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How To Clean An Artificial Christmas Tree At Home?

Artificial Christmas trees accumulate dust from being on display or after being kept in storage. Whenever you notice that the artificial tree is too dusty for hanging decorations, it would be best to clean it with a vacuum or clean cloth. 

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Using an artificial Christmas tree for the holidays is advantageous, considering such trees are reusable. This isn’t possible with a real tree, which you must dispose safely. 

But be cautious as you inspect attached lights on a pre-lit tree and make sure to wipe individual branches, stems, and the foot with a drip-dry, soft cloth or a fiber duster. Also, begin cleaning at the top of the tree using a vacuum furniture brush having a bristle or crevice adapter. 

What You'll Require


  • A sizable fiberglass washbasin, bathtub, or tub
  • Nozzle for a sprayer on a garden hose
  • Shop-vac
  • Portable hair dryer
  • A hose adapter
  • Old sheet or a blanket
  • Large plastic container for trash
  • Spray bottle
  • Dishwashing liquid or a mild cleanser
  • Microfiber cloth
  • A static-charged brush
  • Salt

Preparation On How To Clean An Artificial Christmas Tree

Preparation On How To Clean An Artificial Christmas Tree

1. Take The Tree Out Of The Package

Firmly put the base together after taking the tree out of the package. As you clean each component, stretch out the limbs to be attached to the tree. You should also spread a sheet across the floor around the tree to capture any falling debris. 

2. On The Branch, Try Out Your Hoover

Test a spot at the very root of the tree using a furniture bristle brush attachment. Your vacuum should quickly remove the dirt on the limbs without damaging the tree. 

3. Start Vacuuming

Use a vacuum brush to carefully suck dust off the tree's branches and trunk as you work your way down, starting at the top. But avoid cleaning artificial Christmas trees with the hose. 

 4. Wash With Warm Water

Avoid harsh substances that could harm your tree, and fill a container with warm water and gentle dish soap. To prevent the cloth from getting tangled in the limbs, safely clean the tree with a delicate dish or dust rag. Moreover, if your tree has lights integrated into it, make sure to unplug them. 

5. Clean The Stem And The Branches

In soapy water, dunk your cloth and thoroughly wring it out before working your way up the tree, carefully cleaning it with the rag. To stop wet dust from getting stuck on other areas of the tree, frequently wipe your rag. 

6. Get The Space Around The Tree Clean

To remove any dust that might have landed on the floor, vacuum the area close to the tree. 

7. Remove The Grime

The edges of your dust sheet should be folded toward the middle. This will create a bag to help you carry the sheet without letting the dirt leak. Then dump the contents of the sheet in the trash by taking it outside. 

8. Decorate Your Tree

Put your ornaments and textile on the tree but before connecting the light bulb, check the tree to be sure all the limbs are dry after cleaning. 

Cleaning Methods For Artificial Christmas Trees

Cleaning Methods For Artificial Christmas Trees

1. Utilize A Cleaner

Different types of dusters exist on the market, such as conventional comfortable cotton cloths, microfiber cloths, puffy dusters with handles, and more. 

Whichever you choose will depend on factors, such as the dimension of the plant. A small, delicate tree may benefit from a soft cloth that is easy to control, while a larger tree may benefit from an extended duster on a pole. 

Starting from the top and working your way down is a good cleaning strategy. However, it's important to note that when you clean higher up, some of the dust may settle on lower surfaces that you've already cleaned. To avoid this, it's recommended to use a duster that is appropriate for the job, so take into account the size of the area to be cleaned and the amount of dust present. 

Additionally, it's important to clean the outer area of various surfaces as well, especially if they are frequently exposed to dust and dirt. This could include windows, doors, and outdoor furniture. 

2. Utilize A Brush

Use a standard paintbrush or an anti-static cleaning brush. Commence at the highest point and go down, cleaning as you would with a duster. 

For example, you could use a four-inch paint brush for bigger leaves, like those on a cheddar plant, while an artist's brush is ideal for reaching small spaces. 

3. Clean The Artificial Tree With A Handheld Vacuum

You can quickly vacuum the dirty particles off your plant if your hand vacuum has a fabric option and a soft brush attachment. Avoid damaging the tree by using the wrong attachment instrument or choosing high suction power. 

Although you might feel uneasy using an upright vacuum on the leaves of a plant, using it on the central stem or trunk could have excellent results. 

4. Use A Hair Dryer

This can work, but remember that all you do is remove the grit stuck on the tree. To prevent plant dust from penetrating the carpet deeply, you may even have to vacuum afterward. 

Plus, if you have hardwood surfaces, dust or mop them after cleaning the plant. And focus briefly on only a single region of the tree with the hairdryer in a relaxed setting. 

Using bursts of compressed air would be an alternative and helpful on smaller, more delicate plants. Your keyboard cleaner, which comes in a can with an adjustable straw should work, in such instances. 

5. Apply A Wet Towel

Again, you can disinfect a fake plant with a damp towel by beginning at the top and moving down leaf by leaf. Before cleaning, make sure the cloth is colorfast and dry it with a previous tea cloth or paper towel. 

Even if you don't use a damp cloth to clean the entire tree, it can help to clean specific areas that require extra care. After that, you can take advantage of a leaf blower to clean the rest of the tree. 

6. Remove Any Grime Or Residue From The Tree

Excess water can harm fabrics, leading to color fading and shape loss in leaves or petals. Take extreme caution when using freshwater to rinse a fake plant even if it is waterproof. 

It would be best to give the tree several light showers or one heavy burst of water. Carefully wrap the pot to keep the water out before you use the faucet to clean the tree in a refreshing, gentle setting. 

Immersing the tree in a container, basin, or bathtub is not recommended because there's no assurance your fake plant will make it through the wash cycle. Some plants, perhaps succulents or those made of material comparable to it, might be able to withstand it but silk won't, becoming stained or destroyed. 

7. Cleaning And Upkeep

Make sure to position your tree away from excessive moisture or direct sunlight, keeping it in a dry and cool area. To avoid dust buildup, give the tree a light dusting at least once weekly while on display. You may utilize a dry, clean towel or a duster made of dense fibers but exercise caution as you maneuver around the lights. 

Can I clean my artificial Christmas tree with water?

Yes, you can clean your artificial Christmas tree with water but make sure to remove all the lights and ornaments from the branches. 

How do I remove dust from my artificial Christmas tree?

Utilize a vacuum, which involves cleaning each area separately and is best used when your artificial tree is exceptionally dusty. Please move your vacuum cleaner nozzle over each limb, using the lowest setting, and vacuum from the inside towards the outside. 

How do I clean sticky or greasy spots on my artificial Christmas tree?

Spray a small amount of soapy water on a specific section of the artificial tree. Wait for 30 seconds and then use a clean white cloth to wipe the area. If any color comes off, avoid using water to clean the tree and instead opt for dry cleaning. But when there’s no fading, you can use soapy water on the stained area to clean it. 

Can I use cleaning products on my artificial Christmas tree?

Yes, you can use cleaning products on an artificial Christmas tree. 

How do I store my artificial Christmas tree after cleaning?

Put your artificial tree within its storage container or a box after cleaning. Wrapping your tree in white, clean paper before storing it in the basement is an additional step you can take to keep it clean. 


Start by dusting all the branches and needles using a feather duster or a soft-bristled brush. Use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to remove any dirt, dust, or debris accumulated on the tree. Mix a mild cleaning solution of water and dish soap in a spray bottle for a deeper clean, and lightly mist the tree. Allow the tree to air dry completely before storing it for the following year. 


It's important to take your time and ask for help if needed when putting up an artificial Christmas tree. Rather than using real trees, it's best to clean the area before setting up the artificial tree. And often a quick vacuum is all that's needed before storing the tree after the holiday season. 

If you're looking for an affordable and convenient storage option for your fake Christmas tree, consider using large cardboard cylinders commonly available in concrete forms. To store the tree, attach a rope to the tree's base and carefully insert it into the tube. Finally, secure the edges with tape and plastic bags to keep them safe.