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7 Best Concrete Wall Clocks to Keep Track of Time in Style

The Stephanie Imports Modern Minimalist Wall Clock is the most durable concrete wall clock that features FORESCOLOR eco-boards. Similarly, the Driini Staircase Modern Wall Clock has the best fully numberless wall clock pattern. 

Best Concrete Wall Clocks

Wall clocks are handy devices, made of different materials, found in almost every household. On that note, concrete wall clocks are becoming increasingly popular nowadays since they combine style with utility. 

That is why we have reviewed some of the best wall clocks that you can consider for adorning the walls of your home. 

Listed below are the best concrete wall clocks:

  • Stephanie Imports: The Stephanie Imports Modern Minimalist Wall Clock is a numberless, eco-friendly timepiece with noise-free operation and a contemporary design. Its primary drawback is its tendency to accumulate dirt quickly.
  • Driini: The Driini Staircase Modern Wall Clock sports a unique staircase design with a sleek black finish. The model's elegance might be lost on dark or textured walls.
  • Leafre Minimalist: The Leafre Minimalist LED Digital Wall Clock allows for easy readability and quiet operation, courtesy of its LED display and night mode. Calibration complexity due to its USB power source stands as a potential inconvenience.
  • Nextime Mohawk: The Nextime Mohawk Wall Clock impresses with its detailed copper hands and minimalistic appearance. It comes only in one design and color variant, limiting customization options.
  • Sol Pixie: The Sol Pixie Dust Modern Wall Clock is a handmade clock that offers a unique shape and a blend of concrete and wood, alongside numerous customization options. Its relatively small size may limit readability.

1. Stephanie imports modern minimalist wall clock - Best wall clock made with forescolor eco-boards

The Modern Minimalist concrete wall clock is one of the most popular products of this brand, thanks to its design and quality.

This clock is a part of the brand’s Concrete Collection, and it features a minimalistic but elegant form that can easily fit on any wall. It is available in two different shades of concrete gray, and the dials and clock hands come in a wide range of colors. This aspect provides a good degree of variety to this option.

The dials on the clock face are numberless, which further enhances the minimalist vibes of this clock. What’s more, it features a special Silent Quartz mechanism that gives you a noiseless operation, while for the power source, it uses one AA battery.

This clock face is made of a 0.35” thick FORESCOLOR eco-board that is quite durable. However, it tends to get a bit dirty at times, which is a drawback.

Shape: Round | Type: Analog | Power source: Single AA battery | Material: Engineered wood, acrylic

2. Driini staircase modern wall clock - Best numberless patterned wall clock

The clock has a simple design that feels unique, which makes it stand out from other concrete wall clocks. To be more precise, it features a numberless, staircase-like pattern on the clock face, where each “step” acts as a number. 

Its body is made from a premium-quality, stone-based polyresin material that looks and feels just like concrete. What’s more, it has a sleek matte black finish, which enhances the elegance of the wall clock even more. 

The hands are made from genuine pinewood material, and it greatly complements the black clock face. Likewise, the arms have a sweeping operation that feels smooth and is noiseless.

But we found the clock looks a bit awkward on textured or dark-colored walls, which is a limitation.

Shape: Round | Type: Analog | Power source: Single AA battery | Material: Stone-based polyresin, pinewood

3. Leafre minimalist led digital wall clock - Best digital wall clock with night mode

The minimalist LED digital wall clock is one of the best digital wall clocks you can get today.

This wall clock features a stylish digital display that is silent and easy to read, even in the darkness. The clock has a convenient “night mode” feature that adjusts the light intensity of the LED display so that your sleep doesn’t get interrupted. Also, you can switch between 12 and 24-hour formats.

It has a highly minimalistic, contemporary design and concrete gray body that makes it a stylish addition to your walls. There are no numbers, markings, or hands on the clock face, which makes it pretty appealing as decor for living rooms, bedrooms, and offices. 

The clock does not require any batteries, which sets it apart from conventional digital clocks. Instead, it is powered via a USB cable that remains connected to the clock. However, this can make the setup a bit complicated, which can be an issue for some people.

Shape: Round | Type: Digital | Power source: USB cable | Material: Concrete

4. Nextime mohawk wall clock - Best clock hands with copper detailing

This particular product has a beautiful design that complements the walls of dining rooms and other living spaces.

The round wall clock is made up of a gray concrete material that has a textured finish. It is designed to be durable, which means that you don’t have to worry about any scratches or damages.

Subsequently, the hands of this clock are made of premium quality copper that is scratch-proof and dust-resistant. The copper material goes well with the concrete face of the clock. On top of that, each of these hands has special cut-out detailing that makes them even more beautiful. Similarly, there are only four dials along the edge of the clock, which gives it a minimalistic vibe.

It is powered by a single AA battery and has a silent operation. However, it lacks variety since it is available in a single design and color combination. 

Shape: Round | Type: Analog | Power source: Single AA battery | Material: Concrete, copper

5. Sol pixie dust modern wall clock - Best wood and concrete handmade wall clock

The Modern Wall Clock by Sol Pixie Dust is possibly one of the best handmade wall clocks that you can get for your home. Unlike many other concrete wall clocks, this one does not have a round shape. Instead, it has a square shape with rounded edges, making it a unique interior design décor.

We noticed that it is a hybrid concrete wall clock that also contains wood. To be more precise, it is made from 0.16” ply oak wood that is combined with a 0.23” concrete sheet. The wooden layer is varnished with dark oak satin that gives it a beautiful finish. 

Its hands are metallic, and they come in a number of colors. In that context, you can customize the color of the clock face too. Moreover, it has a lightweight design and has a silent EZ Quartz Sweep operation. However, the size of the clock is a bit small, which can make it difficult to read.

Shape: Rounded square | Type: Analog | Power source: Single AA battery | Material: Concrete, wood

6. Sol pixie dust three quarters wall clock - Best asymmetric clock face design

The Three Quarters Wall cock by Sol Pixie Dust is one of the best-designed concrete wall clocks that we have tried. As the name suggests, the clock has a quirky three-quarter design on the clock face, which gives it a truly unique and asymmetrical look.

Such an unconventional design can greatly complement your living area or office space. Additionally, it is a handmade option that is made from concrete and wood materials. Its wooden layer has a dark oak satin varnish coating that not only gives it an elegant finish but also protects it from scratches and damage.

The color of the varnish coating and the clock hands can be easily customized. As such, you can create a wall clock that enhances the overall look and feel of your wall perfectly. That said, its customizability comes at a higher price, which means that you need sufficient money to buy it.

Shape: Round | Type: Analog | Power source: Single AA battery | Material: Concrete, wood

7. Sol pixie dust type 1 wall clock - Best numbered clock face

Here, we have reviewed another product by Sol Pixie Dust, which is the Type 1 Wall Clock. It is a fully numbered concrete wall clock that is made from a durable concrete sheet. The concrete layer is 0.23” thick and has a light gray color. Furthermore, the numbers are made from acrylic materials, and they are firmly glued onto the concrete layer.

You can easily customize the color of the clock hands, which adds a fair bit of variety to this option. The hands can be read easily from a distance, which makes it convenient for the user. Besides, it has an easy hanging mechanism and is pretty lightweight, which further enhances the user’s convenience.

The clock is powered by one AA battery, and it has an EZ Quartz Sweep mechanism that eliminates ticking noise. With that being said, it is slightly more expensive than other concrete wall clocks, which can be a drawback for people on a tight budget.

Shape: Round | Type: Analog | Power source: Single AA battery | Material: Concrete, wood, acrylic

What are the best concrete wall clocks?

The table below provides comparative insights into various top-tier concrete wall clocks. It focuses on essential characteristics such as the clock's shape, type (analog or digital), its power source, and the material it's crafted from. Each product's particular features are given distinct consideration, therefore enabling a thorough comparison.

ProductShapeTypePower sourceMaterial
Stephanie imports modern minimalist wall clockRoundAnalogSingle AA batteryEngineered wood, acrylic
Driini staircase modern wall clockRoundAnalogSingle AA batteryStone-based polyresin, pinewood
Leafre minimalist led digital wall clockRoundDigitalUSB cableConcrete
Nextime mohawk wall clockRoundAnalogSingle AA batteryConcrete, copper
Sol pixie dust modern wall clockRounded squareAnalogSingle AA batteryConcrete, wood
Sol pixie dust three quarters wall clockRoundAnalogSingle AA batteryConcrete, wood
Sol pixie dust type 1 wall clockRoundAnalogSingle AA batteryConcrete, wood, acrylic

Concrete Wall Clocks Buyer’s Guide

In this section, we have discussed some important factors that you need to keep in mind while purchasing a concrete wall clock. Keep reading to know what they are.

1. Type

The type is the most essential aspect to consider when buying a concrete wall clock. All wall clocks can be categorized into two different types, which are analog and digital. The traditional analog clocks use “hands” to tell the time, which gives them an old-school vibe. On the other hand, digital clocks feel a lot more modern since they use LED displays to show the time.

2. Power Source

Most conventional wall clocks use batteries as a power source. The number of batteries used depends on the available features and functionalities. In other words, if a concrete wall clock comes with extra features like alarms and lights, the number of batteries required will be higher. However, a basic option will often use a single battery.

On that note, many manufacturers today offer USB-powered wall clocks, which need to be plugged into a compatible power outlet. They might be a bit difficult to set up, but you don’t have to worry about battery replacements with such options.

3. Shape And Design

The shape and design determine how well the wall clock fits on your wall. If the design of the clock does not match the aesthetics of the wall, then it will look odd and out of place. 

That is why you need to check which shape fits your wall best. Most clocks come in a round shape, but there are many other options that have a square, rectangular, or another face shape. Also, you have to check whether the color and finish compliments your wall or not. Concrete wall clocks usually come in gray, black, or other similar shades, but you can find other colors too.

How long do the batteries of a concrete wall clock last?

The battery life of a concrete wall clock depends on several factors, such as the available features, clock type, number of batteries used, and the capacity of the battery. 

A basic wall clock that uses single or multiple batteries can work for several months without needing a replacement. However, if it is a digital clock or it comes with extra features like lights and alarms, then the battery will drain faster, and you’ll need to replace it more often.

Can you use a concrete wall clock outdoors?

Most concrete wall clocks are designed to be used indoors, where it remains protected from the rain, sun, or snow. These weather elements can damage the clock components, rendering them useless.

But there are clocks available today that can withstand these outdoor weather elements with ease. So, you will need to check the product specifications to make sure of this aspect.

How do you set the time on a concrete wall clock?

The time adjustments on a concrete wall clock depend on the type and the model. In conventional analog clocks, you can set the time with the help of a mechanical dial that is located behind the clock face.

Conversely, in the case of digital clocks, you can set the time using the buttons on the side or the back. If there are other functionalities, then there will be multiple buttons present. In that situation, we would suggest consulting the clock’s user manual.

How to clean a concrete wall clock?

You can clean a concrete wall clock by using a soft and clean cloth. Gently wipe the surface of the clock to get rid of any loose dust. Try not to use water as that may damage the electronic circuits inside. You can use a cleaning solution, but you have to check if it is suitable first.

We hope that you have been able to make up your mind by now using the information we have provided. 

Before we wrap it up, we’d like to mention our personal favorites from the list above. The Stephanie Imports Modern Minimalist Wall Clock is our top pick overall, thanks to its color variety and durable build made from FORESCOLOR eco-boards. 

Subsequently, the Driini Staircase Modern Wall Clock is our second favorite due to its numberless staircase finish. And our third favorite is the Leafre Minimalist LED Digital Wall Clock, which is one of the best digital concrete wall clocks that comes with a convenient night mode.