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6 Best Vizio Speaker Stands of 2023 Reviewed

George Eliot once said, "Life seems to go on without effort when I am filled with music."

Best Vizio Speaker Stands

Who doesn't relate to this quote? Life is tasteless without music, and we desperately require it to experience the high that narcotics fail to create. But, all of that gets ruined when the audio outlet is of subpar quality.

That's why you need to set your home theatre systems and music speakers entirely across the room to enjoy every last keynote to the fullest. But how’d it be possible when you don't have speaker stands that you can blindly rely on?

Due to these brands that keep launching just about anything, it keeps getting harder to choose a high-quality variant that best serves our needs. But don't worry, we've handpicked the six best VIZIO speaker stands, so that you enjoy a smart and satisfying purchase.

Without any further ado, let's dive into the deets!

Listed below are the Best Vizio Speaker Stands:

  • Atlantic Satellite 77305018: The Atlantic Satellite 77305018 is renowned for universal compatibility and adjustable height features. The positioning of the mounting bar could improve.
  • Sanus VuePoint: The Sanus VuePoint Adjustable Height Speaker Stand offers an appealing design and sturdy build quality. Best for speakers weighing under 3.5 lbs.
  • VideoSecu Heavy Duty: The VideoSecu Heavy Duty Satellite Speaker Stand is optimal for studio use, supports heavier speakers (up to 30 lbs), and allows for flexible positioning. The base is comparably small.
  • Sanus BF24B 24-Inch: The Sanus BF24B 24-Inch Speaker Stand (Pair) is an affordable choice with decent adjustability and stability. The quality of floor spikes and screws needs enhancement.
  • USX MOUNT Universal: The USX MOUNT Universal Speaker Stands are notable for wide compatibility and integrated cable management. Assembly might be unclear, and only supports speakers with specific mounting holes.

Here's the list of the 6 best Vizio speaker stands of 2023, carefully selected to enhance your audio experience and ensure a smart and satisfying purchase.

1. Atlantic Satellite 77305018 Adjustable Height Speaker Stand - Best for Universal Compatibility

When it comes to assurance of excellent quality and performance, Atlantic is the brand that most households rely on. And if we’re talking about speaker stands, the efficiency of the AS adjustable height model remains unmatched. In fact, it has a reputation for being sold the most with VIZIO speakers!

Check the ratings; this one might just be the highest-rated VIZIO speaker stand you'll come across. And that's not even an exaggeration - this product indeed ranks very high in terms of compatibility and price-to-quality ratio, making it the first choice for most customers.

The biggest reason for this is its universal compatibility with both surround and satellite speakers, which isn't the case with many high-priced alternatives. This way, in such a negotiable price range, this product offers more than enough to set a higher benchmark for quality. 

Coming to its dynamics, we're pretty impressed with how easily you can play around with its adjustable height feature and set it as per your needs. Also, considering that VIZIO speakers aren't ultralight, you'd need to choose stands that can withstand a heavy load. In this case, you'd be happy with the sturdy build quality that it offers, making it strong enough to withstand the weight.

Furthermore, it's amazing how the support pole is so ultra-wide that you can easily conceal the dangling speaker cables behind to maintain the audio setup's visual appeal. Apart from that, the ample width also makes it a lot more stable on firm ground.

Quite frankly, this product doesn't have any essential aspect that needs to be improved, performance-wise. However, we've noticed that its mounting bar is located in an odd position, due to which it tends to stick outwards a little.

Adjustable Height: Yes | Material: Metal | Height Range: 27 - 49" | Base: 3 point | Weight Capacity: Up to 10 lbs | Compatibility: Universal, fits most speakers

2. Sanus VuePoint Adjustable Height Speaker Stand - Best for Aesthetic Appeal

For those who don't mind paying a little extra for heavy-duty build and quality, the Sanus VuePoint is a brilliant choice. Although it's mainly famous for its dark and slick design, best believe that it's much more than just a living room souvenir. Let's take a look at its core features!

Beginning with the USP of this product, the VuePoint does certainly set a view worth staring at for hours. This product features quite an aesthetically appealing body, which transforms your living room into a professional studio. The best-in-class matte black-grey finish with zero leftover paint amplifies its appearance by a great deal indeed. Overall, apart from being an excellent speaker stand, it also makes a decent showpiece for interior decor.

However, as we've mentioned before, it's more than just an attractive speaker stand. The best way to reflect on it is by highlighting its premium-grade build quality. This product is indeed built with premium make and materials, which enables it to deliver the same efficiency for years without showing any sign of damage. 

The product also maintains compatibility with almost any satellite speaker in the market, which puts it next in line after the Atlantic satellite speaker stands. However, there's a catch - it can support a maximum weight of 3.5 lbs, which is, again, good enough for fitting in bookshelf speakers or home theatre systems. Moving on to its robust height adjustments, it allows you to place it between 28-38 inches.

Although this product may appear easy to install at first glance, we can assure you that it's not. It becomes a little challenging to install the speakers on it with optimal stability, due to its limited support base. Furthermore, the only flaw in its build material is the subpar-quality plastic connector.

Adjustable Height: Yes | Material: Alloy steel | Height Range: 28 - 38" | Base: Round flat | Weight Capacity: Up to 3.5 lbs | Compatibility: Universal, fits most speakers

3. VideoSecu Heavy Duty Satellite Speaker Stand - Best for Studio Use

In case you're searching for heavy-duty stands that don't put you on dire straits while setting the speakers, VideoSecu is what you should be searching for. Although this product is mainly designed to be positioned in a home studio, we can't say that it doesn't make a normal speaker stand for your living room. 

In general, if you're an aspiring musician looking forward to setting up a home studio at a meager budget, this is the ultimate solution to your needs. At first glance, you're bound to be amazed by its industrial-grade design that adds a touch of class and professionalism to a rather bland room. 

Not to forget, we're huge fans of the minimalism the overall design beholds, for it's sure to compliment the taste of those who fancy subtlety. 

When it comes to the weight-carrying limit, this VideoSecu stand crushes all competition with a monstrous limit of 30 lbs. Moving on, we're also impressed by how the product can offer a maximum height adjustment limit between 26.8 to 48 inches, which is a lot more than what you'd usually require. 

On a side note, we don't find it fair to compare it with our other personal-use picks, mainly because it's primarily designed for commercial purposes.

But then again, such a premium build also has its benefits! For instance, you can pan the speakers through 180 degrees, thanks to its adjustable top base. Despite such flexible movements, it remains very stable and firm on the ground.

Let's not hype it as the best option in the game, as it does come with a few silly flaws. First and foremost, although very flexible, the base of this speaker stand is comparatively small. Besides that, we're also not very impressed with how the mount makes it extremely difficult for thick wires to pass through. 

Adjustable Height: Yes | Material: N/A | Height Range: 26.5 - 47" | Base: Square | Weight Capacity: Up to 30 lbs | Compatibility: Universal, fits most speakers

4. Sanus BF24B 24-Inch Speaker Stand (Pair)

Behold folks, for globally leading brand Sanus is back for the throne again- a lot stronger, this time. We've had the opportunity to test the Sanus BF24B speaker stand personally, and it didn't fail to blow our minds with the vast array of benefits it comes packed with. Let's take a more in-depth look at its core specs and functions!

As per our experience, the Sanus BF24B model is one of the most efficient picks under a meager budget. However, let's not only look at it as a mere low-priced model, because it still comes packed with several useful features to offer you the best values. 

To begin with, its height is very well-synchronized with VIZIO and various other premium bookshelf speakers. In case you still don't find the height satisfactory, it enables you to take the wheel and set it exactly the way you prefer. At its maximum setting, you can adjust the speakers to a near-ear level and enjoy an incredible surround sound while you're chilling on your sofa. 

Furthermore, we're also quite amazed that, even though its overall pricing is so low, the brand hasn't compromised with its overall quality. Its metal construction ensures a very long-lasting product life, and the premium coating adds life to its rather simplistic design. 

Don't be afraid to load with bulky and bassy speakers, as the stand is capable of carrying a maximum load of 20 lbs. Other than that, the base is quite widespread to ensure fantastic stability. As a bonus, the bottom comes with a floor-spike pattern that dampens the vibrations caused when the speakers are blared at high volume.

Although the floor/carpet spikes initially sound like a great idea, let's be clear that your carpets aren't going to be like it. Due to being made of cheap quality, it's likely to tear out the carpets in the long term. Furthermore, the manufacturers must note that the screws provided during shipping are smaller than the grooves, which is concerning. 

Adjustable Height: No | Material: Engineered wood | Height Range: 24" | Base: Square | Weight Capacity: Up to 20 lbs | Compatibility: Compatible with select brands

5. USX MOUNT Universal Speaker Stands

USX MOUNT Universal Speaker Stands are height-adjustable stands designed to accommodate satellite speakers and small bookshelf speakers up to 8 lbs. With their strong triangle base and wide compatibility, these speaker stands ensure stability and a clean, organized appearance for your home audio setup.

The USX MOUNT Universal Speaker Stands are liked because of their sturdy triangle base offering excellent stability and resistance to tipping. Their adjustable height and depth allow customization for different speakers, while their compatibility with numerous speaker brands makes them a versatile choice.

Additionally, the integrated cable management adds a neat and tidy appearance to the setup.

One downside to these stands is that the part C (M4) washers are not needed for assembly, which sometimes causes confusion during installation. Furthermore, speaker compatibility is limited to those with mounting holes on the back or bottom.

Adjustable Height: Yes | Material: Alloy Steel | Height Range: 46” | Base: Triangle | Weight Capacity: Up to 8 lbs | Compatibility: Universal, multi-type of speakers

6. ECHOGEAR Speaker Stands Pair

ECHOGEAR Speaker Stands are height-adjustable stands made of solid steel, promising stability and quality acoustics. Compatible with speakers up to 4 lbs, these stands work with various brands such as Vizio, Klipsch, Bose, and Sony, making them a versatile choice for your surround sound setup.

These ECHOGEAR Speaker Stands are popular due to their universal compatibility with a range of small speaker brands. They also feature built-in cable management for a clean and organized appearance. The solid steel design ensures that the stands are stable and contributes to enhanced acoustics.

Additionally, these stands offer tool-free height adjustment up to 11".

A limitation of these speaker stands is the weight limit of only 4 lbs, making them unsuitable for all small speakers. Moreover, the cable management system might not accommodate thicker cords effectively.

Adjustable Height: Yes | Material: Rubber | Height Range: 11" | Base: N/A | Weight Capacity: Up to 4 lbs | Compatibility: Universal, fits most small speakers

What Are the Best Vizio Speaker Stands?

Vizio speaker stands offer a diversity of features making them an essential accessory for any audio enthusiast. Based on several key attributes, a comparative analysis has been conducted to highlight the standout Vizio speaker stands. The aspects compared include Adjustable Height (Yes or No), Material used in construction, Height Range (in inches), Base type, Weight Capacity (in lbs), and Compatibility.

ProductAdjustable HeightMaterialHeight RangeBaseWeight CapacityCompatibility
Atlantic Satellite 77305018 Adjustable Height Speaker StandYesMetal27 - 49"3 pointUp to 10 lbsUniversal, fits most speakers
Sanus VuePoint Adjustable Height Speaker StandYesAlloy steel28 - 38"Round flatUp to 3.5 lbsUniversal, fits most speakers
VideoSecu Heavy Duty Satellite Speaker StandYesN/A26.5 - 47"SquareUp to 30 lbsUniversal, fits most speakers
Sanus BF24B 24-Inch Speaker Stand (Pair)NoEngineered wood24"SquareUp to 20 lbsCompatible with select brands
USX MOUNT Universal Speaker StandsYesAlloy steel46”TriangleUp to 8 lbsUniversal, multi-type of speakers
Sanus BF24B 24-Inch Speaker Stand (Pair)YesRubber11″N/AUp to 4 lbsUniversal, fits most small speakers

Buying Guide For The Best Vizio Speaker Stand

Purchasing a VIZIO speaker stand might sound like the most straightforward job in the world, but it's not. There's so much info that's unknown to the average person that it's not surprising how the customers usually end up buying the wrong options that they end up regretting.

That said, we've added this concise buyer's guide to walk you through the fundamental areas to consider before buying a speaker stand.

Build Quality

When it comes to putting your money on a speaker stand, we must ensure that the product boasts excellent build quality. It's just modern furniture that's meant to carry a substantial weight at all times. Isn't it very likely for that customers to always be more inclined toward products that guarantee years of durability and reliability?

If you're feeling fancy, you can go for various products that feature aluminum or steel construction, which is also a smart move as per quality assurance. On the other hand, if you prefer to keep it old school and choose wooden alternatives, be a little more vigilant about its overall life.


Second, let's not forget that speakers don't come off as cheap. That said, it's essential to ensure that the stand you're investing in is exceptionally stable and wouldn't tip over by accident. It's the sole responsibility of the position to ensure the security of the speakers it carries, so you can't risk buying an unstable model at any cost.

Don't worry; every other day, we're seeing some brands coming up with unique ideas to stabilize the stands by a great deal. For instance, you'd notice features like carpet spikes that deepen the bond between the base and the surface.

Weight-Bearing Capacity

Honestly speaking, speakers can be cumbersome. If the product you've invested in fails to feature a decent weight-bearing capacity, installing it would be extremely disastrous. Either the legs of the stand will end up breaking off, or it'll tip over and slam the speakers directly on the ground. 

We'd recommend you always choose products that offer a minimum weight carrying capacity of 3.5 lbs because it's better for your precious assets.

Design of the stand

Last but not least, the speaker stands are furniture with out-of-the-box efficiency. Nevertheless, it remains in the living room as a legitimate addition to the overall interior decor theme. That said, it's essential to invest in the models that go along well with almost any interior decor. 

Why do I need a Vizio speaker stand?

Speaker stands provide stability and elevate the speakers to ear level, allowing for better sound projection and dispersion. They also help minimize vibrations and resonance, resulting in clearer and more immersive audio.

Are Vizio speaker stands adjustable?

Yes, many Vizio speaker stands offer height and tilt adjustments. This allows you to customize the positioning of your speakers to achieve the desired sound direction and optimize your listening experience.

Can I use Vizio speaker stands for other speaker brands?

While Vizio speaker stands are specifically designed for Vizio speakers, they can also be compatible with other speaker brands as long as the dimensions and weight capacities match.

Do Vizio speaker stands come with cable management?

Some Vizio speaker stands offer built-in cable management features, such as channels or clips, to help keep the speaker cables organized and hidden for a neat and tidy setup.

Can Vizio speaker stands be used for wall-mounting?

Vizio speaker stands are primarily designed for floor placement. However, some models may offer the option to be converted into wall mounts with additional accessories or brackets.

We hope that our detailed reviews and guide could help you learn more about VIZIO speaker stands and make a smart choice for yourself. Have you found the one that satisfies your needs precisely? Let us know in the comments.

In case you haven't, here's a quick recap of the editor's top picks. The Atlantic speakers make an excellent addition to your interior furnishing and design while offering universal compatibility with surround and satellite speakers.

But if you're a professional sound engineer looking for a performance upgrade, the VideoSecu model is what you should choose with your eyes closed.

That being said, we'll see you soon with more fun-filled articles. Till then, take care and stay tuned!