERN WALL CLOCK DESIGN: This contemporary wall clock was...

This modern wall clock is made of high-quality metal and comes in a unique multi-ribbon shape. The eye-catching design given by Michelle Ivankovic helps to add a sense of charm, functionality, and class to your living space.

Also, the feature of a no ticking, noiseless, and sweeping Quartz movement helps ensure a maintenance-free and accurate performance. You need to power this clock with a single AA battery, which is not included in this set.


The design of this clock will blend in with the theme of your office and home perfectly. Even though it has a sturdy steel frame and bent edges, but you have to be careful while holding this clock because the edges are sharp.

We have used small finishing nails to hang this lightweight clock. But you can also use a wall anchor and a screw for the same. The ticking sound of the watch can be quite distinctly heard mainly at night, so you might prefer to place it in your hall room or kitchen. 

We love the sleekness of the stainless steel frame, but if the same material were used around the mechanics that is placed inside, then it would have given the clock an expensive look. The product is pretty solidly built, and it lasts you for years to come. We admired the copper color as it's not found easily on wall clocks, which gives this piece a mid-century modern style.


  • Unique and stylish design
  • Easy, lightweight, and easy to hang
  • Easy to understand the difference between the hour and minute hands as the size has a bright contrast
  • Maintenance-free and does not require winding 


  • The edges of the ribbon can be sharp
  • You need to buy the battery separately to operate this product 

2. RuiyiF 24 Inch Wall Clock Silent

This is a vintage and antique wall clock, and if you prefer retro styles, then this product will be a great pick. The design blends in perfectly with the decor of your office, farmhouse, kitchen, bedroom, and living room.

The clock has a double ring round metal frame, with straight bars which indicate 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’ clock. It is an oversized clock with a stark look yet fascinating.


We placed this clock in our living room. It's a classy piece that gives a very edgy look to the entire space. You will appreciate the unique design, especially when you observe how stunning your walls start to appear. We couldn’t use the mounting hardware, which is a slot placed behind the clock, so we opted for a simple nail instead. 

There is no ticking sound heard even during the quiet nights, so you can also keep it in your study or bedroom. You will need to buy a single AA battery to operate this clock. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about excess energy consumption.


  • Silent wall clock
  • Perfect for the living space due to its oversized shape
  • You have the option to select between the 16 inches and 20-inch design
  • It has a metal and vintage look 


  • The mounting hardware might not be perfect to use for hanging your clock 

3. Jomparis Modern Wall Clock

jomparis Modern 12" Battery Operated Non-Ticking Silent...
  • Sleek and Elegant Design:Silver color electroplated on frame...
  • Silent Non-ticking Wall Clock: Precise Quartz Sweep Movement...

This analog clock is known for its elegant and sleek design, that has a white dial with 3D rose-colored numbers. It is a non-ticking clock with a silent quartz sweep movement that helps to guarantee you with a quiet environment and accurate time.

You can place this beautiful and decorative piece in your office, kitchen, study room, living room, or bathroom. The front glass cover helps to guarantee a perfect view and enhances readability.


We selected this wall clock, for the rose gold color, which is electroplated on the frame and the 3D numbers of the same color. The color combination makes this clock stand out as a simple yet elegant piece of wall decor. You can’t even guess the real price of this product by looking at it; our friends always gave a higher estimate. 

We found the customer service given by Jomparis to be remarkable. It is a very crisp, simple, lightweight, and attractive clock. We have used a nail to hang this clock rather than the given attachment as it seemed sturdier. Even though the case is made of plastic but it can’t be made out quickly, and because of the color, it appears to be high-priced instead.

You can operate this clock by just inserting a single AA battery. You can get this modern style wall clock in four different color combinations so that you can select them accordingly to your color preference.


  • Large 3D numbers with a front glass view that makes it easier for you to read the time
  • Has one piece of hook included, which makes it easy to hang the clock
  • Quartz sweep movement ensures a quiet environment that is free of any ticking sound 


  • The case of the clock is made of plastic 

4. Arospa Luxury Modern 12-inch Silent Non-Ticking Wall Clock

The high-quality movement in this clock will guarantee you with accurate time. This wall clock is of 12- inch diameter circumference. For eliminating any distractions or sound, this product has been made with a silent non-ticking technology. It also comes with a back nail slot that makes it easy to hang on the walls.


The luxury design theme used in this product will complement the decor of your home, both traditional or modern. We have not faced any disturbance while using this clock. And we never even had to worry about the constant ticking sounds that are heard in the regular clocks.

However, we have used this product for a long time, and there are no problems that we have noticed. The frame is made of metal, and it has a rose gold finish that gives this cock an elegant look. 

We have used a nail to hang this clock, and since it’s lightweight, installing it was simple. You’ll also get a few color options, so you can select the one that will complement your walls.


  • Glass front gives you a proper view of the time
  • Sturdy built
  • Doesn’t make any ticking sound 


  • The numbers are pretty small, so it can get challenging to read the time from a distance

5. Umbra Wall Clock - 12” Round Metal Frame

Umbra Infinity Wall Clock, Matte Brass
  • WALL MOUNTED OR TABLE TOP: Infinity can be quickly...
  • MODERN & VERSATILE CLOCK: Stay on time with Infinity's...

This is a portable and battery operated wall clock, with a non-ticking mechanism. The product has been well built, which ensures longevity. It comes with a correct number display, easy-to-hang hole, glass cover, and an elegant colored rim. 

This is a 12- inch timeless design which will tell you the time soundlessly and stylishly. It is powered by a single AAA battery, which doesn’t come with this clock.


The clock is battery operated, so we never had to worry about carrying around any extension cords. You can hang this clock anywhere you want, and the versatile design will blend well with any decor. 

You won’t face any disturbance as there are no ticking sounds; it just has a sweeping mechanism which glides around the circle smoothly. 

Also, the clock is lightweight, so the installation process is not going to be difficult. There is a keyhole at the back of the watch, so it makes it easier for you to hang the clock. You don’t even have to fear about the construction, as it’s built with quality materials and there is no fear of easy breakage.


  • Precise number display
  • Comes with an easy to hang keyhole
  • Has a silent secondhand
  • It is lightweight
  • Unique and elegant design


  • The clock can slow down after a few years of use 

6. Timelike 3D Clock Hands

This clock by Timelike has a simple and open design, with just an hour and minute hand. It is a statement piece that will jazz up your home decor in an effortless manner. 

The quartz analog clock is made of aluminum, and the dial is around 10.4 cm with the hour's hand being 16.5 cm and the minute hand is 24.3 cm. It’s a lightweight (200 gm) piece, and a single AA battery powers it.

Timelike 3D Clock Hands, DIY Large Clock Hands Needles Wall...
  • Wall Mountable: The clock hands are designed to mount on a...
  • 3D Design: The clock hands have a unique 3D design that adds...


It is a simple and elegant piece that merged perfectly with the contemporary design of our living room. The clock is made of metal, and there is equal importance given to the functionality as well as the design of this product. We found the watch pretty lightweight, but it can travel with vibrations. 

Overall, the clock is fragile, but with caution, it can work perfectly well. We loved the understated stylish appeal of this piece, and it’s a significant change from the boring wall clocks that we were using for years. We have received a ton of compliments for this clock, as it showcases your taste for a unique design.


  • Funky and minimalistic look
  • Maintenance-free
  • Priced reasonably
  • Lightweight 


  • Not everyone’s taste
  • Not the most durable 

Rose Gold/Copper Wall Clocks Buyer’s Guide

  1. When you’re hanging the watch, you should pay attention to the small details in its design, that will make the wall space look attractive.
  2. Buy a clock, that will last you for years to come and will be a prized possession to your home décor.
  3. The quality of the watch is paramount as it helps to ensure reliability and accuracy of time.
  4. The amount of light required by the clock should also be considered. And whether you can read the time just when you glance at the clock face.
  5. Pick a different color tone for the wall clock that will contrast with the vibe of your wall space.
  6. If you’re buying a clock for the study or bedroom, then get the ones with a quartz sweeping mechanism. There will be no ticking sound while you have a quiet environment.
  7. There are different types of wall clock designs, but we can roughly divide it into two categories: decorative and functional. As the name implies, with a functional design, it will not just provide an excellent display or tell time, but it will serve as an instructional or highly specialized clock. Moreover, the decorative wall clocks help to add a fun element with its images and prints.

Rose Gold/Copper Wall Clocks Conclusion

There is a range of wall clock designs to choose from, while you're selecting the right one to compliment your home/office space. To find a clock that is unique and has been made with high-quality innovations is an excellent move for a refreshing change; be it classic or modern.

When we pick a clock for its exceptional design, whether ornate and vintage or sleek and modern, it transforms this functional item into a piece of artwork. Take your time to go through the designs to find the clock that fits in perfectly with the vibe and tone of your wall space.

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