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5 Best Solar Disk Lights of 2023 [Buyer’s Guide]

There's no point debating that solar disk lights are one of the most efficient and environment-friendly ways to light up your outdoor space.

Lamps for sidewalk lawns. Footpath lighting. Electricity

Thousands of homeowners have shifted to this alternate way of lighting that doesn't harm the environment. Also, it doesn't put a dent in your pocket. However, as the market is flooded with options to choose from, we understand your dilemma when it comes to selecting the right product.

So, in order to help you in the process, we've designed the perfect guide. It has the pros and cons of the top 5 products to give you a clear picture. Moreover, there's an added buyer's guide to further help you search for the best of the lot.

So, without further ado, let's dive right in!

Best Solar Disk Lights 

Hwaseong fortress in Suwon,Korea

Here's the list of the 5 best solar disk lights of 2023, providing you with an efficient and environmentally friendly way to illuminate your outdoor space.

1. Sunco Lighting 12 Pack Solar Path Lights - Best for Longevity & Automation

If you are looking for an option that provides illumination in your yard at night for 8-10 hours, Sunco Lighting 12 Pack Solar Path Lights is a good bet. It is one of the best options available in this department at a very affordable cost. With this, you'll never have to worry about switching the light off in time.

Sunco Lighting 12 Count (Pack of 1) Solar Lights Outdoor...
  • Top Rated Solar Powered LED Path Light, Round
  • ✅ WATERPROOF - The IP65 weatherproof rating ensures our...

Why Did We Like It?

The best thing about this product is that it is thoroughly waterproof. Since it is an outdoor disk light, the concern around durability is quite valid. This item has an IP65 weatherproof rating, and thus, you don't have to worry about mother nature's wrath.

Not only does it prevent itself from getting damaged in heavy rain, but it is also dust-proof. The airtight construction ensures that no dust or harmful air particles enter the casing and damage the lights.

Moreover, the responsibility of checking the item's quality doesn't fall on you. It is RoHS and CE certified and upholds the best standard when it comes to quality. Each item is checked to make sure that it delivers optimum performance and safety.

Additionally, it has a lifetime of 30,000 hours if maintained well. Also, it comes with batteries that are included in the pack. And lastly, what needs a special mention is how it comes with an automatic switch-on and switch-off feature.

What Could've Been Better?

If you are looking for a spotlight fixture, this light doesn't fit the bill. It is true that the light works nicely, but it provides more of a soft glow rather than spotlighting. So, if you decide on buying one, do keep this in mind.


  • Completely waterproof
  • Safe from dust damage
  • Quality check done
  • Automatic switch-off and switch-on


  • Doesn’t provide spotlighting

Brightness: High | Color: 7000K Diamond White | Battery Life: 8-10 hours | Installation: Stakes | Design: Sleek

2. Biling Solar Lights Outdoor - Best for Versatile Usage

For those who are on the lookout for reliable features and good heavy-duty performance, Billing Solar Lights Outdoor is a perfect choice. It is suitable for people who have a penchant for soft white light. To know how this outdoor light performs, read on.

Biling Solar Ground Lights, Solar Disk Lights (8 LEDs /4...
  • 🎄The upgraded outdoor powerful 8LED Solar Disk Light with...
  • 🎄Improved solar panel and working much longer times:...

Why Did We Like It?

When it comes to ease of use and effectiveness, this light is a steal. Be it your garden or patio, this set of 8 solar bulbs is designed to beautifully light it up.

If you have an outdoor party planned, you don't need to call an electrician to set up the lights. This item needs no wiring, and you can easily plant it into the ground without any outlets or wiring.

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that it is quite durable and sturdy. These 8 powerful LEDs are made of stainless steel which makes them resistant to any weather-based damage.

Also, spikes that keep the lights in the ground are made of hard reinforced plastic and not flimsy plastic that breaks easily.

Additionally, the in-built solar panel in this device is better than ever before. This improved version allows the panel to absorb more amount of light during the day. Thus, you can get at least a running time of 10 full hours safely with these bulbs.

What Could've Been Better?

Despite the stellar performance and ease of use, this item is not very versatile. For decorative purposes, it is better if there are a few more color variations that are available. With this variant, there's not much that you can do about the color.


  • Easy to set up
  • Wiring not required
  • Saves energy
  • Can be used in multiple outdoor settings


  • Colour options not available

Brightness: Adjustable | Color: Warm White | Battery Life: 10 hours | Installation: Stakes | Design: Modern

3. Arayda Upgraded Outdoor Garden Waterproof - Best for Safe Pathways

Are you looking to convert your outdoor lawn and driveway into a safe and captivating space at night? Arayda Upgraded Outdoor Garden Waterproof is a good option you can consider for that. Each and every step in your garden should be safe, and you shouldn't be risking a trip and fall scenario. This item has got you covered.

Solar Ground Lights, Upgraded Outdoor Garden Waterproof...
  • 【Provide Lighting for Any Place】 Disk Lights provide...
  • 【Bright Solar Path Lights】 Unlike other's 6 leds, our...

Why Did We Like It?

It does get quite heavy on the pocket if you have to buy different types of light for different areas of the house. With this product, there's no such tension. You can light up your courtyard, lawns, and sidewalk alike.

It is quite versatile and easy to set up. You don't have to call an electrician to set up a new wiring system in your house to welcome this solar disk light. They are wireless and battery-free. Use the good and harmless energy of the sun to light up your home at night.

Moreover, as we mentioned before, it is quite versatile. You can put it up indoors as well as outdoors without any worry. It is perfectly safe outdoors, too, since it is weatherproof. It can work under all kinds of weather conditions, be it rain, snow, frost, or sleet.

What Could've Been Better?

This item needs a constant source of bright sunlight in order to provide light throughout the night. So, in case there's no constant sunlight, or it is placed under a shade, it doesn't really function very well. A good and continuous source of solar energy during the day is a must.


  • Suitable for different areas
  • Easy to set up
  • Resistant to weather damage
  • Bright light


  • Needs constant source of sunlight

Brightness: Moderate | Color: Warm White | Battery Life: 8 hours | Installation: Stakes or Screws | Design: Decorative

4. Pamapic Solar Ground Lights 8 Pack

Well, tripping and falling in your yard at night is not a very pleasant experience. And with Pamapic Solar Ground Lights 8 Pack, you can totally avoid such mishaps. This pack of solar ground lights is uniquely designed to light up your yard at night and beautify it like nothing else.

Pamapic Solar Ground Lights 8 Pack, 8 LED Solar Powered Disk...
  • 【Solar Charge & Long Working Time】Unlike other solar...
  • 【High Level Protection & Advanced Lighting】With durable...

Why Did We Like It?

Unlike the general solar light variants available in the market that come with 4 LEDs, this item comes with a set of 8 LEDs. More the lights, the more illumination your lawn gets. When it comes to brightness, it is a steal.

Moreover, this product scores very high on durability too. All its parts are made of durable and sturdy components and are not prone to breakage or damage. For example, the lamp shells are made of stainless steel to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Furthermore, these disk lights are flush with the soil. In case you have kids or pets running around the yard, there's no chance that they would trip and fall.

Additionally, the power-saving capacity of this item also needs special mention. It comes with pre-installed batteries that can save solar energy well throughout the day. The lights stay on for around 8-10 hours for every 4-6 hours of charging that it gets.

What Could've Been Better?

The product's quality and performance are quite remarkable. But it would've been better if the manufacturers paid a little more attention to packaging. It comes in boxes that we felt were quite flimsy.


  • Saves a lot of power
  • Safe to be used around the lawn
  • Very durable
  • Quite bright


  • Packaging is not good

Brightness: Moderate | Color: White | Battery Life: 8-10 hours | Installation: Stakes or Screws | Design: Vintage

5. Tomshine Disk Lights

If cutting down on your electricity bill is at the top of your list, Tomshine Disk Lights is a perfect choice. It doesn't require any electricity or added batteries. It comes with a set of in-built batteries that get charged with solar power. Install this item in an area that gets direct sunlight, and you're all set.

Tomshine 4Pcs 4 LED Solar Lights Outdoor Ground Lights,...
  • 【Auto on at night / Auto off at sunrise】 Add a unique...
  • 【Eco-friendly】 Long working time with built-in 400mah...

Why Did We Like It?

Saving energy is one goal that this item takes very seriously. It doesn't waste any solar energy and saves as much as possible during the daytime to flood your yard with bright light during the night.

Moreover, the latest version comes with an upgraded set of specifications. The new model has a 150mAh solar panel with a built-in 800mAh NI-MH battery. This enables each solar light to function for around 8-12 hours once they get charged for 6-8 hours.

Additionally, it comes with a set of bright 12 LEDs instead of the regular 8-pack set. The design is remarkable and can totally add to your outdoor decoration. Also, it comes with a full PC lampshade that helps to increase the irradiation area.

Lastly, with this device, you don't have to worry when your kids or pets are playing in the yard. It is quite strong, and the ABS can handle 200 kgs.

What Could've Been Better?

This set of lights needs some extra effort to function well. We noticed that without regular maintenance, they tend to collect moisture. The covers are made of plastic and don't really release the moisture well in case it accumulates.


  • Functions efficiently
  • Good battery functioning
  • Excellent brightness
  • Can handle heavyweight


  • Moisture gets trapped

Brightness: High | Color: White | Battery Life: 8 hours | Installation: Stakes or Screws | Design: Minimalist

Best Solar Disk Lights Comparison Table

ProductBrightnessColorBattery LifeInstallationDesign
Sunco Lighting 12 Pack Solar Path LightsHigh7000K Diamond White8-10 hoursStakesSleek
Biling Solar Lights OutdoorAdjustableWarm White10 hoursStakesModern
Arayda Upgraded Outdoor Garden WaterproofModerateWarm White8 hoursStakes or ScrewsDecorative
Pamapic Solar Ground Lights 8 PackModerateWhite8-10 hoursStakes or ScrewsVintage
Tomshine Disk LightsHighWhite8 hoursStakes or ScrewsMinimalist

Buying Guide For The Best Solar Disk Lights

By now, you should have a fair idea about what to look for when you're selecting a solar disk light. But, we'd suggest that you do not jump to any conclusion right yet. You're only halfway to your destination.

Just knowing the 7 best solar disk lights’ best features is not enough to make a good decision. You also need to take into consideration a few other essential factors to evaluate which product you should purchase.

Let's take a good look at them.

The Purpose

You can use these lights for one of the three purposes. For decorative purposes, as security lights or as street lamps. Depending on your requirements, select an option carefully.

All these types come with their own set of pros and cons, and you should keep them in mind while selecting. For example, security lights are relatively cheap, but their illumination is not that great. They are good for security purposes but not really a good idea if you want to decorate your yard with bright lights.


This is a major consideration when it comes to selecting lights for your outdoor setup. Because these devices are put up outside the house, they often have to face harsh calamities such as rain, snow, and even sleet. Therefore, we suggest that you go for an option that is weatherproof.

The typical waterproof ratings are IP67, IP66, and IP65. We recommend that you go at least for an IP65 variant when you're selecting an option.

Types Of Batteries

Before you select an option, you need to understand the mechanism of these solar disk lights. They take the sun's rays that directly hit the solar panel and convert this energy into power. This in turn gets saved up in the batteries.

It is these batteries that power the solar lights at night. So, it goes without saying that these batteries are a very crucial part of the lights. When you are opting for an item, check if you have to buy batteries separately or it comes with in-built batteries.

Also, depending on your need, you have to understand what kind of batteries are needed. You will require larger batteries (with more mAh rating) in case you want to light up the yard for long.

The solar deck lights come with different kinds of batteries such as lithium-ion, lead-acid, lithium iron phosphate, and even Ni-MH batteries. Depending on your requirement and convenience, choose the best fit.

Best Solar Disk Lights FAQ's

  • What are the benefits of Solar Disk Lights?

    Solar Disk Lights offer several benefits. Firstly, they are environmentally friendly as they rely on solar power instead of electricity, reducing your carbon footprint. Secondly, they are cost-effective as they do not require any wiring or electricity consumption. Additionally, Solar Disk Lights are easy to install, versatile in placement, and can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor spaces.

  • Are Solar Disk Lights weather-resistant?

    Yes, most Solar Disk Lights are designed to be weather-resistant. They are built with durable materials that can withstand various outdoor conditions such as rain, snow, and heat. However, it is always advisable to check the product specifications to ensure the lights are suitable for your specific climate.

  • How long do Solar Disk Lights last?

    The lifespan of Solar Disk Lights can vary depending on the quality of the product and the specific usage. Generally, high-quality Solar Disk Lights can last anywhere from 8 to 10 hours or more when fully charged. It’s important to note that the duration of illumination may be shorter during winter months or in areas with limited sunlight.

  • How do I install Solar Disk Lights?

    Installing Solar Disk Lights is usually a straightforward process. Most models come with stakes or mounting hardware for easy installation. Simply choose the desired location, ensure it receives adequate sunlight, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation. Some Solar Disk Lights may require you to dig a small hole or prepare the ground before inserting the lights.

  • Can I replace the batteries in Solar Disk Lights?

    Yes, many Solar Disk Lights have replaceable batteries. However, it’s essential to check the product specifications or consult the manufacturer’s instructions to determine if the specific model allows for battery replacement. In some cases, the batteries may be integrated and not easily replaceable.

  • Are Solar Disk Lights suitable for all outdoor areas?

    Solar Disk Lights are versatile and can be used in various outdoor areas such as pathways, gardens, driveways, and patio spaces. However, it’s important to consider the specific needs of your outdoor space. Ensure that the lights you choose are suitable for the size of the area and provide the desired level of illumination.

  • Conclusion

    Thank you for taking the time to read our article on the best Solar Disk Lights! We hope you found it informative and enjoyable. Solar disk lights are an excellent way to illuminate your outdoor spaces without worrying about electricity or wiring. They offer a sustainable source of energy and blend seamlessly into your landscape, adding elegance and style to your garden, patio, or walkways.

    Out of these 7 best Solar Disk Lights, here are our top three recommendations:

    • Best for longevity and automation: Sunco Lighting 12 Pack Solar Path Lights is an ideal option. With a lifetime of 30,000 hours and an automatic switch-on and switch-off feature, these lights are an excellent choice for those who want an affordable product that offers convenience and requires minimal maintenance.
    • Best for Versatile Usage: Biling Solar Lights Outdoor is a good option for those who want a solar disk light that is suitable for various outdoor settings. Easy on installation, energy-saving, and equipped with 8 powerful LEDs, this product is an exceptional choice, especially for those who prefer warm white light.
    • Best for Safe Pathways: Arayda Upgraded Outdoor Garden Waterproof is the right choice for creating a safe and captivating outdoor space. Its versatility, easy setup, and weatherproof design make it suitable for various areas of the house, ensuring bright light throughout the night.

    In the end, all that matters is that you select a solar disk lighting solution that fits your requirements. It is essential to choose outdoor lights that enhance the beauty of your surroundings and provide the right mixture of function and aesthetics. Don't be afraid to experiment with lighting designs and explore the vast array of solar disk lights available in the market. Happy lighting!

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