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6 Best Christmas Light Projectors of 2024 Reviewed [Buyer’s Guide]

Good company and good food are surely a must for any party, celebration, or family get-together, but so is a beautiful, soothing atmosphere!

Best Christmas Light Projector 

And to create one anywhere in your home, nothing can be better than an efficient Christmas light projector. It’s one of the most sought-after lighting equipment by homeowners due to its convenient installation and large coverage.

Moreover, you get a range of beautiful lighting patterns and combinations that help create the perfect ambiance.

But there are lots of options available out there, and as such, making the right choice becomes difficult. That’s where we come into the picture, by bringing you this carefully curated list of the 6 best options to consider. Each option has its pros and cons mentioned to help you make a wise decision.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive into the reviews.

Best Christmas Light Projectors 

Best Christmas Light Projector 

From laser lights to LED projectors, we have compiled a list of the 6 best Christmas light projectors that will help you create a festive and dazzling atmosphere for your home or office. Without further ado, here’s the list of the 6 best Christmas light projectors.

1. Y Yuegang Christmas Laser Light Projector - Best for Brightness and Versatility

If you are looking for a highly durable light projector that will also offer a range of beautiful lighting patterns, this one will be an ideal choice. In fact, this product will light up your home in such a way that it seems straight out of a fairy tale. Also, all products from Y Yuegang are tested by following strict norms to ensure that they deliver top-notch performance.

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Why Did We Like It?

The best thing about this projector light is that it is much brighter and steadier than any traditional laser light. With a laser output rate of around 5 mW, its projection over long distances is also quite clear and stable. Plus, this light can render a service life of as much as 60,000 hours, which makes it more long-lasting than many other products.

Moving on to the lighting styles that it offers, you get 5 beautiful patterns of different colors to adorn your home. So, setting up the Christmas mood becomes easier than ever before as you just have to turn on the switch to this amazing light.

Furthermore, the projector head of this light can be adjusted by as much as 300°, so that you can cover an area of up to 3,800 sq. ft. And this coverage is possible even when the light is kept 33 ft away from the area that you want to light up.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The only disappointing aspect of this product was that its remote didn’t function in the right way quite often. In fact, we had to replace its battery after having used it for just a few weeks. At times, we even observed that the remote didn’t respond despite the indicator light being active after we added the new battery.


  • Brighter and steadier than traditional laser lights
  • Very long-lasting light source
  • 5 beautiful patterns create the Christmas mood
  • Can cover an area of up to 3,800 sq ft


  • Remote may not function properly

Light Type: Laser | Laser Color Options: Red/Green/Blue | Image Projection: Static/Dynamic | Weather Resistance: IP65 | Remote Control: Yes | Timer Function: Yes | Power Source: AC Adapter

2. ASOEOSA Christmas Laser Projector Lights - Best for User-Friendly Features

This beautiful Christmas Projector Light from ASOEOSA is another great option to light up both your indoors and outdoors in the best possible manner. It produces a romantic atmosphere that is ideal for any Christmas get-together or party and is also quite simple to set up. Note that this light comes along with a wireless remote, a mount, a stake, and a power adapter for efficient performance.

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Why Did We Like It?

We begin by discussing the remote control system of this projector light since we found it to be the most significant among all its features. It comes with a wireless remote that lets you switch the lights on or off from anywhere in your home. Plus, you can even adjust the speed of the moving lighting patterns.

Another feature which impressed us greatly was that it could be installed in three methods, as per our convenience. Thus, we could simply lay the light on the floor, make it stand on a ground stake to enable easy positioning, or even wall-mount it.

Additionally, we really liked the waterproof design of the projector, which made it safe for use during all weather conditions. As a result, it could adapt to temperatures as cold as -4°F and as warm as 104°F. Lastly, it could cover an area of as much as 3,900 sq ft when placed 25ft away from the area.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The only issue that we had with this product was that its red light on the indoor walls was almost invisible from the outside. And the brightness didn’t improve despite increasing the level on the remote control. So, if you prefer more red lights for your home, this product may not be the right option to go for.


  • Operate the remote from anywhere in the home
  • The speed of moving patterns can be adjusted
  • Three installation methods
  • The projector can be used in all weather conditions


  • Red light is not bright enough

Light Type: Laser | Laser Color Options: Red/Green/Blue | Image Projection: Static/Dynamic | Weather Resistance: IP65 | Remote Control: Yes | Timer Function: Yes | Power Source: AC Adapter

3. Yinuo Candle Christmas Laser Lights - Best for Multiple Occasions

Next, we’ve picked this powerful laser light projector from Yinuo which is extremely convenient to use. It can be used anywhere around the home and also outdoors, giving you just the performance that you would want. Note that this product comes in a package with dimensions of 5.47” x 5” x 4.06” and weighs 14.4 oz.

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Why Did We Like It?

The best thing about this light projector is that it is suitable for a variety of occasions including weddings, Christmas parties, holidays, and small get-togethers. What does the magic is the set of 8 beautiful lighting modes, each of which can create a different ambiance. Thus, you can create a soothing romantic atmosphere as well as a cheerful celebratory mood using this light anytime you want.

As for the timer settings, you can fix the timer at 2 to 8 hours to enable easy operation and rule out the hassle of switching the lights off every time a party or get-together is over. Plus, this light projector has a low voltage of just 120V, which helps to conserve electricity to a large extent.

Additionally, what makes this light projector very convenient to use is its unique shape and small size. And it is a replaceable and removable device that can be easily installed in multiple ways, by keeping on the floor, on a table, or mounting on any wall.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Although we loved how the product lit up our home perfectly on any occasion, we wished the coverage was better. That’s because the lights cover an area of around 200 sq mt q which makes them invisible from more than 100 feet away from the outdoors. Thus, if you want a product that offers a large coverage, this one may not be an ideal choice.


  • Suitable for a variety of occasions
  • Comes with a convenient timer
  • Has a low voltage
  • Easy to install


  • Coverage not large enough

Light Type: Laser | Laser Color Options: Red/Green/Blue | Image Projection: Static/Dynamic | Weather Resistance: IP65 | Remote Control: Yes | Timer Function: Yes | Power Source: AC Adapter

4. Xhaus Halloween Christmas Projector Lights

Create a colorful and enjoyable ambiance anytime you want with this high-quality Christmas Projector Light from Xhaus. It comes with a number of wonderful features that help you to create just the atmosphere that you desire. Note that this light is built with weatherproof IP44 material and weighs 1.76 lbs.

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Why Did We Like It?

Among all the features of this light projector, the one that caught our attention was its unique double-headed design. Each of the two heads of this light could produce different lighting effects, namely the 10-color ocean ripple effect and the slide patterns. And both these effects can also be combined in different ways to create the perfect romantic atmosphere.

Further, the light is built of sturdy ABS plastic material that makes it more long-lasting than most average products on the market. Along with this, the IP44 design and ABS material of the product make it perfectly waterproof and also capable of withstanding intense snowy weather.

Additionally, the effective remote control device that comes with this light helps to adjust the flashing speed, the color of the lights, and the moving speed.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Although we were more than satisfied with the performance of this light projector, we found that the unit turned hotter after running for a long time. This made it difficult to carry it for storage after having used it for any party or get-together during the summer season.


  • Create different lighting effects as per your choice
  • More long-lasting than many other products
  • Perfectly waterproof
  • Lets you adjust flashing and moving speeds


  • Unit turns hot after running for a long time

Light Type: LED | Laser Color Options: N/A | Image Projection: Static/Dynamic | Weather Resistance: IP65 | Remote Control: Yes | Timer Function: Yes | Power Source: AC Adapter

5. Auxiwa Christmas Lights Projector

This upgraded projection light from Auxiwa lets you create an enjoyable and cheerful Christmas mood with ease. Its beautiful lighting effects produce much clearer images than ordinary light projectors, letting all your guests enjoy an authentic Christmas atmosphere. This light comes with a convenient 16-foot-long cable and weighs 1.1 lb.

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 Why Did We Like It?

The most significant feature of this light is its lighting pattern, which consists of clear red and green dot lights and beautiful snowflakes. You can choose between any of these two patterns to create the look that you want. This lighting can be spread over the entire yard or living room quite comfortably and will create a gleeful atmosphere that is ideal for any party or get-together.

Further, you can cover an area of up to 1,500 sq ft with this light, while getting absolutely distinct images without any distortion. And the brightness is just on point but also soft to ensure that the eyes are protected. Plus, you can easily install the light through the stake provided in the package and switch it on by just plugging it into a power source.

Lastly, this light comes with a built-in adjustable timer of 1-6 hours that shuts down automatically following the time that is preset. Thus, you don’t need to worry about turning it off just before you sleep.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The only problem that we faced with this light was that the remote sometimes didn’t work when we wanted to change the lighting mode. We had to press the corresponding button quite a few times before it finally worked. In case you face this issue regularly, try changing the battery of the remote or reporting to the manufacturer within the warranty period.


  • Creates a gleeful atmosphere
  • Light is soft to ensure that eyes are protected
  • Easy to set up and install
  • Comes with an efficient timer


  • Changing the mode function on the remote may be problematic

Light Type: LED | Laser Color Options: N/A | Image Projection: Static/Dynamic | Weather Resistance: IP44 | Remote Control: Yes | Timer Function: Yes | Power Source: AC Adapter

6. EAMBRITE Christmas Snowflakes Projector Light

EAMBRITE is a well-known brand that brings forth a range of beautiful and effective home décor. And this light projector from the brand can make your holidays merrier by lighting up your living room or yard in the best way possible. You can even use this product for your garden or patio for any festive occasion or get-together.

EAMBRITE Christmas Projector Lights LED White Blue Rotating...
  • 【 SNOWFLAKE PROJECTOR LIGHTS 】: The snowflake patterns...
  • 【 TWO WAYS OF INSTALLATION 】: This Christmas projector...

Why Did We Like It?

First of all, this product comes with an efficient Rf remote that operates in a better way than that most other products. This is a great advantage since the remotes coming with a majority of the traditional projector lights fail to function properly. Also, this remote can be operated from anywhere within the home and also from your yard quite comfortably.

Another beneficial feature of this light projector is that it consumes very less voltage and hence rules out the inconvenience of high electricity bills. Plus, an effective timer function is also provided which can be activated by just pressing any of the four timing buttons on the remote.

Lastly, this product offers great coverage since it can light up homes of small to moderate sizes quite easily. Note that for creating the ideal lighting effect, it must be placed at a distance of 9.84 to 16.4 ft from the area you want to light up.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Although the product worked quite well on most occasions, sometimes we observed that the dual lighting mode wasn’t bright enough. As a result, the lighting was not clearly visible from far away. However, if this issue is not faced regularly, it can be dealt with by restarting the lights.


  • Efficient remote
  • Consumes low voltage
  • Timer works perfectly
  • Can cover an entire home comfortably


  • Dual lighting mode is not bright enough

Light Type: LED | Laser Color Options: N/A | Image Projection: Static/Dynamic | Weather Resistance: IP44 | Remote Control: Yes | Timer Function: Yes | Power Source: AC Adapter

Best Christmas Lights Projector Comparison Table

ProductLight TypeLaser Color OptionsImage ProjectionIP RatingRemoteTimerPower Source
Y Yuegang Christmas Laser Light ProjectorLaserRed/Green/BlueStatic/DynamicIP65YesYesAC Adapter
ASOEOSA Christmas Laser Projector LightsLaserRed/Green/BlueStatic/DynamicIP65YesYesAC Adapter
Yinuo Candle Christmas Laser LightsLaserRed/Green/BlueStatic/DynamicIP65YesYesAC Adapter
Xhaus Halloween Christmas Projector LightsLEDN/AStatic/DynamicIP65YesYesAC Adapter
Auxiwa Christmas Lights ProjectorLEDN/AStatic/DynamicIP44YesYesAC Adapter
EAMBRITE Christmas Snowflakes Projector LightLEDN/AStatic/DynamicIP44YesYesAC Adapter

Buying Guide For The Best Christmas Light Projector

Buying the right Christmas light projector is not a problem if you consider your needs and preferences before moving on to make a choice. Remember that making a hasty decision might lead you to bring home the wrong product that would give you imperfect results. So, here are some factors to keep in mind before proceeding to buy an ideal Christmas light projector.

  1. Lighting Patterns

This is a key factor since it will determine the range of looks that you can offer to your home or yard with the product. You should decide which pattern or color you like more, and make the choice accordingly.

Choosing a product that offers a range of patterns suitable for different occasions is more useful, as it will let you create the mood that you want for any occasion. So, check the number of patterns offered by any product when you are going through its details.

  1. Remote Control

Your projector should have an efficient remote control that works in the proper way on any occasion. That’s because it will determine whether you can control the lighting properly to get the images that you want. Don’t forget to check the information about the remote control for a product while going through its details.

  1. IP Rating And Installation

To get the ideal lighting, a product should be installed properly in a convenient place. Light projectors that are available currently come with different installation systems. These include round bases for laying them on flat surfaces, mounting bases for fixing them on the wall or stakes for making them stand upright on gardens or floors.

Note that some lights may come with only one installation system, so make sure you check the details on the installation of each product. Plus, the material of the light should ideally be weatherproof since it should be capable of being used throughout the year.

Christmas Light Projectors FAQ's

  • Can Christmas light projectors be used indoors and outdoors?

    Yes, many Christmas light projectors are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. However, it’s important to make sure that the projector is weather-resistant if you plan to use it outdoors.

  • How do I install and set up a Christmas light projector?

    Installation and setup instructions vary by model, but most projectors come with an instruction manual and are fairly easy to set up. In general, you’ll need to find a suitable location for the projector, plug it in or insert batteries, and adjust the angle and focus of the projection.

  • Are Christmas light projectors safe to use?

    Yes, Christmas light projectors are generally safe to use as long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use them responsibly. It’s important to avoid shining the projector directly into people’s eyes, as this can cause temporary blindness or other eye injuries.

  • How do I maintain and store my Christmas light projector?

    To ensure the longevity of your Christmas light projector, it’s important to keep it clean and store it properly when not in use. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for specific cleaning and storage recommendations, but in general, you should avoid exposing the projector to extreme temperatures, moisture, or dust, and store it in a cool, dry place when not in use.

  • Can I use multiple Christmas light projectors together?

    Yes, you can use multiple Christmas light projectors together to create a larger, more elaborate display. However, it’s important to make sure that the projectors are compatible and don’t interfere with each other’s projections.

  • Are Christmas light projectors waterproof?

    Not all Christmas light projectors are waterproof, so be sure to check the specifications before purchasing. If you plan to use the projector outdoors, look for a model that is weather-resistant or waterproof.

  • Can I customize the patterns and colors of my Christmas light projector?

    Some Christmas light projectors come with multiple patterns and color options, while others have a set pattern or color. Look for a model that offers customization options if you want more control over the design.

  • Christmas Light Projector Buyer’s Guide


    Thank you for reading our article on the best Christmas light projectors! We appreciate your time and are excited to help you make an informed decision. We carefully tested and analyzed each of these incredible light projectors to come up with a comprehensive list.

    Out of these 6 best Christmas light projectors, here are our top three recommendations:

    1. Y Yuegang Christmas Laser Light Projector is an ideal option if you're looking for a highly durable and versatile projector. It shines bright and steady, offers 5 beautiful patterns, covers an area of up to 3,800 sq ft, and has a very long service life.

    2. ASOEOSA Christmas Laser Projector Lights is a good option for those who want a user-friendly projector. It comes with a wireless remote control, multiple installation methods, and a weather-resistant design. However, the red light on this projector may not be bright enough for some preferences.

    3. Yinuo Candle Christmas Laser Lights is the right choice for anyone who wants a projector suitable for various occasions like weddings, holidays, and parties. With its 8 lighting modes, convenient timer settings, and low-voltage design, this projector is both versatile and energy-efficient.

    We hope that our recommendations help you find the perfect Christmas light projector to create the magical atmosphere you desire during the festive season. Remember that the best light projector for you depends on your specific needs and preferences in terms of brightness, coverage, and features. So, don't hesitate to try out different options and find the one that suits you best. Have a fantastic time lightening up your home this Christmas and create lasting memories with your loved ones!

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