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8 Best Bluetooth Light Bulb Speaker to Rock in 2023

10 Best Bluetooth Light Bulb Speaker to Rock in 2018

The best bluetooth light bulb speaker are the new trend.

It simply suits the 21st century perfectly.

With all the chaos going around and the work pressure increasing every passing day, people would love to party on weekends, right?

Best Bluetooth Light Bulb Speaker

Now, it’s pretty hectic to arrange stuff for a party. So, here’s all-in-one light and sound packed in a single device. And that too wireless; neglecting all the fuss, and the best part? Most of these products are highly cost-effective. So, let’s enlighten you with the 8 best Bluetooth light bulb speaker of 2023.

1. Texsens Smart Light Bulb Speaker Generation II – Best for Music-Light Synchronization

Texsens Bluetooth Smart Light Bulb Speaker Generation II...
  • New feature to make the colorful light dance with the music.
  • This bulb is a multicolored, energy efficient smart LED...

The Texsens smart light bulb speaker generation II has been approved as one of the trendiest products in the market. And why wouldn’t it be? The synchronization of colorful lights to the beats of music is absolutely remarkable; there’s no doubt in that. If you are wondering about its features, you would have to read on to find out!

Product Benefits

In this 21st century, Bluetooth speakers are not a big deal; but when it comes to lights syncing to the music beats, now that creates thunder among consumers. It’s not just a single colored light we are talking about. This speaker can be controlled with an updated remote and with the same, you can change the color accordingly.

The product is energy efficient and comes with adjustable light and volume. Just to let you know, the bulb is a smart LED light, and only one Bluetooth device can be connected to one bulb at a time. Please ensure the bulb is nowhere near fire or in a corrosive environment.

Customer Opinion

To date, approximately 70% of the customers have simply loved this speaker, but few of them claimed the sound quality to be poor, and some of them faced trouble connecting the Bluetooth which can be solved with the right knowledge.

  • Flashing lights with music beats
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Remote control
  • Poor sound quality
Power Source: AC | Bluetooth Version: 4 | Wattage: 6W | Lumens: 350 | Speaker Type: Stereo | Compatibility: iOS, Android

2. LightStory Bluetooth Light Bulb Speaker – Best for Extra Features

Texsens LED Light Bulb Bluetooth Speaker, 6W E26 RGB...
  • This bulb is a Bluetooth enabled, multicolored, energy...
  • Adjustable volume of light and music, comparable to a 50...

Are you aware of the LightStory Bluetooth light bulb speaker? It’s not at all shocking that this product is earning such immense fame in such a short time. You must be wondering what’s so special about this speaker in particular. Well, let’s help you find out!

Product Benefits

Although you are quite accustomed to the idea of a Bluetooth speaker, the LightStory Bluetooth light bulb speaker has a lot more to offer. Firstly, it comes with a color-changing functionality. The multicolor dimmable LED light bulb brings in more than 12 shades of bright colors. And the built-in stereo speaker is a moderate one like most low-cost Bluetooth speakers.

Last but not least, this speaker offers alarm and sleep assistant functions, which is pretty rare to be found in a speaker. Moreover, this product is easy to install and comes with a one-year warranty.

Finally, if you are not satisfied with the purchase, then, no problem! The LightStory brand offers a 90 days money-back guarantee on this speaker. Are you still wondering why this product escalated so fast in the market?

Customer Opinion

When it comes to the quality of sound, most of the customers have provided positive feedback. However, just like any other product, this too has negativity surrounding it. Few of the users are not satisfied with the lights whereas few claimed that the bulb died within months.

  • Offers more than 12 shades of light
  • Built-in stereo speaker
  • Alarm and sleep assistant functions
  • Warranty period of 1 year
  • Dimmable lights are not so dim
Power Source: AC | Bluetooth Version: 4 | Wattage: 8W | Lumens: 650 | Speaker Type: Mono | Compatibility: iOS, Android

3. Sengled Dimmable Bulb with Built-In Bluetooth Dual JBL Speakers – Best for Sound Quality

Sengled Solo JBL Speaker Light Bulb Dual Channel Dimmable...
  • SMART SPEAKER BULB:The world's first energy efficient LED...
  • APP CONTROL ACCESS:Play Music, adjust volume and set dim...

We all know that JBL produces high-quality speakers. And so, the Sengled Solo Dimmable Bulb with Built-In Bluetooth Dual JBL Speakers is a step ahead of the rest.

Product Benefits

As we have already stated about the dual JBL speakers installed in this product, we all got a vague idea of how fantastic this product is. But we are not done yet; it also comes with a highly nifty feature in addition to the speakers- app control.

This whole device can be controlled by an app, and you can also dim the lights. Apart from these aspects, this product is very easy to install and is also energy efficient.

Customer Opinion

Almost every customer praised how amazing this speaker is. However, few of them have lodged complaints against the sound quality.

  • Dual JBL speakers
  • App control
  • Dimmable lights
  • Easy to install
  • Energy efficient
  • Sound quality
  • Maximum brightness may not be sufficient for a large room
Power Source: AC | Bluetooth Version: 4 | Wattage: 9.8W | Lumens: 800 | Speaker Type: Stereo | Compatibility: iOS, Android

4. Light Bulb with Bluetooth Color Changing Features

Smart Bulb with Bluetooth Speaker RGBW Color Changing LED...
  • LIGHT DANCING WITH MUSIC..The app allows you to play your...
  • SAVE FAVOURITE COLOURS..The app allows you to save 5...

Now, all the speakers listed above are almost perfect for you. Let’s focus on the word ‘almost’. And that’s where the Light Bulb with Bluetooth Color Changing Features/Smart Audio with Wireless Speaker steps in. It comes with a bag of extra features that make it truly special.

Product Benefits

This product is in a league of its own when it comes to speaker facilities. It is one of those rare light bulb speakers that provides you with sixteen different colors, and it is dimmable too. On top of that, Bluetooth permits a range of more than thirty-three feet and is compatible with any Android or Apple device.

And if you do not have either of them, it’s not a problem because this product comes with a remote that allows you to control all the features and functions. Moreover, the thirty-day refund guarantee on this product should surely seal the deal for you.

Customer Opinion

Most of the customers have provided positive feedback but still, there will always be some negativity around a product and so does this. A few of them are a little disappointed with the sound quality.

  • Sixteen various colors
  • Dimmable lights
  • Compatible with Android and Apple
  • Remote control
  • Sound quality is not great
Power Source: AC | Bluetooth Version: 4 | Wattage: 8W | Lumens: 650 | Speaker Type: Mono | Compatibility: iOS, Android

5. Sengled Pulse JBL Bluetooth LED Light Bulb Speaker System

Sengled Pulse JBL is an interesting speaker system that combines customizable LED lighting with a powerful sound experience. In this review, we will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of the product to help you make an informed decision.

Product Benefits

The most significant feature of the Sengled Pulse is its ability to deliver impressive sound quality considering it’s an LED light bulb speaker. With a total output power of 21W and a frequency response range of 100Hz to 20kHz, it provides a well-rounded audio experience. The Pulse is also compatible with an app that allows users to control the brightness of the warm white light (2,700W color temperature), adjust the EQ, or even set two speakers as left and right channels.

One significant improvement over its predecessor, Sengled Solo, is the ability to pair up to 8 Sengled Pulse speakers into a group and play music through all of them simultaneously. The body is made of sturdy aluminum, and the estimated lifespan of the light bulb is 25,000 hours.

Customer Opinion?

While customers appreciate the unique design and more robust build compared to other light bulb speakers, there are some concerns about the app’s usability and Bluetooth range. The pairing process can be tedious when reconnecting, and the Bluetooth range is not as advertised, delivering only about 30ft instead of 100ft.

  • Impressive sound quality for a light bulb speaker
  • Ability to group up to 8 speakers
  • Sturdy and durable aluminum build
  • Limited Bluetooth range
  • Tedious pairing process when reconnecting
  • App usability issues
Power Source: AC | Bluetooth Version: 4 | Wattage: 15W | Lumens: 600 | Speaker Type: Stereo | Compatibility: iOS, Android

6. Sengled Solo Plus

Sengled Solo Plus is a versatile and fun light bulb speaker that offers an array of colors and sound options. This review will go over the product benefits and any customer concerns.

Sengled Solo RGBW Bluetooth Light Bulb Speaker Multi Color...
  • UNBELIEVABLE SOUND - The Sengled A19 LED light bulb with a...
  • ENJOY YOUR COLORFUL LIFE - Pick from over 16 million colors,...

Product Benefits

Solo Plus combines color-changing lighting with decent sound quality for an enjoyable experience. With 16 million colors available and pre-programmed lighting modes, users can customize their lighting environment using the Sengled Pulse app for both Android and iOS.

The Solo Plus offers compatibility with Alexa and Echo to control basic functions but not advanced lighting adjustments. The Bluetooth range spans about 30ft, and the estimated lifespan is approximately 25,000 hours.

Customer Opinion?

Though customers enjoy the versatility of the lighting options, some are disappointed with the brightness of the lights and the inability to control multiple bulbs simultaneously. The app could use some improvements as well.

  • 16 million color options
  • Compatibility with Alexa and Echo
  • Decent sound quality
  • Limited control over multiple bulbs
  • Low brightness of lights
  • Limited app functionality
Power Source: AC | Bluetooth Version: 5 | Wattage: 9.8W | Lumens: 800 | Speaker Type: Mono | Compatibility: iOS, Android

7. GE Lighting LED+ Speaker Light Bulb

GE Lighting LED+ Speaker Light Bulb offers a sleek and modern solution for enjoying music and lighting that boasts the quality of a renowned brand like GE.

GE LED+ Speaker Light Bulb, Soft White, Bluetooth Speaker,...
  • Bluetooth light bulb with speakers to upgrade your home: The...
  • High quality light and sound: These LED light bulbs come as...

Product Benefits

This lightbulb speaker offers impressive sound quality and energy efficiency. Users can control the brightness and optimize it for different times of the day, offering great versatility in a simple design.

Customer Opinion?

Customers enjoy the high-quality sound and dimming options that the GE Lighting LED+ provides.

  • High-quality sound
  • Energy efficient
  • Dimming options
  • Can only be turned on via remote
Power Source: AC | Bluetooth Version: 4.2 | Wattage: 10W | Lumens: 800 | Speaker Type: Mono | Color Options: 16 million | Compatibility: iOS, Android

8. JETENCN Wireless Lightbulb Speaker

JETENCN Wireless Lightbulb Speaker is a smart LED bulb with a built-in Bluetooth speaker that adds color and music to your environment.

JETENCN Smart LED Light Bulb with Remote Control and APP,...
  • Not Just an LED Light Bulb: Are you looking for an...
  • Make Your Home a Colorful Paradise: With millions of colors...

Product Benefits

This lightbulb speaker provides 13 RGB light colors that can easily be controlled by a 24-key remote from up to 33ft away. Additionally, its E26 base makes installation and removal simple. The connectivity process and sound quality are generally smooth and satisfying for users.

Customer Opinion?

Customers enjoy the simplicity and fun of this lightbulb speaker, appreciating its smooth connectivity, unique features, and easy installation.

  • 13 RGB light colors
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Smooth connectivity, good sound quality
  • None found
Power Source: AC | Bluetooth Version: 4 | Wattage: 8W | Lumens: 600 | Speaker Type: Mono | Compatibility: iOS, Android

Best Bluetooth Light Speakers Comparison Table

ProductPower SourceBluetooth VersionWattageLumensSpeaker TypeCompatibility
Texsens Smart Light Bulb Speaker Generation IIAC46W350StereoiOS, Android
LightStory Bluetooth Light Bulb SpeakerAC48W650MonoiOS, Android
Sengled Dimmable Bulb with Built-In Bluetooth Dual JBL SpeakersAC49.8W800StereoiOS, Android
Light Bulb with Bluetooth Color Changing FeaturesAC48W650MonoiOS, Android
Sengled PulseAC415W600StereoiOS, Android
Sengled Solo PlusAC59.8W800MonoiOS, Android
GE Lighting LED+ Speaker Light BulbAC4.210W800MonoiOS, Android
JETENCN Wireless Lightbulb SpeakerAC48W600MonoiOS, Android

Buying Guide For The Best Bluetooth Light Bulb Speakers

Now, with so many Bluetooth speakers being listed together, you might get confused about which one to go for. But do not worry, just keep a few things in mind while choosing the right one.

    • Warranty: Make sure the product has a reasonable warranty period or a refund policy. You would not want to take that risk.
    • Speaker: Look out for the speakers. The sound quality should be good enough without any distortion.
    • Light bulbs: The LED lights must have at least ten color options, and the brightness should be controllable.
    • Bluetooth: Must have a decent Bluetooth range and connection.
    • Compatibility: Keep in mind to check the compatibility with your Android or Apple devices.
    • Energy efficient: The product should be energy efficient when saving power.
    • Remote control: Although it’s not mandatory if you have app control, it’s nice to have this functionality.
    • Cost: Do check if it is cost-effective.
    • Installation: Make sure the installation process is easy and simple; so that you can do it yourself.
    • Extra features: Any additional features are more than welcome. That won’t hurt, right?


Thank you for taking the time to read our article about the best bluetooth light bulb speakers! We’re glad to share our detailed research, hands-on testing, and expert knowledge to help you make the right purchase.

Exciting innovations in bluetooth technology and home lighting design are coming together to create functional and unique products that can instantly enhance your home environment.

Out of these 8 best bluetooth light bulb speakers, here are the top three expert recommendations:

  • The Texsens Smart Light Bulb Speaker Generation II is an ideal option for those who are looking for a speaker that can sync colorful lights to the beats of the music. The remote allows control over various features, and the smart LED light design contributes to energy efficiency.

  • The LightStory Bluetooth Light Bulb Speaker is a good option for people who want color-changing functionality and additional features like an alarm and sleep assistant. Offering a one-year warranty, and backed by excellent customer satisfaction, this visually captivating speaker adds more than 12 shades of bright colors to your room.

  • The Sengled Dimmable Bulb with Built-In Bluetooth Dual JBL Speakers is the right choice for a high-quality sound system. Not only does it boast dual JBL speakers, but it is also energy efficient, easy to install, and is operatable via an app. Numerous happy customers confirm its qualities and performance.

We hope this article and our recommendations have given you some great insights to make an informed choice. Remember to consider factors like sound quality, lighting options, and ease of use to determine the best product for your needs. Happy shopping, and enjoy the convenience and ambiance that these bluetooth light bulb speakers bring to your home!

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