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87 Exceptionally Inspiring Track Lighting Ideas to Pursue

The inhabitant spends a good amount of time in the search of incredible furniture, extraordinary colors and entire palettes are envisioned throughout the home yet an often overlooked and highly underrated aspect is the lighting.

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Lighting can make or break a decor with ease and it goes without saying that the decorative component alone cannot be considered without the functional, practical role as lighting can ruin more than one`s decor, it can greatly affect the inhabitant`s health and state of mind. Brilliant chandeliers ought to be considered, they can easily grant focal points in one`s space yet in less high-profile spaces and areas in which one needs direct light track lighting comes to play.

The modern home is well accustomed to track lighting as it is often used as a support light in various installations, art displays or simply as accent light on details that we love, the contemporary element has been widely used in numerous interior design styles and the following track lighting ideas below are here to showcase the immense possibilities.


Track lighting has the ability to control the atmosphere, the lights can be controlled remotely through numerous means to meet the inhabitants needs, the bohemian relaxing corner above is animated by low intensity warm yellow light.

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A living space can enjoy track lighting that ought to summon the stars into the setting, small bulbs in a large surface in big numbers can create a really spectacular atmosphere.

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Kitchen track lighting is often used under the suspended kitchen cabinets to animate the counter-top. The indirect light serves its purpose well without creating discomfort and without ruining the atmosphere.

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In spaces with a low ceiling height discrete track lights can be nestled to emphasize the setting with small factor lighting fixtures that can be easily controlled whilst providing sufficient light .

via Smith & Vansant Architects PC


A wooden pergola can be greatly highlighted in the evening through track lights placed directly on the beams downwards or on the side to indirectly illuminate the structure itself,the rhythm created and the cozy atmosphere shaped to greatly complement festive entertaining.

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In galleries all around the world track lighting systems are used to set the right light where needed.

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A track light that illuminates one`s library in the evening is not only practical but it also speaks about the inhabitant`s taste and personality.

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Sculptural lighting systems can also become pieces that can complement your decor, here nestled between white beams and wooden ceilings parts sinuous metal lines present light.

via  MGSarchitecture


The lighting system can be practical, simple and subdued to the overall theme. This ought to be used in the setting in which the lighting fixtures themselves are not playing a decorative part per say but a purely practical one.

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In attic spaces track lights can function on both axes, here they offer depth of field through light over a two story living room with a circulation path over it.

via Sandvold Blanda Architecture + Interiors

Exceptionally Inspiring Track Lighting Ideas to Pursue

In a dressing room perimeter lighting fixtures can illuminate the cabinets, mirrors, accentuating one`s collections and providing the right control light needed in the decision making process.

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mosaic bathroom track lighting ideas

A common position taken by these lighting fixtures is high above the sink in the bathroom, emphasizing the feeling of space throughout as light uses the mirror to fill the entire room.

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Track light systems can be sculpted to fit the layout of your space.

via Coupard Architects and Builders


Here the L-shaped space resulted in the kitchen around the isle is illuminated through two kitchen track lights subdued to the overall theme.

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kitchen tracking lighting ideas

The stove may be the focal point of a kitchen, use light to keep things in visual control.

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Warm light can create a comforting mood that soothes the nerves and calms the individual.

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Elegantly shaped lighting fixture anchored on an impressive geometric wood ceiling. Notice the perspective created by the wooden surfaces on floor and ceiling.

via Giulietti Schouten Architects

rustic kitchen track lighting ideas

An up-cycled heavy-duty wooden beam can become a decorative element to hold your track lights, a craft to be used to one`s  advantage.

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Linear lighting fixtures are known to be used in art showcases and displays, in collection and galleries. The impressive collection above makes no exception. Notice the bright spots of lights on Ferrari`s hood in the second plane.

via Custer Design Group

desk tracking light ideas

Here black has been used to elegantly create contrast with white furnishing and an airy atmosphere, the desk`s structure and the light system above create a beautiful composition well enhanced by the wall art behind and sculptural wall-anchored lamps.

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kitchen tracking lighting ideas

Wooden beams are clear and unobstructed from certain perspective points yet they emphasize the generous kitchen with plenty of light serving a very practical role.

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A basement space can receive the track lights with ease to the inhabitant`s advantage taking little head room for an immense amount of light.

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Here the attic light illuminate the top half being situated on the beam, nestled in white, not damaging the airy ambiance.

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An impeccable white airy ambiance in which sculptural art pieces are accentuated by track light systems can be quite impressive.

via Joie Wilson

kitchen tracking light ideas

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The extraordinary tall dinning area enjoys a high ceiling space in which sculptural colorful wires are brought down with Edison bulbs.

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via Kristen Rivoli Interior Design

laundry tracking lighting ideas

The highly practical allure of track lights can be put to good use in the laundry room.

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Emphasize your art display with the right lighting system.

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Focal points can be realized with linear lighting fixtures too, simply choose the right one.

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Your hallway can easily be lit with track lights. Punctual wall art pieces can be enhanced by one light in the group.

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Light near the window would have reflected back in the setting above thus distorting the expansive views, dim track lights can be controlled to minimize this effect.

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Iron pipes and Edison bulbs can construct you own diy lamp project at home.

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Sculpt something that changes the interior space, here geometric lines are rapidly subdued to the naturalness of the curved lighting fixtures.

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Interior subdued to red, home to numerous patterns and textiles, all brought forward through perimeter lighting.

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The system above is extraordinary graphic yet transparent despite its black wiring. Each lighting bulb carries immense responsibility, make sure you choose the right one for your setting.

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via Ed Ritger Photography


The lighting fixtures alone create contrast in a highly elegant setting.

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via Giulietti Schouten Architects


The cord of your track lights can be highly adjustable and the light bulb alike can vary to break the ordinary to one`s advantage.

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via Ian Moore Architects


Corridors are often spaces that receive track lighting systems as their long and thin profile require linear lighting that here and there need focus points for wall art. The uniform level of lighting required throughout a corridor and the accent light points alike can be distributed to this adaptable light source. Track lights can be angled to meet the criteria of any art or collection display in your home.

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via Nora Schneider Interior Design


Light is able to present your space entirely different.

via  Raca Architekci on Stylizimo


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A space that works with color can greatly use multiple, controllable light sources and track lights are a practical solution.

via Joseph Bergin Architect


Control the way an item is perceived.

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260c004c34dbfea3e82a6521e7232a87 (1)

Light bulbs on an airy thread of string creates great balance.

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In stark white a black incision that at demand brings in extraordinary light can become a great focal point.

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A gallery display ought to receive the light it deserves.

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Doug Goodale's log home provided by Extreme Makeover: Home Edition of ABC Television.

Wooden logs accommodate track lights that indirectly bring light in the entire living room while highlighting the log beams, greatly emphasizing the rustic ambiance.

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3D render interior

A simple line can sculpt something unique.

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Elegant contrasts become focal elements where a track lights bounces light throughout the kitchen from white surface to white surface.

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Black lines create contrast in airy ambiance defined by white.

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Creating contrast with a piece of colorful wallpaper in the vertical plane and the right pattern on the floor can greatly distract focus; here the seamless track lights under the kitchen cabinets cannot be perceived, hidden from sight it simply does the deed.

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Simple sculptural iconic lights can contribute to a glamorous setting.

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A sinuous line of track  lines can bring naturalness into a rigid, geometric environment.

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Elegant brushed aluminium emphasizes discreetly an airy ambiance that uses blue accents to create great contrast.

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A closed circuit track light system above the kitchen isle can beautifully integrate form with function.

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Small designs too can receive track lights yet the elements themselves need to be more than a simple socket; notice how the tiny sculptural above contribute to the overall scheme.

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In dense textures and powerful, bold interior designs light can bring equilibrium, bringing forward focal points, element of interest.

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What do you think about track lighting and the track lighting ideas presented above? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below !

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