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9 Best Bauhaus Wall Clocks for Your Abode | Guide

The best Bauhaus wall clock with abstract geometric patterns is the Hapuxt ZHIMI, bringing an aesthetic similar to an oil painting. Other options to consider include the Braun Classic and the Driini Bauhaus clocks, which balance functionality with aesthetics quite effectively. 

Best Bauhaus Wall Clocks For Your Abode

A wall clock plays an invaluable role in determining the overall aesthetics of a room, which is why they come in several unique styles. 

One such style is the Bauhaus wall clock, inspired by the German architectural movement that emphasizes functionality with a modern and sophisticated look. And since there are plenty to choose from, picking a wall clock out can be quite challenging. 

So, let’s take a look at our top recommendations for the best Bauhaus wall clocks to spruce up the look of your living space. 

Listed below are the top 5 options for wooden shed kits:

  • Hapuxt ZHIMI Quartz: The Hapuxt ZHIMI is distinguished by its abstract geometric design, this clock seamlessly integrates art and function. A downside is the additional purchase of batteries.
  • Braun Classic Analogue: The Braun Classic Analogue Wall Clock is ideal for minimalist decor enthusiasts, with the silent operation being its major strength. Readability might be compromised due to the second-hand blending into the dial.
  • Driini Modern Mid-Century Analog: The Driini Modern Mid-Century Analog is a Scandinavian-inspired design that features an easy-to-read contrasting display. The absence of tempered glass raises durability concerns.
  • Society6 Bauhaus Style: The Society6 Bauhaus Style offers extensive customization options and serves as a distinguishing feature of their clocks, complementing different room themes. Note that batteries are not included in the purchase.
  • La Crosse UltrAtomic: The La Crosse UltrAtomic Wall Clock is proficient in atomic-level accuracy, and dual antennas boost signal reception. Its dependence on uncommon C-size alkaline batteries could be considered a downside.

1. Best overall: Hapuxt zhimi quartz wall clock

Made from high-quality eco-friendly PVC, the Hapuxt ZHIMI is a wall clock that comes with abstract geometric patterns. 

This is a frameless clock that resembles an oil painting and is large enough to view from all corners of a living room. Featuring a classic round shape, the clock has a rather light and thin form, making it easy to hang on a wall. 

The Hapuxt clock is a battery-operated clock that uses a quartz crystal oscillator to tell the time. Additionally, the inner mechanisms of this item are completely silent, which keeps it from disturbing quiet reading sessions, conversations during a date, or sleep. 

This retro wall clock is in the affordable price range as well, making it an option worth considering if you’re on a budget. 

If needed, the ZHIMI can be propped up on a desk as an ornament or placed in any living space of your house. Its varied color schemes and patterns may suit various aesthetics, making its design versatile. 

It’s worth noting that the wall clock doesn’t come with included batteries, which have to be bought separately. 

Clock Style: Retro | Clock Shape: Round | Material: Eco-friendly PVC | Operating Mechanism: Quartz

2. Sturdiest bauhaus wall clock: Braun classic analogue wall clock

The Braun Classic is an analog wall clock designed to suit a minimalist aesthetic. It is a large wall clock that can be hung in a suitably large room, allowing the visitor to view it from any direction. 

This 12-inch diameter wall clock features an easy-to-read dial layout and contrasting hour and minute hands for added legibility. Its size may make it suited for rooms like the living room, bedroom, school classroom, office, etc. 

Additionally, the wall clock operates silently, with the second hand making no discernable noise. The hand also moves in a sweep motion that creates a non-tick ‘floating’ effect, enabled by precision quartz movement. That said, the second hand somewhat blends into the dial, which may affect its readability to a degree. 

During our time with the item, we found that the semi-tempered glass lens used for the Braun wall clock is rather sturdy. As such, the glass lens does not shatter easily when dropped from a moderate height. 

Moreover, the wall clock is made using wood, which may add to its durability. Its inner workings may still remain operational in case the wall ornament falls out of its place. 

Clock Style: Classic | Clock Shape: Round | Material: Wood | Operating Mechanism: Precision Quartz

3. Bauhaus wall clock with the best readability: Driini modern mid-century analog wall clock

Featuring a Scandinavian-inspired industrial design, the Driini wall clock is a product that aims to suit several visual styles at once.

The Driini wall clock has a 12-inch diameter with large, easy-to-read numbers printed on it, which suits larger rooms like bedrooms, offices, classrooms, and more. It is about two inches thick.

This wall clock is made using an aluminum frame that has been painted black, which contrasts with the white dial. The minimalist color scheme adds to the readability of this clock, featuring no distracting elements to detract from its simplicity.

Additionally, the wall clock has a front glass cover that keeps dust and debris away from its white dial. Note that the glass is not tempered, which can make it susceptible to shattering when dropped.

As far as operation goes, the Driini clock uses a quartz analog mechanism to tell time accurately. The quartz mechanism also enables the silent sweep feature, which enables the bright red second hand to move without making any noises.

And lastly, the company offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you end up dissatisfied with the item.

Clock Style: Modern | Clock Shape: Round | Material: Aluminum | Operating Mechanism: Quartz

4. Best abstract bauhaus wall clock: SOCIETY6 bauhaus style wall clock

For those with a taste for artfully crafted timepieces, the Society6 Bauhaus Style Wall Clock may be an option to consider.

This mid-range wall clock depicts a pastel artwork on its dial that may fit in a room with brightly-colored walls and other artistic elements. It was designed to be a twist on the traditional timepiece that retains function while adding a visually appealing flair to it.

Featuring a shatter-resistant dial and wooden frame, the Society6 wall clock is a highly customizable item. With multiple frame color options, hand options, and design styles, the clock may attract a visitor’s attention as they enter your home.

And for those with a themed room, you may choose between rectangular, triangular, round, and square clock shapes as well. This can be beneficial if your home has a consistent visual theme, making the clock fit right in.

Lastly, the plexiglass crystal glass dial has a 10-inch diameter that suits medium to large-size rooms, and the clock itself is 1.75 inches thick. The clock does not come with batteries, which need to be bought separately.

Clock Style: Traditional | Clock Shape: Round, Triangular, Rectangular, Square | Material: Wood | Operating Mechanism: Quartz

5. Best atomic bauhaus wall clock: La crosse ultratomic wall clock

If you’re looking for an accurate atomic wall clock on a budget, you may consider the La Crosse UltrAtomic.

The UltrAtomic is an atomic wall clock that tells the time accurately. This clock features dual antennas that enable it to receive clear reception in areas with plenty of walls. And while testing it, we found that it was able to tell time accurately in an office building as well.

Additionally, the clock has options to choose from various US and worldwide time zones. It also adjusts for Daylight Savings Time with an on/off button that resets twice a year.

As for its design, the clock features a solid stainless steel construction with a two-inch profile, along with a 12.7-inch glass lens. The frame is quite sturdy, but the same may not be true for the lens.

For longevity, it comes with dual battery compartments that run on two or four ‘C’ size alkaline batteries. We did find that the lack of AA battery support can be a little inconvenient, as C-size batteries are not as common.

The UltrAtomic works around this as well through an eco-mode, which pauses the second hand during the night to extend the battery life. This ensures that you will not have to replace the batteries for a long while.

Clock Style: Modern | Clock Shape: Round | Material: Stainless steel | Operating Mechanism: Atomic

6. Best geometric bauhaus wall clock: SOCIETY6 geometric bauhaus style wall clock

The Society6 Bauhaus-Style Wall Clock is a model that predominantly features apricot and birch colors in its dial contrasted by white hands.

Much like the model mentioned before, this wall clock is a customizable option for those with a specific aesthetic vision in mind for their home. The wall clock suits a geometric theme the best, which may make it fit the accent wall of the room the most.

This Society6 wall clock is made using a natural wood frame and a high-impact plexiglass crystal lens. You may choose from different frame finishes that include natural wood, black, and white color options, which can be paired with black or white hands. We found that white hands suit this clock more than black ones.

The clock is an inch wide and lightweight as well, which makes it easy to hang and store. It is powered by a battery-powered quartz mechanism, but the clock doesn’t come with batteries included in the packaging.

Clock Style: Geometric | Clock Shape: Round, Triangular, Rectangular, Square | Material: Wood | Operating Mechanism: Quartz

7. Best minimalist wall clock: Ticktockclocks studio wall clock

This minimalist wall clock from TickTockClocks Studio utilizes primary colors to draw the viewer’s attention. It is a clock that is directly inspired by the Bauhaus movement, using its principles to create a balanced look.

The TickTockClocks wall clock makes use of several materials in its construction, including laminate, plywood, timber, CNC, and acrylic. And with an 11-inch diameter dial, the clock is highly readable in medium to large-size rooms.

Its dial is colored a bright yellow, featuring no printed numbers. The vertical and horizontal extremes feature blue acrylic as the timelines, which recess into the face of the clock. And the base comes with a chamfer around the back, creating a shadow line.

As for the hands, the minute and hour hands are made using bright red acrylic, while the second hand is colored black. We did find the clock hands to be rather delicate, which can pose an issue while handling the clock.

For operation, the clock has a silent sweep mechanism that is powered by one AA battery. This quartz mechanism also has a built-in hanging mount, which simplifies the hanging process quite a bit. Additionally, the clock is quite accurate once the battery is inserted and the clock is mounted.

Clock Style: Minimalist | Clock Shape: Round | Material: Laminate, Plywood, Timber, CNC, Acrylic | Operating Mechanism: Quartz

8. Best premium wall clock: Cloudnola bauhaus metal wall clock

A classic wall clock featuring multiple colors, the Cloudnola model is designed with the Bauhaus movement principles in mind.

Its face features geometric shapes with all the primary colors being displayed prominently. The red, blue, yellow, and white shapes are separated by thick black lines for simple-yet-effective color synergy. During our time with the product, we found that the colors tend to pop even in low-light settings.

The Cloudnola wall clock has a solid steel frame with a glass lens that may prove to be quite sturdy. We did think that the clock should have included a semi-tempered glass lens at its price point.

Featuring a non-ticking silent quartz mechanism, the clock can be placed in any environment that requires silence. Such a quality is typically suited for offices, living rooms, and bedrooms.

Additionally, since it features a large 18-inch diameter, it can also be read easily from a distance. Its color schemes play into this as well since the contrasting colors further enhance its readability. As such, it can be hung freely in large rooms as well.

And lastly, the Cloudnola product is also backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Should anything happen to the clock, Cloudnola will offer repairs or replacements for it.

Clock Style: Classic | Clock Shape: Round | Material: Steel | Operating Mechanism: Quartz

9. Best decorative brauhaus wall clock: Designq ‘fluid shapes in bauhaus’ wall clock

In the premium price range, you may consider the DesignQ Brauhaus Wall Clock. This clock prominently features an abstract design on an off-white dial for a unique visual design.

The contemporary design of the wall clock is something that suits modern and artistic themes for a room. And to ensure that the design does not fade away for a long while, DesignQ uses high-quality inks on the dial.

Printed on the dial are large Roman numerals that can be read quite easily from any corner of a large room. With its three different dial sizes, namely small, medium, and large, the wall clock can find a place in a room of any size.

As for its make, the DesignQ wall clock is made using natural pine wood, leaning into the artistic aspect of its design. The natural wood grain enhances the texture of the print, further enhancing the visually striking nature of the clock.

You can hang the DesignQ wall clock using the included hanging kit to simplify the process significantly. That said, it's worth noting that at 10 pounds, the clock can be quite heavy to hang high on the wall.

With the inclusion of batteries, you can hang the clock immediately after unpacking it.

Clock Style: Modern | Clock Shape: Round | Material: Natural Pine Wood | Operating Mechanism: Quartz

What are the best bauhaus wall clocks?

ProductClock StyleClock ShapeMaterialOperating Mechanism
Hapuxt ZHIMI Quartz Wall ClockRetroRoundEco-friendly PVCQuartz
Braun Classic Analogue Wall ClockClassicRoundWoodPrecision Quartz
Driini Modern Mid-Century Analog Wall ClockModernRoundAluminumQuartz
Society6 Bauhaus Style Wall ClockTraditionalRound, Triangular, Rectangular, SquareWoodQuartz
La Crosse UltrAtomic Wall ClockModernRoundStainless steelAtomic
Society6 Geometric Bauhaus Style Wall ClockGeometricRound, Triangular, Rectangular, SquareWoodQuartz
TickTockClocks Studio Wall ClockMinimalistRoundLaminate, Plywood, Timber, CNC, AcrylicQuartz
Cloudnola Bauhaus Metal Wall ClockClassicRoundSteelQuartz
DesignQ ‘Fluid Shapes In Bauhaus’ Wall ClockModernRoundNatural Pine WoodQuartz

Bauhaus Wall Clock Buying Guide

A wall clock can be a crucial part of the overall aesthetics of your living space, particularly if it has a specific artistic flair. 

The style, goals, and placement, in particular, play a major role in determining whether a wall clock is the right fit for you or not. This is particularly true for the Bauhaus movement, introduced by the famous architect Walter Gropius. 

In his view, the Bauhaus movement is meant for an architect to use items and elements to showcase the unity of all arts. As such, it’s important to keep a few factors in mind while picking your favorite Bauhaus wall clock. 

A good place to start is to consider the overall aesthetics of the room and narrow your choice of Bauhaus clocks down accordingly. That way, you will not have to venture into clock styles that simply don’t fit into your vision of a perfect living space. 

With that in mind, let’s look at what you must seek in a Bauhaus wall clock. 

1. Size

Further narrowing down your choice of a Bauhaus wall clock is the size of both the room and the clock. 

A wall clock that is too large or too small for a room can not only hamper its visual presence but also affect its readability. Large Bauhaus clocks in smaller rooms tend to be an eyesore, whereas small Bauhaus clocks in larger rooms contribute little in terms of both aesthetics and function. 

The size of a wall clock should be relative to the size of the room it will be placed in. So, a large room will benefit from a larger wall clock to maximize visibility and the aesthetic contribution of the clock. And the reverse is also true, with smaller Bauhaus clocks befitting a smaller room. 

So, before you venture into the market for a Bauhaus wall clock, consider measuring your room. 

2. Positioning

The best place to hang a Bauhaus wall clock is where you naturally tend to turn your head while in the room. A wall clock may suit a particular wall to a tee, but it shouldn’t be the sole deciding factor. After all, practicality is an important facet of a wall clock. 

Consider positioning it in a way that it remains clearly visible while seated while ensuring that it isn’t exposed to direct sunlight. This eliminates lower parts of the walls, as well as the wall behind the most-used furniture. 

Additionally, try sitting in various parts of the room to find out which wall is the easiest to view and make your decision accordingly. Ideally, the clock should be at eye level to avoid straining your neck. 

3. Theme Of The Room

Bauhaus clocks come in several shapes, sizes, and color schemes, and each of these elements should suit the theme of your room. 

Subdued colors go well with a minimalist style, and vibrant colors and unique shapes make for an interesting addition to a similarly vibrant room. Paired with the right size, a wall clock can become the highlight of your room, drawing attention the moment a visitor enters the living space. 

For instance, a room with décor inspired by architecture in France can benefit from a rustic Bauhaus clock. Depending on your choices, the clock can be rimless and feature a print inspired by French art for a visually striking look. 

The ambiance of a room should also be carried by the clock. This is particularly true for large rooms that demand more from the decorum to lift their aesthetics to a new level. 

4. Make Of The Clock

What the clock is made of has bearings on its price. Materials like plastic are often more affordable than wood or metal, but each material has its own flaws. 

Plastic can be quite brittle and doesn’t remain in pristine condition for as long as other materials. While its longevity depends on the thickness and quality, this property remains true for most kinds of material. 

If you’re going for a rustic look, a wooden wall clock can be a great option for your wall. Pine, mahogany, and eucalyptus are some of the common species of wood used in Bauhaus clocks. Owing to their sturdiness, wooden Bauhaus clocks can be put up on your wall for a long time. 

And lastly, metallic Bauhaus clocks offer an industrial and modern look to your walls. The polished look that they offer will give your wall a refined look, which is perfect if you’re going for a sophisticated aesthetic. 

Incidentally, most Bauhaus Bauhaus clocks are made using metal as their primary construction material. This makes them rather long-lasting while fitting the German design sensibility perfectly. 

5. Clock Type

There are three main kinds of Bauhaus clocks that you can find on the market based on how they operate: mechanical, atomic, and quartz. 

Mechanical Bauhaus clocks work using a winding mechanism that must be turned periodically. The frequency of winding may vary from seven to 14 days, which can lead to them being slightly inaccurate at times. 

But for the design elements brought by Bauhaus clocks, a mechanical clock fits the role perfectly. The extra care is a relatively small hassle compared to its elegant design. 

Next, you may consider atomic Bauhaus clocks if precision matters for you more than any other element of the clock. These are self-adjusting Bauhaus clocks that don’t need much care to operate after the initial setup. Simply set the time, hang it up on the wall, and forget about it. 

Note that atomic Bauhaus clocks can be rather expensive, especially if you’re looking to create a specific aesthetic. 

And lastly, you may consider the most common type of wall clock: the quartz clock. These are more accurate versions of mechanical Bauhaus clocks that work using a crystal oscillator to tell the time precisely. If you’re looking for low-maintenance Bauhaus clocks, these can be an option to consider. 

What is the best wall clock size range?

The best wall clock size depends largely on the room you wish to hang it on. Typically, you can choose a wall clock that ranges between 10-30 inches in diameter for the best balance between readability and aesthetics. 

What is the lifespan of a wall clock?

You can expect a Bauhaus wall clock to last anywhere between 10-15 years. Of course, this can depend on the build quality, number of faults encountered, and inner items replaced throughout its lifespan. 

What causes wall clocks to stop working?

One of the most common causes of Bauhaus clocks malfunctioning is a buildup in the battery compartment. This buildup keeps the battery from properly connecting with the clock mechanism, which causes it to stop functioning. 

You may be able to fix this by removing the battery and clearing out any buildup that may be present in the battery compartment. 

What is the most accurate type of wall clock?

The most accurate type of wall clock is the atomic clock which has an error margin of a second in 109 days. Once synchronized, these Bauhaus clocks don’t need to be reset for several generations, which is why these are typically used as standards for international time. 

A wall clock is an essential component of interior design, ensuring that a room retains its visual themes in each of its elements. This especially holds true for clocks designed with the Bauhaus movement in mind, which introduce you to unique visual styles to decorate your home with. 

Despite the stiff competition, we found the Hapuxt ZHIMI to be the best Bauhaus-themed wall clock on the market. Its lightweight and thin form, along with eye-catching colors, may make it a versatile clock that fits various visual styles. 

That said, those who prefer a more classic or contemporary design may choose options such as the Braun Classic or the Driini Bauhaus clocks. These are equally as accurate and functional while providing you with a unique design flair, making them options worth considering. 

At the end of the day, the best choice for a wall clock depends on the design elements you have in mind for your room.