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9 Best Rated Solar-Powered Dusk to Dawn Lights [Buyer’s Guide]

Reducing our carbon footprint is the need of the hour. We all need to make changes, little by little, that help us to be environment-friendly.

Electric Solar cell pole isolated on white background. Alternative energy.

One great way of doing this is by conserving electricity. Now, we are not saying you need to sit in darkness but instead shift to solar-powered electrical appliances.

Think about it; its power comes from the sun, which is an infinite source of energy. What more do we need?

It is understandable if everyone cannot just get up and be entirely dependent on solar energy but installing solar-powered lights in your home or maybe the office is a small step that can make a huge difference.

We have researched and put together a thorough review of the 9 best-rated solar-powered dusk-to-dawn lights so that when you do decide to take that plunge, we have your back.

Now, let there be light!

Best Rated Solar-Powered Dusk-to-Dawn Lights

Silver lamp post with a light LED bulb on the left side and background sky. Technology of energy saving lamp based on the pole.

Whether you want to enhance your home's security, highlight your landscaping, or create a cozy ambiance in your outdoor space, these solar-powered dusk-to-dawn lights are the perfect choice. So, if you're ready to upgrade your outdoor lighting setup, here's the list of the 9 best solar-powered dusk-to-dawn lights to illuminate your evenings and save on energy costs.

1. Linkind Dusk-to-Dawn Solar-Powered Spotlights - Best for Brightness

One of our top recommendations is the Linkind solar-powered lights. Available in packs of 2, 4, and 6, these lights may seem small but can brighten up anything in their way. These lights shine incredibly brightly and are ideal for any dark spots you wish to illuminate around your home or office.

Linkind StarRay Solar Spot Lights Outdoor, 30% Conversion...
  • ☆Larger & Flexible Solar Panel☆: The larger solar panels...
  • ☆2 Installation Options & Multiple Uses☆: With specially...

Why Did We Like It?

One of the main reasons we recommend this solar-powered light is because of its brightness. After all, there is no point in installing a light that does not properly illuminate the areas around it.

Speaking of installation, the lights are effortless to install. It has two installation options, and anyone can carry out either of those two with ease and without any professional help.

Now, let’s talk about the power of this tiny product. Linkind says that the brightness of these lights is more than any average solar-powered light. It has a lumen count of 650, which is more than what you get for lights of its size.

Additionally, there are three levels at which you can adjust the light. So, you can set it based on where you might put it. Finally, the company itself has excellent customer care services, so in case you have any trouble, they are there to help you.

What Could’ve Been Better?

These lights shine quite brightly, which is mostly good. But the problem is that if you are looking for spotlights (though these claim to spotlight), they work more like floodlights. Moreover, there have been consistent complaints that the lights do not last all night and need charging at shorter intervals.


  • Hassle-free installation
  • Lumen count of 650
  • Multiple brightness levels
  • Supportive customer services


  • It might not last through the night

Solar Panel Type: Monocrystalline | LED Type: Warm White | Light Output: 6500K | Brightness: 650 lumens | Motion Sensor: Yes | Waterproof Rating: IP67 | Installation: Stake Mount

2. URPOWER Solar Lights Outdoor - Best for Aesthetic Design

If you are tired of sitting outside your house and constantly wondering what could be lurking in the dark, it’s time to install some lights. The URPOWER solar lights are great for patios, pools, driveways, and any area around your house. With these, you can sit outside and relax without having to worry at all.

URPOWER Solar Lights Outdoor, 2-in-1 Waterproof Adjustable...
  • 2-in-1 Easy Installation: Stick into the ground/Use included...
  • Automated Switch: Auto on at night / Auto off at sunrise. 2...

Why Did We Like It?

Installing something in and around your house isn’t only about efficiency but also about having something pleasing to the eye, and this light has that quality in it. While these lights illuminate your paths efficiently, the sleek and unique design is definitely going to enhance the surroundings.

Since we are talking about efficiency, it is worth mentioning that this solar-powered light has outstanding reviews about how it stays on all night. It truly is dusk till dawn when it comes to brightening up the place. All you need to do is charge it through the day for it to work for 8-10 hours at night.

To make matters even better, this light can be placed wherever you want using minimal to no effort. It is a reliable product that will stay in its place, come hell or high water. Overall, it is a solar-powered light that you can count on to deliver!

What Could’ve Been Better?

Amidst the amazing reviews regarding the quality of the lights, there were consistent complaints about the durability. This solar-powered light has a short life span, which can be a bit inconvenient.


  • Easy to install
  • Works through the night
  • Great value for money
  • Attractive design


  • Short life span

Solar Panel Type: Polycrystalline | LED Type: Cool White | Light Output: N/A | Brightness: 200 lumens | Motion Sensor: Yes | Waterproof Rating: IP64 | Installation: Wall Mount

3. JACKYLED341 Solar-Powered Lights - Best for Large Spaces Coverage

Next on the list is the JACKYLED solar-powered lights that ensure your nights are as bright as your day. These lights provide the perfect illumination to all the dark areas surrounding your premises through the night without the added stress of a painful electricity bill. You can count on these lights to provide ample light and security to your home and office.

JACKYLED 1000 Lumens 299 LED Solar Lights Outdoor Bright...
  • 【1000lm Brighter Light】As the number of LED units...
  • 【22% Faster-Charging Solar Panel & High-capacity...

Why Did We Like It?

One of the first reasons we were impressed by these solar-powered lights by JACKYLED was its coverage.

The light is adequately wide and has a lumen count of 1000, which is enough to illuminate a large area, making it ideal for gardens, sheds, patios, and driveways.

Another great feature was that it has a separate installation feature. If the area you want to illuminate does not get enough sunlight to charge the light, you can install the solar panel away from the light in an area with proper sunlight.

Plus, both the panel and the light are adjustable. So, you can set them in optimal angles as per your needs. Additionally, an 9.8 ft extension cable is included in this package that makes the separate installation possible.

Moreover, the light has an auto discharge feature wherein it automatically stops charging to ensure that the light is not overcharged, leading to malfunctions.

What Could’ve Been Better?

As established already, the light works perfectly and can light up a wide area of your premises with ease, but there are issues regarding when it comes on. Long-time users have claimed that it doesn’t work when it’s dusk and only comes on when it is completely dark outside.


  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Great for large spaces like sheds and backyards
  • Fast charging and stays on through the night
  • The light panel can be wall-mounted separately from the solar panel


  • It has to be completely dark outside to come on

Solar Panel Type: Polycrystalline | LED Type: Warm White | Light Output: N/A | Brightness: 1000 lumens | Motion Sensor: Yes | Waterproof Rating: IP65 | Installation: Wall Mount

4. Richarm 42LED Solar Lights

Another solar-powered light worth considering is the one by Richard. Like the one we previously reviewed, these provide excellent coverage with their bright lights and are ideal for larger spaces like patios, gardens, and parking areas. If you are looking for lights to illuminate dark spots in your residential area, university, or any street to amplify security, this is great for that.

Richarm Solar Flood Lights Outdoor Remote,Dual 42 LEDs 6500K...
  • ☼Outdoor Remote Control Solar Lights Automatic On/off...
  • ☼ 2 Pack 42 LEDs High Bright Output Lighting☀ :Include 2...

Why Did We Like It?

We know that security is of utmost importance in residential areas, parking lots, dimly lit streets, and universities, especially after dark. This is why the Richarm solar-powered lights with its 42 LED’s stood out for us.

These lights have a 16 ft cable that makes it easy for them to be mounted high up, like on flagpoles and billboards, giving it the right height to illuminate a wide area. With lights like these, you can rest assured that any university campus or street will be adequately lit and safe for everyone.

Moreover, these lights charge quickly and stay on for longer, so you won’t have to keep ensuring it is on through the night.

Additionally, the lights come with a remote control that enables you to take charge of how you want the lights to work without any hassle.

What Could’ve Been Better?

There weren’t a lot of complaints about these lights. However, a lot of users were disappointed at the fact that the remote was quite basic and did not have more functions. So, that’s surely something that can be improved.


  • Fast charging and long-lasting
  • 16 ft cable ensures easy installation at any elevation
  • Wider coverage
  • Great customer service


  • Very basic remote control

Solar Panel Type: Monocrystalline | LED Type: Cool White | Light Output: 6500K | Brightness: 800 lumens | Motion Sensor: Yes | Waterproof Rating: IP65 | Installation: Pole Mount

5. Awanber Solar-Powered Outdoor Lights

If you’re looking for lights that will brighten up your space for a long time, the Awanber solar-powered lights are just perfect. These are made to illuminate porches, patios, gardens, and driveways with ample light through any weather condition. Flooding your space with light and increasing security has been made easier with the Awanber solar lights.

Awanber Solar Powered Lights Outdoor, Bright White Light...
  • 【30LEDs Powerful Garage Light & Dusk till Dawn】Our dusk...
  • 【18Hours Long Working Time】 Once the light is fully...

Why Did We Like It?

The first (and most important) aspect of this light was its long working time. People usually install lights in their premises so that the areas stay lit through the night and not just in the first initial hours of darkness.

The solar lights from Awanber have an 18-hour working time after needing only 6.5 hours to charge fully. Plus, they even charge properly in cloudy weather!

Additionally, these lights come with batteries and also have the provision to replace the batteries once they die out. It is relatively cost-efficient since you do not need to buy a new setup every few years.

Overall, these are amazing lights that offer great value at an affordable price, are easy to install, and will get the job done!

What Could’ve Been Better?

A significant drawback of these lights is that the brightness is not up to many people’s expectations. Reviewers have said that it’s not as bright as some of its competitors. Other than that, the lights work perfectly.


  • Fast charging time
  • Easy to install
  • Charges in cloudy weather as well
  • Affordable


  • Not bright enough

Solar Panel Type: Monocrystalline | LED Type: Cool White | Light Output: 5500K | Brightness: 250 lumens | Motion Sensor: Yes | Waterproof Rating: IP65 | Installation: Wall Mount

6. ROSHWEY Outdoor Solar Lights

Installing lights in your home doesn’t mean you can only have either cute fairy lights or massive stadium lights. For those looking for efficient solar lights that also amplify your home’s aesthetic, the ROSHWEY outdoor lights are perfect for you. These lights are a fantastic choice for when you want to brighten up areas along fences or pathways.

ROSHWEY Solar Gutter Lights 200LM, 18 LED Gutter Solar...
  • 【Gutter Lights Auto Working】Gutter Lights Solar can...
  • 【Bright LED Gutter Solar Lights】Gutter solar lights...

Why Did We Like It?

Straight off the bat, this tiny light sensor is like a powerhouse. It barely needs 5-6 hours to charge fully to provide illumination for double the time.

Moreover, it can be mounted to any wall or fence without any need for wiring or cables. Plus, it also has a 180-degree rotating head, which allows you to place it at optimal angles for better charging and better lighting.

Another great thing is that the light it gives out is soft yet bright. So, you have the benefits of installing a spotlight without it hurting your eyes.

Also, these lights have motion detectors. The light rests at a dim brightness and then becomes brighter if they detect any motion.

One thing worth mentioning is the design of the lights as well. They look sleek and elegant while being extremely sturdy. They will blend in with the overall look of your house and make it look even better.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The only complaint regarding these lights was that they do not have replaceable or rechargeable lights. Once it loses its battery, you will have to buy new lights, which is a minor inconvenience for sure!


  • Rotational head
  • No wires are needed to wall mount
  • Unique and sleek design
  • Motion sensor


  • Non-replaceable/rechargeable batteries

Solar Panel Type: Polycrystalline | LED Type: Warm White | Light Output: 6500K | Brightness: 200 lumens | Motion Sensor: Yes | Waterproof Rating: IP55 | Installation: Wall Mount

7. EMANER Motion Sensor Outdoor Solar Light

Ever been on a camping trip and wished you had a little more light to help get a better idea of your surroundings? Well, now you don’t have to keep wishing. Our next recommendation on the light is the EMANER outdoor solar light, which is easy to carry around and install anywhere, allowing it to brighten up your surroundings efficiently.

EMANER Motion Sensor Solar Light Outdoor, Dusk to Dawn...
  • ✨ 〖Super Bright with Large Capacity Battery〗 This...
  • ✨〖Dusk till Dawn and Motion Sensor Function〗The Motion...

Why Did We Like It?

The feature that caught our eye the most was the large solar panel. This solar-powered light has a 7x6 panel, which is a little more than its competitors in the market, allowing it to have a larger capacity. Moreover, these lights have a lifespan of 8 years!

The next thing that is commendable is that the solar panel and the two light panels are all rotatable. You can move it around for optimal lights and solar charging.

Additionally, these lights have motion detectors that work efficiently. The light rests at a dim power, brightens up as you come close to it, and then goes back to being dim.

The best part is that all parts for wall mounting and in-ground mounting are available with the lights, so you do not have to hunt around for extra parts. Plus, these lights weigh less than 3 pounds, making them lightweight and portable for all your outdoor activities.

What Could’ve Been Better?

A common drawback mentioned is that the lights don’t illuminate as brightly as users had hoped. Plus, since they are lightweight, having them in the ground might do more damage if it’s caught in the heavy wind as opposed to when it’re wall-mounted.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Has motion sensors
  • Reasonably priced
  • Larger solar panels


  • It might not be bright enough

Solar Panel Type: Polycrystalline | LED Type: Cool White | Light Output: 6000K | Brightness: N/A | Motion Sensor: Yes | Waterproof Rating: IP65 | Installation: Wall Mount

8. TENKOO Solar-Powered Street Light

Next on the list, we have the TENKOO solar-powered street lights. Although the name is a giveaway, and these are definitely a good choice as street lights, these can also be installed in any outdoor space requiring wide light coverage. The 1,500-lumen count of these lights ensures that everything the light can touch is illuminated brightly.

Why Did We Like It?

One of the best aspects of these lights was that it has light sensors that automatically turn them on during dusk and an intelligent motion sensor.

The lights only come on at full brightness when the motion sensor detects motion and otherwise stay at 20%, providing enough light but not wasting energy.

Another great thing is that these lights have a conversion rate of up to 20%, which is quite high compared to some of its competitors, allowing it to charge faster.

In terms of installation, it is easy to install and has all the hardware required.

Overall, the light has a simple and elegant design making it a fine choice for any premises, be it residential or commercial. Illuminating dark space while conserving energy is not a whole lot easier.

What Could’ve Been Better?

A significant drawback with these lights is that they do not stay on all night. Moreover, a few users have mentioned that the dim lighting at 20% is too dim and doesn’t provide adequate light.


  • High conversion rate
  • Easy to install
  • Auto dim to save energy
  • Sturdy and elegant design


  • It does not provide illumination through the night

Solar Panel Type: Monocrystalline | LED Type: Cool White | Light Output: 6500K | Brightness: 50000 lumens | Motion Sensor: Yes | Waterproof Rating: IP66 | Installation: Pole Mount

9. WERISE Dusk to Dawn Solar Light

The next recommendation we have is WERISE solar lights. Much like the ones we previously reviewed, these too can be used perfectly as street lights as well as for any outdoor premises like parks, swimming pools, patios, porches, etc. These lights have wide coverage and are made to withstand all sorts of weather. This one is definitely worth considering.

WERISE 1000W Solar Street Lights Outdoor, 6500K Wide Angle...
  • 【0 Electricity Bill, No Wires】- Powered by solar, WERISE...
  • 【Super Wide Lighting Angle 】- 2023 upgrade solar parking...

Why Did We Like It?

With a money-back guarantee and a 3-year warranty on the table, what’s not to like?

Moreover, these lights have a smart radar that detects motion and automatically switches the light to 100% effortlessly. When there is no motion, the lights stay dim at 30% (which is more than what the TENKOO lights offer).

Other than that, these lights have a second mounting option with all the hardware available, making them easy to install and use.

Plus, there have been glowing reviews of the customer services, and who doesn’t love a supportive customer care team?

Overall, these lights will provide optimal light coverage, simultaneously save energy, and have your back with a warranty available in case anything goes wrong.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Among the glowing reviews of how well these lights work were a few complaints regarding the motion sensor. Users have claimed that motion sensors in these lights are not as effective after a few uses.


  • Easy installation
  • Supportive customer care
  • Dual mounting options
  • Energy-saving technology


  • Motion sensors are not as effective over time

Solar Panel Type: Monocrystalline | LED Type: Cool White | Light Output: 6500K | Brightness: 150000 lumens | Motion Sensor: Yes | Waterproof Rating: IP65 | Installation: Wall Mount

Best Solar-Powered Dusk-to-Dawn Lights Comparison Table

ProductSolar Panel TypeLED TypeLight OutputBrightnessMotion SensorWaterproof RatingInstallation
Linkind Dusk-to-Dawn Solar-Powered SpotlightsMonocrystallineWarm White6500K650 lumensYesIP67Stake Mount
URPOWER Solar Lights OutdoorPolycrystallineCool WhiteN/A200 lumensYesIP64Wall Mount
JACKYLED341 Solar-Powered LightsPolycrystallineWarm WhiteN/A1000 lumensYesIP65Wall Mount
Richarm 42LED Solar LightsMonocrystallineCool White6500K800 lumensYesIP65Pole Mount
Awanber Solar-Powered Outdoor LightsMonocrystallineCool White5500K250 lumensYesIP65Wall Mount
ROSHWEY Outdoor Solar LightsPolycrystallineWarm White6500K200 lumensYesIP55Wall Mount
EMANER Motion Sensor Outdoor Solar LightPolycrystallineCool White6000KN/AYesIP65Wall Mount
TENKOO Solar-Powered Street LightMonocrystallineCool White6500K50000 lumensYesIP66Pole Mount
WERISE Dusk to Dawn Solar LightMonocrystallineCool White6500K150000 lumensYesIP65Wall Mount

Buying Guide For The Best Solar-Powered Dusk-to-Dawn Light

Now, we know providing you with 13 of the best-rated solar-powered dusk-to-dawn lights might not help you come to a decision any quicker. With similar features and specifications, it might be challenging to ascertain which one is perfect for you and your home.

Understandably, you would like to purchase a light that provides ample illumination and can keep your family and home safe. But, there is so much more that goes into figuring out which light is ideal for your requirements. And to help with that, we have curated this buying guide.

Below are some of the crucial features you must keep in mind while looking for the perfect solar-powered lights.

Let’s see what these features are, shall we?

  1. Type

The first thing to keep in mind when looking for solar-powered lights is to understand where you want them to determine the type you need to get.

If you are looking for a dusk to dawn light to shed some light on the door or maybe the driveway, then it is better if you go for a spotlight.

But if you stay on a dark road or need illumination on a large part of your garden or backyard, then getting a floodlight or solar-powered street lights is a better option.

  1. Brightness

This one is more or less linked to the type of light you are getting for yourself. If you need a bright spotlight or floodlight for brightening up a small area, keep a lookout for lights between the lumen count of 1,000-1,500.

Needless to say, a wider area means a higher lumen count. Some people have solar-powered lights to give their space a warm aesthetic, and those lights have a lumen count between 50-500.

So, as mentioned, the brightness depends on the type.

  1. Motion Sensors

Having motion sensors is more of a special feature to have in your lights. Not all lights have them, but it surely helps conserve energy and add a layer of security to your home. If the solar lights are for residential areas, then having a strong motion sensor with a good radar definitely helps.

  1. Durability

This is one of the most important factors to keep in mind. If you stay in a place with unpredictable weather, you cannot afford to have lights that cannot withstand whatever comes their way.

All the lights mentioned in this review are nothing less than IP65, which means it is heat, cold, and frost resistant. Any solar light you consider buying for your residential or commercial property should not be less than that.

  1. Installation

Having a long and tedious installation process can be off-putting. That is why you need to ensure that the lights you purchase can be easily wall or pole mounted with minimal hardware. If you are buying floodlights with cables, ensure that the cable is long enough and as durable as the panels.

  1. Charging Time

It is understandable if your mind is fixated on a solar-powered light that takes less than 4 hours to charge fully. Who likes to wait more than 8-9 hours for anything to charge? However, faster charging might also mean fast discharging.

It is difficult to hit a sweet spot when it comes to the charging aspect of solar-powered lights. So, it is essential to keep in mind what is more important between faster charging and longer working time.

Solar-Powered Dusk-to-Dawn Lights FAQ's

  • Are solar-powered dusk-to-dawn lights weather-resistant?

    Yes, most solar-powered dusk-to-dawn lights are designed to be weather-resistant. They are built with durable materials and sealed to protect them from outdoor elements such as rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. However, it’s always important to check the product specifications for weather resistance ratings and recommended usage conditions.

  • How long do solar-powered dusk-to-dawn lights stay illuminated?

    The illumination time of solar-powered dusk-to-dawn lights varies depending on factors such as the battery capacity, sunlight exposure, and light intensity settings. On average, these lights can stay illuminated for 8 to 10 hours when fully charged.

  • Can solar-powered dusk-to-dawn lights work in cloudy or rainy conditions?

    Yes, solar-powered dusk-to-dawn lights can still work in cloudy or rainy conditions, although their performance may be affected. Reduced sunlight exposure may result in a shorter illumination time or slightly dimmer light output. However, modern solar-powered lights are designed to efficiently convert even low levels of sunlight into usable energy.

  • Do solar-powered dusk-to-dawn lights require maintenance?

    Solar-powered dusk-to-dawn lights are relatively low maintenance. However, it’s recommended to clean the solar panel periodically to ensure optimal performance. Dust, dirt, or debris on the panel can hinder sunlight absorption. Additionally, checking the battery and replacing it when necessary can help maintain the light’s efficiency over time.

  • Can I use solar-powered dusk-to-dawn lights for security purposes?

    Yes, solar-powered dusk-to-dawn lights can be used for security purposes. Many models offer motion-sensing capabilities in addition to the dusk-to-dawn feature. These lights can detect motion and provide an extra level of security by activating a brighter light when movement is detected.

  • Are there different brightness levels or color options available for solar-powered dusk-to-dawn lights?

    Yes, solar-powered dusk-to-dawn lights come in various brightness levels and color options. Some models offer adjustable brightness settings, allowing you to customize the light intensity based on your preference. Additionally, you can find lights with different color temperatures, such as warm white or cool white, to suit your desired ambiance.

  • street light with solar panel. LED lamp renewable energy.


    This brings us to the end of our comprehensive guide to the 13 best solar-powered dusk-to-dawn lights.

    We sincerely hope that we could shed some light on the topic (see what we did there!) and help you come to a conclusive decision.

    Let’s quickly go over some of the top recommendations again. If you are looking to brighten some spaces outside like a basketball court or a swimming area, then the WERISE lights are fantastic.

    However, if you are looking at smaller lights for your home and backyard, then the products by JACKYLED and Richarm are worth considering.

    And with that, we bid adieu to you. Until next time!

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