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19 Super Impressive Statement Walls In The Dining Room

Statement Wall Ideas

The dining room is a special room in the home since it’s the place where the whole family gathers together for a meal, it is the place where we spend some quality time with each other. For this reason it should be designed in such a way that it’s has a pleasant ambiance, people should love to spend their time there. Well, the dining room definitely needs to boost energy and create a positive atmosphere and one easy way to realize that beautifully is by adding statement walls.

We all know how white walls can be boring and dull, so adding one different wall that will contrast with the rest will make a statement for sure. Scroll down through the photos below and see the Impressive Statement Walls In The Dining Room that ought grab your attention.

If you have a separate room for a dining room, then you can consider yourself lucky, the possibilitiesto play with a statement wall in a separate room are truly endless!

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If you have kept everything in your decor to a minimum than you should be bold when it comes to choosing the right wallpaper. The patterned ones are really interesting and make the room more fancy and stylish through contrast.

black and white geo print wallpaper for a dining room


When you are thinking about adding a statement wall in the dining room, don’t think just about the side walls, take the ceiling in consideration as well. Ceilings designs are often neglected but they`re a lot of options that



Have you thought about adding decorative pieces to the colored wall in the dining area? Well, naturally, plates are an awesome pick for your dinning, find some interestingly shaped and pattern plates and will see how they create an interest instantly!

Dining room in neutrals with a statement making plate wall love


The black statement walls can be combined with with light colors to create an immense contrast.

black themed dining room with sunburst mirror and luxury chandelier


Statement Wallpaper


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Have you wondered how to implement the map of the world in your home? We have the perfect solution for you! Your dining room wallpaper should be a map ! In order to pull off this look well, you should stick to pastel colors and keep the rest of the room simple, clutter-free.

08 bold eclectic dining room with a mpa of the world as a statement decoration


Wallpaper will help you add the wow factor in the dining room with ease, so choose a glamorous one if that’s the style of your home. Chandeliers go hand in hand with glam statement walls.

GR 30


Wooden statement wall in the dining room? Hell yeah!



Bricks walls are another interesting way to spice up your space!

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Dining wall design dining room contemporary with pink wall wood flooring pink wall 7


13 reasons you need a statement rug in your dining room dining room gallery wall 56cf3cf6cc657e184583ddcd w620 h800


Eclectic dining room with unique striped accent wall


A statement wall makes a dining room stand out


Frames are currently on trend, so create a gallery wall to bring all eyes on it!



blue and white




Use your imagination and come up with interesting ideas for the statement wall in the dining room. Just by changing one wall in the room you can change the whole appearance of the home. Give it a try, you will love the new atmosphere !

accent walls dark dining room

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How do you see the spectacular statement walls in this short article ? We would love hear your take on the subject in the comment section below !

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