The traditional style is one of the most popular choices in interior design, but why is it so popular and what really is traditional style? Everybody has different traditions so the word “traditional” can have a different meaning for each of us.
Unlike what many people think, the traditional style is a design direction inspired by 18th century European decor. The style itself is a timeless example of comfort and elegance and is perfect for anyone who loves deep wood tones, thorough architectural details and elegant furniture design. This style is often referred to as the classic home style because it has that “homey” feeling that the modern styles lack.
But don’t let that fool you because the traditional style also emphasizes simplicity and comfort. There is no space for clutter or excessive furnishings.

So how will you know if this style is for you?
If you feel comfortable with dark wood finishes, refined colors as well as rich tones, then you are probably in the right place. Do you like plain walls? Because the traditional decor mainly relies on neutral paint color on the walls so that the colorful furniture and accents can be in the foreground.
We are going to show you how the traditional decor looks like in the dining room. You will immediately notice that, symmetry is paramount in the traditional interior design. Pretty much anything comes in pairs. If there are 3 chairs on the left side of the table, there have to be 3 chairs on the right side. You get the idea. This symmetry creates a balanced space around a focal point and in the case of the traditional dining room , it is the dining table. Enjoy!

1. Display shelves break the monotony on a plain wall

2. wood table and chairs in the middle of a luxuriously decorated traditional dining room

3. slightly more modern approach Boosting textures

4. breakfast corner with a narrow table and a bench on the side

5. Marbled table flood by light in pastel setting

6. traditional wooden table in an area full of natural light

7. wood beams on the ceiling create a cozier atmosphere


8. modern table with 2 sets of chairs on a timeless background

9. natural light enhances the look in any room, including the dining room

10. farmhouse  chandelier over a wooden table

11. Formal dining room looking out onto a bucolic garden and patio for entertaining

12. traditional dining room with an antique table and views of the shoreline

13. wooden table on an elegant background

14. Gray chairs around a weathered table with plain white walls

15. rustic look with natural wood finishes

16. wall sconces and buffet lamps create soft pools of light, conducive to great conversation

17. a brick wall breaks the monotony of the plainly colored walls while the steel chandelier and table decor give it an industrial touch

18. smooth table finish and modern decor around it

19. colorful curtains and a patterned wallpaper give this traditional dining room a chic feel

20. an all white, farmhouse inspired dining room

Your locations, your traditions and what feels natural to you in design ought to define the traditional design that you ought to pursue. We are the sum of our experiences and in design too we ought to expressed that, what do you think?


Fidan Jovanov